Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!


  1. Roblox teem with me

    Roblox teem with me時間 前

    Shane pls come back and film I love your vids

  2. Danya Ortega

    Danya Ortega時間 前

    Who is this new Shane im here fo it though

  3. Sydney Wilson

    Sydney Wilson時間 前

    Literally Shane going from saying "I just use spit" 8:42 to having a makeup and skincare collection and beauty room... the ultimate glow up and I couldn't happier for him

  4. Venicegirl 23

    Venicegirl 23時間 前

    Are you team Tati or team James?! Like for James reply for Tati

  5. Isabella Hobson

    Isabella Hobson時間 前

    Ryland can u redesign my room and my life XD

  6. Nasida N

    Nasida N2 時間 前

    Shane has more makeup than I've ever seen in my life omg

  7. ItsYaBoiJuan

    ItsYaBoiJuan2 時間 前

    Mmm scratchy eyebrow

  8. Meme Godess

    Meme Godess2 時間 前

    Shane is talking over James Charles place

  9. elizabeth headley

    elizabeth headley2 時間 前

    Wow! You did great!!

  10. M.I.S.A gaming

    M.I.S.A gaming2 時間 前


  11. Ila Willis

    Ila Willis2 時間 前

    Ryland, Jeffree, Morgan, Andrew, and Garrett have helped Shane’s mental health so much like I’m not trying to be invasive or rude but he was a little mentally unhealthy before, now that he’s opened up and is doing more he’s so much healthier, I love him and all his friends.

  12. A lighter Sonata

    A lighter Sonata3 時間 前

    Ryland: I look crazy *Wipes hair* My dick: *Time to go up ....... SWOOP*

  13. Xio P. Fern

    Xio P. Fern3 時間 前

    That beauty room is everything 😍 Shane’s impersonation of Rich is sooo cute and hilarious 😂

  14. Jim Smallwood

    Jim Smallwood3 時間 前

    Can't wait for Shane's new makeup line😍

  15. Gacha_ Babe_

    Gacha_ Babe_4 時間 前

    did shane quit yt?????

  16. Moonlight Xandra

    Moonlight Xandra4 時間 前

    ryland is so effing talented in so amazed at how beautiful the room turned out i wish i had that talent 👏🏼😍❤️ i have no words but wow 😭🥵🥰

  17. Moonlight Xandra

    Moonlight Xandra4 時間 前

    i stan the fact that shane went from no makeup to 3 sephora stores 😭😍 so jelly but also mega supportingggg the upcoming beauty guru 🥰👑✨

  18. Pau Gaber

    Pau Gaber4 時間 前

    I wish I was Shane worrying about where to put my makeup, instead I worry I don't have ANY makeup.

  19. Rea Zach

    Rea Zach5 時間 前

    I was just waiting for Morgan to ask if she could borrow some of Shane’s makeup 💄

  20. BrookLynn luvvs you

    BrookLynn luvvs you5 時間 前


  21. Allison Patterson

    Allison Patterson5 時間 前

    Shane’s skin looks amazing

  22. celsey

    celsey5 時間 前

    i know everyone is talking about the makeup and the room (which is great by the way) but i love watching these videos because shane and ryland are so in love with each other and it comes through in such a sweet way like wow 1. i hope ryland keeps going with this interior design thing (call bobby berk y’all should collab) and 2. i cant wait for your guys’ wedding lol you’re just so sweet with each other and wow

  23. Rodrigo Ramirez

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  24. kelly L

    kelly L6 時間 前

    u should do a L.A. Tour where all you guys travel an show the best spots in L.A. i have never been to california an i always wanted to visit and i wanted to know what's it like living there. Idk

  25. Tif Lil

    Tif Lil6 時間 前

    26:00 Me: is that a new challenge!? 24 hours in Shane’s makeup guru room! 😚😚😚

  26. Vanessa Pimentel

    Vanessa Pimentel6 時間 前

    Whoah Ryland, you are good!

  27. Dillon Jones

    Dillon Jones7 時間 前

    Love this video!

  28. Keylee Eakin

    Keylee Eakin7 時間 前

    why isn't shane on his normal channel? we need answers

  29. Estrella Acosta

    Estrella Acosta7 時間 前

    Is it just me or I want to see Ryland watching Shane's old videos 😏😏

  30. maggie

    maggie7 時間 前

    Shane: omg I'm rich :0 Me: you don't say

  31. beingbeckeroni

    beingbeckeroni8 時間 前

    OMG YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB, RYLAND! I think you missed your calling as an interior designer. If I could afford you, I'd hire you to design things for me

  32. fries before guys

    fries before guys8 時間 前

    Can you guys do the chapstick challenge?

  33. daniel Jeon

    daniel Jeon8 時間 前

  34. Mr BELLS

    Mr BELLS9 時間 前

    rich people make me sick, he doesnt wear make-up he doesnt care for it, he doesnt really know anything about it or have a passion, but coz he has shit loads of money he can just buy all the make-up and brushes he wants on a whim and bring out a palette????? what a fu$%ing joke

  35. Payton Rayne

    Payton Rayne9 時間 前

    Ryland's eyebrows could be ASMR. Not even kidding.


    MICKIE GEE9 時間 前

    this is the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my entire life

  37. Paige Rogers

    Paige Rogers9 時間 前

    LMAO. People talking about how they miss old video series that Shane use to do. But this is how I look at it. Madonna re-invents herself like every 10 years that's how she stayed relevant for so damn long in her career while others burned out. Shane is taking a page out of Madonnas book and it's obviously working for him. Whenever he puts out a video or anything, people come running to watch it. Because of his constant growth of himself he has managed to stay relevant and win awards because of it. I'm so damn proud of his constant growth and changing things up. Shane is so smart and talented. Fucking Madonna 2.0.

  38. Paige Rogers

    Paige Rogers9 時間 前

    So a couple a things I need to address. 1.) Yes I know I'm late to the comment party lol 2.) Ryland what you did for Shane was so thoughtful and you also did a freaking fantastic job. The room looks amazing. 3.) I'm low key jealous Shane has all that makeup because I'm in desperate need of new products, but also super excited that he gets to try all of it and see what he likes to help with his "secret project" also super proud and Shane, you deserve all that stuff anyways because you work your ass off. Keep slaying honey.

  39. cddjny

    cddjny10 時間 前

    Ryland! What a stunning transformation! I absolutely love everything! Thank you so much for showing me the Impressions Vanity collection, their mirrors are everything! Lots of luck in the new room! Loved the homage to my boy Rich Lux at the end!!🌈💜💋🥂🚀💄👄💍👑👠🐖🌺

  40. Sara Haterfield

    Sara Haterfield10 時間 前

    I wish yall would do a makeup collab with jenna and Julian. I feel like it would be hilarious.

  41. Vanessa Vaca

    Vanessa Vaca11 時間 前

    Make more videos plz

  42. Haidyn

    Haidyn11 時間 前

    It's been a while since ive watched the whole gang and morgan looks different!

  43. Rose fun

    Rose fun11 時間 前


  44. LJR 87

    LJR 8712 時間 前

    I think Shane needs a new robe...or a clean one..,

  45. payten walker

    payten walker12 時間 前

    shanes skin is literally so clear and bomb

  46. Kady Danielles

    Kady Danielles12 時間 前

    shaNes face looks AMAZING....I guess those one like=one prayers worked

  47. Skylar Whittington

    Skylar Whittington12 時間 前

    The stuff that Ryland does for Shane is true love

  48. Olivia Nizio

    Olivia Nizio12 時間 前

    has shane quiyt youtube?

  49. Chandler Willey

    Chandler Willey12 時間 前

    Hey I rly love u and Shane I watch u allll day! And I wish I could meet u...:( Ik you won’t see this but U and Shane are my life I’m like the biggest fan in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️pls read this

  50. S O

    S O13 時間 前

    That is awesome 💕💕💕

  51. Avery Tomato

    Avery Tomato13 時間 前

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  52. M 0 0 D

    M 0 0 D13 時間 前

    Beauty Guru's: SHOOK My Wig: Snatched Hotel?: Ryland and Shane's House!! lolol

  53. _Lillie_ E

    _Lillie_ E13 時間 前

    I wish I could afford ONE of those pallets

  54. Sister Hunter

    Sister Hunter14 時間 前

    Can you come do my room, like please

  55. tøpyeemotrash stayalive

    tøpyeemotrash stayalive14 時間 前

    LIVING for Morgan's docs

  56. hanna cribb

    hanna cribb15 時間 前

    Why hasn't Shane been posting? 😥😥😥😢

  57. Megan Renee

    Megan Renee15 時間 前

    Best boyfriend award goes to Ryland 🏆🥇

  58. Bangtan basura

    Bangtan basura17 時間 前

    Yes, give rich people more free things

  59. random girl on the internet

    random girl on the internet17 時間 前

    I want Shane to do my makeup like actually!

  60. Aj&Faitb Hartman

    Aj&Faitb Hartman18 時間 前

    Is Shane going to come back on JPreporter

  61. qloomypeach

    qloomypeach19 時間 前

    can't wait to say i watched shane before he turned into jeffree star

  62. Adri Katlynn

    Adri Katlynn19 時間 前

    Aww rich lux blushed when shane clocked him!

  63. Adri Katlynn

    Adri Katlynn19 時間 前

    Jeffree×Shane is going to sell out faster than Tanacon went under!

  64. Libby Swift

    Libby Swift19 時間 前

    The gold wall isn’t fully striped and it’s rly gonna bother me

  65. Miss Meliss

    Miss Meliss20 時間 前

    Flip over the flops! 😂😂😂 I love you guys so much! I laugh EVERY TIME! MULTIPLE TIMES! 😂

  66. Shatoya Woodard

    Shatoya Woodard20 時間 前

    Ryland should become a home designer! He’s so talented

  67. McGreger

    McGreger21 時間 前

    Seeing Shane rich is so empowering. Knowing he was poor for so long and now look at him?

  68. The King

    The King22 時間 前


  69. Jikjek Bangha-on

    Jikjek Bangha-on日 前

    Ryland "You Rock in Interior Design" Adams. Ship! 🤘😍

  70. Chris Tribble

    Chris Tribble日 前

    I said do you know who Shane Dawson it and somebody said oh yeah the makeup guy right I might know the dude who does creepy conspiracy theories but the one with the cartoon is that fear that one him that's all I want I know you love us same idea though same person

  71. Nova Lynn

    Nova Lynn日 前

    Shane honestly is looking so good, like his skin looks better and he seems comfortable.

  72. Fathnin Mathews

    Fathnin Mathews日 前

    The richlux part hahahahaha

  73. Annie

    Annie日 前

    This is next level

  74. Kristyn

    Kristyn日 前

    Great Job Ryland.

  75. Elizabeth Garcia

    Elizabeth Garcia日 前

    Can you come do my room 😂😂 I'll pay to go see Shane's room 😩

  76. Josey Salhab

    Josey Salhab日 前

    Wait your coming out with a make up line with Jeffery...??

  77. Marisol Gonzale

    Marisol Gonzale日 前

    Hi shane yaw

  78. Sierra Pauline

    Sierra Pauline日 前

    omg i have the shirt that ryland is wearing 😭

  79. Pipster The sky

    Pipster The sky日 前

    I stan those glasses

  80. Skyanna Kirby

    Skyanna Kirby日 前

    Omg 26:37 😭 so cute

  81. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown日 前

    You did such an amazing job Ryland!!! The room is amazing!!!!

  82. Fiona Baldwin

    Fiona Baldwin日 前


  83. earth me

    earth me日 前

    shane has such a sadness in his eyes for the past while. I really hope he is okay and if he is struggling with anything, I truly hope he finds ways to treat himself with self love and gets through whatever he is going through

  84. ava j

    ava j日 前

    ryland the beauty room looks incredible!! you did an amazing job

  85. kiersten anderson

    kiersten anderson日 前

    Litterally shanes so lucky to have a boyfriend like ryland to do this for him!!!😍

  86. Phoenix Kennedy

    Phoenix Kennedy日 前


  87. Phoenix Kennedy

    Phoenix Kennedy日 前

    I need my future beauty room to look cozy like this but instead of brown, I want gray. Ryland did such a good job!! 😭 I loveeeee this room.

  88. afraditiss

    afraditiss日 前

    Very beautiful

  89. Victoria Castro

    Victoria Castro日 前

    Ryland youre really sweet and supportive boyfiee!!! I wish my bf is as sweet as you! 😍😍😍😍

  90. Anna Lou

    Anna Lou日 前

    Lol why do i feel like ryland is going to spend more time in there sipping his iced coffee in that chair than Shane is going to spend doing makeup 😂

  91. Foundmyavocados

    Foundmyavocados日 前

    Bro Ryan is the best I cannot slayyy kween

  92. Lilli Baker

    Lilli Baker日 前

    Who needs Shane to post his new conspiracy theory video?

  93. Angelica Osorno

    Angelica Osorno日 前


  94. yeet

    yeet日 前

    can you imagine that shanes love for makeup is only temporally............

  95. KRISTINE !

    KRISTINE !日 前

    While ya'll be busy talking about shane and his new beauty room i was busy wondering why they have a head pillow of jeffree star lmao

  96. HUSKY LOVER 101

    HUSKY LOVER 101日 前

    Tell shane ti post more videos plz

  97. Donaldツ

    Donaldツ日 前

    Shane:I have a lot of makeup Jefree:Hold my pallet

  98. Bree Moules

    Bree Moules日 前

    Damn I wish I had me a bae that would do shit like that for me 😂

  99. Anthony Serna

    Anthony Serna日 前

    Wait if Shane wants make up to show u can have the make moving up if u open the drawer

  100. Sofia Consuella

    Sofia Consuella日 前

    Can u stop waving your hand around please it’s bringing tears to my eyes

  101. Sofia Consuella

    Sofia Consuella日 前

    Seriously. Please ryland