[SEVENTEEN - HIT] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190808 EP.630


  1. Steffy Gladys

    Steffy Gladys12 時間 前

    0:31 still cracks me up 😂😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  2. Nick Venom

    Nick Venom16 時間 前

    Main Daimler’s around the world have been cancelled

  3. Ella Mae

    Ella Mae日 前

    I've been dumb for not stanning them before but hello new carat here I'm still trying to familiarize them since they're many members

  4. Ella Mae

    Ella Mae23 時間 前

    @JENNIE'S GRANDMOTHER thank you I found them after they're performance @mama2019 since then I started watching they're vedio's for the whole day to familiarize them 🤗



    Welcome to the diamond life, dear ❤️❤️

  6. Ella Mae

    Ella Mae日 前

    I like it

  7. inci know

    inci know日 前

    yo they are so powerful

  8. 郭裕欣

    郭裕欣日 前


  9. k a h o

    k a h o2 日 前


  10. Maria Luíza Mota

    Maria Luíza Mota3 日 前

    this choreo is fucking impossible

  11. Chika

    Chika4 日 前

    Dear Carat, this is the next level of fanchant :)

  12. Gaeum LEE

    Gaeum LEE4 日 前


  13. Hannya

    Hannya5 日 前

    2:02 damn 🔥👁👄👁

  14. Hannya

    Hannya5 日 前

    Damn energy 🔥💕

  15. 立花悠里

    立花悠里6 日 前

    i came here after mama and how many times i’ve watched this video their performance never boring me. NEVER. their voice, moves, passions are insane. congratulations seventeen for my best performance award 😢🏆🎉

  16. Elisabetta Carraro

    Elisabetta Carraro6 日 前

    No ear-in buds?

  17. ItzFuryBlitz

    ItzFuryBlitz7 日 前

    M Countdown has the best camera angles

  18. Draco Braving

    Draco Braving7 日 前

    *Visual Overload*

  19. pamornrat Dathong

    pamornrat Dathong7 日 前

    My idol💕🔥

  20. Sophies Epiphany

    Sophies Epiphany8 日 前

    o k s o I don’t know seventeen but the song and the choreography are lit

  21. Sophies Epiphany

    Sophies Epiphany8 日 前

    I don’t know seventeen but I came here after the AMAZING MAMA stage

  22. An LI

    An LI9 日 前

    aaah I need to know who is that boy on the cover!!

  23. An LI

    An LI5 日 前

    cheolsol kings thx!!

  24. cheolsol kings

    cheolsol kings7 日 前

    SCOUPS: 95 LINER, overall leader, hip hop unit leader and main rapper

  25. Kaitlyn 234

    Kaitlyn 2349 日 前

    How come I’m only hearing this song now??!!

  26. Bita Mohammadi

    Bita Mohammadi9 日 前

    missing scoups hours

  27. Lamameai3 17.

    Lamameai3 17.10 日 前


  28. noonahys

    noonahys10 日 前

    Im here bcs punch time eps 10 and w project 4 eps 2

  29. Chen Chenmson

    Chen Chenmson10 日 前

    Carats 4combos svt! shocks me for real😂👍

  30. PinkToPink ptp

    PinkToPink ptp11 日 前

    Whos the one in the middle where the beat drops and ther elike boom boom hit hit or idk the one who says wow wow wow wow

  31. Hoshit My Kimbap

    Hoshit My Kimbap8 日 前

    PinkToPink ptp if you're talking abt the one at around 0:45 he's Jun :D

  32. Min Yee Bu

    Min Yee Bu11 日 前

    Omg Jeonghan looks like a real life anime character 😍

  33. AyuSmora CKLL

    AyuSmora CKLL12 日 前


  34. Fiona O.G

    Fiona O.G12 日 前

    0:23 0:24

  35. Danielle Gallegos

    Danielle Gallegos13 日 前

    Just brother

  36. Marisya

    Marisya14 日 前

    Not a huge fan but this song stuck in my head since it released 💜 one of the best songs released this year and the choreography is another story🔥👍🏻

  37. Lamameai3 17.

    Lamameai3 17.15 日 前

    لمتى وأنا أموت؟.

  38. Mimi Gupta

    Mimi Gupta18 日 前

    This is the first video of SEVENTEEN I'm watching. All of them are so talented. Who is the blonde-haired guy at 0:16-0:24? Is he the centre of the group? He has amazing stage presence.

  39. Choo Choo Dog

    Choo Choo Dog17 日 前

    He is jeonghan, he is in the vocal unit


    ANA PAWALA18 日 前

    Congratulations SEVENTEEN 1st DAESANG AWARD 🏆😍🔥👏🏻

  41. Kawaii Mina

    Kawaii Mina18 日 前

    The performance is so lit and the fanchant is so loud and exciting! Maybe I’ll become a carat

  42. ANGEL

    ANGEL18 日 前

    I started to love this group lastyear 2018, that was the first time I saw them and know them! And that moment, I loved them! I can't stop watching their videos! Day and night! 😍😍 And for me, Seventeen's choreo is the hardest choreo that I've seen in kpop! Their very synchronize like no other, seventeen is my no. 1 favorite kpop group! 😍😍 I like their songs very catchy! I like their choreo and each one of them is very good dancer! 😊😍 this is my first time that I admire kpop group! I mean, I'm not ignorant about kpop but this is my first time that I admire a group this much! they really capture my heart! ❤❤❤ I love you boys! 😊❤ from Philippines 😊❤

  43. ZAMMY TV

    ZAMMY TV18 日 前

    Wonwoo looks like a villain in this outfit bro ❤

  44. Marie Rizabell Gevero

    Marie Rizabell Gevero19 日 前

    I came here because they won their 1st DAESANG AWARD!!😍😍

  45. Liew Sei Wei

    Liew Sei Wei18 日 前

    me too

  46. Desirèe Cotti

    Desirèe Cotti19 日 前

    I don’t stan seventeen.....BUT DAMN I SHOULD

  47. ed hassan

    ed hassan20 日 前

    I wish they will have same recognition like bts...they are truly good.

  48. Kpop Deprived

    Kpop Deprived20 日 前

    There voices are so beautiful even in concerts 🥰

  49. Nana Jaem

    Nana Jaem21 日 前

    Who's the main dancer in SEVENTEEN and SuperM :'(

  50. Ryan C

    Ryan C22 日 前

    the fanchant is so ridiculous. Lol.

  51. SM Aja

    SM Aja22 日 前

    I think this very good if this song to be Official Song of MOTO GP

  52. Skye Zhou

    Skye Zhou22 日 前


  53. Cherry Cotton

    Cherry Cotton23 日 前

    This is so very amazing!

  54. Lola Olowolagba

    Lola Olowolagba23 日 前

    You are doing great be proud of your victory. Each one counts👍😘

  55. Jinxxi

    Jinxxi23 日 前

    WOW they're on the next level here just damn wow.

  56. D. A.

    D. A.23 日 前


  57. Wannaone Trasheu

    Wannaone Trasheu24 日 前

    gdi jeon wonwoo

  58. pharmacist nabaa

    pharmacist nabaa24 日 前

    1:44 Vernon 🌚👌👏

  59. linh junsu

    linh junsu24 日 前

    1:35 who? new fan

  60. buunnyy -

    buunnyy -23 日 前

    wonwoo he is in hip hop team

  61. Pooh Uhc

    Pooh Uhc24 日 前

    Omg Mingyu 💜

  62. ROA11

    ROA1126 日 前

    So how hard is the choreography? *YES*

  63. V.E. Gray

    V.E. Gray26 日 前

    Another fast AF choreography and Jeonghan doesn't get a break once

  64. Enzou CHEN

    Enzou CHEN26 日 前

    0:02 who actually thought woozi was suga for a second i mean, why is everyone so good at dancing i just cant-

  65. Beanie Nutto

    Beanie Nutto27 日 前

    This should at least have 50M views

  66. Vaishnavi Penta

    Vaishnavi Penta27 日 前


  67. Vaishnavi Penta

    Vaishnavi Penta27 日 前

    Live vocals with HARD choreo ONLY SEVENTEEN

  68. AydınBerrabetül

    AydınBerrabetül27 日 前

    WOWW F-... FLOWER 🔥🔥🔥⚰️⚰️