Secret Ingredient Shepherd's Pie | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 9


  1. Cynthia Rodriguez

    Cynthia Rodriguez37 分 前

    Oh my gawd...that looks so delicious 😋

  2. Summer McCarty

    Summer McCarty17 時間 前

    Can just find chanterelles in WA 😌 don’t have to be rich, just know where to find ‘em

  3. Ryan Calovich

    Ryan Calovich2 日 前

    Cuss some more and maybe I'll not watch any of your videos more 😊😊😉😉

  4. Gee Dee

    Gee Dee2 日 前

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

  5. Rob King

    Rob King3 日 前

    I have an itchy ashole, do you?

  6. Black Elvis

    Black Elvis4 日 前

    The best 🎉

  7. Tom bryan

    Tom bryan4 日 前

    Is this your pre or post workout meal?

  8. dpj1 • 82 years ago

    dpj1 • 82 years ago4 日 前


  9. byBLC

    byBLC4 日 前

    The whole oven section made me so uneasy. I can’t even explain how or why. This is the best cooking show on the planet

  10. chen Wang

    chen Wang4 日 前

    its called shepherds pie because it uses lamb meat... and a cottage pie is basically the concept of a shepherds pie but a lot more customizable...

  11. Dave Robert

    Dave Robert5 日 前

    Doesn’t look good to be fair and I’m British sooooo...

  12. Seth Jaimez

    Seth Jaimez5 日 前

    “Spray it all over.... your.... god damn life”

  13. craig krajewski

    craig krajewski5 日 前

    You are the most comedic cook and i like the way you cook

  14. Oliver Hubbard

    Oliver Hubbard6 日 前

    Cottage pie = beef Shepard's pie = lamb Dude has taken way too many drugs over the years, he's cooked as hell!

  15. I'm Charming

    I'm Charming6 日 前

    I didn’t realize Ari Aster directed cooking shows.

  16. Sean Reid

    Sean Reid7 日 前

    Did anyone see matty's eyes change to devil's eyes at 8:40

  17. MadMo_11

    MadMo_118 日 前

    Now, that looked good.

  18. Lauren Butterworth

    Lauren Butterworth8 日 前

    Cottage pie is beef.....shepherds pie is with lamb

  19. KalosPVP

    KalosPVP9 日 前

    Food is literally going to kill this dude.

  20. Ryan Lyytinen

    Ryan Lyytinen9 日 前

    The editing of these videos is on another level

  21. joanie

    joanie10 日 前

    love ya matty!! you always crack me up, dude

  22. Don Lane

    Don Lane12 日 前

    Noooooo!!! Shepherds pie is made using lamb that’s it, that’s the difference, shepherds shep sheep.... that’s it!

  23. When Mountains Move

    When Mountains Move12 日 前

    His gut is so much better than Bo Bandy’s.

  24. Sigma Freud

    Sigma Freud12 日 前

    Damn he just whips out that veal demi glace

  25. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger13 日 前

    Weird comment, but does anyone know the country song in the beginning on the video?

  26. Enrique Goitia

    Enrique Goitia13 日 前

    From 13:15 to 14:00 Aaaahaaaahhaaaaaaaahaa Best part

  27. Geronimo

    Geronimo13 日 前

    They're full of country goodness and green peaness!

  28. bl4sfemer

    bl4sfemer13 日 前

    Hey!!! With the sok hat/beanie, this man seriously reminds me of JACK NICKOLSON in "One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest!" I can't be alone in my thinking this, heheHaheheHa! Great video.

  29. Germanshepardmama56

    Germanshepardmama5613 日 前

    Shepard=sheep which means lamb. Cottage uses beef.

  30. Bricks and Shrooms 39

    Bricks and Shrooms 3916 日 前

    From here... To here ... To there I'm loving Just a Dash! 😁😁😁

  31. Grumpy Bear

    Grumpy Bear16 日 前

    So gross

  32. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams17 日 前

    Yes a real master. Keeping me coming back every video you put out.

  33. Adam Lackey

    Adam Lackey17 日 前

    Matty reminds you of someone important in your life, whether they can cook or not.

  34. King Matthew

    King Matthew18 日 前

    Honestly the monastery fucking background music. Wow.

  35. shan1717

    shan171718 日 前


  36. Brian Gardner

    Brian Gardner18 日 前

    Good show but you give me anxiety

  37. Obama Sells

    Obama Sells19 日 前

    Sheperads pie = lamb Cottage pie = beef

  38. Lbot beenthere

    Lbot beenthere20 日 前

    i made a shepherds pie out of seal because they're the lamb of the sea

  39. Scott Adams

    Scott Adams20 日 前

    I love this show!!

  40. Adam Chabot

    Adam Chabot21 日 前

    shepherds pie is made with lamb. cottage pie is made with beef.

  41. Rob Graham

    Rob Graham21 日 前

    My sphincter was quivering watching you eat that! OMG I need some! Too bad my entire family hates it! BUT I will make some anyway Matty!

  42. bequietanddrive

    bequietanddrive21 日 前

    Shepards pie sheep cottage pie beef theirs the difference

  43. Al Charat

    Al Charat22 日 前

    I am now at one with the universe and I also know how to make Shepard’s pie, thanks.

  44. Michael Adkins

    Michael Adkins22 日 前

    My wife's duck goes crazy for freezer peas.

  45. Michael Adkins

    Michael Adkins22 日 前

    Cottage pie is beef.

  46. wYsock

    wYsock23 日 前

    "You can make anything you want out of anything" I've never felt more empowered

  47. Carla Valadez

    Carla Valadez25 日 前

    I didn’t understand what the glaze was. Looks good tho.

  48. louis bernardone

    louis bernardone25 日 前

    “You can make shepherds pie with anything” It’s called SHEPHERDS PIE because it’s made with lamb 😭😭

  49. Nigel

    Nigel12 日 前

    What if it's Scott Pilgrim's vegan shepard's pie?

  50. ywdwarner

    ywdwarner23 日 前

    Sheep Herder pie is ShepHerd pie? Cow Herder pie is called Cottage Pie. Turkey pie is an interesting idea for Thanksgiving leftovers ( in the US anyways , not sure what Canadians eat ... Goose pie ? )..

  51. Emmy's ASMR

    Emmy's ASMR26 日 前

    Peas are good

  52. Laine Colley

    Laine Colley27 日 前

    Three things Peel potatoes after cooking Halve the pearl onions And Carrie Fisher might be right that cows milk is for baby cows That does look fine :)

  53. JJ K

    JJ K27 日 前

    Can you do a video on how to shop for ingredients and what to look for?

  54. sean edwards

    sean edwards27 日 前

    Matty. Dude you're frikkin cool as shit. Happy you've found your path. You're soooo fuckin good at this. Looks like you got your shit together with your wife and family. I'd say keep it real but that's just the exact reason why so many like you. For some reason I think a lot of people look at your videos and feel proud of you like me. Greetings from NFLD dude!

  55. Sumabus

    Sumabus29 日 前

    The difference between cottage pie and shepherd’s pie is that the former is made from beef and the latter from lamb.

  56. Harry Sss

    Harry Sss29 日 前

    cooking 40% CAPSLOCK VOICE 60%

  57. Ginger Adventurez

    Ginger Adventurez29 日 前

    That sign off tho. HA ha Ha ha ha ha

  58. Ginger Adventurez

    Ginger Adventurez29 日 前

    Matty, It is your feature film agent here. The universe needs you. THE UNIVERSE NEEDS YOU ... to be the next Chris Farley. Please Please, be the next Chris Farley and talk to someone if HOLLYWOOD. Ok Bye foe now

  59. Ginger Adventurez

    Ginger Adventurez29 日 前

    Freezer peas Peezer Freas Freas Peezer

  60. Ginger Adventurez

    Ginger Adventurez29 日 前

    What do the UK folks about his reference to a unit of butter?? A knob of butter ... :)

  61. Ginger Adventurez

    Ginger Adventurez29 日 前

    I come here not for the food or cooking instruction but for the laughs and life coaching. Matty is my mentor, motivator and life coach. :)

  62. Carter Cole

    Carter Cole29 日 前

    5:06 chefs needs belts like ninjas

  63. Jonathan Bedard

    Jonathan Bedardヶ月 前

    Dude, I fucking love you ❤

  64. maria cecilia jardeleza

    maria cecilia jardelezaヶ月 前

    4:33 “ok now... so we got beef ribs NOW” 😲😲😲 that face

  65. Joseph Blake

    Joseph Blakeヶ月 前

    Behold the master of ALL things “cooking show.” Genius!

  66. Shelby Simms

    Shelby Simmsヶ月 前

    everytime i think maybe astrology is fake and then i learn that someone batshit crazy is born in february and im like "why is it always february"

  67. Barb

    Barbヶ月 前

    YUM ! I need to make this !

  68. Joshua Cramb

    Joshua Crambヶ月 前

    The editing on this show is incredible. I love everything else but i just wanted to make sure the editor got a nice compliment too

  69. Svartulf

    Svartulfヶ月 前

    Real Shepard's pie is Ground lamb, not beef. What you made isn't even cottage pie but one giant killer kick your ass meat and potato pie. I'm ready to tuck in and eat.

  70. Matt Filmer

    Matt Filmerヶ月 前

    Shepherd pie is lamp Cottage pie is beef I believe

  71. John Sheehan

    John Sheehanヶ月 前

    I love how he always tucks his shirt in. Makes him look fatter.😂

  72. thejuiceman

    thejuicemanヶ月 前


  73. Nick Voutos

    Nick Voutosヶ月 前

    He is honest, he does not care if anyone agrees, or disagrees. He likes, what he likes. All of food looks delicious when it is complete. So what if he isn't conventional , with his ingredients, or techniques. He sings , ( out of tune) who cares? He is goofy, who cares? He loves his son. He loves food! has a strong passion for it . Keep it up Matty the Maniac Matheson .

  74. S S

    S Sヶ月 前

    this looks amazing, but damn, two weeks old beef? I hope he froze it then defrosted it for this

  75. Justin Eros

    Justin Erosヶ月 前

    Hey matty , u should re do the spaghetti bolognese recipe and the lasagna recipe, those fucking d bags at vice have that shit under lock and key , i made both of them sooo good but now cant find the whole recipies , have to go of memory , never a good option .

  76. keith brealey

    keith brealeyヶ月 前

    Where is master rang?


    ANGRY BEARヶ月 前

    Cottage pie is beef and shepherd's pie is lamb.

  78. Freddie Jones

    Freddie Jonesヶ月 前

    Shepherds pie is obviously lamb that’s what shepherds looks after

  79. Michael Trimble

    Michael Trimbleヶ月 前

    I can’t hang with pearl onions because of texture, but everything else looks great!

  80. Someone

    Someoneヶ月 前

    How do I superlike a JPreporter video?

  81. Emil Bubev

    Emil Bubevヶ月 前

    Milkless mashed potatoes??? Never.

  82. ddullaway

    ddullawayヶ月 前

    Second largest country on earth and they don't have lamb. They got moose, beavers, bears, wolves but no fucking lamb wtf . Why don't you make a cheese burger with sausage meat and yoghurt. And never mushroom. You got the peas on the side right though

  83. Gloria Meza

    Gloria Mezaヶ月 前

    Does anyone know the song that was playing in the background when he was like “do I look skinny”

  84. CanadianLinux

    CanadianLinuxヶ月 前

    Found it! Crazy Bound - Bruce Maginnis

  85. Fire Works

    Fire Worksヶ月 前

    Steaming your potatoes takes the same amount of time as boiling them. After steaming, take a fork and easily remove skin real fast. Taste better and nutrients are not lost.

  86. N Chasz

    N Chaszヶ月 前

    This show has the emotional flow of a all night coke bender

  87. John Sheehan

    John Sheehanヶ月 前

    It's got to take its time. then don't bitch cuz it ain't done yet!

  88. John Sheehan

    John Sheehanヶ月 前

    Don't have a single drop of Ink on my body. like to go o' natural.🤣

  89. John Sheehan

    John Sheehanヶ月 前

    He's up to his neck and tattoos LOL

  90. John Sheehan

    John Sheehanヶ月 前

    Hey Matty,what made you decide to plaster your whole body with tattoos?

  91. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Erikssonヶ月 前

    your dead shirt game is STRONG Matty, that's half the reason I love you buddy!

  92. HeXeD87

    HeXeD87ヶ月 前


  93. John Sheehan

    John Sheehanヶ月 前

    Hey Matty, nice shirt! please tell me you are a Dead head!Awsome!✌ been on the bus for 35 years myself. And I don't plan on getting off!lol!🤣🤣🤣

  94. aaron dellaway

    aaron dellawayヶ月 前

    in the UK there is a difference between Shepards pie and Cottage.... Shepard = Lamb . . Cottage = Beef

  95. fortunato of amontillado

    fortunato of amontilladoヶ月 前

    Never thought to put the peas on the side ..makes perfect sense .. trying this TODAY !! cheers man

  96. One Two

    One Twoヶ月 前

    This is it this is the peak of JPreporter it will never get better than this.

  97. vincent carpenter

    vincent carpenterヶ月 前

    The only cooking show that can make me cry

  98. Michael Price

    Michael Priceヶ月 前

    Brilliant. You’re welcome!

  99. Jerome Duffy

    Jerome Duffyヶ月 前

    Mi Esse Gang Gang Yo

  100. scottterwiel

    scottterwielヶ月 前

    Shepards pie = lamb Cottage pie = beef

  101. supa mom

    supa momヶ月 前

    Cottage pie is lamb mince & shepherd's pie is beef which is contra as you would think it is the opposite

  102. Kevin LaBauve

    Kevin LaBauveヶ月 前

    10/10 would watch again.

  103. Jennifer Sonico

    Jennifer Sonicoヶ月 前

    Nacho lib'ry vibes