Secret Ingredient Shepherd's Pie | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 9


  1. Fronto Narnar

    Fronto Narnar19 時間 前

    8:19-9:20 seems like something straight off adult swim

  2. Uncle Hank

    Uncle Hank21 時間 前

    Love Matty Matheson he keeps it real. Keep keeping it real.

  3. Drew & Andy

    Drew & Andy日 前


  4. phily880

    phily880日 前

    This man is a national treasure!

  5. Charlie Benham

    Charlie Benham日 前

    That's bullshit! Shepard's pie is made with LAMB and cottage pie is made with BEEF, this is an insult!

  6. gimmpy91

    gimmpy91日 前

    Dumpster fire. Thats what matty is.

  7. Txxn4Life

    Txxn4Life日 前

    That's fire. Down to lighter than air spuds.

  8. Cole Brown

    Cole Brown日 前

    where do you get those knives brooo

  9. Rob Bat

    Rob Bat日 前

    Is there anywhere a Just A Dash Playlist? The music in the background is fire!

  10. Lyle Collman

    Lyle Collman日 前

    Shepherd's pie is lamb, cottage pie is beef :)

  11. Tris Baker

    Tris Baker2 日 前

    What's the difference between Shepherd's Pie and Cottage Pie? Shepherd's Pie contains lamb and is an Irish specialty. Cottage Pie is English and contains beef. Both have mashed potatoes on top, and occasionally on the bottom as well

  12. Andrew Hutchison

    Andrew Hutchison2 日 前

    this editor is lit

  13. Tee Tizzle

    Tee Tizzle2 日 前

    You're my new hero.

  14. Des Blanco

    Des Blanco2 日 前

    Is he Canadian? 🇨🇦😭

  15. Sensei Seanobi

    Sensei Seanobi2 日 前

    Three knobs of butter!

  16. Drew Carfrae

    Drew Carfrae2 日 前

    15:23 that’s what she said

  17. Retard

    Retard2 日 前

    I swear this entire episode changes every time I watch it and it’s harder to follow every single time

  18. Tammy Evanenko

    Tammy Evanenko2 日 前

    Where the hell is the cheese Matty??? WTF. 🧀

  19. Castrosaint

    Castrosaint2 日 前

    If its beef then its cottage pie, shepherds pie is made from lamb.

  20. Luke Godden

    Luke Godden2 日 前

    Most cookery shows: cooking peas involves a microwave, maybe boil them in a pan. Matty: "so I'm starting off by melting a stick of butter..." god I love this show.

  21. Cricket Brendel

    Cricket Brendel3 日 前

    I pray one day I will see a Matty Matheson, Jack Black cooking collaboration. Pure insanity!

  22. Ashley P

    Ashley P3 日 前

    Is this show a social commentary

  23. Canuck88

    Canuck883 日 前

    Sheppards pie is lamb... cottage pie is beef

  24. Kae Jae

    Kae Jae3 日 前

    i’d like to think matty and michelle hang out and are best friends.

  25. Dj Dixon

    Dj Dixon23 時間 前

    Well they're married... so they probably do hang out.

  26. grantoldblueeagle

    grantoldblueeagle3 日 前

    My favourite chef ever , ever ,ever . Your so cool I want to be you .

  27. Barry Lewis

    Barry Lewis3 日 前

    569 people don't like shepherd's pie.

  28. Kelvin Savage

    Kelvin Savage4 日 前

    ... its not a cage, its a basement

  29. Kelvin Savage

    Kelvin Savage4 日 前

    It is good content

  30. David Manock

    David Manock4 日 前


  31. Theodore Long

    Theodore Long4 日 前

    I’d like to move in. I won’t speak or leave things that would give any indication I exist. I’ll pay living expenses and all groceries for everyone. I’ll do dishes three times a day. Funds will be deposited on time every time via pay apps so you don’t have to interact. Let me know what day this week is good for you all and where to lay my sleeping bag. And thank you so much I can’t say it in words I am so grateful.

  32. ashlov71

    ashlov714 日 前

    What’s that song that starts playing at 10:55?

  33. ttacx

    ttacx5 日 前

    10:55 This music TRANSFUSED me... I don't even know what that means. I tried to spell trans.ed.. like your in a trance.. and this is what made the most sencus,us xox kissesx

  34. Templestalker

    Templestalker5 日 前

    I love this damm shoow

  35. Jena Cook

    Jena Cook5 日 前

    I love this. Please make more

  36. Blake Bartlett

    Blake Bartlett5 日 前

    Holy shit I just made some of this, slightly modified. I feel like a god. Thank you.

  37. Brittany Caron

    Brittany Caron5 日 前

    You were peeling those potatoes so fast I was waiting for you to take some flesh off along with it 😱

  38. william marik

    william marik5 日 前

    I will be asking for 'The Shepherds Pie' at the message parlor. BwaaaHHaaaa !!

  39. Bryan Kano

    Bryan Kano5 日 前

    roller coaster of emotion

  40. Obama Sells

    Obama Sells5 日 前

    I’m pretty sure that it’s called shepherds pie because it’s got lamb in it.

  41. Dylan de Roo

    Dylan de Roo6 日 前

    Hé matty. Drop a playslist of all the music you use in the episodes

  42. Glen Fournier

    Glen Fournier5 日 前

    Dylan de Roo yes please

  43. fahad hamad

    fahad hamad6 日 前

    This comment is from here to here to you.

  44. Jeff Long

    Jeff Long6 日 前

    From here, to here, to HERE! Killing it Matty.

  45. Mary Carroll

    Mary Carroll7 日 前

    Another great Aquarian in the world showing the truth of things! Crying with tears of, "you are killing me with your stream of consciousness"

  46. javier mendez

    javier mendez8 日 前

    hey matty! been watching your videos for a while and i have to say i absolutelty love how u make cooking so much fun! love your personality my dude. how was the noodling lol

  47. Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adams8 日 前

    Sorry to tell you that the title is wrong Matty, Shepherds Pie comes from the word Shepherd, working with sheep and so a Shepherds Pie should contain lamb. Cottage Pie is the alternative which is made from beef, so what you’ve actually made is a Cottage Pie.

  48. Roee B

    Roee B8 日 前

    Omg Michelle

  49. Daniel Garrett

    Daniel Garrett8 日 前

    dude ur so skinny

  50. Daniel Garrett

    Daniel Garrett8 日 前

    i luv u

  51. F L

    F L8 日 前

    Matty be channelling some shia la beouf

  52. Blake Carlson

    Blake Carlson8 日 前

    Ok WTF! I need more Matty !

  53. Glen Fournier

    Glen Fournier8 日 前

    What's the name of the song while we wait for the pie to cook?

  54. Alec De Spirt

    Alec De Spirt9 日 前

    hahah fuck me, had me pissing myself during the oven segment! XD thankyou!

  55. U Diplo

    U Diplo9 日 前

    You've helped me so much on learning how to cook, bc of you I have gotten laid and more importantly my family finnaly respects me. Thank you Matty!

  56. Elgallo1999

    Elgallo19999 日 前

    OMG This is the content i'm here for.

  57. Mike Merrill

    Mike Merrill9 日 前

    Matty, Don't stop being you. I know you've been dealing with some negative comments. There will always be haters. 30K likes and 564 douchebags as of 2/12/20. That's a really good ratio.

  58. psychedelic toaster

    psychedelic toaster9 日 前

    A fellow Aquarian. Love you Matty.

  59. Spooder

    Spooder9 日 前

    Love you Matty, cuz yer on the real!!!

  60. RoosterStone

    RoosterStone9 日 前

    Right on man! ... most entertaining cooking show I have ever laid my eyes on! I love the trippy fun and everything looks very yummy bud!

  61. Richie Dunne

    Richie Dunne9 日 前


  62. Sean Wenzinger

    Sean Wenzinger9 日 前

    Matty should go on the the show the biggest loser. He wouldn't even have to lose weight to win.