Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL


  1. Long Xiangyu

    Long Xiangyu3 時間 前

    over 30 million talented

  2. Rafeek Rafeek

    Rafeek Rafeek9 時間 前

    Notice at the beginning , the audience took them some time to recognize her !!!

  3. blaqmyke

    blaqmyke11 時間 前

    How she never broke character is beyond me; yet there were times, but she composed herself!

  4. mike force

    mike force16 時間 前

    America needs Spicy back!

  5. elrond james jaeger

    elrond james jaeger18 時間 前

    How can you look 58 and 5 at the same time

  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy日 前

    I want Spicer back now.

  7. RobTheNotary

    RobTheNotary日 前

    Bill Belichick / Candace Owens WH Press Secretary

  8. Patrick Bloodgood

    Patrick Bloodgood日 前

    Wall street journal, are you ok?

  9. Patrick Bloodgood

    Patrick Bloodgood日 前

    My name's not Glen!

  10. John Billings

    John Billings日 前 Not one has passed muster? WTF? If it was Obama's choice...

  11. plutorama

    plutorama日 前

    Hollywood needs to take Mikey now, before he loses those devastatingly good looks. Beautiful boy.

  12. Axhiro Madlander

    Axhiro Madlander日 前

    It’s just loud

  13. Mia D.R

    Mia D.R2 日 前

    “1, 2, 3 infinity”

  14. First Last

    First Last2 日 前

    Trump has made a lot of huge mistakes in his so-called presidency. But for SNL's sake, his biggest mistake was firing Sean Spicer. There should be some kind of Dancing with the Stars sketch about him now.

  15. Dovea Dove

    Dovea Dove2 日 前

    This was just brilliant!! One of my all time favourites!! What terrible times we live in ...

  16. Dave McDaverson

    Dave McDaverson2 日 前

    Holy shit she looks so much like a man 😂

  17. Beatrice Martinez

    Beatrice Martinez2 日 前

    I love her she is funny

  18. EarthquakeStar

    EarthquakeStar3 日 前

    This is the first time I'm seeing this and I'm dying. LOL I actually thought "not" was going to be a noose.

  19. melanie Tirbany

    melanie Tirbany4 日 前

    We love you Melissa you are the Bomb , Best OF SNL , you and Alec Baldwin... you are an amazing actress you just killed it 👍🏼😀

  20. Cee Seagrams

    Cee Seagrams4 日 前

    HaHaHaHaHa!! Good job!

  21. Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson4 日 前

    Back when the tRump administration was just stupid and benign.

  22. Corbin G

    Corbin G4 日 前

    Who here hates Glen?

  23. Jacqueline Morrison

    Jacqueline Morrison5 日 前

    This. Lady. Love

  24. Jacqueline Morrison

    Jacqueline Morrison5 日 前

    I. Don't cares

  25. Yota Toy

    Yota Toy5 日 前


  26. Khaithang Haokip

    Khaithang Haokip5 日 前

    " ... it wasn't just the Jews , it was also the Gypsies, lesbis ...." what's the word after that ?


    ERIC JAMES5 日 前

    Not funny but it is SNL


    ERIC JAMES5 日 前

    SNL is garbage

  29. Spl Heart

    Spl Heart6 日 前

    Most epic sketch😂😂 I always rewatch it. Can’t believe it’s been 2 years

  30. Angry Socialist

    Angry Socialist6 日 前

    I can’t believe this is so nostalgic to me already

  31. star shine

    star shine6 日 前

    And now Sean Spicer is on DWTS, it's time to do an an update on snl with Melissa again

  32. Party Squirrel

    Party Squirrel7 日 前

    One of my favorite SNL skits of all time

  33. Gerda Buyst

    Gerda Buyst8 日 前

    And the president is still lying every day🤣🤣

  34. Gerda Buyst

    Gerda Buyst8 日 前

    Still laughing with this unbelievable sketch.

  35. shomifochap3

    shomifochap38 日 前

    I just had to come back for a good laugh

  36. Bronze Knee

    Bronze Knee8 日 前

    One of the greatest skits of all time.

  37. HScarlet

    HScarlet8 日 前

    What an amazing skit, still two years later.

  38. John J

    John J8 日 前

    At the time, this was hilarious because we never thought it could possibly get worse. Then, there was Sarah Huckabee....

  39. Dylan Snow

    Dylan Snow9 日 前

    Back when this admin was ridiculous rather than evil

  40. Hahahahaaahaahaa

    Hahahahaaahaahaa7 日 前

    Plotting rather than effectuating*

  41. ePlays

    ePlays9 日 前

    7:45 "Press concert"?!

  42. qahid abdulkerim

    qahid abdulkerim10 日 前

    instead of fish she is going to drink milk

  43. TX Livin'

    TX Livin'11 日 前

    Betsy DeVos was spot on.

  44. joel vasquez villanueva

    joel vasquez villanueva11 日 前

    The worst part of this video is kristen stewart; just saying melissa McCartney nailed it!!

  45. عنبر فاروق

    عنبر فاروق11 日 前

    Moose Lambs 😂😂😂 i am trying so hard to be offended.


    FATEH ÄL FENNI11 日 前

    General Gleen...

  47. Stephen Sanders

    Stephen Sanders12 日 前


  48. Drew Needs more sleep

    Drew Needs more sleep12 日 前

    I miss Sean Spicer so much just for these bits. And CNN is fake news.

  49. Tarantulisimo

    Tarantulisimo12 日 前

    Too bad we never got the chance to see Jack Black as Sarah Sanders

  50. Gina Ke

    Gina Ke12 日 前

    Please, please, please, Melissa... Sean Spicer, Dancing with the Stars. Please?

  51. Hale Cesar

    Hale Cesar13 日 前

    She deserves an award!!! 🥇

  52. leavelbw

    leavelbw13 日 前

    This just gets better with age!!!

  53. Brett Paradise

    Brett Paradise13 日 前


  54. jagulba

    jagulba13 日 前

    Every now and then i get back to watch this.... man when she lift it up and start hitting people i die ... every time :)))

  55. SAM The SHAM

    SAM The SHAM14 日 前

    " Are you OK.." Podium moves..😂😂😂Melissa made Sean More Likeable or Entertaining at least. I now go to the Real Sean Spicer and find him Hilarious! And he's being serious so funny.l actually like Sean because of Melissa McCarthy.😂😂😂

  56. dnice

    dnice14 日 前


  57. Lyricmelodies

    Lyricmelodies14 日 前

    *One word: PENCE.* Senate Republicans should just drop that emotionally & mentally unstable loose cannon Trump FOR PENCE. I think Pence is just as evil as Trump, but Trump has no self control & is legitimately out of his mind. Let. Him. Go.

  58. Dan Gallagher

    Dan Gallagher14 日 前

    Forgot about this. Need a body bag cause I'm 💀

  59. Jacqueline Morrison

    Jacqueline Morrison14 日 前

    She's. Great

  60. whyputaname

    whyputaname15 日 前

    I still crack up over this, McCarthy was excellent...

  61. No Limits Amputee

    No Limits Amputee15 日 前

    SNL embarrassed the administration so much they don't even have press briefings any more. So sad that they have no sense of humor.