Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky


  1. Bloveslife

    Bloveslife22 日 前

    GM, Everyone, I just wanted to say I don't know what some of yall beef is with Vicky but I genuinely like her for the person she is. She really is a sweet young lady. A lot of yall may not agree what she does or how she does it but I'm a strong believer in to each its own. None of us are perfect, if u have problems with individuals Pray for them and keep it movin. Love u Guys very much, Enjoy the rest of your Weekend😍

  2. AlanaBear

    AlanaBear17 時間 前

    @blovesLife tbh just do you boo it's your channel and y'know how people are going to act when they see her and of course some will unsub but it's whatever because it's your channel and you can have who ever you want on it. But, what can I say social media is a crazy and if they do something dumb most likely they are gonna get a lot of hate but I understand how you see her as a sweet girl. Of course I still don't like her but I did enjoy the video.

  3. sarah

    sarah13 日 前

    Maybe our problem with her is she’s a white girl who acts/ pretends she’s black. It’s extremely fucked up. You’re just as bad for supporting her.

  4. lehninger

    lehninger14 日 前

    i mean. you are both useless and worthless, so yeah, that's a thing.

  5. Chewy Chews

    Chewy Chews19 日 前

    Bloveslife lol cause she’s a racist you moron

  6. Desmond Smith

    Desmond Smith21 日 前

    @Jay Breeze your fat head ass call this a drag?

  7. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown時間 前

    For some reason I like how Vicky white and she have a black woman voice. Don’t think I’m rasist because I’m mixed.

  8. cely R

    cely R2 時間 前

    She running outta water 😂

  9. Proler Girls

    Proler Girls3 時間 前

    The thing that was making me mad was that the fact she didn't know how to eat the sea food, nor open a mf crab ? Name one person !!!😂😂😂😂😂😂 Except her.. overall the video was cool🤙🏻

  10. LifeWith Esha

    LifeWith Esha5 時間 前

    It’s crazy to me that people act like they’ve never done anything wrong. This girl is growing and learning from her mistakes but y’all “grown” women gone keep holding stuff over her head. Stop bashing a young girl who needs uplifting and PRAYER (which all of us do). I’m pretty sure you can remember something you did in your past that you aren’t too proud of. 🙄

  11. jerrica escal

    jerrica escal5 時間 前

    vicky: do you like chicken? b: yeah vicky: do you eat meat? lmaooo


    THE ONLY TEETEE10 時間 前


  13. Nina Diaz

    Nina Diaz10 時間 前

    Idk whats worse....watching this white girl front like she blk OR, understanding how ppl be getting famous off of pranking!?!🤔

  14. Edward Murdock

    Edward Murdock13 時間 前


  15. Chloe Marlette

    Chloe Marlette13 時間 前

    I love how blove was opening Vicky’s crab legs because she was struggling so hard even when she ain’t ask😂😂

  16. Anne Mavleod

    Anne Mavleod17 時間 前

    Vicky has grown on me & im glad to see y'all chilling...

  17. Jason Guthro

    Jason Guthro19 時間 前

    chew with your mouth closed

  18. Rachel Salz

    Rachel Salz日 前

    Ya unfortunately we all know her.

  19. Jessica Gunn

    Jessica Gunn日 前

    Very nice

  20. Seaniya Boglin

    Seaniya Boglin日 前

    If the sause is supposed to be in ur mouth then why on the world was it on her chin how dose she get in touch with someone who knows a baby flexer lil Tay

  21. rosa osorio

    rosa osorio日 前

    Worst collab ever

  22. Brandi Bachert

    Brandi Bachert日 前

    What the devil!???! 👿 this girl don’t know what she missing out in struggling with them big behind crab legs! She act like she never ate crab legs ever!

  23. Painmore

    Painmore日 前

    This is one of the most disgusting videos I've ever seen on youtube

  24. Greg Coleman

    Greg Coleman日 前

    That white girl is repulsive!

  25. Robert Travers

    Robert Travers日 前

    What trash.

  26. pats cookie

    pats cookie日 前

    Id love more celebrity collabs. Lol this could turn into a great series. Maybe you will have Oprah eating lobster with you one day

  27. rxinbow _

    rxinbow _2 日 前

    I don't know why y'all hating on Vicky, okay.. she did some brutal mean stuff in the past but people change and have feelings! 💁

  28. MO

    MO2 日 前

    You should sell your dipping sauce

  29. flyguyinmotion

    flyguyinmotion2 日 前

    Vicky eats like a pig. Mouth open,... gross.

  30. ok cool

    ok cool2 日 前

    Never in my worst nightmares

  31. Fantalope

    Fantalope2 日 前

    Even the captions can’t interpret this monstrosity

  32. pineapple lives matter

    pineapple lives matter2 日 前

    i like sour candy too vicky!!!

  33. Ash the one

    Ash the one2 日 前


  34. CitizenPerkins

    CitizenPerkins2 日 前


  35. Znaydi Mohssin

    Znaydi Mohssin2 日 前

    omg 2 retards

  36. Santa Bracero

    Santa Bracero3 日 前

    Is Vicki gaining weight ??? Omg girl 🙊🙉🙈

  37. Rogelio Ayala

    Rogelio Ayala3 日 前

    Youuu knoooooow DAS food. Youuu knoooooow she thinks she's black

  38. Nessa Sok

    Nessa Sok3 日 前

    How about the crab that flew on blove when she cracked the crab for Vick... Vicky literally looked at the crab on her shirt and didn’t say a word.

  39. Taylaamarieee !!!!

    Taylaamarieee !!!!3 日 前

    She look like she ain’t never had seafood before

  40. Patricia Shantel

    Patricia Shantel3 日 前

    Noooooo blove she’s trash

  41. CruzanGyul

    CruzanGyul3 日 前

    I actually liked this collab.. idk wth y’all talking about smh

  42. Broke Yakin

    Broke Yakin3 日 前

    We did this to ourselves.

  43. quzire Battles

    quzire Battles3 日 前


  44. emily 21

    emily 213 日 前

    2:13 food went out of her mouth

  45. Consume Anime

    Consume Anime3 日 前

    *Pee pee sauce*

  46. Faye Morin

    Faye Morin3 日 前

    No hate. But omg this was the worst collab🙊😂

  47. Micki Sorr

    Micki Sorr3 日 前

    Bloves so motherly, she's opening up her crab making sure she doesn't hurt herself​ and enjoying​her experience.. I like Vicky, she just needs a lil guidance..She just needs someone to take her under their wing and stir her in the right way..


    THE ONLY TEETEE10 時間 前

    I agree !

  49. Couture Everthin

    Couture Everthin4 日 前

    It took me a long time to come to this video because I just can NOT with this girl she sound slow

  50. Love And Hate

    Love And Hate4 日 前

    Vicky's right lashes coming off

  51. New Sign-in From Unknown Location

    New Sign-in From Unknown Location4 日 前

    Vicky : so you eat food too ?

  52. Lilly Hi

    Lilly Hi4 日 前

    Her eye lash 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  53. Michael wolf

    Michael wolf4 日 前

    Those nails look disgusting... the white chicks eyelashes are annoying... they also smack and chew with her mouth open 😑 eew

  54. Monique Love

    Monique Love4 日 前

    Polynesian sauce is the bomb

  55. Shaniyah Monyee

    Shaniyah Monyee4 日 前

    Do a deshelled one with her next time 😭bc baby is struggling

  56. Racheal Myers

    Racheal Myers4 日 前

    She got big from saying she black 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  57. WolfzGaming YT

    WolfzGaming YT4 日 前

    And I oop!😳

  58. AestheticSalt

    AestheticSalt4 日 前

    Why the fug is this bs n my feed?!?

  59. Anthony Morris

    Anthony Morris4 日 前


  60. Omni.Otaku.Count.8all

    Omni.Otaku.Count.8all4 日 前

    Vicky is icky ghetto nasty white trash

  61. jaida higgins

    jaida higgins4 日 前

    Sis omg😭❤️ how you get her on your channel

  62. Neftali Galaviz

    Neftali Galaviz4 日 前

    Like Every time she says Like 😬

  63. Shanice Motley

    Shanice Motley4 日 前

    This illiterate bum! She sound like she got hella snot in her throat!

  64. Shahrzad Airia

    Shahrzad Airia4 日 前

    That’s sooo funny!! I watched the first 5 mins got so annoyed w Her eating and came straight to the comments! Vicky can’t eat & dip properly! She really is suppressing my appetite ... bye video

  65. Caty Peterson

    Caty Peterson4 日 前

    Are they both trannies??

  66. kkloudzz09 kkloudzz09

    kkloudzz09 kkloudzz094 日 前

    Everyone talking about these two being bad people/friends for something they might not even noticed! Y’all dramatic, negative people 😑

  67. Savannah Lane

    Savannah Lane4 日 前

    Vicky eats so messy ew 😭 like chew with your mouth closed

  68. AlanaBear

    AlanaBear日 前

    I don't like Vicky but she is eating get messy when you're eating seafood😂

  69. Savannah Lane

    Savannah Lane4 日 前

    I was not expecting this.

  70. Bby_Joshie🌈💗😂

    Bby_Joshie🌈💗😂4 日 前

    Idk why Vicky just looked so brain dead at the beginning 💀

  71. Almighty Jay GAMING

    Almighty Jay GAMING5 日 前

    yeah she white

  72. Ava Adames

    Ava Adames5 日 前

    Vicky looks like a rat lowkey

  73. Chazz James

    Chazz James5 日 前

    I love the person you are ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Jasmine Henderson

    Jasmine Henderson5 日 前

    So those napkins were sitting there all that time & she decides to wipes her hands and not the chin 😩🙄 I can’t !

  75. CLS Angel

    CLS Angel5 日 前

    Apa cuman gw ya orang Indo sendirian yang Nayasar ke sini😁

  76. CLS Angel

    CLS Angel5 日 前

    Apa cuman gw ya orang Indo sendirian yang Nayasar ke sini😁

  77. Arlee Dennis

    Arlee Dennis5 日 前

    Lol im 25 she looks a lot older than me. Insta fame ages ppl sometimes lmao

  78. Jae Hook

    Jae Hook5 日 前

    Sending out positive energy to you Vicky... May the Lord God bless you really good with many grate things ahead. I have a 19 yo and God has truly blessed her beyond what anyone can imagine. You mamas going places .. like I told my daughter Your Name Is In Places Your Feet Haven’t Touched Yet!! 😀blessings to you.

  79. Never Knows Best

    Never Knows Best5 日 前

    What is this fucking cancer content.

  80. Rissa Marie

    Rissa Marie5 日 前

    Poor Vicky all that sauce on her face 😂 she seems a little slow tbh 🧐

  81. Jon T

    Jon T5 日 前

    Vicky couldn't be more trashy.

  82. Laldndj Gddjsns

    Laldndj Gddjsns5 日 前

    When is Vicky going to make an song or rap with Cardi B

  83. Princess Maria

    Princess Maria5 日 前

    I know I did not just bring this girl on your channel 😒

  84. Ashley Randle

    Ashley Randle5 日 前

    Lol Blove is so sweet!!! she tried her hardest to make this video as entertaining as possible especially because Vicky was being dry I think she’s a sweet girl she just can’t hold a grown woman conversation lol and B kept asking how much longer did they have to finish recording the video 😂

  85. Shniicex

    Shniicex5 日 前

    I respect Blove so much for looking pass this girls actions and actually paying attention to her true personality. Everybody deserves to be seen for their true self and not the front they put out from time to time.❤🙄

  86. Kim MommaOf3

    Kim MommaOf32 日 前


  87. Tamara M

    Tamara M5 日 前

    13:36 - 14:53 ffs help her open that piece

  88. Yackeline Soto

    Yackeline Soto6 日 前

    I met her she nice but not a lot of conversation from her when i met her

  89. Ladaya Mullins

    Ladaya Mullins6 日 前

    You know Vicky thinks she’s black right? Blovely needs to be banned from cook outs bye😐

  90. ndy c

    ndy c5 日 前

    Girl bye! Blove is the host, she can't be banned 😂

  91. Kressey Garcia

    Kressey Garcia6 日 前

    Hahha Daniele is younger doing big things 2 mil😂😂🤣

  92. Top Ramen

    Top Ramen6 日 前

    Looking like sid from ice age 🤦‍♀️

  93. Neftali Galaviz

    Neftali Galaviz4 日 前

    Top Ramen The Girl Sloth 😹

  94. Peytonfan

    Peytonfan6 日 前

    Nothing better than bringing people together at the table and having conversation. Love your videos B. 💚

  95. Savannah Goin

    Savannah Goin6 日 前

    Everyone’s talking about the sauce on her chin but WHAT ABOUT THAT EYE LASH HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE?!?

  96. Sammie Brown

    Sammie Brown日 前

    Man those eye lashes looks like baby hairs.😂😂

  97. Quentina Scruggs

    Quentina Scruggs6 日 前

    Damn I came here to say her lash was hanging but y’all went in 😂😂😂

  98. The real deal!

    The real deal!6 日 前

    Why do video with her white trash ass😏 you don't find it crazy that she get paid by acting something like you but you're being yourself and cant hardly make as much money as her😶 it's just funny how white people can get paid by acting black😊 but they won't pay a real black person.smh

  99. Natorrie Lee

    Natorrie Lee6 日 前

    I thought woahhvicky just was trying to be black but after watching I really do believe that she is retarded

  100. The real deal!

    The real deal!6 日 前


  101. J o a n n a . G

    J o a n n a . G6 日 前

    B is so sweet she doesn’t know the beef 🥩 she had with bhad bhabie watevaaa her name is lol

  102. Slime Sisters

    Slime Sisters6 日 前

    Vicky's ugly ass b****

  103. Michele Blade

    Michele Blade6 日 前

    Vicky’s personality is so much more calm than her social media personality I think she’s judged more on what they see vs actually seeing how she is aside from her job.

  104. Fantalope

    Fantalope3 日 前

    To me she seems disgusting

  105. Couture Everthin

    Couture Everthin4 日 前

    Michele Blade no she judged on the bullshit that come out her mouth

  106. Quora Kincade

    Quora Kincade6 日 前

    Awwww yesss!

  107. Cardiff Giant

    Cardiff Giant7 日 前

    Is it a thing that all ghetto people eat with their mouth open and smack their food?

  108. Sabraya Cooper

    Sabraya Cooper7 日 前

    Please tell me why her eyelashes hanging off😂😂 babygurrllll that's not okay Periodtt.😂😂

  109. Van Caviness

    Van Caviness7 日 前

    Blove: (eating crab) Vicky: i didnt know if you were a vegan

  110. aderline johnson

    aderline johnson7 日 前

    Wow she didn't know the difference between pros and cons

  111. aderline johnson

    aderline johnson7 日 前

    Omg 19 year's old with a 3rd grade education

  112. Italian Mama

    Italian Mama7 日 前

    Worst collab ever

  113. Kookies Jiminie pabo

    Kookies Jiminie pabo7 日 前


  114. Donye Henry

    Donye Henry7 日 前

    I’m done😑