Scuba Diving Underneath Military Base and You Won’t Believe What I Found! (Restricted Zone)


  1. TTV. magzravez

    TTV. magzravez4 ヶ月 前

    Great, now we have DALLMYD to scuba dive underneath Area 51. Now we can attack from below!

  2. Christopher Larson

    Christopher Larson25 日 前


  3. dice1of1 gameing

    dice1of1 gameingヶ月 前


  4. Eleanor Wilson

    Eleanor Wilsonヶ月 前

    TTV. magzravez ikr

  5. Kaye's Diggin It

    Kaye's Diggin Itヶ月 前

    @nugget the pigeon that's debatable 😂 and the word to use is there 😜 keep moving along!!

  6. nugget the pigeon

    nugget the pigeonヶ月 前

    @Sam Dodd who do u work for

  7. mysticWhale 69

    mysticWhale 69日 前

    You should get a night can so we can actually see

  8. Tiffany Soup

    Tiffany Soup日 前

    Looks like patty

  9. Tanner Bakker

    Tanner Bakker2 日 前

    was the boat small enough to flip back over? what could have been underneath it?

  10. Angus Pepper

    Angus Pepper3 日 前

    That bullet thing was a 50mm tank destroyer round since it was underwater it does not go boom

  11. Aubrey Duft

    Aubrey Duft3 日 前

    You guy find cool things

  12. Mr. Invisable

    Mr. Invisable5 日 前

    You takin chances messing with large cal ammo imo. l

  13. Olivia Reisinger

    Olivia Reisinger8 日 前


  14. MercyBuilds

    MercyBuilds9 日 前

    4:18 thats a gun suppresser

  15. keri cram

    keri cram10 日 前

    I love DALLMYD

  16. Braedon Impila

    Braedon Impila11 日 前

    The big vehicle was a god dam tank

  17. Staple_

    Staple_11 日 前

    Where's this Alligator prank yo? You said 50k and you're now at 98k+ xD

  18. fire games mental

    fire games mental11 日 前

    I thought it was the end of him

  19. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur


  20. TheRobloxNoob IzKewl

    TheRobloxNoob IzKewl14 日 前

    We just need those explosives to break into Area 51

  21. Olivia George

    Olivia George14 日 前

    🎶 Do you see what i see 🎶 🎶 Do you hear what i hear 🎶

  22. Amy Brockney

    Amy Brockney15 日 前

    Hi there u guys are awesome thanks for sharing ur adventures its truly truly amazing😁❤😁❤

  23. Dan H

    Dan H18 日 前

    Have you all thought of getting OTA AGA masks with comm systems. They use a little more air but the comm system is nice.

  24. Kima Fanai

    Kima Fanai20 日 前

    It is real

  25. Matthew Marczak

    Matthew Marczak21 日 前

    You guys found tank ammunition, awesome find 👏🏻👏🏻

  26. Jennifer Snyder

    Jennifer Snyder25 日 前


  27. Axel 22

    Axel 2226 日 前

    The round you found was a tank round

  28. Julien Pothier

    Julien Pothier26 日 前

    I bet you would get a lot of money if you returned it to the military base

  29. Gergely Nagy

    Gergely Nagy26 日 前


  30. Yohann Lamorie

    Yohann Lamorie26 日 前

    once i foond a lemon shark

  31. michelle davenport

    michelle davenport27 日 前

    That’s a tank round😨😨😨

  32. ibrahim shifaaf

    ibrahim shifaaf27 日 前

    That's a ammo of a tank

  33. TypicalFishing

    TypicalFishing28 日 前

    Jake be like look what i fount a land mind lets push it

  34. Oscar Gonzalez

    Oscar Gonzalez28 日 前

    U are crazy u get a bite off a huge aligator

  35. Tayler Tek

    Tayler Tek29 日 前

    If there was really Gators In the water why go in it just stupid

  36. Kelly Borman

    Kelly Bormanヶ月 前


  37. fang killer

    fang killerヶ月 前

    The round thing is a tank bullet.

  38. UltimateGamerZapdoss GamerLord

    UltimateGamerZapdoss GamerLordヶ月 前

    Dude that gernade was a german ww2 gernade

  39. dice1of1 gameing

    dice1of1 gameingヶ月 前

    It is a tank round

  40. joe mama

    joe mamaヶ月 前

    I wonder what tank Jake is sitting on in the cover

  41. joe mama

    joe mamaヶ月 前

    Do it use remote control alligator

  42. Amcsmitty 32

    Amcsmitty 32ヶ月 前

    bro wheres the underwater tank bro?

  43. Rafael Torres

    Rafael Torresヶ月 前

    it,s a tank

  44. Gaming with Trey

    Gaming with Treyヶ月 前

    Found a tank shell that’s some good luck

  45. joon's favourite plastic bag

    joon's favourite plastic bagヶ月 前

    Me: sees 99 likes on a comment Me: clicks on it to make it 100