SCOOB! - Official Teaser Trailer


  1. MarioSonic24601

    MarioSonic2460133 分 前

    1:14 "I'll never take it off" CRYING

  2. Sintorace

    Sintorace時間 前

    Make them feel more like the characters they are based Warner. Cmon! he younger shaggy voice is ok, as I am guessing this is before he was a stoner, but scoob has always has the R in his speech! Feels weird, man

  3. ItzMeTwilight

    ItzMeTwilight時間 前

    Fred’s voice as a kid is deeper than everyone’s as an adult and Fred as an adult Me:wut

  4. ByQuitex

    ByQuitex2 時間 前

    Avicci 🙏🏼

  5. Avion

    Avion2 時間 前

    What's up with shaggys voice

  6. Reth SrunSreng

    Reth SrunSreng4 時間 前

    Why did I see this now!?

  7. Ario Ramadhan

    Ario Ramadhan12 時間 前

    Avicii will be happy if he watching this...

  8. Vishal Samudrala

    Vishal Samudrala12 時間 前

    The Scoob! movie exclusive items - stuffed scooby dog plush & figure toys, & also slurpee character straws, & cups at 7-Eleven next year on April or May 2020.

  9. JC How

    JC How16 時間 前

    I'm not sure about this movie, but I will say this, the animation looks really good.

  10. Lupita Tobias V

    Lupita Tobias V17 時間 前

    So shaggy has this power before scooby doo was here

  11. Cocoa Is Here

    Cocoa Is Here18 時間 前


  12. Michael Imbriani

    Michael Imbriani19 時間 前

    I Can’t Wait To See This Movie In Summer 2020 I Love Scooby-Doo

  13. Vishal Samudrala

    Vishal Samudrala20 時間 前

    Kevin Kittrell looks familiar like Shaggy.

  14. Skuz lord

    Skuz lord20 時間 前

    I know this is just cashing in on people's nostalgia but it looks cute so I'll still watch it

  15. maria aparecida madureira

    maria aparecida madureira日 前


  16. Tony Saju

    Tony Saju日 前


  17. Hitmonkey

    Hitmonkey日 前

    Warner Brothers Animation Studio has been struggling but if they just utilise the IP they already own and make animated movies for Scooby, The Flintstones, Pepe le Pew, The Jetsons, Hong Kong Phooey, Super Pets, Speedy Gonzales, Johnny Quest, Marvin the Martian, Dexter's Lab.... they could be on track for easy success and become a major rival to Disney.

  18. Rizki A

    Rizki A日 前

    I'm watching thissss!!!

  19. Nine Tails

    Nine Tails日 前

    I gotta say that this looks GREAT, I’m not bothered by Shaggy’s new voice actor and I’m sure that they’ll exclaim some zoinks and definitely some jinkies. Also Scooby being more articulate isn’t even that big of an issue, what I enjoyed about Scooby Doo when I was younger wasn’t necessarily his vocabulary but the character and his funny interactions with others. This trailer looks awesome and I’m genuinely excited for this movie! :)

  20. SuperJdelgadillo

    SuperJdelgadillo日 前

    This doesnt seem like The Scooby Doo we all grew up with it... Just looks like a generic mystery/action/comedy animation...

  21. Vishal Samudrala

    Vishal Samudrala日 前

    It’s rated PG.

  22. Mrnmy Diaz

    Mrnmy Diaz日 前

    Avicii ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. я люблю Россию!

    я люблю Россию!日 前

    *I K E A*

  24. Kylee Diamond

    Kylee Diamond日 前

    1:53 uh huh

  25. Deadpool and hitman yes joker and two face no

    Deadpool and hitman yes joker and two face no日 前

    1:22 when meme born

  26. Riman Chowdhury

    Riman Chowdhury日 前

    Shaggy is Dennis from Hotel Transylvania

  27. precision Brown

    precision Brown日 前

    Thank goodness I can understand the dog now lol

  28. Dan Yo

    Dan Yo日 前

    0:55 CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!! (on the right of scooby)

  29. Spinel is happy now!

    Spinel is happy now!日 前

    Just realized that kid shaggy sounds like Tim from the boss baby

  30. Jameson Totty

    Jameson Totty日 前

    So you're saying Scooby was a puppy when Shaggy was 8-11 years old and has survived, in good health, until Shaggy is in his mid to late 20's? Scooby is a Great Dane, dogs which typically live about 7 years, so that means Scooby is living about 3 times longer than he should reasonably be able to. Oh, and that's without bringing up his diet...

  31. AyeItsMike

    AyeItsMike日 前


  32. Hmangaih Zuali

    Hmangaih Zuali2 日 前

    Who watch this trailer everyday??? Ohh!! I guess its only me.... Can't wait to see the full movie

  33. FailsAndLuck

    FailsAndLuck2 日 前

    Before anyone says ain't for you. It's for the kids, they don't care that it's a joyless cashgrab

  34. Glory Castillo

    Glory Castillo2 日 前

    Am i the only one who likes this?

  35. Ronaldo Fuentes

    Ronaldo Fuentes2 日 前


  36. Dr Wrecker

    Dr Wrecker2 日 前

    Shaggy must have achieved 42069% power

  37. mollie olivares

    mollie olivares2 日 前


  38. Donovan Swanson

    Donovan Swanson2 日 前

    Scooby : licks shaggy Shaggy : licks him back Scooby : um that's illegal

  39. Unkn0wn_543

    Unkn0wn_5432 日 前

    I can't wait to see shaggy at 💯% power

  40. RedTheMagician

    RedTheMagician2 日 前