SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) Ending + Monsters Explained


  1. The LostOne

    The LostOne9 時間 前

    Death note but with extra steps

  2. ZionQClips

    ZionQClips13 時間 前

    What if you read the book in your head?

  3. ralph casey Chong

    ralph casey Chong21 時間 前

    Death note ..west version

  4. YoungHappyM

    YoungHappyM日 前

    9:11 my boi OhGeezy on the right lol

  5. Yasmin G

    Yasmin G2 日 前

    "Yep, super weird. Me likey."

  6. Margarita Velasquez

    Margarita Velasquez2 日 前

    3:12 nobody's too old for halloween

  7. Robbie Burns

    Robbie Burns2 日 前

    All you do is tell the stories .. you didn't explain anything . thumbs down .

  8. Sherry n

    Sherry n2 日 前

    Use to love this books that toe story always scared me



    who eats cold ass stew?

  10. Poker God

    Poker God3 日 前

    This was my fav book growing up

  11. Katfish

    Katfish3 日 前

    The wendigo story was my favorite as a kid

  12. Hamish walker

    Hamish walker5 日 前

    you need to do a ending explained on the tall grass. :)

  13. Alexander Kim

    Alexander Kim5 日 前

    ”Spiders, a giant legion of spiders!”

  14. Jude Luckett

    Jude Luckett3 日 前

    I guess you could say it's a SPIDER-Verse... eh? EH?? Maybe they're FAR FROM HOME....

  15. Alexander Kim

    Alexander Kim5 日 前

    Tbh, Trump isn’t as bad as I thought he’d be. Hillary on the other hand...

  16. MJ Is The Goat

    MJ Is The Goat5 日 前

    Would u fuck him?

  17. M1ster Ch3f

    M1ster Ch3f5 日 前

    This is like the goosebumps movie but scary

  18. sk8punk318

    sk8punk3186 日 前

    Sometimes being high all the time isn’t always cool. More or less when watching shit like this...screw this scary shit, definitely time to go back to watch videos on how toothpicks and chef knives are made

  19. memedoggolus

    memedoggolus6 日 前

    nobody: sarah: let me tell you a sto- stella: **pulls uno reverse card*

  20. Schplek

    Schplek7 日 前

    i love watching these because i don’t like being too scared but i still want to know the plot and ending. it’s still kinda scary watching this but his voice makes me feel a little safer. Awesome channel!

  21. The Animator

    The Animator7 日 前

    Sorry but Sarah was really stupid in the movie

  22. DrPoetry1

    DrPoetry18 日 前

    Just saw this movie last night, and it was pretty good. Predictable in certain areas, although I don't remember those parts lol

  23. CrazyDaisy Terra

    CrazyDaisy Terra8 日 前

    In my opinion, we need more of, "90% practical and 10% CG" in other movies.

  24. Bobisto38

    Bobisto388 日 前

    so this movie is basically goosebumps the movie

  25. Shae Haws

    Shae Haws9 日 前

    Not gonna lie I thought this movie was phenomenal, and I would totally watch it over and over. And I was so relieved the dog survived

  26. YaBoiNoova The Weirdo

    YaBoiNoova The Weirdo9 日 前

    *tommy used to work on the docks*

  27. Teodora Ristic

    Teodora Ristic10 日 前

    I love how they put the hearse song in the movie.

  28. Lucas Dowdy

    Lucas Dowdy10 日 前

    I remember when I was young I had to skip the Dream story everytime because the picture of the Pale Lady scared me too much.

  29. Malcom X

    Malcom X11 日 前

    Your videos is how I watch movies now

  30. HexagonBright

    HexagonBright11 日 前

    Robert downey jr. made that joke in Tropic Thunder, Script reads me & this Moron made a movie about it & u Dumb Ass Zombies eat it up Hahahaha ! That movie was Shit.

  31. HexagonBright

    HexagonBright11 日 前

    Damn i didn't know u were a Bitch DemonRat WoW Keep politics to yourself & your views will stay the same Soy Boy.

  32. Misty Games

    Misty Games11 日 前

    I absolutely loved and hated these books as a kid! When I first saw the trailer for the movie I went through my house to find the books but only found 2/3 of the series. I then looked up the books and found out that someone has redone the original illustrations and made them look much more “cutesy”. In a way they ruined the books but the ones with the original illustrations are now considered rare. I’m glad the movie used the original character designs.

  33. Ben Deihl

    Ben Deihl12 日 前

    I really wasn’t a fan of this movie. I just thought it was boring honestly. Which sucks because I really liked these books as a child. And literally the only references to the Vietnam War was because the one kid was a draft dodger. That was basically it.

  34. Santa Ducky

    Santa Ducky13 日 前

    *goosebumps 3*

  35. Molly Welch

    Molly Welch14 日 前

    I fall asleep every night to your channel. I love listening to you talk about the movies. So I guess it's kinda like you're literally telling scary stories told in the dark. Did that make sense... close enough 😁

  36. Rebelempire Rules

    Rebelempire Rules14 日 前

    Why do I love watching these videos so much?

  37. Candy_ XXX

    Candy_ XXX14 日 前

    Loved this book as a kid and still as a adult

  38. Swapnil Agnihotri

    Swapnil Agnihotri14 日 前

    9:26 I was terrified by that "you"

  39. Andrew Tan

    Andrew Tan14 日 前

    Guys i really dont get it that why all these monsters are killing them 1 by 1 . Why these people are framing Stella as she is Sarah who caused it all of the deaths.

  40. CLONE 187

    CLONE 18715 日 前

    Just seen this movie, going straight to found flix for the video

  41. Ckretlow

    Ckretlow15 日 前

    "that Trump guy" *FbI oPeN uP*

  42. Runuld McDunuld

    Runuld McDunuld15 日 前

    I can confirm, there are not fireplaces in police stations in PA.

  43. not dipper pines

    not dipper pines15 日 前

    Me: Haha nowhere Pennsylvania... Me: *realizes I live in nowhere Pennsylvania* Me: *screaming*

  44. Rahul Sarma

    Rahul Sarma16 日 前

    You should name the titles MOVIES EXPLAINeD!

  45. Tai-nin Inazuma

    Tai-nin Inazuma16 日 前

    "Too old to keep going out for candy-" Ok, yea. "-and costumes." Excuse me, you lost me.

  46. Eon Quinn

    Eon Quinn16 日 前


  47. jax hoff

    jax hoff16 日 前

    i lve you so much baby your the best in the world

  48. QuakeShox

    QuakeShox16 日 前

    I remember ordering this book from scholastic on one of those book magazines that my school got and I had really bad nightmares the drawings were so scary too ;-;

  49. Luesatora

    Luesatora16 日 前

    I just watched this movie today. I thought it was good. Did not know it was based on books. I might try to find them.

  50. Dre Walker

    Dre Walker17 日 前

    Ending explained more like whole movie explained


    BEAR BAT BEAR17 日 前

    My teacher told me the toe story

  52. Kaitlynn elliott

    Kaitlynn elliott17 日 前

    could you do a video explaining the Cube series??? Id love to see that!

  53. Connor Grey

    Connor Grey17 日 前

    His name is ((Donald J. Trump/45th President of the United States of America)) and he's way better than that Obama guy...


    KEVIN DACUBE18 日 前

    I wanted to watch Rambo last blood but I couldn’t be allowed to watch it so I watched scary stories to tell in the dark with my friend and I was scared the hell it of so I went to my friends house and played Now I’m scarred for life

  55. Zac Gould

    Zac Gould18 日 前

    I remember reading this book from the school library in EARLY elementary school. I'm talking like 2nd-3rd grade.

  56. Jac Colbert

    Jac Colbert18 日 前

    Alot of these monsters actually got me creeped out but the red woman made me giggle like a child in the theater

  57. Soulless Avacado

    Soulless Avacado18 日 前

    Not gonna lie, the scarecrow kill was probably my favorite. The acting was insanely good, in my opinion!

  58. _Wolfy Playz_

    _Wolfy Playz_18 日 前

    If I saw that haunted house o would of been like NOPPE NOPPPPEE NOPPEEE NOPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE HELLLLL NAHHHHHH

  59. Rob H

    Rob H18 日 前

    I'm NOT uneasy; chill on the Trump, please! Don't be one of those TDS people who are making everyone uneasy. Otherwise, good stuff.

  60. Handsome Longshanks

    Handsome Longshanks18 日 前

    I know this is late but it wasn't dog poo. It was his own that he fished out of the toilet with a aquarium net. That changes things a little in my opinion.

  61. deacba87

    deacba8719 日 前

    i barely watched the show, but i really liked the moviw

  62. Kearny Garlow

    Kearny Garlow19 日 前

    I remember ready this book during library on elementary school then they eventually got rid off all the books. I was so sad

  63. Sergei Veselov

    Sergei Veselov19 日 前

    Note to self. Kids are unfathomably retarded in horror movies.