SAYING YES TO EVERYTHING FOR 24 HOURS (ended up in a dress in Mexico)


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory2 年 前

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  2. Rose Cotterill - Phillips

    Rose Cotterill - Phillips16 日 前

    YesTheory at Shambala Festival UK

  3. Avi Lavi

    Avi Lavi11 ヶ月 前

    Nicole Jacobs ?

  4. 김대흉Otakazi

    김대흉Otakazi年 前

    Make new videos !!!!!

  5. Maxx

    Maxx年 前

    Hi, it seems the page was not found when I clicked on the link. Is the newsletter feature down?

  6. Ravs Almonte

    Ravs Almonte年 前

    Try to revenge, travel then pretend not coming back

  7. rahul sharma

    rahul sharma日 前

    Roxanne Roxanne, all she wanna do is party all night

  8. 10 11

    10 11日 前


  9. Shravan Ravi

    Shravan Ravi3 日 前

    This would've turned into slavery and exploitation soon enough



    Thank you for always making me feel better. My brother would have loved you guys especially because he was as spontaneous, adventures and never declined an opportunity. He surprised me with a 3 month trip to Europe and passed away 3 months later at 28 massive heart attack, he was a veteran and in good shape it taught me quickly life is short!!!. He taught me so much so after he passed I had your attitude unfortunately since he passed so did my only nephew, my only sister and my father, I'm now a caretaker for my mom. I can only dream to have you surprise me with anything, my brother and I were supposed to go up in F 14 in keys, then skydive, and see Machu Picchu. We never got to do it and it's still only bucket list. Atlanta needs you! Thank you for always cheering me up I am a new subscriber, I only found you a month ago, I wish it would have been sooner.

  11. Daniel Baines

    Daniel Baines5 日 前

    I would've said you have to say yes to us for another 24 hours

  12. Jonas Meftahi Moller

    Jonas Meftahi Moller6 日 前

    I liked the video only for grandson

  13. Anna Kakorin

    Anna Kakorin7 日 前

    the master sounds like they all have the same kink lmao

  14. Austin MacLellan

    Austin MacLellan8 日 前

    My friends would have booked me a room in Jamaica............queens at some shitty motel.

  15. Shristy K

    Shristy K9 日 前

    Am I weird or what...I dunno but my love for Matt have not gone down by even little bit..!

  16. zvonimir m

    zvonimir m11 日 前

    me in my mind: lets join cartel and do cocaine also me: HELL Yes

  17. Brandon and friends

    Brandon and friends12 日 前

    Welcome to Matt loses his dignity for a day

  18. Noah L

    Noah L15 日 前

    *jump off a bridge* Him: *yes*

  19. Alexander Krueger

    Alexander Krueger15 日 前

    Hey Matt am I an awful person that should be banished off the earth! Matt: Yes Master

  20. DeepboxVDM

    DeepboxVDM16 日 前

    If I were the spray tan employee, I would have said “do you want to give me a $1,000 tip? Matt- “Yes mas- WAIT WHAT!”

  21. lil alexus

    lil alexus18 日 前

    4-7 days? Mine last 10-14 days, my lady makes her own tanning spray.

  22. Pedo Bear

    Pedo Bear19 日 前

    What if someone asked you to kill yourself?

  23. Julie Linsen

    Julie Linsen22 日 前

    Anyone who knows the name of that funky song at the end of the video?

  24. Justin Hickman

    Justin Hickman27 日 前

    U guys need to come to Cape may new Jersey

  25. Christian Bansiong

    Christian Bansiong28 日 前

    Hey guys ... just want to say that every video of yours that i watch makes my day.. and i dare you to ask someone to come with you and fly here in the philippines... plsss do this



    That spray tan chick was out for BLOOD

  27. Dan

    Danヶ月 前

    I wasnt expecting the end of this video. This freakin channel. Its not just wasting your time with no sense. It has such a good vibe, Im definitely taking something from your videos. I actually hate loving this channel (recently discovered it), bc I was trying to quit youtube 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. Allia Mesa

    Allia Mesaヶ月 前


  29. kris vas

    kris vasヶ月 前

    you ain't ended up IN a dress IN mexico you ended up IN a dress AND in mexico..clickbait my ass! cool video tho. i laugh too much :D gj

  30. scifi vampire

    scifi vampireヶ月 前

    I thought you were going to do this with strangers.

  31. Gyalpoo ooplayG

    Gyalpoo ooplayGヶ月 前

    3:50 Thomas.. lmaoo. 🤣🤣

  32. kim jong un

    kim jong unヶ月 前

    imagine someone said commit suicide

  33. Junior Rs

    Junior Rsヶ月 前

    3:49 😂 😂

  34. Molveledi

    Molvelediヶ月 前

    Okay so I haven’t watched the video yet but I am questioning the title (ended up in Mexico with a dress) okay I’m interested

  35. Raikiri Uchiha

    Raikiri Uchihaヶ月 前

    Meanwhile i cant go to buy some stuff down the road in my sweatpants...

  36. Gittel Funk Rusowsky

    Gittel Funk Rusowskyヶ月 前

    He did not look that bad in pink hair and the pink dress!

  37. planet mars

    planet marsヶ月 前

    when ammar said “wow you’re gonna be browner than me” I fucking lost it .... matt has become an ethnic king

  38. planet mars

    planet marsヶ月 前

    and the fact that they went to a grandson concert... what legends

  39. Maddy Connell

    Maddy Connellヶ月 前

    The fact that he doesn’t even look bad is honestly impressive

  40. Daman Khaira

    Daman Khairaヶ月 前

    Grandson comment section brought me here

  41. Fallen Manic

    Fallen Manicヶ月 前

    I've the videos thanks for making them love them.

  42. Inazuma vickun

    Inazuma vickunヶ月 前

    Omg Whomever has been a "bixo" in a federal University in Brazil lives this 24/7 for the entire freshman year lol I lived it and it wasn't cool lol

  43. Brian Barba

    Brian Barbaヶ月 前

    the sunbed girl is my cousin!

  44. rebel greninja

    rebel greninjaヶ月 前


  45. Malte Schönfeld

    Malte Schönfeldヶ月 前

    For everyone in need of the song that starts somewhere around 8:00: It's a remix of George Benson's "Give me the night" and the remix itself is called "Pop UP!" by Paradise City. You can find it on Spotify. Greetings from germany!

  46. Z_E_U_S CZ

    Z_E_U_S CZヶ月 前

    why u didnt ask him if he wants to make it for another 24 hours :D

  47. Rafabrothers

    Rafabrothersヶ月 前

    7:14 LUCIANO HUCK?

  48. Joshua Maher

    Joshua Maherヶ月 前

    Matt is so fricken beautiful! I wish he had a gay brother..

  49. borba Mne

    borba Mneヶ月 前

    8:00 mans forehead brighter than my future

  50. sananda mkherjee

    sananda mkherjeeヶ月 前

    OMG!!! Matt, you are so CUTE :) :P

  51. lordcumiring

    lordcumiringヶ月 前

    High school students in my country also say yes to everything in English. English Teacher: Hello, how are you feeling today guys? Students in class: Yes!

  52. UrAverage Hoovy

    UrAverage Hoovyヶ月 前

    See, if the title says that he ends up with a dress in Mexico, he ends up with a dress in Mexico. I love it. It’s like Mr. Beast

  53. Olena Gladysh

    Olena Gladysh2 ヶ月 前

    Matt could go bald and wear a potato bag and still look like a snacc

  54. La vie en NOIR ROSE

    La vie en NOIR ROSE2 ヶ月 前

    - do you admit all these crimes *yes master* death penalty

  55. Naief Alromi

    Naief Alromi2 ヶ月 前

    Poor guy got humiliated

  56. ——

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    ——2 ヶ月 前


  58. shazia nazir

    shazia nazir2 ヶ月 前

    Let us wish all around the world a Happy New Year with #TheNewYearTap! Coming together with not much effort and entering 2020 with something beautiful!

  59. Ani Pelaez

    Ani Pelaez2 ヶ月 前

    But it supposed to say yes to everything like the movie, not yes to all the torture 🤣 omg like the tanning girl

  60. Giampiero Corvo V.

    Giampiero Corvo V.2 ヶ月 前

    Hi guys, I only found out about your channel recently, and I'd like to give you a huge THANK YOU for inspiring so many people around the globe, including myself now! Keep up with the great work. You just earned a new subscriber!

  61. SoulfulVeg

    SoulfulVeg2 ヶ月 前

    One of my favorite book is The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

  62. Lost Shadow

    Lost Shadow2 ヶ月 前


  63. Fey Penguin

    Fey Penguin2 ヶ月 前

    nobody talkin about the great song in the background at the concert scene

  64. manon lefevre

    manon lefevre2 ヶ月 前

    am i the only one who SCREAMED the lyrics at 5:35 tho..?

  65. Bobo

    Bobo2 ヶ月 前

    This is bullying

  66. Bobo

    Bobo2 ヶ月 前


  67. Daniel T

    Daniel T2 ヶ月 前

    "Yes master, and I'll just make a note of this for when it's your turn"