1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory3 ヶ月 前

    What country should we fly to next? Let us know below!

  2. Das Essen

    Das Essenヶ月 前

    Fly to Chad

  3. Gromp

    Gromp2 ヶ月 前

    come to Israel

  4. raquel

    raquel2 ヶ月 前

    the south of spain

  5. Ronald Leon

    Ronald Leon2 ヶ月 前


  6. Rohith Ravindran

    Rohith Ravindran2 ヶ月 前

    come to south india ❤️

  7. Melancholic Melon

    Melancholic Melon7 時間 前

    Eaten alive? Sure honey it's Resident Evil out here.

  8. TapZap

    TapZap8 時間 前

    she's cute ♥

  9. RVK production

    RVK production9 時間 前

    1/2 of 1/2 bruh🙌🏻

  10. Unknown Player

    Unknown Player11 時間 前

    I’m from Pakistan lmao

  11. Zar Haidara

    Zar Haidara11 時間 前

    You should come to Beşiktas

  12. heiio pazz

    heiio pazz13 時間 前

    U should come to north east India best place to enjoy the beautiful nature

  13. Michael Heliotis

    Michael Heliotis20 時間 前

    Randomly selected DM? Or carefully selected DM as part of a clever plan to attract a billion Indian subscribers? 🤔

  14. •Crispy Channel

    •Crispy Channel22 時間 前

    She is hot betch bro i is sure u did the booty lagoon if u know what i sayin Good thing her mom not feed u with cockroaches and crickets.

  15. vivek sharma

    vivek sharma22 時間 前

    We don't eat that bruh..

  16. wassuup

    wassuup22 時間 前

    Still does not take away that india is a stinky place and that the government should clean up the mess asap

  17. vivek sharma

    vivek sharma22 時間 前

    Okay Pakistan !

  18. Roshni Kulkarni

    Roshni Kulkarni日 前

    Isn't that the roshni who acts for Sony TV?

  19. gaming lovers

    gaming lovers日 前

    Indians believe guest are GOD. "Atithi devo bhav."

  20. Vladimir Samsonov

    Vladimir Samsonov日 前

    I have been to India too, I would say that Indians are super hospitable. Also, they are very kind. I really love India.

  21. Leesa

    Leesa日 前

    This was awesome dude.

  22. notevencheating

    notevencheating日 前

    Why dont u go to portugal?

  23. Ashish Budakoti

    Ashish Budakoti日 前

    Only mumbai....not india ....india is Hoooooooooooge..... 😯

  24. Ravish nayak

    Ravish nayak日 前

    I liked the video before watching. Jai hind 🇮🇳

  25. Piyush

    Piyush日 前

    10:10 that was so wholesome, helping a foreigner and even paying for the auto. Those guys are the best!

  26. Rolandson Adam Atillo

    Rolandson Adam Atillo日 前

    Makes wanna travel 😂😂😂😂



    Come to Malaysia....It is a budget country to visit its the best one I promise

  28. Heidy Malacara

    Heidy Malacara日 前

    11:14 duuude hahaha

  29. Heidy Malacara

    Heidy Malacara日 前

    7:39 I love her haha

  30. Sellam El Barnoussi

    Sellam El Barnoussi2 日 前

    Come to north africa Morocco the best part of the planet & i'll host you

  31. motu motu

    motu motu2 日 前

    They are sending him as if he's going on a Mission🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Akki Beats

    Akki Beats2 日 前

    They said INDIA is a Harsh place..... Come ON Guys Your thinking is SO OUTDATED. Be real. much more humble people live in India.

  33. Fardin Ahmed

    Fardin Ahmed2 日 前

    THANK YOU for showing the true affluent side of Mumbai, and not focusing on the slums.

  34. Pranav Cholkar

    Pranav Cholkar2 日 前


  35. Jules bryan Teo

    Jules bryan Teo2 日 前

    Come to Philippines! 😊

  36. Amit Maurya

    Amit Maurya2 日 前

    You haven't explored India yet, it's only 0.5%. You are standing on the shore of the ocean. It is the most diverse place.

  37. Richa Sharma

    Richa Sharma2 日 前

    This girl Roshni ... she's a TV celebrity in INDIA.

  38. shila chowdhury

    shila chowdhury2 日 前

    go to the KKK mountain and pak-china border in pakistan, its heaven on earth, literally.

  39. Amar Hegde

    Amar Hegde3 日 前

    Indian people are literally the most generous and nicest ppl on earth. Shout-out to my favourite country..😍

  40. Bibin John

    Bibin John3 日 前

    7:15 the guys come in running.. Shows the kind of love they have for there favorite Person 💕

  41. Robert Nehme

    Robert Nehme3 日 前

    Come to lebanon

  42. siddharth ontela

    siddharth ontela3 日 前

    Some strange football fans: "COME TO BESIKTAS"

  43. Mohit Khatri

    Mohit Khatri3 日 前

    Boy u have herpes!!??????

  44. Ngakuimi Keishing

    Ngakuimi Keishing3 日 前

    Karl Rock would be wondering 🤔 Coming in India for the first time and enjoying without being scammed hallelujah 👍

  45. Ngakuimi Keishing

    Ngakuimi Keishing11 時間 前

    @Deepak Chettri who?? Karl or yes theory

  46. Deepak Chettri

    Deepak Chettri日 前

    He's dope though

  47. Mukull Sirohi

    Mukull Sirohi3 日 前

    Aunty ka naukar was like BC aaj tak itne pyaar se baat nahi ki😂😂😂😂 Kitni zyada fake hai wo God...

  48. Mukull Sirohi

    Mukull Sirohi3 日 前

    Aunty kitni bhi english bol lo still your tava is like roadside vendors😝😝😝

  49. Mukull Sirohi

    Mukull Sirohi3 日 前

    Me toh inki faad deta sabse expensive place par le jaake phir boltey kabhi India poor hai toh me dekhta😂😂😂

  50. Mukull Sirohi

    Mukull Sirohi3 日 前

    Yeh Ladki gate khol ke with full safai ready baithi thi inkey welcome k liye😂😂😂😂

  51. Mukull Sirohi

    Mukull Sirohi3 日 前

    Yes because it's Cheap to do so:...... Idiots

  52. Abhinandan Zambare

    Abhinandan Zambare3 日 前

    💖💚💖🙏🤩🤩🤩🌏world,please visit India.

  53. Bhanupriya Pegu

    Bhanupriya Pegu3 日 前

    I love her mother

  54. Srishti Singh

    Srishti Singh3 日 前

    You guys are stupid. You should have come to Delhi to see the real India!

  55. Bella Craddock

    Bella Craddock4 日 前

    11:14 best moment of the video

  56. thephotographer diary

    thephotographer diary4 日 前

    Am i the only one who felt tht roshni wasnt so random?

  57. Shubham Kumar

    Shubham Kumar4 日 前

    Dude dont fall in love with her

  58. ADI singh

    ADI singh4 日 前

    No media will show these stuff as they run agenda guys about India... I know we still need to go on a long way to make things better...but we have emotions about every people who come here to explore something....(expect some)

  59. Umar Patel

    Umar Patel4 日 前

    Roshni walia

  60. Yadu Krishna

    Yadu Krishna4 日 前

    There is no better place to visit in India than "The God's own country 'KERALA' ".Next time when you visit India make sure that you come and visit Kerala too!

  61. Jay Freeman

    Jay Freeman4 日 前

    You have no fear? Go visit Gaza

  62. dakerlang basaiawmoit

    dakerlang basaiawmoit4 日 前

    Y wud she say India is a harsh place??little knowledge is dangerous

  63. Aj josji Bsjs

    Aj josji Bsjs4 日 前

    She is really Tara. Wow!!!

  64. Aj josji Bsjs

    Aj josji Bsjs4 日 前

    India is the one of the harshest place to live on Earth

  65. Nurul Salleh

    Nurul Salleh4 日 前

    Brunei 🇧🇳

  66. Vallabh Sonawale

    Vallabh Sonawale4 日 前

    You are so lucky to met those 2 kind people in Mumbai. That is totally unexpected for me. Am also from Mumbai .

  67. Saurav Verma

    Saurav Verma4 日 前

    The 2 boys out there took "Atithi Devo Bhava" to another level

  68. Sunanta Senapati

    Sunanta Senapati8 時間 前

    @Priya Shah thank you ♥️

  69. Priya Shah

    Priya Shah9 時間 前

    Bro respect to them ❤️

  70. Sunanta Senapati

    Sunanta Senapati日 前

    Thanks bro♥️

  71. BHARAT

    BHARAT4 日 前

    Hey,hey..wait This girl is an Indian TV actress 'tara from Satara'🤔that main Lead teenage Girl of that tv serial..if I m not wrong or it just looking so similar?

  72. Is it Possible?

    Is it Possible?4 日 前

    Who else think India is not a harsh place to travel? Like if you not.