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    What country should we fly to next? Let us know below!

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    Commenting on behalf of My friend Corona : Stay home nigga

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    ha after this no one can reply

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    Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

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    come to Argentina sometime :D

  7. Abhijit Sonowal

    Abhijit Sonowal5 分 前

    it's funny how people who have never visited a place come out in conclusion about it so fast just because they heard something about it... yes i am talking about her

  8. Abhijit Sonowal

    Abhijit Sonowal11 分 前

    people like her make a country harsh

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    Come to India again to South India...

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    Judgemental people's like his gf are everywhere ! Ignore'em . peace

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    Come to syiria😎

  12. prathima rajendran

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    I'm back to seeing your video after a year or maybe long. Trust me I love what u guys do, but my heart broke when your girlfriend just said "India is harsh place" and I stopped the video. Still thank you for visiting Mumbai, while the pandemic situation settles down I invite you to visit our vast India that doesn't settle just with Mumbai.

  13. Varsha Mishra

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    Hey girl u broke my heart. If it's dangerous how we can be 2 most populated country?

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    5:55 lol Škoda Dealership in india

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    Visit again..!! Some other city like Delhi , Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad , etc etc ...


    BE3ST THE LEGEND14 時間 前

    Wow... Every single country on the world, that's incredible!

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    "You'll get eaten alive" Actually most of India is vegetarian so

  18. Babul Thakur

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    WTF!!! "India is harsh country" bitch we give road to cows , which you eat!!!

  19. # Gaming

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    Actually there are more harsh people in USA and about getting eaten alive we have the best culture and most of us are vegans. We treat guest as gods and it is just media that says India’s harsh or stuff. India is a diverse land you move 100 km away you will think you are in a new country. So appreciate not judge what others say

  20. PArtoges

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    how i wish i was this rich lol

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    Me pure veg ------ CANNIBAL MODE ------ON💀

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    Bruh, thank your friends for picking you such a cute guide. XD And to all the haters, I DONT KNOW HER AGE, IM SAYING SHE IS CUTE, NOT THAT I WOULD F*CK HER.

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  24. sara salhi

    sara salhi日 前

    I am from Tunisia and have been in india for 1 year and it was the most beautiful life time experience i have ever had ❤

  25. Sanika Santhosh

    Sanika Santhosh7 時間 前

    Awe that's awesome, I am gonna visit Tunisia once this pandemic gets over, Love from India



    Hey fun fact Roshni(the girl from India) is an actress..she's a lead in a show

  27. Tanvii bhardwaj

    Tanvii bhardwaj日 前

    India 🇮🇳 is not as bad as people say it is .

  28. Owen Mutuku

    Owen Mutuku日 前

    The girl is really pretty

  29. Krishnaprasad Nair

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    "Aditi Devo Bhava" (Treat you guests like god) is what we Indians believe in💓 Come visit us without any hesitation.

  30. Ashish Pandey

    Ashish Pandey日 前

    *1:18* India is harsh, says the school shooter. People of US sitting comfortably in the AC rooms don't know a thing about India. Bad vlog.

  31. Kyle Lipton

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    You should go to meet Sadhguru in India!

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  33. Aryan Sharma

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    9:37 "Abhishek". Har jagah dikh jate hai ye Abhishek. (Upmanyu fans got the reference.)

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    oma traveling2 日 前

    So so very nice you chanel

  35. Aniruddh Chamarthi

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    Yeah he's the only foreigner who made a documentary on india without going to the Dharavi slum it just fucks me cause every other foreigner who comes from much more neater countries makes it a picnic spot this makes westerners and some other countries think that 75% of India is poor but it's 20 percent but it's just that Mumbai which has the most no of foreigners has more slums this is the first channel who doesn't focus on the poverty but on the people and locations trust me poverty isn't 75% it's 22% I hope a foreigner reads this instead of a Indian

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    Cool man

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    Man I hated the parantha woman

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    America is harsh place

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    Come to india 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  40. Akhshay Rajput

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    Look how indians treat thier guests Indians are awesome 👍👏😊

  41. Akhshay Rajput

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    East Or west india 🇮🇳🇮🇳is the best 👍💯👏 Come to 🇮🇳 india😍

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    Watch more videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👇🏻👇🏻

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    Fuck that Girlfriend

  44. Pradyun Sharma

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    India is so diverse that you just experienced 0.1% of it

  45. Karl Johnson

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    Thank you so much for visiting in India ❤️🇮🇳

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    Obviously, u are so wise to do that

  47. Luis Thomas Rios

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    the indian Girl is really gourgeous, i just fall in love!, Regards! From Mexico! :D

  48. AdiSRI

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    " Athiti devo bhava " what is followed every corner of india means "GUEST IS God " I dont know where his gf went in india ...such rubbish .

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    @Polonium Gàming OP (°ロ°٥)

  51. BernandPlayz

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    @Polonium Gàming OP (°ロ°٥)

  52. BernandPlayz

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    @Polonium Gàming OP (°ロ°٥)

  53. BernandPlayz

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    @Polonium Gàming OP (°ロ°٥)

  54. Polonium Gàming OP

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    @BernandPlayz ....

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    You can’t do india in 48 hours :(

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    Hey my family just found many foreigners,THEY ARE LOOKIN DELICIOUS,all are welcome to my hoME. . . . . . . . DINNERS ON ME

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    @Virtual Rex gaming ohhhh....kkk😉😉

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    @Kailash Batra south India bois😉

  59. Kailash Batra

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    Woah.....M so excited....where do u live??

  60. Vasanth KC Jr.

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    Tamilnadu 😍😍😍

  61. Ahaana Singh

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    TEAM INDIA 🧡💚🤍💙

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    India has no toilet coz we have detached our toilet in 1947

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    Oh yeah! If you don't mind I'm stealing this

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    EZZYLAND6 日 前

    yeo all these butthurt mfs in the comments.. cmon yall

  66. Lijo Abraham

    Lijo Abraham6 日 前

    Hey Thomas, in India we have a saying "Athithi Devo Bava" basically means guests are like God's We treat all our guests with with love and people go beyond their means to make sure the guests are taken care well God bless

  67. Lijo Abraham

    Lijo Abraham2 日 前

    @ Adrian, please visit India

  68. Adrian Libres

    Adrian Libres3 日 前

    not real

  69. Dabossツ Virakt

    Dabossツ Virakt6 日 前

    2 Boys who companied him! You're real Man, showed everyone people like you are also in the ground except on social medias!! Kudos 🔥🥂

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  71. Being Infinite

    Being Infinite7 日 前

    India Such a Big Country He Just Visited Mumbai...🤣🤣

  72. Being Infinite

    Being Infinite7 日 前

    1:30 Saying India 🇮🇳 Harsh It Was The Richest Country In The World Till British 🇬🇧 Invaded India.(Bharat 🇮🇳) & It Has The Best Food & Culture You Will not Found In the whole world..With Most Vegetarian In The World.. India Has the More Vegetarian than Whole World Combined..

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    @Sanika Santhosh im everywhere

  74. Sanika Santhosh

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    @Press F oh god why on earth do I see you everywhere 😂 🤦

  75. Press F

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    Well now is shi1hole accept the truth

  76. Shachee Patel

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    that girl is rohshi walia she is a child actor in india i was shocked to see her OMG

  77. shrishti

    shrishti8 日 前

    his country is harsh just come here and see our history u dont have a dammn half of it so get the $@#& lost and most of Indians are very friendly

  78. Taran Mihai

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    Comments full with indians

  79. Stuti Singh

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    I have seen Roshni in a tv serial.......

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    Her mom is so funnyXD



    Love from.india ...

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    Her sister is annoying af😖😖😖

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    Come to Sri Lanka!😎

  85. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    Thomas you got a wrong woman in your life. You are a good human. You have my respect but not your girlfriend for sure.

  86. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    10:15 Same Two random guys teaches him how to bargain and saves him from paying more. India is such a harsh place.

  87. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    9:58 Two random guy comes to help him visiting all places and tells him that they will pay all his Rickshaw Fare. Look, India is such harsh place.

  88. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    @Noverdi A. Ramadhan yeah it's your imagination but I have seen random strangers helping foreigners expecting nothing in return

  89. Noverdi A. Ramadhan

    Noverdi A. Ramadhan9 日 前

    Imagine doing that to a random foreigner without a camera Yeah, just imagine.. that'll never happened

  90. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    India is such a harsh place. A random girl DMs your boyfriend to come to India, gives a room to stay, takes him to best places to visit and best food to eat and takes care of him.

  91. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    6:51 India is such a harsh place. A guy who is fan of your boyfriend, who travelled long enough (outside of the city) just to meet him.

  92. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    5:43 India is such a harsh place. Look, your boyfriend just said: One of the best food he ever had in his life.

  93. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    4:56 India is such a harsh place. They didn't even asked him for any help but still that random guy stopped in the way just to help him out for the way to HeeraPanna.

  94. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    4:20 this message is for this JPreporterr's Girlfriend: "Oh, look you were absolutely right. India is such a harsh place. A stranger from a different country is given a room to live for free and without worrying about their own security/safety because foreigners in India are treated like God. Welcome to the most harsh Country"

  95. Bishvendra Singh

    Bishvendra Singh9 日 前

    @Noverdi A. Ramadhan ya that's why I found the face of that girl familiar. Throughout the video, I thought I think I saw here somewhere

  96. Noverdi A. Ramadhan

    Noverdi A. Ramadhan9 日 前

    Yeah, because the foreigners is a famous youtuber and the indian that gave the room is a celebrity. Try again

  97. S S

    S S9 日 前

    I just love mumbai because of the autos ... trust me its a luxury... from a banglorean

  98. Henry Hitch

    Henry Hitch9 日 前

    11:15 when you walk into a conversation late and didn’t hear the whole joke

  99. A VIDEOS

    A VIDEOS9 日 前

    Why is night when he lands and evening when he’s in the car?

  100. XxElvisquitoxX

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    That girl is pretty fine ngl

  101. Ghanta Hai

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  102. Max Shrum

    Max Shrum10 日 前

    I have watched a ton of your videos recently it’s constantly ingraved into my head to think positively mostly because your videos are all about positivity and fear. I have a very big fear of heights and other things so I recently have been wanting to break it by skydiving. Also the world news outlets have nothing positive. It’s all negative. It shows the worst and makes people less happy. You bring joy to be by restoring my faith in humanity

  103. Kaustubh Muley

    Kaustubh Muley10 日 前

    love from INDIA............... this is the INDIA as you saw

  104. M S

    M S10 日 前

    imagine losing the camera/s not forgettidyng to record -_-

  105. Aqua Horns

    Aqua Horns10 日 前

    If you avoid local crowded markets, India is just like any other country. Hell I'm an indian with unconventional looks(pale skin, green eyes, northern accent) and even i sometimes get stared upon in such crowded places; so it's obvious that things are gonna get eerie and uncomfortable when some random dudes with a camera in their face are pointing in different directions and talking loudly.

  106. killer pig200

    killer pig20010 日 前

    Mom is too cool

  107. Omar Preet Singh Bali

    Omar Preet Singh Bali11 日 前

    Wish I would have met you when you came here. Anyways next time brother. Just saw this video so a bit late 😂

  108. Anjesh nair

    Anjesh nair11 日 前

    We believe in Athithi Devo bhava. Thanks Roshni and the other two guys for taking care of him💜

  109. theGANGxCompanY L.T.D

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    U did awsm ✌🏻 when will you be visiting Kerala!

  110. theGANGxCompanY L.T.D

    theGANGxCompanY L.T.D11 日 前

    U did awsm ✌🏻

  111. lynn ly

    lynn ly11 日 前

    The mom who cooked the food: “You don’t have to make me happy if you don’t like it” Thomas: “No I love it” “I knew it 😎”

  112. lynn ly

    lynn ly11 日 前

    When that guy went “THOMAS!” and ran to him, I was like :0

  113. mayank sharma

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    only have 5 million subscribers : attitude like 150 million subscribers

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    Tere aukad se to khi jada accha hai

  115. Naval Kumar Shukla

    Naval Kumar Shukla11 日 前

    I wasn't aware that people are fucking scared of visiting India. But anyway, the video's awesome as always and has an extremely beautiful message.

  116. Jacaronie Macaroni

    Jacaronie Macaroni11 日 前

    Come to Shanghai

  117. keval

    keval11 日 前

    So thomas felt so welcomed in india and was treated the best possible way ever Indeed india is a "harsh place" to visit 😇🙏🏻

  118. Press F

    Press F5 日 前

    Just visit up n bihar

  119. Jessica Somerville

    Jessica Somerville12 日 前

    Food looks so good don’t think I’d be able to eat spicey foods and curries though in the crazy hot heat

  120. Jessica Somerville

    Jessica Somerville12 日 前

    I wonder how many people get killed there a day because of how crazy they drive there there’s so many people it’s completely insane especially the train like that gotta be thousands of deaths a day

  121. Bhatu Sonawane

    Bhatu Sonawane9 日 前

    No bro but we managed it very well. you guys are shocked to seeing this. But this is normal for us

  122. Will Clifton

    Will Clifton12 日 前

    Hey guys. Lexie (Thoma's gf) was not speaking of India's culture as harsh, she was speaking of India's weather conditions, the intense heat, specifically. I'm sure if she's been to every country in the world, she would see the beauty in each and not the ugliness.

  123. Anshuman Lal

    Anshuman Lal12 日 前

    I am an Indian and yes whenever we see any foreigners we eat them alive , we just love it man.😋🍻

  124. Ammy Seavey

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    Come to denmark

  125. Helen C

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    I dug mum she had good vibes and the two randoes awww sweet

  126. Anik M

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    Love her accent.

  127. Copter Cop

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    I’d hit that

  128. Rishav Kalita

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    [1:16] eaten alive...duh!! We Indians don't eat people who leave their dried up poop stick to their ass....IYNWIM