Saweetie talks Music, Plastic Surgery & Quavo on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]


  1. Shae Johnson

    Shae Johnson3 時間 前

    She fucking that gum up ain’t she...

  2. hacina Aisha

    hacina Aisha日 前

    Why didn’t y’all tell her to stop chewing her gum !! UGH 😡

  3. Mayra Santoyo

    Mayra Santoyo日 前

    10% I know dass wrong

  4. Mayra Santoyo

    Mayra Santoyo日 前

    I kno dasss right

  5. Lany Louis

    Lany Louis日 前

    Saweetie just talking bout her success and y’all over here yapping about her chewing. Damn yal

  6. Shaikha Saeed

    Shaikha Saeed2 日 前

    her chewing gum is annoying

  7. Audra Brizendine

    Audra Brizendine3 日 前

    Miley is better than all the little reality stars you bring on your show.. These losers talk about how they talk to millions of ppl yet they talk shit on white ppl ... Do you think white ppl dont listen to your show?? Stop being racist ... Its not a good look... Youve lost 1 white listener cuz it gets boring listening to jason lee talking about his 1 time on LHH

  8. Kane Cierra

    Kane Cierra3 日 前

    That headphone cord would work my nerves! Sweet chat though😍

  9. you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️

    you’llneverknow🤷‍♀️3 日 前

    Saweetie is a lazy fuck when it comes to club appearances.. jus saw her a few weeks ago in Vegas. Repeated same songs twice. LAME!


    SKYLA LARAE4 日 前

    Why tf is she smacking her damn gum so loud in a interview🤬

  11. Monique S

    Monique S4 日 前

    He really tryna expose this angel 😂

  12. Monique S

    Monique S4 日 前

    My dream is to talk about celebrities like this 😂 💙

  13. Patrice

    Patrice5 日 前

    Interview was wack. I didn’t feel any closer to liking her or being a fan. Don’t like her music but I thought maybe an interview would do it.

  14. Life Of Kay

    Life Of Kay5 日 前

    THE GUM🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  15. harlaineable

    harlaineable6 日 前

    I’m wearing headphones, I can’t finish this interview. That gum smacking 😷

  16. Javier Pedroza

    Javier Pedroza6 日 前

    Dislike the video. That gum smackin annoying ASF

  17. Exy Hill

    Exy Hill8 日 前

    She did not answer that surgery question

  18. Guia Montellano

    Guia Montellano8 日 前

    when she said "my momma asian you know how they be talking" I felt that s/o to Filipino moms❤️

  19. Tish Mechelle’

    Tish Mechelle’8 日 前

    gum smacking so annoying

  20. Amina Patel

    Amina Patel9 日 前

    If y’all can’t even acknowledge colorism, don’t expect white people to acknowledge racism. Privilege is privilege, there are layers. As a dark skinned South Asian, I can still acknowledge that I get to experience certain privileges that Africans don’t. Start with at least acknowledging. There is healing in simply that.

  21. Amina Patel

    Amina Patel9 日 前

    I love her, I don’t like how she brushed off the colorism. Her light skin has afforded her privileges that dark skin girls don’t have. That needs to be acknowledged, ignoring it continues to hurt the people affected, they need to know that they are not alone. That’s the only thing I strongly disliked.

  22. Amina Patel

    Amina Patel27 分 前

    The Jewel Drop TV we are all part of the system and play a part in dismantling the system. We are all accountable. Acknowledgement is the first step. Like I said, I love Saweetie, and she did not acknowledge colorism that hurts little dark skin girls globally in an effective way.

  23. Amina Patel

    Amina Patel32 分 前

    Destiny then she didn’t address well at all. That’s ineffective. She’s not bad, she just wasn’t effective in addressing an issue that hurts little dark skin African girls everywhere.

  24. Destiny

    Destiny18 時間 前

    Idk I feel like she addressed it well but it might have come off like colorism is in Kash Doll’s head

  25. The Jewel Drop TV

    The Jewel Drop TV3 日 前

    Beautiful dark skin queens are getting their time let's keep supporting. As women of color we are not the enemy or the oppressors and as a culture we need to steward our focus on the systemic system not each other.

  26. Kristina Reyna

    Kristina Reyna10 日 前

    Why do men think they can just ask a woman what work they had done?


    FLVCKOO12 日 前

    25:40 surgery shit

  28. Michael Williams

    Michael Williams12 日 前

    Jason Lee literally disgust me.

  29. goldmineken

    goldmineken12 日 前


  30. goldmineken

    goldmineken12 日 前


  31. An’Dra Erryce

    An’Dra Erryce13 日 前

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  32. Mary Dancy

    Mary Dancy14 日 前

    Everyone thinks she got surgery on her ass when it was her boobs I knew the lower half was just way too natural looking because it IS!

  33. Minna L.

    Minna L.14 日 前

    Sir, The Bay is not LA!

  34. Yulena Rose

    Yulena Rose14 日 前

    lmfaooo saweetie did a good job avoiding answering the question 😂 about plastic surgery

  35. Karen Calderon

    Karen Calderon16 日 前

    Soliciting-the action or effect of accosting someone and offering ones or someone else's services as a prostitute. That's Googles the definition

  36. Jasmine JaydenJada

    Jasmine JaydenJada16 日 前

    After watching this I really like her 😊

  37. Samantha Bunn

    Samantha Bunn16 日 前

    all this gum smackin! the breakfast club would nevaaa! 😂

  38. Sage The Dragon

    Sage The Dragon18 日 前

    Wow you guys are hating on this girl because what.. because she pretty? Y’all some haters. Chill out.

  39. Tee Thom

    Tee Thom18 日 前

    Ain’t no way I would’ve survived with that gum smacking cuh

  40. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn18 日 前

    Why are they letting her smack on that gum like that no class Please have guest throw there gum out I can’t done with this interview

  41. 11ianna

    11ianna19 日 前

    I’m sorry but Saweetie have me sayin “I just know dats right” every so often “ ♥️

  42. Mastariale

    Mastariale21 日 前

    BREAKFAST CLUB PLEASE HAVE Angela yee- come take the gum out this girl’s mouth! For real 😳 #shutdafuckup #stopsmacking #8figuregumsmack

  43. Zinhle M

    Zinhle M21 日 前

    Ds gum z da only thng making nt finish ds interview!!

  44. Maria Perez

    Maria Perez22 日 前

    Shes acting ghetto and black now 👎

  45. Chasity Williams

    Chasity Williams23 日 前

    Damne she make me want that gum ok flavor lol she so beautiful with it without that makeup... DJ D nervous ain’t it lol he just looking ain’t saying nun much

  46. Chilli R

    Chilli R23 日 前

    she def had work done y lie??

  47. Sue Clark

    Sue Clark24 日 前

    I cant.....smacking

  48. t souverain

    t souverain24 日 前

    if u got work done, u are considered insecure period. How u dont care what people think and was a tomboy, and get famous u do plastic surgery. U just did it for others lol. If u listen to people they tell on themselves

  49. Solex Besty

    Solex Besty24 日 前

    This guy is in love with saweetie

  50. TTYJON

    TTYJON24 日 前

    “They look too perfect huh?” She answered the question 😂

  51. sweetrevenge47

    sweetrevenge4725 日 前

    Interview starts at 8:00 in.

  52. Priscilla Roach

    Priscilla Roach26 日 前

    him and his jinglin' ass keys

  53. Mo jacko

    Mo jacko27 日 前

    She’s so humble.

  54. kennidy anderson

    kennidy anderson27 日 前

    She should’ve let us know which dr did her boobs shitttt I’m tryna get mine done 🤣

  55. Danielle Barnes

    Danielle Barnes27 日 前

    Doug who ?. I'm just asking a question Sean Lee DJ ICEDADDY 41. Let talk about Nipsey Hussle meek Mill Tory Lane Tupac Lil Wayne . Rest in peace Kobe Bryant's 8,42. He was 41 years when he pass Ways it was a sad day. Brandy Alexander Gray. My brother Aaron Hernandez not guilty. New England Patriots 81. What is Young Dolph Talking about. Remix. Talking about quavo . About DJ ICEDADDY 41.😎😂. Got that good D. Can I get some drink from you a bag of weed 😂.

  56. Jazz Harris

    Jazz Harris27 日 前

    Her team needs to teach her interview etiquette....the gum chewing is very unprofessional.

  57. Gregory Hayward

    Gregory Hayward28 日 前

    When he said the bi*** came thru like a wrecking ball I lost it...he is a fool. 😂😂😂😂

  58. Bennie Kay

    Bennie Kay28 日 前

    Melissa loves to hype up biracial or racial ambiguous females all females should be hyped up

  59. Kiana Robinson

    Kiana Robinson28 日 前

    Pretty but this was boring

  60. Imani Love

    Imani Love28 日 前

    OMG I can’t even finish the video cause of her smacking that gum!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  61. GG Dii

    GG Dii29 日 前

    poor takeoff...

  62. Alina G

    Alina G29 日 前

    Lol, Jason u made my day. I love u, no filter.

  63. April Campbell

    April Campbellヶ月 前

    Just answer the questions and stop beating around the bush dang

  64. BossDivaz Productionz

    BossDivaz Productionzヶ月 前

    Gum though! She’s so pretty!!!