SAWEETIE - ICY GRL (Official Music Video)


  1. Official Saweetie

    Official Saweetie2 ヶ月 前

    My Type Video out now 💁🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🍉👙🌞 !!!

  2. Sebahat Çelik

    Sebahat Çelik9 時間 前

    Ashley rosales aS

  3. Ami Jinee

    Ami Jinee5 日 前

    @Asante Madrigal that my shit

  4. Ami Jinee

    Ami Jinee5 日 前

    I love my type

  5. Mr Weed

    Mr Weed6 日 前

    That’s my type


    ROZALIA7 時間 前

    she was broke.......

  7. 띠용이

    띠용이13 時間 前

    와 진심 개좋다

  8. MafiaGirl GG

    MafiaGirl GG14 時間 前


  9. Rory Ryan

    Rory Ryan日 前


  10. Jayliegh Lunardini

    Jayliegh Lunardini日 前

    There both very awesome but I'm so sorry to say this but to my opinion "My type" is much awesome and more lit

  11. Jayliegh Lunardini

    Jayliegh Lunardini日 前

    This is awesome for your first along too. I love you and such a big fan

  12. poisoned FATE

    poisoned FATE日 前

    You know...I've never heard of her

  13. Savannah Hulsebus

    Savannah Hulsebus日 前

    watching in September of 2019, and this song is still the best💯

  14. FrançoiseFramboise

    FrançoiseFramboise日 前

    I was think is Ariana ;-;

  15. Bxddie. Cashout

    Bxddie. Cashout日 前

    I miss the old Sweetie The New One Talk About sex to much

  16. natural goddess88

    natural goddess88日 前


  17. blackpink fan

    blackpink fan日 前

    0:34 my neck my back sample

  18. Taylor Gene

    Taylor Gene日 前


  19. christine matura

    christine matura日 前

    icy bitch

  20. Izabella Beecher

    Izabella Beecher日 前

    Periodt sis

  21. Ari Montoya !!!

    Ari Montoya !!!日 前

    Sweetie sings icy girl???? DAMN

  22. NinaSpark31

    NinaSpark312 日 前

    Nowere near khia stop it please you were horrible

  23. Mia Durant

    Mia Durant2 日 前

    In 2019 this is still a bop

  24. madi.shrek

    madi.shrek2 日 前

    follow me on tiktok ~ madi.dadi

  25. Toni Facey

    Toni Facey2 日 前

    My favorite music on tic tok

  26. Arkedaru

    Arkedaru2 日 前

    you single ?, you very cute;)

  27. Maria Nelson

    Maria Nelson2 日 前

    U and cadi b should sing together


    ILKI GAMER2 日 前

    I think you look like Ariana Grande😂

  29. Josh Bamber

    Josh Bamber2 日 前

    Am I seeing cardi b here or whattt

  30. Prxbably hidden

    Prxbably hidden2 日 前

    Físico: fusión de Ariana grande y cardi b Voz : iggy azalea Xd

  31. CaiteA

    CaiteA2 日 前

    Is it just me or does the beginning sound like “boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. Boyfriend lyrics: girlfriend, girlfriend you could be my girlfriend Icy Girl: Cause I’m icy, wifey haters wanna fight me

  32. amy ladolche

    amy ladolche2 日 前

    83M viewers...woow

  33. Little Rebbie Jackson

    Little Rebbie Jackson2 日 前

    #SAWEETlE - lCY GRL! (Official Music Video)

  34. Z

    Z2 日 前

    Khia - My Neck, My Back

  35. Fai 27.

    Fai 27.2 日 前

    لونهااا بنتتت الذذييينننناااا🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Lauren H

    Lauren H2 日 前

    i like her lyrics... but her delivery is trash. very boring. she also needs a better producer. Ain't her man Quavo? he can't hook her up?

  37. relax

    relax3 日 前

    this is a hard worker. she stocks shelfs better than anyone ever.

  38. Nancy Valery

    Nancy Valery3 日 前

    Omg terrible she's just rapping

  39. Sojoud Lagha

    Sojoud Lagha3 日 前

    I love this song

  40. Eric B

    Eric B3 日 前

    ??? Ummm khia?? My neck, my back??

  41. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin3 日 前

    Nope. That ain't it. Please do better than that.

  42. It's Sophiia

    It's Sophiia3 日 前

    This song is my type Get it?😂

  43. Ruby Sierras-Carachure

    Ruby Sierras-Carachure日 前


  44. crystaltownaz

    crystaltownaz3 日 前


  45. Abhiram Sambhu

    Abhiram Sambhu3 日 前

    Malayalikal ondoo

  46. Cookie Msp

    Cookie Msp3 日 前

    I like the start

  47. Ri Ri

    Ri Ri3 日 前

    Ain't know this was her song... this my shit

  48. Maeve

    Maeve4 日 前

    If you put the speed on 1.25 it sound cool!

  49. Ani Braynova

    Ani Braynova4 日 前

    Can't stop won't stop get guap Ten white toes in them Tory flip flops Manicures and pedicures I'm always tip top When they say I'm not hot all these lies need to stop Cause I'm icy, wifey haters wanna fight me Never been the one get RIP up on a white tee Keep my hands clean got some hittas moving shiesty Ask me if I'm rollin' with some Gucci bitch I might be It's very unlikely my wrist ain't looking icy Charging by the minute cause my time is very pricey Yeah, I be where the bosses be Judging from my vibe you can feel it in my energy Stacking paper steadily so I can live in luxury Looking in the mirror I thank God for what I'm about to be You beefing with my enemy does not make you a friend of me Girls so weird stay clear I'm living drama free Never living comfortably, got a lot of goals to meet My team is trying to eat so we grinding til' our mental bleed You trynna get a bag of weed? I'm trynna get a bag a week Put it in my savings and invest in the right companies My dream is like a child and I'm taking all the custody Obstacles be slowing me But that buffer molden me So I take my time cause I'm always where I'm suppose to be Keep my niggas close to me cause I'm knowing they go for me You can not get a hold of me? I'm probably in a solo meet Always making moves man that's how I keep my sanity Yeah it's my teams summer couple set backs Bounce back and recover The clique real small but we making big moves And we headed to the top so we can get a better view like Imma catch a tan overseas while I'm out the country Let me get some Hennessy while I'm chilling on the beach Imma count a couple G's let the server bring receipts Double checking my expenses never messy always neat Never ever, thats how a hot girl do it Number one stunner icy girl with a cuban Cash money mama that be dining in Bahamas Eating Fettucini pasta with the scallops and the lobsters Huh, I don't got no time for these hoes Speaking on my name like I'm someone that they know I'm the big cat bitch yes these niggas love me Is there Gucci on my feet? Shit, bitch it might be!

  50. Chey but WHY?

    Chey but WHY?10 時間 前


  51. this girl loves games

    this girl loves games2 日 前

    Mom u killed this

  52. this girl loves games

    this girl loves games2 日 前


  53. Sultan000000000000

    Sultan0000000000005 日 前

    pla pla pla

  54. Boeit Niet

    Boeit Niet5 日 前

    Yes 😍

  55. Dep Dicius

    Dep Dicius5 日 前

    What's the point of having all of this, but never ever being able to enjoy it?

  56. drunkman6914

    drunkman69145 日 前

    Shout to Khia for the Beat !!! Full free promotion for the Queen !!! #ThugMisses !!!!

  57. bxby_ t

    bxby_ t5 日 前

    Bruh tell me why I was listening to this during class and started rapping this, and everyone else started making the beat on their desk- Edit: got i.s.s

  58. - Nicolle

    - Nicolle日 前

    bxby_ t that’s so movie like but I do believe you, especially if your class is mostly black.

  59. H Thomas

    H Thomas5 日 前

    Her flow is 🔥🔥🔥

  60. Vladut Mircea

    Vladut Mircea6 日 前

    I love Saweetie she's gorgeous.

  61. Victor

    Victor6 日 前

    my neck my back lick my ass like that

  62. PacifyMoon PacifyMoon

    PacifyMoon PacifyMoon6 日 前


  63. Jalen Mcmillian

    Jalen Mcmillian6 日 前

    i like this song

  64. Antonio Garza Stan

    Antonio Garza Stan6 日 前

    you stole khias beat 🤢

  65. Foxy_ Gamer

    Foxy_ Gamer6 日 前

    Nobody: Legit nobody: Tik Tok: I’m gonna make this whole girls career😂👌🏼

  66. Bowser Quevedo

    Bowser Quevedo6 日 前


  67. Marisol Flores

    Marisol Flores6 日 前

    All those dislikes from the ones who jealous they ain't icy

  68. Kookify

    Kookify7 日 前

    i see that im icy

  69. TREASURE - Kcover

    TREASURE - Kcover6 日 前

    Lol Icy but I'm on fire~

  70. mrbaseball310

    mrbaseball3107 日 前

    This the same beat from khia my neck, my back lol recycled beat

  71. Gabriela Stefanska

    Gabriela Stefanska7 日 前

    Icy from Winx Club has joined the chat.