Saved by the Bell | Official Trailer | Peacock

  • 2020/10/27
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  1. tsntana

    tsntana9 時間 前

    I only have one little nitpick. The school bell should have been updated to sound like this.

  2. Pedro

    Pedro10 時間 前

    ned's declassified School guide feels more like Saved By the Bell than this. This reboot would look alot better If It had the style of 2000s Nick shows

  3. Karen Meadors

    Karen Meadors11 時間 前

    I really love the show❤❤❤ I want to daisy Jimenez and mac morriss dating the next season

  4. A. M.

    A. M.11 時間 前

    This is so unlike the original...some of the kids are weird!!!!!!

  5. All Things Considered

    All Things Considered12 時間 前

    Just got done watching season 1 . I wll for sure watch season 2 . Hopefully they bring back a few more original cast members. A- overall for the season due to some original cast missing. Ready for season 2

  6. Adults Only

    Adults Only13 時間 前

    Find your happy day here ▶ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.

  7. Rio Gotti

    Rio Gotti13 時間 前

    This was excellent ‼️ The writers did a great 👍🏾 job it wasn’t over the top or extra it flowed very well and I hope 🤞🏾 they get a second season I binged watched it in one ☝🏾 day‼️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  8. shligadaba

    shligadaba14 時間 前

    ...but where is Screech?

  9. BethanyBleu

    BethanyBleu14 時間 前

    So just forget Lark Voorhies huh

  10. r b

    r b15 時間 前

    Shame on everyone who gave this a thumbs up.

  11. tsntana

    tsntana9 時間 前

    Sorry. 😔

  12. Sandra Luz Tolsa

    Sandra Luz Tolsa15 時間 前

    Que padre se ven, lucen muy bien, ojalá le hagan doblaje en español. Que tiempos aquellos me encantaba la serie,no me la perdía.

  13. Poodle Man

    Poodle Man17 時間 前

    Zach Morris probably directed this.

  14. Arielle V

    Arielle V20 時間 前

    I'm only watching this because of Josie Totah

  15. JRR31984

    JRR3198421 時間 前


  16. Dinner Blaster

    Dinner Blaster日 前

    0:32 is such an amazing line delivery.

  17. Promise You

    Promise You日 前

    What has Mario eaten he barely ages just wow in contrast to Zach who has aged a lot

  18. Why We Love Film

    Why We Love Film日 前

    That backwards chair joke was pretty funny. I’m not even going to lie...

  19. Jason C

    Jason C日 前

    we may, one day, find something that SJWS don't ruin. but this isn't it.

  20. Curtis Kloberdanz

    Curtis Kloberdanz日 前

    Woke meter high on this one.

  21. APPupied

    APPupied日 前


  22. Rahn West

    Rahn West日 前

    In one word: Insipid!

  23. Finah D.

    Finah D.日 前


  24. Camel Jones

    Camel Jones日 前

    Soooooooo you bring back jesse who destroyed her career making showgirls, but no screech or Lisa Turtle?????

  25. Kenny Thibodeaux

    Kenny Thibodeaux日 前


  26. mybetterfilms

    mybetterfilms日 前

    Took me awhile to figure out the trans character not cool bro

  27. Poodle Man

    Poodle Man17 時間 前


  28. mylifeintheknifetrade

    mylifeintheknifetrade日 前

    So much cringe. The "diversity is our strength" crew ruins another classic. If you're going to ruin the past, stop relying on it.

  29. KachZz

    KachZz日 前

    The original cast looks like they've been saved by the Taco Bell

  30. tsntana

    tsntana9 時間 前

  31. Talonda King

    Talonda King日 前

    Brings back memories 😊

  32. livi R.

    livi R.日 前

    I've never seen the original but all the old people seem pressed in the comments lol

  33. vamphunterx

    vamphunterx日 前

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand, Zach Morris is still trash!!!

  34. balser77

    balser77日 前

    Watched the first episode and I fixed the title for them. Saved By The Bell:The Obnoxious Class

  35. Steve Denver

    Steve Denver2 日 前

    I'm diggin' it, but i hated the original. The new version skewers stereotypes of rich people, rightt-wing stupidity and working class outrage. It's like SNL sketch comedy and nothing is sacred. Mario Lopez, pals with Don Trump Jr. IRL, doesn't seem to know what's going on, and that is pure comic gold in itself.

  36. nadjib ninou

    nadjib ninou2 日 前

    I swear movie and series are getting dumber and dumber each year they are targeting kids because that's fits their agenda to brainwash them

  37. American Paisa 2

    American Paisa 22 日 前

    What a disservice to the original. This show is cringe.

  38. Matt Cramdon

    Matt Cramdon2 日 前

    why did they make it so ghetto?

  39. Marco Parada

    Marco Parada2 日 前

    Peacock Network, this is how you undermine your own streaming service.

  40. blacmadesjb 2750

    blacmadesjb 27502 日 前

    Its a NO from me

  41. Alex Harbula

    Alex Harbula2 日 前

    Stop bringing in reboots

  42. Jordan WhatsGoodie

    Jordan WhatsGoodie2 日 前

    No. No. Nooooooooooooo

  43. Misteriosi81

    Misteriosi812 日 前

    Just watched the first episode and wasn't impressed at all.

  44. IamJaySaul

    IamJaySaul2 日 前

    hey @Peacock, you can DM; ill help you prevent garbage like this from hitting the air ways, maybe even give you a hit show or two, if you pay me right.


    RICK DOGG2 日 前

    The tone and atmosphere is just completely wrong 😑

  46. Briana MacArthur

    Briana MacArthur2 日 前

    Why? Why. . . . why . . . WHY!

  47. Dave Webb

    Dave Webb2 日 前

    Looks too much like Schooled, which was cancelled and still infinitely better.

  48. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous2 日 前

    Hoping this can pull a cobra Kai. I remember when I saw the trailer before cobra Kai came out and it looked terrible but then the show came out and it was amazing! Hopefully this will be the same situation cause this trailer wasn’t that great.

  49. Taylor R

    Taylor R2 日 前

    Me 2 minutes and 10 seconds ago: How can 2020 possibly get worst it’s almost over Now: Oh it just did🤦🏼‍♀️

  50. Grant Koeller

    Grant Koeller2 日 前

    How can they do this without Screech????

  51. cam george

    cam george2 日 前

    Is zack Morris still trash



    This look fun, but i need to say that zack morris is trash

  53. Dill

    Dill2 日 前


  54. Hokage Sigala

    Hokage Sigala2 日 前

    “Lexi” is a mannnn

  55. Aimahoe

    Aimahoe2 日 前

    I’m watching this bc Josie’s in it 🤩

  56. Brade Bronson

    Brade Bronson2 日 前

    After the first 10 seconds, I wanted to turn to the camera and say "time out." Then give a long speech about how to stop this.

  57. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange2 日 前

    Where is screech,?

  58. Sandy Santamaria

    Sandy Santamaria2 日 前

    *Holds sign* Sign reads: "They finna drag you"

  59. S. Arianne Velasquez

    S. Arianne Velasquez2 日 前

    I hope they keep it like a normal sitcoms and don’t riverdale it up.

  60. Phong Nguyen

    Phong Nguyen2 日 前

    Copy from fresh prince lol

  61. Drowning Lemming

    Drowning Lemming2 日 前

    I want it to do well, but I don't see this getting a second season.

  62. Der Jac How

    Der Jac How2 日 前


  63. The Champ

    The Champ3 日 前

    Just watched the 1st episode. New Characters 🗑 Theme Song🗑 Plot 😴 #dontwatchthisgarbage

  64. TC Tang

    TC Tang3 日 前

    didn't laugh once from the trailer...

  65. Shelby Apache

    Shelby Apache3 日 前

    Looks like the left took over this one hahaha

  66. Julie B

    Julie B3 日 前

    If you don't like it, don't watch it. Give it to me !

  67. Gordon Freeman

    Gordon Freeman12 時間 前

    You just whined twice in a row, whiny whiner. Whine less.

  68. Julie B

    Julie B日 前

    @Gordon Freeman Btw, if it does get cancelled, I won't be on youtube whining about it like you.

  69. Julie B

    Julie B日 前

    @Gordon Freeman Cry more.

  70. Gordon Freeman

    Gordon Freeman日 前

    Enjoy your 1 season of this hot garbage before it's shitcanned. Should've never been greenlit in the first place.

  71. daxx0r

    daxx0r3 日 前

    It took me THREE seconds to stop the video and say "I hate it."

  72. Bennett Clemens

    Bennett Clemens3 日 前

    This looks so cringe but I’m still going to watch every episode

  73. Scotty Falcon

    Scotty Falcon3 日 前

    Yo where Screech at

  74. MahoganiQ

    MahoganiQ3 日 前

    Where's Lark 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  75. Fergal Stack

    Fergal Stack日 前

    Episode 7

  76. Luna_Lotus

    Luna_Lotus3 日 前

  77. jarry jayo

    jarry jayo3 日 前

    I didn't see Screech in that trailer, I guess like all stereo type geeks he's a silicon valley billionaire. he showed them all who's the boss.

  78. aprhol8360

    aprhol83603 日 前

    Not everything has to have a reboot. Some should left alone. This is one of those!

  79. Rick B

    Rick B3 日 前

    Corn chips?

  80. Best music today

    Best music today3 日 前

    . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

  81. Freeman On

    Freeman On4 日 前

    The old People Gang So REALLY REALLY Goes with the Show Name SAVED BY THE BELL. The People Name Character's > Zack Morris,A.C Slater,Screech Powers,Kelly Kapowski,Jessie Spanio and Lisa Turtle. The Show Song is also REALLY SO MUCH BETTER TOO. This New Show Song of Saved By The Bell doesn't Really Go with the Show Name. Plus the People the Character's. The Character's Not Even Close to be the Show Name Saved By The Bell. They are So awful. Really Really Terrible!!!!

  82. Jeremy Medlock

    Jeremy Medlock4 日 前

    Where's Lisa & Screech?

  83. LamborghiniMarce

    LamborghiniMarce5 日 前

    Can they just not air this show?

  84. Michael Argenta

    Michael Argenta5 日 前

    Didn't 90210 already attempt to do this - just recently?

  85. Maniacus Games

    Maniacus Games5 日 前

    I wasn't surprised not to see Screech.. I don't think Dustin Diamond is welcome back to the group or any reboot of the show given his criticism of the cast and producers of the original run..

  86. Jessica Franklin

    Jessica Franklin6 日 前

    I'm a 90s baby and loved the OG one but I'm here for this low-key lol

  87. Chig Chug

    Chig Chug6 日 前

    Does this mean we’re going to get more “Zack Morris is trash”???

  88. Louis Wilcox

    Louis Wilcox6 日 前

    Friends Forever huh then where Screech and Lisa

  89. cynthia rouse

    cynthia rouse6 日 前

  90. Michelle Dantis

    Michelle Dantis6 日 前

    Josie Totah !!!!

  91. J T

    J T7 日 前

    Old one is better

  92. Terrence Harris-Hughes

    Terrence Harris-Hughes7 日 前

    Also, the new intro sounds horrible

  93. Terrence Harris-Hughes

    Terrence Harris-Hughes7 日 前

    Won't watch this but if people want original content then explain why television has more one and dones than the Kentucky basketball team

  94. QBN_Mami6903

    QBN_Mami69038 日 前


  95. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright8 日 前

    wth is peacock lol

  96. tsntana

    tsntana9 時間 前

    @Brandon Wright NBC owns it.

  97. Peacock

    Peacock6 日 前

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  98. savage prank films

    savage prank films8 日 前


  99. Twon McFry

    Twon McFry8 日 前

    This looks awful! I've never went from excited to disappointed so fast and I've had COVID 4 times this yr.

  100. Net Felix

    Net Felix8 日 前

    The song is lit

  101. CycleCruza

    CycleCruza8 日 前

    ....and 2020 just keeps on getting worst. lol

  102. Ejay420

    Ejay4208 日 前

    Cobra kai girl?

  103. Tony De

    Tony De9 日 前

    it's like gilligan's island with no gilligan

  104. FutureLaugh

    FutureLaugh9 日 前

    No Screech , no me watching.

  105. Bridget La Bella

    Bridget La Bella9 日 前

    Where is Lisa Turtle? This is trash Lisa was there since the 8th grade before Slater. Kelly or Jessie... This 💩 is trash!!!!

  106. tsntana

    tsntana9 時間 前

    Lisa is back. She made it. She's a fashion designer.

  107. Luna_Lotus

    Luna_Lotus3 日 前

  108. Tony De

    Tony De9 日 前

    lisa went nuts, she has mental issues

  109. Frank Tobia

    Frank Tobia9 日 前

    This is before social distancing looks normal

  110. Ryan Peck

    Ryan Peck9 日 前

    On the latest episode of Zack to the Future, Mark-Paul Gosselaar said he only would watch old SBTB episodes for the podcast and not for fun because he is a busy actor and family man....but everyone should check out the reboot. Great marketing!

  111. Dina Marie 112

    Dina Marie 1129 日 前

    Where's screech and Lisa? Mr. Belding? Honestly, doesn't look great but if it had all the og's i might have watched it.

  112. tsntana

    tsntana9 時間 前

    Belding should be superintendent.

  113. JoMas

    JoMas10 日 前

    Apparently there are NO ASIANS ALLOWED at Bayside High lol (yeh diversity!)

  114. Alex

    Alex10 日 前

    RIP screech

  115. Eric M

    Eric M11 日 前