Save one Vs Drop one KPOP Game #1 •{ Boy Group Edition}•


  1. AinnaRan Kim

    AinnaRan Kim6 日 前

    Both Both Getting closer Both Hard carry Both Both Both Both Both Both Countless Both Both Right here Both Simon says Cat and dog Both Black on black I trying hard but i cant drop my fav song😭

  2. bvngtastix

    bvngtastix12 日 前

    save: 1. stray kids - my pace 2. ateez - illusion 3. seventeen - getting closer 4. ikon - love scenario 5. got7 - hard carry 6. exo - lotto 7. stray kids - get cool 8. txt - blue orangeade 9. ateez - say my name 10. bts - fake love 11. exo - love shot 12. bigbang - fantastic baby 13. got7 - look 14. seventeen - home 15. pentagon - naughty boy 16. stray kids - side effects 17. nct 127 - simon says 18. got7 - just right 19. ateez - pirate king 20. nct 2018 - black on black

  3. beep bop

    beep bop13 日 前

    video : exo vs nct me : *dies

  4. E. Anne

    E. Anne15 日 前

    Stray kids vs BTS. Stray Kids vs NCT Dream. Stray Kids vs Pentagon. Ateez vs Monsta X. EXO vs NCT 127. ECT. I haven't chosen any... I've chosen them ALL

  5. Tamzin

    Tamzin15 日 前

    1) We go up - NCT Dream 2) Illusion - Ateez 3) Getting closer - Seventeen 4) Love scenario - IKON 5) The 7th sense - NCT U 6) DNA - BTS 7) Shine - Pentagon 8) Blue orangeade - TXT 9) Say my name - Ateez 10) Neither drop myself. The only one I couldn't choose. 11) Love shot - EXO 12) Countless - SHINee 13) Look - GOT7 14) Home - Seventeen 15) Right here - The Boyz 16) Fire - BTS 17) Simon says - NCT 127 18) Cat and dog - TXT 19) Pirate king - Ateez 20) Black on black - NCT 2018 You can see who my ult groups are 😂😂

  6. ilisamanobella ARMY

    ilisamanobella ARMY16 日 前

    1.Stray kids: My pace 2.Monsta X: Play it cool 3.Shinee: I want you 4.Bigbang: Fxxk it 5.GOT7: Hard carry 6.BTS: DNA 7.Pentagon: Shine 8.Astro: All night 9.The boyz: No air 10.BTS: Fake love 11.EXO: Love shot 12.BIGBANG: Fantastic baby 13.SF9: Now or never 14.Winner: Everyday 15.Pentagon: Naughty boy 16.BTS: Fire 17.EXO: Tempo 18.GOT7: Just right 19.Ateez: Pirate king 20.Super junior ft Leslie grace: lo siento ❤❤

  7. Tehreem Bukhari Adnan bukhari

    Tehreem Bukhari Adnan bukhari20 日 前

    Who who is with exo and bts 😎😎?? Comment me 🥰👍.

  8. Tehreem Bukhari Adnan bukhari

    Tehreem Bukhari Adnan bukhari20 日 前

    Me 🙋🙋

  9. worro jaden

    worro jaden21 日 前


  10. jssica d

    jssica d23 日 前

    We go up Play it cool Getting closer Love scenario The 7th sense & Hard carry😌 Lotto Shine All night No air Superhuman Love shot Countless Look Home Right here Fire Tempo & Simon says😭 love both❣️ Just Right Alligator mmm pirate king.. i dunno Black on black Okay this is my honest answer

  11. zyxlay 10

    zyxlay 1024 日 前

    Subcribe my account please ..i will upload video later ..the video in the making right now thank you

  12. Ikhsan Fadillah

    Ikhsan Fadillah24 日 前

    Save: 1. WE GO UP! 2. Play It Cool 3. I WANT YOU! 4. Fxxk It! 5. THE 7TH SENSE! 6. LOTTO! 7. Shine! 8. All Night 9. Say My Name 10. SUPERHUMAN!! 11. BOTH! 12. BOTH! 13. Look 14. Home 15. Naughty Boy 16. Side Effects 17. BOTHH! 18. Just Right 19. Alligator 20. BOTH!

  13. Mamta Yadav

    Mamta Yadav25 日 前

    #BTS only...........# ARMY FOREVER 💜💜💜💜💜💜 #LOVE BTS 💜💜

  14. Petal Stone

    Petal Stone25 日 前

    I don't really like BTS so...

  15. Gabriella Gaby

    Gabriella Gaby26 日 前

    SF9!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh thank you so much for putting my babies here 🤧🤧💕💕😍 I would never drop themmm

  16. Nola Tomi

    Nola Tomi27 日 前

    Was anyone stuck on Love Scenario vs Fxxk it? Cuz I was....

  17. philocalist _101

    philocalist _10128 日 前

    i hate this sm. 1. i refuse to choose 2. idk tbh 3. how dare you wtf 4. i refuse 5. no sir, i refuse 6. impossible 7. ... 8. yea, no 9. ??? 10. rules unclear 11. EXCUSE YOU 12. come again? 13. hahaha no 14. imagine being able to choose 15. i 16. 😡😡😡 17. just why 18. NO !! 19. literally impossible 20. h h h

  18. Yubi Nabilla

    Yubi Nabilla28 日 前

    How dare u put ikon and his big brother together?

  19. ⟭⟬Maze

    ⟭⟬Maze29 日 前

    Wow i really liked this it actually made me question a lot and the songs are from groups i know and some im in the fandom of so i really enjoyed it because i knew most of the songs so it was harder to chose thanks for this

  20. Rubiks Cube

    Rubiks Cubeヶ月 前

    1. My pace 2. Play it cool 3. Getting closer 4. Fxxk it 5. the 7th sense 6. DNA 7. Shine 8. Blue Orangeade 9. Say my name 10. Fake Love 11. Love shot 12. Fantastic baby 13. Look 14. Home 15. Right here 16. Fire 17. Tempo 18. Cat & Dog 19. Alligator 20. Black on black

  21. ShouShoopaShoops

    ShouShoopaShoopsヶ月 前

    I swear to god the person that made that video has a grudge against me or something ! Why always put Ateez against Monsta X !!! This is unfair !! My poor Montiny heart !! T-T

  22. Freya Lotus

    Freya Lotusヶ月 前

    I legit had to pause like 6 times and contemplate my entire life on a few of these. 😭😂😭

  23. emily thompson

    emily thompsonヶ月 前

    Putting my pace vs we go up as the first round really showed me how hard this would be

  24. Deergirl _

    Deergirl _ヶ月 前

    Aight imma multifandom and I need to try this. Can smell the torture Save: 1-.......HAHAHAHA okay yes good start that’s fun 2-Fxxk it lmao 3-Okay what could possibly beat SHINee in my heart? Ah fuck Seventeen haha can’t choose sorry. Next round I swear I’ll choose!! 4- 5-Funny indeed 6-BTS! Ah fuck EXO No BTS. Or EXO? Unless.. both 7-GIRL UR LITERALLY PUTTING ALL MY ULT TOGETHER HOW- I’m sorry 8-Ur playing with me, my feelings, my heart 9-No hope left 10-I’m giving up 11-Thanks for the game it was really fun 12-Great video

  25. broke kid

    broke kidヶ月 前

    Me: haha it's so easy Round 4: I heard you are yg stan Me: (ノㅇoㅇ)ノ!!

  26. Nawaar Naafirah

    Nawaar Naafirahヶ月 前

    I came here just to hear all the song( ╹▽╹ ) cuz i can't chooseee😭

  27. Johanna Pristell

    Johanna Pristellヶ月 前

    saved: 1. stray kids - my pace 2. ateez - illusion 3. shinee - i want you 4. ikon - love scenario 5. nct u - the 7th sense 6. exo - lotto 7. pentagon - shine 8. astro - all night 9. ateez - say my name 10. nct 127 - superhuman 11. monsta x - shoot out 12. shinee - countless 13. got7 - look 14. winner - everyday 15. the boyz - right here 16. bts - fire 17. exo - tempo 18. got7 - just right 19. ateez - pirate king 20. nct 2018 - black on black

  28. emi’s wonderland

    emi’s wonderlandヶ月 前

    save (my multifandom heart is quaking): 1. we go up - nct dream 2. illusion - ateez 3. getting closer - seventeen 4. love scenario - ikon 5. the 7th sense - nct u 6. dna - bts 7. shine - pentagon 8. all night - astro 9. say my name - ateez (cruel this is cruel i love no air too) 10. superhuman - nct 127 11. shoot out - monsta x 12. countless - shinee 13. look - got7 14. home - seventeen 15. right here - the boyz 16. fire - bts 17. tempo - exo 18. just right - got7 19. pirate king - ateez 20. black on black - nct 2018

  29. Molly A

    Molly Aヶ月 前

    I love all of these groups and songs I wish we could be best friends lmao

  30. Oj Armyyy

    Oj Armyyyヶ月 前

    Putting stray kids and bts together...u tryna kill me?

  31. joo honey

    joo honeyヶ月 前

    The Boyz the Boyz the Boyz the Boyz 🤧❤️❤️

  32. kai.

    kai.ヶ月 前

    1. Save: We Go Up - NCT Dream 2. Save: Play It Cool - Monsta X 3. Save: I Want You - SHINee 4. Save: Love Scenario - iKON 5. Save: Hard Carry - GOT7 6. Save: Lotto - EXO 7. Save: Shine - Pentagon 8. Save: All Night - Astro 9. Save: Say My Name - Ateez 10. Save: Fake Love - BTS 11. Save: Shoot Out - Monsta X 12. Save: Countless - SHINee (Hardest) 13. Save: Look - GOT7 14. Save: Everyday - Winner 15. Save: Right Here - The Boyz 16. Save: Fire - BTS 17. Save: Simon Says - NCT 127 18. Save: Just Right - GOT7 19. Save: Alligator - Monsta X 20. Save: Black on Black - NCT 2018 This was extremely hard for me lmao. They were all really good songs.

  33. Izebel Phagwa

    Izebel Phagwaヶ月 前

    I saved all of them and dropped myself come at me

  34. BLxKPOP GOT7

    BLxKPOP GOT7ヶ月 前

    1. THIS ONE IS SO HARDDDDDD TT i cant pick but like the first time i listened to we go up i wasnt into it but man ill go with straykids my pace sorry nct dreamies 2. Monsta X 3. Seventeen 4. this one is also hard TT like they both hit hard but love scenario 5. im an Aghase but im sorry 7th sense was that shit love GOT7 tho 6.Lotto and Dna is hard so idk honestly 7.whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im not choosing bye 8. Astro All nighttttttttttttttttt 9. Ateezies Say my namies 10. nct superhuman slapssss 11. love shot is IcONic love monsta x tho 12. Fantastic baby always get me 13. Lookkkkkk sorry SF9 boyies 14. can i not choose thanks bye im dropping myself 15. Naughty boys Pentagon sorry the boyz 16. Fire because this song slapsss ok love SK tho 17. Tempo and that bridge tho so simon say maybe next time bro 18. Just right . 19. Alligator 20. Los Siento :) i love nct but black on black idk how i feel about her

  35. Rougui Barry

    Rougui Barryヶ月 前

    Save My pace Illusion Getting closer Both - can't choose Hard carry Dna Both - can't choose All night Both - won't choose Fake love Love shot Countless Look Home Naughty boy Both - can't choose Both - won't choose Both - won't choose Pirate King Lo siento

  36. iKONICfix

    iKONICfixヶ月 前

    1. NCT Dream- we go up 2. Ateez- Illusion 3. Shinee- i want you 4. both cuz tf 5. Got7- hard carry 6. Exo- lotto 7. Pentagon- shine 8. Astro- all night 9. Ateez- say my name 10. NCT 127- superman 11. Exo- love shot 12. SHINee- countless 13. Got7- look 14. Winner- everyday 15. Pentagon- naughty boy 16. BTS- fire 17. NCT 127- simon says 18. Got7- just right 19. Ateez- pirate king 20. NCT- black on black

  37. Sylvia T.

    Sylvia T.ヶ月 前

    save everyone because they have such great songs and I really like them 😁😊

  38. S. L.

    S. L.ヶ月 前

    As soon as Love Shot played, I knew my choice! The ONLY song that could make that choice a challenge is Move by Taemin

  39. yat yat

    yat yatヶ月 前

    SAY MY NAME vs NO AIR I saved both. The only part I stuck bcs I saved the song that I like better but I just love both of these!!

  40. SyMpHOny

    SyMpHOnyヶ月 前

    for me it was either 2 REALLY good songs or 2 REALLY bad songs together when I struggled lmao like some I was just like “??? I hate both of them??”

  41. Lisaaa Du tds

    Lisaaa Du tdsヶ月 前

    1:My pace 2:Play it cool 3:Getting closer 4:Both😍 5:hard carry 6:Both😍 7:Both😍 8:All night 9:Say my name 10:Both😍 11:Love shot 12:Fantastic baby 13:Now or Never 14:Home 15:Right here 16:Both😍 17:Tempo 18:Just right 19:Pirate king 20:Lo siento

  42. Ronald Dy

    Ronald Dyヶ月 前

    My choices:We go up , play it cool , want you , fxxk it , hard carry , dna , shine , all night, say my name, fake love, love shot, fantastic baby, look, everyday, righthere, fire, tempo, just right, alligator, lo ciento

  43. Ronald Dy

    Ronald Dyヶ月 前

    Putting bigbang and love scenario? Why? :( but i ultimately pick bigbang

  44. gurlwithluv

    gurlwithluvヶ月 前

    do you actually want to kill me ????

  45. Hobibii smile

    Hobibii smileヶ月 前

    Save: 1- we go up 2- illusion (very hard) 3- getting closer 4- love scenario (very hard) 5- hard carry 6- dna 7- shine 8- all night 9- say my name 10- fake you 11- shoot out 12- fantastic baby 13- look 14- home (very hard) 15- naughty boy 16- fire 17- tempo 18- cat & dog 19- pirate king 20- black on black

  46. Chianne Embry

    Chianne Embryヶ月 前

    Save My Pace (Stray Kids) Play it Cool (Monsta X) Getting Closer (Seventeen) FXXK IT (BigBang) Hard Carry (GOT7) DNA (BTS) Shine (Pentagon All Night (ASTRO) Say My Name (ATEEZ) Fake Love (BTS) Love Shot (EXO) Fantastic Baby (BigBang) Look (GOT7) Home (Seventeen) Naughty Boy (Pentagon) Fire (BTS) Simon Says (NCT 127) Just Right (GOT7) Alligator (Monsta X) Lo Siento (Super Junior ft. Leslie Grace)

  47. Jack SparRoW

    Jack SparRoWヶ月 前

    ATEEZ, iKON, BigBang, NCT, BTS... 🥰🥰🥰

  48. taehyungies wifeu

    taehyungies wifeuヶ月 前

    1: stray kids 2: monsta x 3: impossible 4: Big Bang 5: nct ______ 6: BTS (LIPSTICK SHADOW .. COLORR) 7: pentagon 8: astro sorry txt 9: both 10: how am I supposed to CHOOSE 11: monsta x 12: Big Bang 13: got 7 14: seventeen 15: the boyz 16: i- 17: exo 18:got7 19: ateez 20: super junior So hard for a multistan

  49. loona i chuuse u

    loona i chuuse uヶ月 前

    this is what i chose (pls dont hate me lmao these were rlly hard): my pace (this was so hard) play it cool getting closer (and thats on ulting seventeen) fxxk it (by "it" i mean seungri) 7th sense lotto (literally my 2nd favorite exo title track) get cool all night no air (the drop gives my ears an orgasm) I CANT DECIDE this one was too hard shoot out countless NOW OR NEVER SOTYYYYY (should have been) home naughty boy THIS ONE TOO AHHH too hard simon says cat and dog (this one was nearly impossible) pirate king WHAT EKJHHJN this one was by far the hardest

  50. Snap Ghosty

    Snap Ghostyヶ月 前

    1st round starts: Me: *you know what? Imma just drop myself.*

  51. Cristiana Pereira

    Cristiana Pereiraヶ月 前

    By reading the comments looks like I am one of the few that had all easy challenges xD

  52. I K

    I Kヶ月 前

    1) my pace 2) play it cool 3) getting closer 4) love scenario 5)hard carry 6)lotto 7) shine 8)all night 9) say my name 10) fake love 11) love shot 12) fantastic baby 13) look 14)home 15)naughty boy 16) fire 17) tempo 18) just right 19) alligator 20) back on black

  53. Manjot Khangura

    Manjot Khanguraヶ月 前

    Save My pace Play it cool I want you Love scenario Hard carry DNA Shine Blue orangeade Say my name Fake love Love shot Fantastic baby Look Everyday ?? Fire Tempo Just right Pirate king Le siento

  54. property of lee felix

    property of lee felixヶ月 前

    this is more difficult than doing origami with water

  55. Emily Heskett

    Emily Heskettヶ月 前 straykids drop nct dream ateez drop monstax SHINee drop seventeen 4. save ikon drop bigbang 5. savegot7 drop nct u 6. fuck it im saving both 7. Saving both 8. Save both 9. Save Ateez Drop The Boyz 10. Save both 11. Save Exo drop monstax 12. DROP BIGBANG Save SHINee 13. Drop sf9 , Save Got7 14. Save seventeen drop Winner 15. Save Save pentagon drop The Boyz 16. Save both 17. Save Exo drop Nct127 18. Save both 19. Save Ateez drop Monstax 20. Drop both I love all these groups and the reason I droped them is because I hardly listen to them well nct127 is my fave boy group its just I didn't really know the song they played

  56. Camila Moreira Martins

    Camila Moreira Martinsヶ月 前

    SAVE 1 - We Go Up 2 - Play It Cool 3 - Getting Closer 4 - FXXK It 5 - Hard Carry 6 - DNA 7 - Shine 8 - Blue Orangeade 9 - Say My Name 10 - Fake Love 11 - Love Shot 12 - Countless 13 - Look 14 - Everyday 15 - Right Here 16 - Fire 17 - Simon Says 18 - Just Right 19 - Alligator 20 - Black on Black

  57. ash morrow

    ash morrowヶ月 前

    skz and dream together was a low blow dude

  58. claudia

    claudiaヶ月 前

    they really put my two ult groups (cat n dog vs just right) up together

  59. Letícia Brazão

    Letícia Brazãoヶ月 前

    We Go Up (but I love this song

  60. ¿Beach Bitch?

    ¿Beach Bitch?ヶ月 前

    Save: 1.My Pace - STRAY KIDS 2.Illusion - ATEEZ 3.I want you - SHINee 4.FXXK IT - BIGBANG 5.Hard Carry - GIT7 6.DNA - BTS 7.Shine - PENTAGON 8.Blue Orangeade - TXT 9.Say My Name - ATEEZ 10.Fake Love - BTS 11.Love Shot - EXO 12.Fantastic Baby - BIGBANG 13.Look - GOT7 14.Everyday - WINNER 15.Naughty boy - PENTAGON 16.FIRE - BTS 17.TEMPO - EXO 18.Just right - GOT7 19.Alligator - MONSTA X 20.Lo Siento - SUPER JUNIOR

  61. holly PJ

    holly PJヶ月 前

    What was the intro song?

  62. Janyi D

    Janyi Dヶ月 前

    Superhuman vs Fake Love / Cat & Dog vs Just Right.... ur trying to give me an emotional break down..

  63. Amber_Lynn

    Amber_Lynn2 ヶ月 前

    1. My Pace 2. Play It Cool 3. I Want You 4. FXXK IT 5. Hard Carry 6. DNA 7. Shine 8. Blue Orangeade 9. Say My Name 10. Fake Love 11. Love Shot 12. Fantastic Baby 13. Look 14. Home 15. Right Here 16. Fire 17. Tempo 18. Cat & Dog 19. Pirate King 20. Lo Siento

  64. Goldy Luxx

    Goldy Luxx2 ヶ月 前

    My biggest Crisis in life is getting stuck between iKON's Love Scenario and BIGBANG's Fxxk It

  65. susie glass

    susie glass2 ヶ月 前

    1. Save BOTH 2. Save BOTH 3. Save Seventeen 4. Save Big Bang 5. Save BOTH 6. Save BOTH 7. Save Stray Kids 8. Save Astro 9. Save Ateez 10. Save BOTH 11. Save BOTH 12. Save Big Bang 13. Save Got7 14. Save Seventeen



    Me when say my name comes on cuz ateez my ults: SAY MY NAME 100%!!!! no air comes on: oh no shit JSJSJSSJSJSJSJSJSJJS (ps the boyz are my 3rd ults)

  67. Lacey Pace

    Lacey Pace2 ヶ月 前

    I couldn’t even chose the first one how am I going to survive

  68. ray gardner

    ray gardner2 ヶ月 前

    1 ever round: Stray kids or nct dream *oh shit*

  69. angelika Tomczak

    angelika Tomczak2 ヶ月 前

    What first song is in intro?

  70. •Tae’ Vibes•

    •Tae’ Vibes•2 ヶ月 前

    angelika Tomczak the eve by EXO

  71. Emilka Chludzińska

    Emilka Chludzińska2 ヶ月 前

    What’s the song in the intro?

  72. Emilka Chludzińska

    Emilka Chludzińska2 ヶ月 前

    •Tae’ Vibes• Thank u 🥰

  73. •Tae’ Vibes•

    •Tae’ Vibes•2 ヶ月 前

    Rose x the eve by EXO

  74. Lajimolala TonyMontana

    Lajimolala TonyMontana2 ヶ月 前

    first time i heard sTRAY KID pace up and NCT We go UP and im having a hard time already

  75. jade maréchal

    jade maréchal2 ヶ月 前

    Saved : Stray kids: my pace Monsta x: play it cool Seventeen: getting closer Bigbang: fxxk it Nct u: the 7th sense Exo: lotto Stray kids: get cool Txt: blue orangeade Ateez: say my name Nct 127: superhuman Exo: love shot Bigbang: fantastic baby Sf9: now or never Seventeen: home The boyz: right here Stray kids: side effect Nct 127: Simon says Got7: just right Ateez: pirate King Nct 2018: Black on Black

  76. Calidonia Cody

    Calidonia Cody2 ヶ月 前

    Asking me to choose between BTS and EXO is like asking me to hold fire and dry ice

  77. Claire Norris

    Claire Norris2 ヶ月 前

    WHY is my fav Bands going VS i cry when that happens

  78. epic

    epic2 ヶ月 前

    I'm gonna cry u really made the first one that hard

  79. Dolly Kim

    Dolly Kim2 ヶ月 前

    I wasnt able to choose anyone all what i did was singing along the video

  80. Dolly Kim

    Dolly Kim2 ヶ月 前

    putting BTS DNA vs EXO LOTTO like dude do you want me to throw U away this is illegal crime in kpop industry

  81. lydia munson

    lydia munson2 ヶ月 前

    Me this is gonna be easy Superhuman vs. Fake Love okay save them BOTH and throw me into the ocean

  82. lydia munson

    lydia munson2 ヶ月 前

    Ok this is gonna be easy they put DNA vs. Lotto ok take me and throw me off a cliff

  83. i_lysic

    i_lysic2 ヶ月 前

    I saved 1)Nct dream~we go up 2)Ateez~illusion 3)Seventeen~getting closer 4)iKON~love scenario 💕 5)nct u~the 7th sense 6)Exo~lotto 7)pentagon~shine 8)Astro~all night 9)Ateez~say the name 10)Bts~fake love 11)I can't choose 😂 12)Bigbang~fantastic baby 13)Got7~look 14)This make me think twice😌and no answer 15)Pentagon~naughty boy 16)bts~fire 17)exo~tempo 18)txt~cat&dog 19)ateez~pirate king 20)nct2018~black on black

  84. Dellilah Frost

    Dellilah Frost2 ヶ月 前