Sauce Walka - “R.I.P Buddy” (Official Music Video - WSHH Exclusive)


  1. Yslthn Ajante

    Yslthn Ajante6 時間 前

    Young thug is better

  2. Emanuel Croom III

    Emanuel Croom III8 時間 前

    RIP Buddy🔥

  3. Moundlife Cash

    Moundlife Cash日 前

    Still 🔥👿🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. GGX Gang General

    GGX Gang General日 前


  5. Yanseth

    Yanseth2 日 前

    Euro Gotit @ 2:40

  6. ttk Kayvoo

    ttk Kayvoo2 日 前


  7. Po GamingLife

    Po GamingLife2 日 前

    This dude is the truth on the low dude can really flow and he talks real shit. Baltimore city rocking wit you bro.

  8. Mr G

    Mr G2 日 前

    This guy is lit lyricist love u bro from india yo lil bro

  9. siddiq sharif

    siddiq sharif2 日 前

    On some shit, Sauce Dope! Brothers gotta stop hating 💯

  10. Khalifah jihad Ali

    Khalifah jihad Ali3 日 前

    give me chills omm

  11. Stretch Major

    Stretch Major3 日 前

    Sign that dude in the Nike zip up, just do it shirt. "From Spain to Maine, Austin to Boston" mayne hold up!!

  12. BmoreHemi 410

    BmoreHemi 4104 日 前

    Can't front I didn't like this dude, but this joint knock!

  13. Overtimewayne

    Overtimewayne5 日 前

    Salute, u did that

  14. Jacob Bocanegra

    Jacob Bocanegra6 日 前

    I Cannot Stop Jammin This Shyt This Make Me Proud To Be From Texas Long Live The Drip God!!!!!!!!!!


    SAFE HOUSE6 日 前

    He finally got buddy out the way

  16. ace johnson

    ace johnson7 日 前


  17. Biggs 215

    Biggs 2157 日 前

    Walk on these soul sample instrumentals is fiiiire. I hope he continues to kill these in the future

  18. Mr Murray

    Mr Murray7 日 前

    Mr. Murray-Green Beans (Music Video) - JPreporter

  19. Money

    Money8 日 前

    Sauce break bread with the hood and put niggas on who really want it

  20. Psmooth Strong

    Psmooth Strong8 日 前

    he's up there with nipsey hussle the lyrics 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Khanh Ho

    Khanh Ho8 日 前


  22. Cambjr Official

    Cambjr Official9 日 前


  23. redrum41987

    redrum419879 日 前

    Softest dude in the rap game

  24. Jason Dennison

    Jason Dennison10 日 前

    Dripp on brother dripp on!! Ohio

  25. Roberto Bandz

    Roberto Bandz10 日 前

    Who pulled up to the music in a mini van hahaahm

  26. Montrell Brown

    Montrell Brown10 日 前

    The song 🔥The video 🔥The “Behind the scene 🔥 I just wanna know who the white girl was 🥱 She was 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Tre Watson

    Tre Watson11 日 前

    He slept on

  28. Top of the Compass !!!!

    Top of the Compass !!!!11 日 前

    Rap I can’t stay away from you

  29. Prod. by Huncho

    Prod. by Huncho12 日 前

    One of realest in the game

  30. 8a8y June

    8a8y June12 日 前


  31. Lincoln Roosevelt

    Lincoln Roosevelt13 日 前

    That was plain unoriginal amd same old crap..all I got out of this is who is the white girl at the beginning

  32. Luis Angel

    Luis Angel14 日 前

    Need more of this what rap needs fuck all that shooting killing rap need some gems keep ya foot on they neck walk

  33. Tré Wes

    Tré Wes14 日 前

    this is amazing lol wow bro good for you real rap coming back

  34. Busy Universe

    Busy Universe14 日 前

    I heard lil superman shot back, but he couldn't Clark it

  35. mettaFREEworld

    mettaFREEworld14 日 前

    Open your ears and listen to em preach game

  36. Oscar Cano

    Oscar Cano14 日 前

    Fuck Netflix, I’m in the hood trying to reset bricks 💯

  37. yo

    yo14 日 前


  38. Shawn Adams

    Shawn Adams14 日 前

    I knew that beat/hook was from somewhere. Westside gunn rip bobby !

  39. G H

    G H15 日 前

    Man the beat so mf crazy.damn

  40. Bo Johnson

    Bo Johnson15 日 前


  41. Bo Johnson

    Bo Johnson15 日 前

    The New Best Rapper from SE Houston, #js

  42. SwagGod 22

    SwagGod 2215 日 前

    Bro spoke facts in this 🔥🔥

  43. 33WAVVY •

    33WAVVY •15 日 前

    How much really is yo set worth?if every nigga in yo set broke or dead nigga then yo set hurt🔥💯

  44. Deon T

    Deon T15 日 前

    Super hard

  45. Distorted Records

    Distorted Records15 日 前

    Why not drop it on yo own page

  46. Dee Issa

    Dee Issa16 日 前

    Sauce Killed the Griselda Beat 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🤦🏾‍♂️

  47. Marty Kramer

    Marty Kramer16 日 前

    Holy shit

  48. James Thibodeaux

    James Thibodeaux16 日 前

    This the music the world need fucc that beef shit this timeless music sauce

  49. Maurice Hicks

    Maurice Hicks17 日 前


  50. Joshua Simmons

    Joshua Simmons17 日 前

    R.I.P SaucePack Tb

  51. Joshua Simmons

    Joshua Simmons17 日 前

    R.I.P SaucePack #CheckIn

  52. Big A

    Big A17 日 前

    Man sauce is the fucking truth. I jam everyone on his label

  53. Two Glock Teejay

    Two Glock Teejay18 日 前

    That was a beautiful poem 😱

  54. Taylor Bridges

    Taylor Bridges18 日 前

    This bout Mo3

  55. Jae Dorrance

    Jae Dorrance18 日 前

    Sauce earned my respect with dropping bars like this - dude's like Houston's Busta Rhymes or E-40 from what I've seen.


    OGKUSH74 OGKUSH7418 日 前

    See when he get on his Ghetto Gospel it's hard to believe the type of person he be on live. Love this Sauce 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎧🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶

  57. Trev Onlyshines

    Trev Onlyshines18 日 前

    This shit giving me shivers

  58. Trev Onlyshines

    Trev Onlyshines18 日 前


  59. Davina Martinez

    Davina Martinez18 日 前

    Mexicano from Tucson love this jam🔥

  60. Omar Borreli

    Omar Borreli18 日 前


  61. wav.yliving 波打つ

    wav.yliving 波打つ18 日 前

    🎨 RAP 🎨

  62. Ricarldo Harris

    Ricarldo Harris18 日 前

    West side guns.. rip bobby Heenan

  63. Patrick Mason

    Patrick Mason19 日 前

    Sauce you know you untouchable when you rap that ghetto gospel flow...

  64. Chasing Rarity

    Chasing Rarity19 日 前

    REPEAT 🔁

  65. Rambo Savage

    Rambo Savage19 日 前

    This real

  66. Bingo Cutonthecamrea

    Bingo Cutonthecamrea20 日 前

    Everyday play 2021 letgo

  67. cal mapps

    cal mapps20 日 前

    Tough 💪🏾🤙🏾💯

  68. imsoong rai

    imsoong rai20 日 前

    This dude isnt trash...


    VIGILANT20 日 前


  70. Chucky Solanki

    Chucky Solanki20 日 前

    Rest in piss buddy

  71. AJ Frederick

    AJ Frederick20 日 前

  72. Lamont Allen

    Lamont Allen21 日 前


  73. Oklahoma's underrated productions

    Oklahoma's underrated productions21 日 前

    So is kuz from the set I'm talking about hoover bc ol kuz hit up hcg


    PEACEBRINGER20021 日 前


  75. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith21 日 前

    i seen a momma not come home to her son cause she wanna hang wit friends gahd damn!

  76. sinalokos patinetas

    sinalokos patinetas21 日 前

    pasada de verga esa rola compa SACUE! OOwweee ajuaaaa

  77. E Money369

    E Money36921 日 前

    Been saying this since the Sauce Twinz tape dropped in 2019. Sauce Walka the realest nigga in the rap game rn hands down

  78. Underground Wes

    Underground Wes21 日 前


  79. Young Tobbie

    Young Tobbie21 日 前

    That like telling Floyd mayweather he can’t put on Gucci sneaks again “ ‼️‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😬✨✨✨✨✨✨✨OWWWWEEEEEEEEE

  80. Young Tobbie

    Young Tobbie21 日 前

    This man is the hardest out ima show my bitch off in my next music video ima local independent artist out of Nashville Tennessee. I make my own music, my own drip, my own videos recorded and made by me. I low income budget rn but y’all check me out. I’m just working on self love y’all subscribe me hopefully I’m up their at the top wit sauce

  81. Stampa

    Stampa22 日 前

    I started listening to sauce more. And am assuming hes a griselda fan from this real recognize real

  82. Juan Morris

    Juan Morris22 日 前

    I hope everybody get rich that 👀 this

  83. Doug Speight

    Doug Speight22 日 前

    He killed that Westside Gunn beat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. Rahthalyricist

    Rahthalyricist22 日 前

    This cold 🔥

  85. Dontay Dunn sr

    Dontay Dunn sr22 日 前

    Thats what happens when you bread diffrent

  86. ol Brandon lo

    ol Brandon lo22 日 前


  87. Texas59red

    Texas59red22 日 前

    Kant front B, thi5 5hit poppn Ru

  88. Larry Bryan

    Larry Bryan22 日 前

    yo thought this dude was a fool till i checked the music... my mans goes hard af.

  89. Jerrett Whitelaw

    Jerrett Whitelaw22 日 前

    Sauce bumping. He been dropped sum heat past few days

  90. KasHxJay

    KasHxJay22 日 前

    It’s sad he got stomped on but I’m surprised he made it this long he been a target 🤌🤌

  91. Evah Thechamp

    Evah Thechamp23 日 前

    west side gunn beat. he will win

  92. Makayla Hawkins

    Makayla Hawkins23 日 前

    Okayyy; I like this

  93. Getfocus Rite

    Getfocus Rite23 日 前

    Jesus Christ, Yeshua is the Messiah King of kings Lords of Lords, he is the way the truth and the life, he gives freedom and eternal life, hes the door to the kingdom of heaven, Son of the Living God who died for our sins and rose from the dead 3 days later, we have to repent for our sins and believe in him and get baptized, hes truly coming back with judgement on the earth, we all must have close relationship with him before its to late, the last days many will be deceived, read your Holy bible not chatholic or mormon bible, pray to Abba Father in Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire the Holy Spirit will lead you to all truth, wake up! Theres a war going on here and devil wants to play God and trying drag us to hell with him, he knows his time is short

  94. CiCi Cleverfoot

    CiCi Cleverfoot23 日 前

    Sauce Walka this shiiii ain’t fair!!! Bro continue to commit lyrical mayhem on nighas !!! Fuckin Heat rocks 🔥🔥🔥!!!!

  95. Davajae

    Davajae23 日 前

    I felt this

  96. theemily1214

    theemily121423 日 前

    His character misrepresent his bars sorry

  97. Brandon Green

    Brandon Green23 日 前

    Westside gunn was the first person I heard use this beat.

  98. Brandon Green

    Brandon Green12 日 前

    @KIA: DOOM Its a song called RIP Bobby

  99. KIA: DOOM

    KIA: DOOM14 日 前

    What song?

  100. M.A.G Tv

    M.A.G Tv24 日 前

    He snapped on this joint

  101. Daniel Zeigler

    Daniel Zeigler24 日 前

    What do the thumbs down mean? & who is Buddy??

  102. Yännä 27

    Yännä 2724 日 前

    Who is here after Uzi Verts diamond implant?