Sarada vs Sakura | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


  1. Anto

    Anto8 時間 前

    I like how Sasuke is just standing there like: *bruh what are they two doing*

  2. Creampie Compilation

    Creampie Compilation12 時間 前

    sakura vs sarada clash is the off brand Rasengan and Chidori clash

  3. KADyn Nemechek

    KADyn Nemechek21 時間 前

    tbh sakura isn’t really weak but at most times in shippuden and the original she would always leave the battle to naruto or sasuke so yeah I haven’t finished shippuden yet but if sakura was less dependent on the people who fighted with her she would be able to beat anyone that fighted against her. shes strong but she was dependent on others and she was really rude to naruto as a child and that’s just my opinion lol

  4. Ignacio

    Ignacio22 時間 前

    Isnt this kid too op considering her age?

  5. The kuribouh

    The kuribouh日 前

    I can’t believe it Sakura isn’t useless anymore

  6. JasonOne

    JasonOne6 時間 前

    You're like 3 years late lol

  7. Stone

    Stone日 前

    1:37 :O

  8. Antoine Chahwane

    Antoine Chahwane日 前

    Alternate title: mom beating up daughter while dad watches.

  9. xorkatoss

    xorkatoss日 前

    and that's why the sharingan is broken xD sakura trained YEARS and I mean YEARS to obtai perfect chakra control and monster strength, and then comes sarada and copies it just like that xD well sharingan is literally the eyes of gods what did you expect?

  10. DJ SCR34M1NGH0ST

    DJ SCR34M1NGH0ST日 前

    And I thought The Hulk and Hulk-Buster punch was powerful

  11. Renata Lucero

    Renata Lucero2 日 前

    Sasuke: 👁👄👁

  12. panthom blade

    panthom blade2 日 前

    Sakura is stronger at her age now, if she is in actual battle, she use her true strength to fight the enemy

  13. Ember Skelly

    Ember Skelly2 日 前

    I don't care what anyone says this is my favorite fight by far out of all the episodes that I've watched of boruto. And as much as I love Sakura, I get that's she's tough and transfers chakra throughout her body(her chakra control has always been on point)...but how come we never see her use anything else? What's her chakra nature? Is it bad that we watch these episodes to also see Sasuke smile? Questions, Questions..

  14. poco loco

    poco loco2 日 前

    Imagine sakura died by the fire jutsu of sarada

  15. Chase4FreeWiFi

    Chase4FreeWiFi2 日 前

    That was cool and everything but.. WHAT HAPPENED TO SASUKE?!

  16. Sterling Lacaden

    Sterling Lacaden2 日 前

    I’m scared now guys, with Kishi coming back this might be the last time we get to see Sarada and Sakura have any character development or growth that advances the plot :(

  17. Gwen Vang

    Gwen Vang3 日 前

    Right now all Sakura is doing is using barely any power.

  18. Eren Denburg Niederhoffer

    Eren Denburg Niederhoffer3 日 前

    Such a shame that she lost against shin...

  19. Eren Denburg Niederhoffer

    Eren Denburg Niederhoffer3 日 前

    Better than a lot of the fights in the naruto and naruto shippuden serious

  20. Chewy

    Chewy4 日 前

    they need to make Himawari or Sarada the main character already

  21. V. T.

    V. T.5 日 前

    Not enough sakura negativity here. Must sucks and still sucks. Her relationship with Sasuke makes absolutely no sense. I want sakura to get smacked down by her daughter to demoralize her character even more

  22. Morning D Zero

    Morning D Zero5 日 前

    Sarada's fights are awesome! The daughter effect and it's good they spar

  23. Zander Branti

    Zander Branti5 日 前

    Chakra Haki. Nuff said.

  24. Fredo

    Fredo5 日 前

    Sakuras so useless she gave birth to an unchia who needed glasses

  25. Thatguyway2nice

    Thatguyway2nice6 日 前

    Anybody here after hearing Kishimoto is back

  26. タンジロ

    タンジロ6 日 前

    Let's gooo

  27. Anthony

    Anthony7 日 前

    Everytime I watch a sakura video I wonder. If she trained with guy as well and learned the 8 gates how op would she be?

  28. runter gerutscht

    runter gerutscht8 日 前

    Not gonna lie I'm unsure how much of a genuis they want Sarada to be. She has literally 1 tomoe in her Sharingan and is already able to see through these kind of moves, she's probably gonna be able to predict the future or something when she has a full sharingan

  29. runter gerutscht

    runter gerutscht8 日 前

    Sasuke just casually standing there watching his wife beat his child

  30. lev hernandez

    lev hernandez9 日 前

    entitled parents

  31. RuminateOg

    RuminateOg9 日 前


  32. Mateo

    Mateo9 日 前

    FYI saradas English voice actor also plays Chloe in Pokémon journeys

  33. malcolm x marcus tv

    malcolm x marcus tv10 日 前

    I wish hinata and naruto would at least start training there kids great parenting skills guys

  34. Jay De

    Jay De10 日 前

    Some of you guys are real hates bro

  35. kevin Gonzalez

    kevin Gonzalez12 日 前

    Sakura won that power using all her strength of 5 years something like that and now her son sarada use the power just like hmm I'm here and sakura has the help of tsunade and sarada is just copying that in seconds ... This anime don't has sense like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden :( they don't need to do this anime and they do it why just end this :(

  36. kevin Gonzalez

    kevin Gonzalez12 日 前

    They won power just like "PUM I'm just strong"

  37. boruto next generation

    boruto next generation12 日 前

    but how u can share this video without copyright ?

  38. T.

    T.11 日 前

    Are u dumb? This is crunchyroll. They own it

  39. AzureDarko

    AzureDarko12 日 前

    damn glasses never broken in anime

  40. Daenerys

    Daenerys13 日 前

    Trees must grow super fast over there considering how many craters they cause

  41. Shiitake Mushroom Salt

    Shiitake Mushroom Salt13 日 前

    Simply put it, sakura wouldn't have to even touch sarada to take her out along with the whole forest

  42. lego lego

    lego lego14 日 前

    how did sarada not meet uncle itachi there...

  43. Alyssa Painter

    Alyssa Painter14 日 前

    I wonder if Sarada would awaken the second sharingan

  44. Girish S

    Girish S15 日 前

    Sarada is really weak....She cant even awaken the Two Tomes of Sharingan....whereas Sasuke awaken it Fighting against haku And Sasuke Fight orochimaro in the Forest At the chuin Exam....That was An Epic Fight. In case of sarada They already make 172 Episodes in Boruto series Still not yet awaken Two tomes or Perform chidori. Man They are ruining Naruto And Sasuke Legend. Come on Producer of series of Boruto...make Us feel like We are Rewatching naruto and sasuke but with New Foes....

  45. HexoBG

    HexoBG16 日 前

    Atleast sakura learned abit taijutsu in Next generation Shippuden: Complete USELESS!!!!

  46. AndrasΨ SKS

    AndrasΨ SKS16 日 前

    🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 Familia Uchiha 🧡🧡

  47. Nebli

    Nebli17 日 前

    Sasuke could take both of them.

  48. JustStuff

    JustStuff17 日 前

    **me and my mom after i get a F**

  49. Matthew Tran

    Matthew Tran17 日 前

    Sakura weak

  50. Matthew Tran

    Matthew Tran16 日 前


  51. Matthew Tran

    Matthew Tran16 日 前


  52. Jaraiya

    Jaraiya16 日 前

    she used 0.5% of her strength in base without no killing intent but ok

  53. Tristan covington

    Tristan covington17 日 前

    I know I might be late 😅 but did they copy bleach 1:22

  54. Malcolm Andrews

    Malcolm Andrews18 日 前

    Movie Sonic: Peanut Lady vs Blossom Lady? Cool gotta watch!

  55. Malcolm Andrews

    Malcolm Andrews18 日 前

    Like mother like daughter!

  56. Wolvezz

    Wolvezz18 日 前

    The most legendary fist bump

  57. Ein Stein

    Ein Stein18 日 前

    Sakura forgot to use yamero no jutsu

  58. Myboi ZenitsuIZGOAT!!!

    Myboi ZenitsuIZGOAT!!!18 日 前

    Ok we all know sakura held back now can we pls stop talking about it.

  59. Magnus McCloud

    Magnus McCloud18 日 前

    Only in anime that this isn't considered child abuse... It's training.

  60. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake19 日 前

    This generation truly is soft,tsunade would destroy entire areas and stomp Sakura into the ground in training,Sakura just does normal training smh

  61. Utakata

    Utakata19 日 前

    Seeing sasuke smile might be weirdest thing I watched today. I kinda like it.

  62. Biscuit Face7

    Biscuit Face719 日 前

    when you make craters while trying to fistbump

  63. Guyaume Massé

    Guyaume Massé19 日 前

    Nobody : My mom when I dare to catch the belt :

  64. Steele Toe713

    Steele Toe71319 日 前


  65. KiLLBiLL

    KiLLBiLL18 日 前

    Shut up

  66. Just a guy With a non existent photo

    Just a guy With a non existent photo19 日 前

    I find it funny how y’all really think this is even 1% of her power

  67. TisAWeeb

    TisAWeeb19 日 前

    Well done sarada, you became the equivalent to a gentle breeze

  68. This is complete crap!

    This is complete crap!20 日 前

    sarada has so terrible voice.. yeah.. in english better

  69. PurpleGalaxyEyed

    PurpleGalaxyEyed20 日 前

    sasuke: ;-; sarada: take the L i learned firestyle fireball just 😎

  70. jerry mark

    jerry mark20 日 前

    8 years old itachi could beat sarada.

  71. jerry mark

    jerry mark19 日 前

    @Jaraiya, I am taking about the anime version ( sarada).

  72. Jaraiya

    Jaraiya19 日 前


  73. Lee M

    Lee M20 日 前

    Hmmm sasuke gonna gave his eyes to her?..........

  74. Armando Esteban Quito

    Armando Esteban Quito20 日 前

    When tu mami te quiere pegar por no hacer la tarea But ya tienes 18 y le haces el pare :v

  75. Nef36

    Nef3620 日 前

    The reason Sakura didnt go full strength is not because Sarada is her daughter but because she couldnt handle the flower power

  76. hi itzme

    hi itzme20 日 前

    the fact that sakura so weak that sarada still stood a chance against her

  77. Elzer Senpai

    Elzer Senpai19 日 前

    @Crack toon i think that too

  78. Crack toon

    Crack toon19 日 前

    Are you brain damaged lol

  79. Gg Bb

    Gg Bb20 日 前

    Sakura needed several years of training to gains this huge power Sarada I born with it

  80. Gg Bb

    Gg Bb19 日 前

    @jackie's truck nonsense

  81. jackie's truck

    jackie's truck19 日 前

    She has good chakra control like Sakura, and additionally, she has Sasuke’s chakra reserves. She’s still not as good as Sakura’s prime, but she’s getting there, thus, she is training to improve as you see in the video.

  82. BOJ _

    BOJ _20 日 前

    Sakura: Using good strategies ❌ punching ✅ just jokes

  83. kenna

    kenna20 日 前

    shes going against her daughter. Sakura doesnt wanna hurt Sarada, so thats why sakura is not trying her hardest to hit her. you can clearly see sakuras not even using more than 1% of her power. Sakura evades all attacks with ease, and while sarada almost passes out, sakura isn't even winded. get a hold of yourselves its time to grow up.

  84. Uzumaki Dime

    Uzumaki Dime20 日 前

    First, sarada asking how she can get the mangekyou, now She's taking on sakura

  85. The True Yuu

    The True Yuu20 日 前

    Me staring at them saying she’ll become stronger but she hasn’t gotten the second tomoe yet. Me staring at people calling Sakura weak when she easily puts craters into the ground. Yes, equilibrium.

  86. RavenTempest Gaming

    RavenTempest Gaming20 日 前

    Sakura only landed 1 good hit on sarada... shes supposed to be stronger than the sannin with Naruto and Sasuke... and she just equals sarada... okay technically she probs didn't go all out and risk breaking her daughters ribs but like... this is really dumb. Put sarada through the tough situations in a sasuke training session in genjutsu. These kids be weak af and too broken at the same time compared to Sakura *facepalm*

  87. A D

    A D13 日 前

    Sakura wasn't even trying and Sarada still never touched her the entire time

  88. Cristina Avo

    Cristina Avo18 日 前

    She wasn't serious c'mon 😑😑

  89. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask20 日 前

    Um, are you okay? Sakura was barely trying, Sarada struggled to block it.

  90. Vincent Goldsmith

    Vincent Goldsmith20 日 前

    When is she gon unlock the 2nd tomoe cuz she sucks

  91. Bleep Bloop 31

    Bleep Bloop 3120 日 前

    Sarada is gonna be hokage 100%

  92. Great Britton4

    Great Britton421 日 前

    I disagree when ppl say Sarada should have got another tomoe. if you think about every time Sasuke unlocked a tomoe it wasn’t really a training moment. It was more a fight for his life moment and a moment where he overcome something emotionally. Exp: Sasuke 2nd tomoe awakened when he fought Orachimaro in the forest of death ( The Sharingan Revived🔥) where honestly he was being toyed with but it showed that he wasn’t going to allow himself to be held down by fear! 3rd Tomoe came when he decided to let Naruto go to obtain more power.!

  93. Howling Soul

    Howling Soul21 日 前

    Sakura should allow herself to get severly injured by Sarada. To the point of making Sarada believe she killed her own mother. This will awaken her sharingan to deeper levels. She can heal herself afterwards.

  94. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask20 日 前

    Because literally every single village needs Sakura.

  95. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask20 日 前

    Uh, no. Lol. She's the most elite female ninja from Konoha, she's not gonna get purposefully injured.

  96. vsvp slim

    vsvp slim21 日 前

    Sharingans dont amp punches lol, this whole anime backwards 🤣

  97. Jorge LAR

    Jorge LAR21 日 前

    sasuke deberia usar el Tsukuyomi y hacerle creer a sarada q todos sus seres queridos son asesinados ,para q asi despierte todos los sharingan de un solo golpe hasta el susano jeje

  98. Daniel Play :v

    Daniel Play :v21 日 前

    Alto relleno xd

  99. Solar_panda 90

    Solar_panda 9021 日 前


  100. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama21 日 前

    I like Sakura Only as a mother though...

  101. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama21 日 前

    @Isabelle Ivask As a mother I like her but she was pretty useless in fights and other stuff as a doctor ;/ she was ok

  102. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask21 日 前

    Not as a doctor? As a woman who owns every orphanage in Konoha and the Land of Sand? Helps traumatized orphans find happiness and a sense of belonging? Like... she's an awesome woman. Your loss, ig :/

  103. MonkeyDLuffy

    MonkeyDLuffy21 日 前

    I never was a fan of Sakura but the intensity in saradas voice at 1:38 was pretty badass it's like she was saying " hell no not this time I'm not gonna lose"

  104. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask21 日 前

    What does that have to do with Sakura?

  105. Pavol Balaj

    Pavol Balaj21 日 前

    So she decided to copy the power of uselessness and expected to win?

  106. Cristina Avo

    Cristina Avo18 日 前


  107. TheGameKeeper94

    TheGameKeeper9421 日 前

    Even though Sakura was holding back, damn Tsunade's strength is insane. That clash, the explosion & crater from two punches that didnt even clash. If that was the result by two punches holding each other back, the both punches clashing would probably result in a nuke explosion.

  108. Jakes Smith

    Jakes Smith21 日 前

    Bruh... This is canon!

  109. Tenryuunaito

    Tenryuunaito21 日 前

    Sakura and Sarada's attacks caused that huge explosion without direct contact? Cute, they were inspired by Roger vs Whitebeard in that Oden flashback. 🤣

  110. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask21 日 前

    Well... the punches are made of chakra. So, it's not really any different than Naruto and Sasuke clashing.

  111. The Worst Parent

    The Worst Parent21 日 前

    Sakura continues to be worthless.

  112. Cristina Avo

    Cristina Avo17 日 前

    😴😴😴😴😴😴 dude living in 2002

  113. Isabelle Ivask

    Isabelle Ivask21 日 前

    You sound like a guy who never gets laid. ._. Like, ever.

  114. Creampie Compilation

    Creampie Compilation21 日 前

    The Chinese Restaurant Music in the background.

  115. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez21 日 前

    It was her children obviously she would be go at 1%

  116. Ali Hayat

    Ali Hayat21 日 前

    Sasuke:what is that small explosion

  117. Liam Keanu

    Liam Keanu22 日 前

    Early Concept Art of Valorant. Even back then they knew Omen's Paranoia and the Operator would be OP 😂

  118. Allassan Sankara

    Allassan Sankara22 日 前

    Even if Sarada is seeing Sakura’s hits she should nowhere be air clashing with her. Sarada just be getting stuff out of nowhere I understand Sakura was holding back a lot but still

  119. jackie's truck

    jackie's truck19 日 前

    No she hasn’t, Sarada’s been dealing with this power for 160 eps by now, she’s just naturally improving it as the show goes on. Sarada is a prodigy anyways

  120. nekita kawany

    nekita kawany22 日 前

    Igual de fuerte que su madre =3

  121. Miguel Lira 21

    Miguel Lira 2122 日 前

    This Is lame...

  122. Mavis V

    Mavis V22 日 前


  123. Shawn Davis

    Shawn Davis22 日 前

    I refuse to believe that Sakura could defeat a 12 year old girl

  124. Oh, boy.

    Oh, boy.22 日 前

    People be acting as if they writing a 12 page essay on powerscaling for their PH.D

  125. Douglas Soares Coutinho

    Douglas Soares Coutinho22 日 前

    So... "Rasengan Punch" is a thing now?

  126. Kono Burorī-sama da

    Kono Burorī-sama da22 日 前

    Still can't get over how an uchiha can wear glasses bro

  127. Aline

    Aline10 日 前

    Itachi got blind and Obito used eye drops on every mission.

  128. Agustin

    Agustin21 日 前

    She doesn't need it

  129. Luan Costa

    Luan Costa22 日 前

    1:00 really thought she was going to get a new tomoe