[SANA ASMR] 3Dio Ear Massage No Talking: Deep and Slow


  1. Julia Hunter

    Julia Hunter21 分 前

    OMG!! This is the best ear massage evaaaaa

  2. luiz vega

    luiz vega6 日 前

    sana sana colita de rana 😌👌♥️🤣♥️

  3. Rvx

    Rvx7 日 前

    Fuck you

  4. Music Android

    Music Android9 日 前

    ur video sticks a lot

  5. A. S.

    A. S.11 日 前

    i like to thank from all my heart 💌

  6. Chryso Martinez

    Chryso Martinez11 日 前

    i accidentally clicked on this and my life flashed before my eyes because i thought something was happening to my bed 😭😭 still not disappointed. this was bomb asf

  7. yaiphu akhakpa

    yaiphu akhakpa2 日 前

    Same here. Now i had downloaded this and had been listening every day before bed

  8. Dominic Urie

    Dominic Urie5 日 前

    bruh i also accidentally clicked

  9. Jesus Senpai

    Jesus Senpai12 日 前

    *reads title* “Deep and slow” Me: wait is this the right video

  10. Tiger Richardson

    Tiger Richardson13 日 前

    Ur hair is so pretty

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    i dare you to retweet this comment


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  13. Tolerated Roblox

    Tolerated Roblox13 日 前

    its such a good video its 2 years old but people comment still everyday

  14. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith15 日 前

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. As others said, great attention to details.

  15. ajeb

    ajeb15 日 前

    You look like sana wtf

  16. Tolerated Roblox

    Tolerated Roblox13 日 前

    this is sana

  17. Random User

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  18. Tolerated Roblox

    Tolerated Roblox13 日 前

    will you run for president? i hate the current candidates

  19. Just some little girl who is orgasming

    Just some little girl who is orgasming20 日 前

    why do you look and have the same name as my sister!

  20. Just some little girl who is orgasming

    Just some little girl who is orgasming6 日 前

    @Helga von den Schnitzelbergen maybe...

  21. Helga von den Schnitzelbergen

    Helga von den Schnitzelbergen12 日 前

    @Just some little girl who is orgasming then turn your head to look at her....😅

  22. Just some little girl who is orgasming

    Just some little girl who is orgasming13 日 前

    @Helga von den Schnitzelbergen She doesnt have a room... we live in a small home

  23. Helga von den Schnitzelbergen

    Helga von den Schnitzelbergen13 日 前

    Because it IS your sister. Go look in her room what she's into.

  24. EggSual0

    EggSual021 日 前

    You expect a asmr video but it was me dio!

  25. Speaking truth

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  26. 시온

    시온21 日 前

    twice sana?

  27. Laurent Dachary

    Laurent Dachary22 日 前

    Super ! 👍 Merci pour cette vidéo 👍 Like de France 👍

  28. Creative Gamer

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  29. TC Swag

    TC Swag23 日 前

    Im guessing this would be hard to do if you had an empty stomach , the microphone picking up every hunger growl or if you lived on a busy urban city street with all the noise . thanks for the video I have issues shutting down and don't like to rely on sleep aid meds . thank you ✌ .

  30. Q.Khải OFFICIAL

    Q.Khải OFFICIAL24 日 前

    *_loved it_* ( nice video , lovely video , cool video , love your channel 😘 ) wanna be friends? let's be friends

  31. LLama Land

    LLama Land24 日 前

    What an excellent job ❤ sana means heal in spanish. Cheers from Perú🎀🦙🦙🦙

  32. Claire Wise

    Claire Wise24 日 前

    This video was made 2 years ago and it’s one of the only ones that I actually enjoy 🤣

  33. Gary Mcguckin

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  34. Teacher's Pet

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  35. Armin Haj Musa

    Armin Haj Musa25 日 前

    11:40 Только вас посадят за изнасилование кнопки повтора

  36. RD035

    RD03523 日 前

    Мальчик авенит взрывает динамит

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  38. Дмитрий Павлов

    Дмитрий Павлов26 日 前

    Мне понравилось, молодец

  39. lore kox

    lore kox26 日 前

    No Sana, no life

  40. Диана Ерикова

    Диана Ерикова26 日 前

    Girl Jungkook

  41. kim jungwoo

    kim jungwoo26 日 前

    Why did i think about *Sana* from *Twice* when i read the title-

  42. Thư cute thư

    Thư cute thư27 日 前

    Wow cute 🥰🥰🥰

  43. Lord of Kek

    Lord of Kek28 日 前

    I shoved a golf ball up in me!

  44. Lord of Kek

    Lord of Kek26 日 前

    @kim jungwoo It won't come out! What do I do?

  45. kim jungwoo

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  46. Atomkrieg Reinigungs

    Atomkrieg Reinigungs28 日 前

    weeeehnn yirf ASSMREF,r Mmakess yyyooooooooo hannsdfsszzz nummbnnm,...

  47. AS2PIKkKkKkK

    AS2PIKkKkKkK28 日 前

    i clicked on loop

  48. Tiger Richardson

    Tiger Richardson29 日 前

    Your hair is beautiful!

  49. Leon Calizaya

    Leon Calizaya29 日 前

    konichiwua more shin na e chu na mentira aca esta tu comentario en español que estabas buscando

  50. *・『Kaguya Shinomiya 』・*

    *・『Kaguya Shinomiya 』・*26 日 前

    Atigatou ありがとう

  51. Jeanre Ami

    Jeanre Amiヶ月 前

    hey this got 1m views yall

  52. Piba ASMR

    Piba ASMRヶ月 前

    Hi... I was tickled by your video! Thanks :)

  53. Jeanre Ami

    Jeanre Amiヶ月 前

    omg I'm 2 years late but, I genuinely been listening to ASMR wayyyy back! (aprox. 4years) but I didnt experience tingles since then, yes the jolt of somesort running through your spine?! I felt it here again!

  54. MadCauchy Ren

    MadCauchy Renヶ月 前

    Only SANA's Videos make me relaxed and at the same time concentrated.

  55. XxX ЛIRIX XxX

    XxX ЛIRIX XxXヶ月 前

    в чем прикол?

  56. ᴅᴀɴᴋɪᴇ

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    Wtf how does this even work

  57. kim jungwoo

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    @ᴅᴀɴᴋɪᴇ goodboy :)

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    @kim jungwoo ye

  59. kim jungwoo

    kim jungwoo26 日 前

    Army? :0

  60. Skyrocket

    Skyrocketヶ月 前

    Dude, Sana was always one of my top TWICE members.

  61. kim jungwoo

    kim jungwoo26 日 前


  62. Markita Santangelo

    Markita Santangeloヶ月 前

    30:12 27:08 05:26

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  64. Deepak Nagpal

    Deepak Nagpalヶ月 前

    Kissing figure

  65. ASMR Luis

    ASMR Luisヶ月 前

    wow, I love the sound, ty

  66. phate25

    phate25ヶ月 前

    Now I know how to finger a girl, thanks ^^

  67. Hanf Fanatiker 420

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  68. Andriu alexis Campos cisneros

    Andriu alexis Campos cisnerosヶ月 前

    Solo ve los labios y me cautibaste waooo que linda

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    Hi new friend here 🙋🏼‍♀️Your thumbnail caught my attention. Guess it goes to show, it’s really true, they do work. Happily subbed 👍🏻👉🔔🧚🏼‍♂️

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    bana mı ?

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    Madhu Thili XXXヶ月 前

    😘Yang suka AllAH lik Yang sayang😘😘😘 Alloh tolong like🤗🤗🤗] ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ...3:22

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    rocket queenヶ月 前

    I'm outta here

  75. Clara GERMAIN

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  76. Jed

    Jedヶ月 前

    I've always thought ASMR is a strange and useless concept.... omg.... I was so wrong..... LOL ....I started with this guy and a light, Nameless Nomad... I've never felt anything like this... its nuts... I need it right now, I feel more happy and relaxed these days... I worry less... its incredible... I wish I could get a real ear massage. :P .... I just want to sit back and think about this amazing guy I wanna be with I met recently... I feel amazing, in love... magical... finally happy and the darkness has faded.... Well... I think I lost my best friend though... miss him....

  77. harry P

    harry Pヶ月 前

    Add a public comment...


    MAXIMUSヶ月 前

    Tried to watch this, but then a heccin' loud Scooby Doo ad popped up-

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    U so pretty 😍

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    LOL, SOO relaxing

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    16:50 uuuuuuuuuuuuh im in heaven

  84. Lucius Brave

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    damn fell asleep twice at work while listening to this lol

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    Who hear it in the qaurantane

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    Really liked this



    This is so good.




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    Im a simple Once. I see SANA, I click.

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    Love watching remote control toys car crushed under classic stiletto heel 😍👠🚗 #ASMR #StilettoHeelCrush

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    Nice dear

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    I have just recently started my asmr youtube channel! Would love for people to subscribe!

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