Samurai & Shogun (Rick and Morty) | adult swim


  1. Great Jävän

    Great Jävän5 時間 前

    Is this that Naruto that everybody loves?

  2. Mano Paulo

    Mano Paulo6 時間 前


  3. Mabio Barroso

    Mabio Barroso6 時間 前

    Lobo solitário

  4. Sandy Maok

    Sandy Maok7 時間 前

    This would make a great anime

  5. tmoney98

    tmoney989 時間 前

    OG this got Sekiro written all over it <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> Chained Ogre DEATHBLOW!!!

  6. Andres Flores

    Andres Flores10 時間 前

    Theey really need to makee a Rick andd Morty game soon, this would be an insanely amazing masterpiece of a game

  7. Jiahao Li

    Jiahao Li11 時間 前

    Ehm I don't like 3d rick

  8. Egg Morp

    Egg Morp11 時間 前

    who the fuck's idea was this

  9. Drubty

    Drubty12 時間 前

    no one absolutly no one Adult Swim : rick shippuden

  10. TheStrongVirus

    TheStrongVirus13 時間 前

    After completing Sekiro, I watched this. Then I saw a trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, I rewatched this. It’s a sign!

  11. Polmarck Acenas

    Polmarck Acenas16 時間 前


  12. BossManJugg

    BossManJugg20 時間 前

    I think we need a Rick & Morty Movie

  13. Lowell Sandy

    Lowell Sandy20 時間 前

    Production:The blood cost we didn’t care

  14. Kerim

    Kerim23 時間 前

    Rick had to do a flying cut that would of been so cool!

  15. Rafael Suprayogi

    Rafael Suprayogi日 前

    Imagine instead of ninja Rick, it was Citadel rick

  16. fabian 278

    fabian 278日 前

    rick and morty are reminding me of zoro from one piece

  17. turtle senpai

    turtle senpai日 前

    Oh shit it's anime rick and morty

  18. Cameron Bremner

    Cameron Bremner日 前

    Has anyone actually noticed this is also a Spoof of Lone Wolf and Cub?

  19. Zawias !

    Zawias !日 前

    why did i read "samurai and shotgun"

  20. game vibe

    game vibe日 前

    Liv life live

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    game vibe日 前

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    game vibe日 前

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  31. Mladen YT

    Mladen YT日 前

    C 1 37 comes out of nowhere and blasts them all in the head

  32. game vibe

    game vibe日 前

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    game vibe日 前

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  35. david vincent

    david vincent日 前

    Nice orchestral and dramatic version of the R&M theme !

  36. Nabi Khan

    Nabi Khan日 前

    Since when the fuck did rick and morty look 3D

  37. Darren Hugo

    Darren Hugo日 前

    Nobody is talking about how greatly animates this is

  38. Arison santana

    Arison santana日 前


  39. Leider Manjarres

    Leider Manjarres日 前

    Estos son cortos o en verdad son partes de la serie, no entiendo

  40. Mardyn Kazlyatnik

    Mardyn Kazlyatnik2 日 前


  41. HYEON's

    HYEON's2 日 前

    Moonman is that you?

  42. Why Not

    Why Not2 日 前

    hey guys,Those are awesome for rick and morty fans,you view those certainly if there are things like those,can you suggest me?pls

  43. Dakim A. Stockton

    Dakim A. Stockton2 日 前

    Lone Rick and Morty!

  44. Seth Queen

    Seth Queen2 日 前

    What in the actual hell

  45. someasiankid

    someasiankid2 日 前

    this looks like it was made in dreams

  46. Sway

    Sway2 日 前

    Hold up I dont remember any of this in season 4. Where is this from?

  47. Jason Romero

    Jason Romero2 日 前

    Getting Sao vibes

  48. Nathaniel Lord

    Nathaniel Lord2 日 前

    Bahahahaha LOVE THE RETURN

  49. Craig Dennis

    Craig Dennis2 日 前

    Rick Dandy Demon Slayer

  50. Ken K

    Ken K2 日 前


  51. Maple syrup

    Maple syrup2 日 前

    Morty looked like he's on South Park

  52. Ethan Duko

    Ethan Duko3 日 前

    best anime 2020

  53. Nikolaos Velissarakos

    Nikolaos Velissarakos3 日 前

    this looks identical to ninja scroll...

  54. 納豆仮面

    納豆仮面3 日 前


  55. Zyren Wolf

    Zyren Wolf3 日 前

    technically rick is a ronin, as a samurai is a japanese warrior with a master. I doubt rick would have a master so he is a ronin, a samurai without his master

  56. KOB Entertainment

    KOB Entertainment3 日 前

    I like rick an morty but this some real weabu shit

  57. Enrico Cvik

    Enrico Cvik3 日 前

    Fart bombs

  58. Payton Alesna

    Payton Alesna4 日 前

    He’s just Isshin from Sekiro

  59. Ink Knave102

    Ink Knave1024 日 前


  60. Elesa Knowles

    Elesa Knowles4 日 前

    Lone wolf and cub manga reference !!!

  61. Dom Williams

    Dom Williams4 日 前

    This Reminds me of The duel from halo legends cartoon

  62. That Lonely meatball

    That Lonely meatball4 日 前

    Nobody: North: uhhhhhhhhh

  63. Craze

    Craze4 日 前

    And he turned himself into a samurai, it was the funniest shit ever

  64. Oodles & Noodles

    Oodles & Noodles4 日 前

    Imagine if this was real canon on rick and morty

  65. Сергей Ком

    Сергей Ком4 日 前

    Бля, ну и калл

  66. Zakk's Farts

    Zakk's Farts4 日 前

    this is canon, due to the infinite universes and timelines or whatever.

  67. Erik Avia

    Erik Avia5 日 前

    This has better animation than the last season of nanatsu no taizai

  68. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez5 日 前

    That was amazing.

  69. Nabz z

    Nabz z5 日 前

    Samurai champlooooooo

  70. Soggy is Froggy

    Soggy is Froggy5 日 前

    This is where the animation budget went

  71. SwaggyDK

    SwaggyDK4 日 前

    Soggy is Froggy pretty sure it’s chi it doesn’t look animated

  72. Alpha Scorpii A

    Alpha Scorpii A5 日 前

    Kkkk ai

  73. Sugze

    Sugze5 日 前

    dang, I thought Cory X Kenshin was in this episode. What a fake

  74. Teariki Toroa

    Teariki Toroa3 日 前

    The samurai coming through

  75. Rachad Zareif

    Rachad Zareif5 日 前

    This looks like samurai jack with extra steps

  76. PB

    PB5 日 前

    The lsd was so strong, the subtitles were in *espanol*

  77. 50m級のホモ

    50m級のホモ5 日 前


  78. Mr マックラ

    Mr マックラ5 日 前

    First time hearing his Japanese voice, sounds a bit older than english one with raspiness...

  79. Pian Zayn

    Pian Zayn5 日 前

    Wait sooo rick is kenpachi

  80. Oof Miester

    Oof Miester6 日 前

    This is how it feels to play Gorn

  81. Blood Moonlight

    Blood Moonlight6 日 前

    Top 10 badass anime scenes

  82. Josh Votion

    Josh Votion6 日 前

    Why does this remind me of Wallace and grommit

  83. Stick - Z

    Stick - Z5 日 前

    Josh Votion probably because of the mouth movements