Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: The Favorite Child!


  1. Rick Bailey

    Rick Bailey12 時間 前

    gf got the black cause that aura glow is ugly

  2. 4ksandknives

    4ksandknives14 時間 前

    Samsung Harry Potter games, lets go!

  3. CmstarOfficial

    CmstarOfficial16 時間 前

    haha 😂 'Marques making apple sheeps mad Brownlee'


    GAMING GOD19 時間 前

    see his t- shirt

  5. David Lewis

    David Lewis20 時間 前

    Thanks for your channel I ordered an awesome skin from D Brand for XS Max

  6. Spiro Gaming

    Spiro Gaming21 時間 前

    Stresses me out when your holding it over the stairs

  7. Rec*

    Rec*21 時間 前

    wtf phone jack ?

  8. _Jojo Mar_

    _Jojo Mar_22 時間 前

    I just got the S10, I'm still getting use to it, but there are something I didn't quite like. For example it doesn't have the startup password before u can access the phone, I miss that. And some app icons look blurry.

  9. Shkelzen Samahodaj

    Shkelzen Samahodaj22 時間 前

    Making fun of apple because of headphone jack..

  10. IGA

    IGA日 前

    0:44 illuminati confirmed

  11. Night Stalker

    Night Stalker日 前

    All the Samsung fanboys when the IPhone got rid of the headphone jack...... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  12. Sandeep Kumar

    Sandeep Kumar日 前

    So just got to know MKBHD is now a Illuminati believer 😈

  13. Sara Ganeva

    Sara Ganeva日 前


  14. Shan Domingo

    Shan Domingo日 前

    What's the title of the Intro song??

  15. Samuel Correa

    Samuel Correa日 前

    Thats why I dont like the notes, it is literally a square

  16. Free Speech

    Free Speech日 前

    this guy is worst reviewer. why he has 9.3 million Subscribers. its shows humans are fucking stupid.

  17. Chocolate Queen

    Chocolate Queen日 前

    It looks so slippery, I'd drop it after holding it for 2 seconds lmao

  18. Evade Rose

    Evade Rose日 前

    The s11 will use the space of the pen in the note 10 for a headphone jack.

  19. Mimix

    Mimix15 時間 前

    The note 10 had room for the headphone Jack but Samsung is really pushing the galaxy buds

  20. abbas fadhel

    abbas fadhel2 日 前

    Please tell me the sang name !!

  21. M L

    M L2 日 前

    I have Huawei P10 Life. Don't plan upgrading for another two years

  22. Nikesh Rai

    Nikesh Rai2 日 前

    This guy really hates Samsung or Apple pays him more .. lol

  23. Super Kawaii Kitty

    Super Kawaii Kitty日 前

    He has one of the best reviews of this phone... what are you talking about. He makes fun of apple too. Example - the notch

  24. ragu ram

    ragu ram2 日 前

    Why is no one talking about his shirt he's an Illuminati 💀

  25. Shahil_ _Malik

    Shahil_ _Malik2 日 前


  26. JevvoBruv

    JevvoBruv2 日 前

    As many cameras as iPhone without looking horrendous

  27. faisal almalke

    faisal almalke2 日 前

    no headphone Jack :( guess I'm staying on my s9

  28. Marc Favell

    Marc Favell2 日 前

    so it has a headphone Jack with a dongle no?

  29. Rusho Rahman

    Rusho Rahman2 日 前

    Not sure how long users will be whining for headphone jack? Get over it and get a Bluetooth headset. If you can afford to buy a note 10+, you should be able to buy a high rated Bluetooth headphone easily.

  30. ɯɐʎɥs

    ɯɐʎɥs2 日 前

    6:50 why is Samsung cameras are always off center. When it changes to dual aperture it’s not exactly center. Since S2 days cameras are off center of the opening.

  31. lovelyMissInna

    lovelyMissInna2 日 前

    I’m such an Apple sheep but that prismatic glass is almost enough for me to convert, but y so expensive damn 😫

  32. Brendan Rogers

    Brendan Rogers2 日 前

    Galaxy note 10+ or Iphone 11 Pro Max?

  33. Name less

    Name less2 日 前

    Note 10+ is better but it's your choice

  34. Amit Kudav

    Amit Kudav2 日 前

    Basic physics suggests light travels faster than sound. No wonder the one plus unlocks faster.

  35. AmbitiousJapan

    AmbitiousJapan3 日 前

    My Note 8 is still doing good😄

  36. Bello Ahmed

    Bello Ahmed3 日 前

    marques, how about you gift a android phone. the one i have i don't enjoy it. i do like watching your tech vids. i'm going to appreciate it. thanks 😘

  37. Sheikh Umair

    Sheikh Umair3 日 前

    What the fuck he is wearing

  38. XanderVapes

    XanderVapes3 日 前

    I just got my Note10+ yesterday. Good phone. The only real downside is the lack of a headphone jack. Other than that, it's a damn good phone. The design is quite nice. I'm more a fan of the square & boxed designs than the more round ones we get on the modern day iPhones. The hardware inside this phone also isn't bad for smartphone standards. As a gamer, I can easily play most of my games on this device in fullscreen at the highest resolution & still get decent performance (I do play console games like Sonic the Hedgehog & GTA SA on my smartphone and tablet when I'm away from my home & don't have my Nintendo Switch). I have the 256GB version of the phone, so I really won't need anymore storage for a while. By the time I will need more, it'll be time for an upgrade through my carrier, so at that point I'll just get a higher storage version of my next upgrade. Videos from JPreporter & Hulu look high quality too based on the resolution. I think this is the sharpest screen on a smart device I've ever seen. The camera is amazing too, it's probably the best part IMO. I can record 4K60 for unlimited time as long as I have enough storage. The image quality on the photos isn't bad either. All in all, I'd have to say this is the best phone I've used. My first smartphone was an iPhone & I didn't like it very much. However, I continued to use them for years due to all my stuff being tied to the cloud. I switched to the Note9 last year & was incredibly happy. I switched to the Note10+ yesterday and couldn't be happier. I'll definitely keep this during my 2 year contract, & maybe even a year or 2 after it's time for an upgrade.

  39. Rick Bailey

    Rick Bailey12 時間 前

    if your buying a 1300 phone you can afford the new air buds .

  40. vintage vvs

    vintage vvs日 前

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  41. Darkzgul Gaming

    Darkzgul Gaming3 日 前

    you're not using it right , you just need to tap it , no long press/tap , try it.



    I think that samsung didnt include a SD 855+ processor on the note 10 models because they didnt want the Exynos chips to become completely obsolete

  43. ZorroMuerto

    ZorroMuerto3 日 前

    Who needs 90hz to have a better quality life?? I preffer more battery, what a stupid fashion.

  44. Vijay

    Vijay3 日 前

    Bull shite Galaxy Cameras are better than iPhone it only lags behind Huawei. This guy needs to understand what he’s on about

  45. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulating3 日 前

    I don’t enjoy huge phones but man what a great phone

  46. SimplyStimulating

    SimplyStimulating3 日 前

    That display looks phenomenal

  47. Tyco Tech

    Tyco Tech3 日 前

    I think the speakers are great

  48. charles moore

    charles moore3 日 前

    Marques Salute once again best review ever but still I need your opinion should I get the s10plus or the Note 10 plus I know I'm not going to use the spen as much as it should get used?

  49. Hunter Kaderlik

    Hunter Kaderlik3 日 前

    Is there a clear skin that you could put on to see the rainbow finish?

  50. Wissell

    Wissell4 日 前

    Does the s10 have a 90 htz screen?

  51. Wissell

    Wissell3 日 前

    @saif abdelkader Thank you!

  52. saif abdelkader

    saif abdelkader3 日 前

    No it doesn't

  53. Wissell

    Wissell4 日 前

    I love this phone even more after seeing the iPhone 11 pro max!! 64gb for $1100!?!? What a joke! This is much better! Btw this is $1100 for 256gb and with a sd card slot!

  54. vintage vvs

    vintage vvs日 前

    @Wissell why get an iphone xr. Get the iphone 11 it is only $700. Unless you need a iphone for less money well then get the xr.

  55. Muujiii DC

    Muujiii DC2 日 前

    Wissell regular x works fine.

  56. Wissell

    Wissell2 日 前

    @Ethan McIntyre Yeah I will edit that that thank you. I should clarify. Even after roasting the iphone 11 pro max I think I'm going to buy the iphone xr. Should I get the iphone xr?

  57. Ethan McIntyre

    Ethan McIntyre2 日 前

    *iphone 11 pro max

  58. Hida Chal

    Hida Chal4 日 前

    I used my Galaxy Note 2 for 7 years then my little green android fell down. Cannot start anymore.... then i just bought this Galaxy Note 10+ today, I hope it will lasting too. And thank you Marques for this video.

  59. Ronald

    Ronald4 日 前

    yo wtf is on ur arm at 6:11

  60. Diego Feit-Saugar

    Diego Feit-Saugar4 日 前

    The wallpaper app that he is using is called backdrops :)

  61. Miroslav Minchev

    Miroslav Minchev3 日 前

    Top man 🙌

  62. Tyler Class

    Tyler Class4 日 前

    My opinion as a Samsung lover: the headphone jack isn't a big deal, it's 2019 bluetooth audio is decently affordable and the sound is pretty good. The design is beautiful, Marques said it all. I disagree about the refresh rate, however. I use developer options to turn off all animations to give it a faster feel anyway so 60 Hz is still a perfectly fine option. The screen is top of the line for a reason, but Samsung has literally been using these QHD panels for years, that I would rather a 4k panel on the super big flagship. I understand that at 6.8 inches even 1080p would probably work for most but the thing is we, as consumers/ enthusiasts, want and are paying for the best of the best. We live in a world where 8k displays are making it to the market and we can't even have half of that on a phone? Tiny rant over, Samsung nailed the Note 10 + in my opinion and I am very excited to purchase one.

  63. TheWiicked

    TheWiicked4 日 前


  64. Aasish Kshetri

    Aasish Kshetri4 日 前

    Design and display of samsung always beyond to expectation

  65. John Merik

    John Merik4 日 前

    Samsung Phones are 30% cheaper on network contract than in Samsung Stores.

  66. Mervyn Kok

    Mervyn Kok4 日 前

    I just realized the gesture swipe with the pen! We are one step closer to Ironman where he swipes in the air to read a file when jarvis shows him something!

  67. Vamsi Krishna

    Vamsi Krishna4 日 前

    The question is "would you still SKIN it?".

  68. jesus saquin

    jesus saquin4 日 前

    Where is the review?

  69. Praveen

    Praveen4 日 前

    Headphone jack :(. ;(

  70. Evade Rose

    Evade Rose日 前

    It's most likely not leaving, their excuse was " the pen " and the S series of samsung phones dont have the S pen so that will be the alternative for the S Series samsung phones and probably wont be leaving at all

  71. Mike G

    Mike G4 日 前

    Great review but,,,,, I dont like your illuminati shirt. Kinda satanic.

  72. Austin Higley

    Austin Higley4 日 前

    The note 10+ has 4 cameras on the back

  73. Sykil Demarco

    Sykil Demarco4 日 前

    That zoom in mic feature is so cool

  74. akshit5230

    akshit52304 日 前

    oh primadonna why do you have to create all this drama?