Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Durability Test - is the S-Pen Worth it?


  1. Gena4Beauty

    Gena4Beauty2 時間 前

    nooooooooooooooooooo don't waste it:( give it ton someone who can't afford one.

  2. Glauber_Ricardo Games Blox

    Glauber_Ricardo Games Blox4 時間 前

    3:40 aarrghh😡😡😡

  3. Alex Tabara

    Alex Tabara12 時間 前

    2:20 lol for a second I thought samsung messed up pretty bad=)))

  4. Slayer 5564

    Slayer 556413 時間 前

    The horror


    SMACKALL14 時間 前

    Apple Alsways Say Improve Face Id more power

  6. I Gede Setia Dharma

    I Gede Setia Dharma17 時間 前

    I went right away to the Samsung Store after watching what Apple did to their 11 Pro Max. No offense, those 3 gigantic cameras make the phone looks like a joke. Note 10+ is pretty normal, so long Apple. Thanks for your-smartphone 10 year services, I'm changing to Samsung.

  7. Rhythmic Attackers

    Rhythmic Attackers20 時間 前

    I cringe so bad when you break the s pen because I have a note 10+ and just think of myself breaking it

  8. Creeper, Aww Man

    Creeper, Aww Man20 時間 前

    'Thumbs up to Nintendo' Bro have u seen my New Nintendo 3DS XL yet?

  9. AJ Hill

    AJ Hill日 前

    My s8 active is still kicking butt 2 years later. Glad samsung doesn't do what apple does and force the phones to slow down with progressive updates

  10. Abdul Adeeb azad

    Abdul Adeeb azad日 前

    Dont break give me

  11. Abdulkareem M. Zurmi

    Abdulkareem M. Zurmi日 前

    This is painful to watch 😭

  12. Fajar Anuar

    Fajar Anuar日 前

    But why...? Why do you scratch and deface such an amazing phoneee? U can just give to me...!

  13. NiGofie

    NiGofie日 前




    Me:can't afford any new phone. This mofo:breaks one of the most expensive phones for fun and vews.

  15. Mad Maxim

    Mad Maxim日 前

    Everytime you say oleophobic coating... panties drop.

  16. 03chrisv

    03chrisv日 前

    Strange how he buys every phone he tests but still rocks a Galaxy S8 as his personal phone.

  17. Urs Truly ANVESH ANI

    Urs Truly ANVESH ANI日 前

    Who are watching September 2019

  18. Mr. Moseby

    Mr. Moseby日 前

    I just got mine and was rocking a black shark 2. this was one of the quickest upgrades iv done

  19. mushy555

    mushy5552 日 前

    My friend says ur insane for destroying the phone

  20. Ajit Sorang

    Ajit Sorang2 日 前

    WOW IT ACTUALLY VERYYYYYYY........... STRONG..........MAN.......

  21. FaLcOn

    FaLcOn2 日 前

    ooof...When he straches and bends the phone...i feel like my heart is also bending....

  22. 블리츠월탱

    블리츠월탱2 日 前

    thanks for adding Korean title!

  23. Alpár Golicza

    Alpár Golicza2 日 前

    I love how it's was only 4-5 years ago when no one at Samsung thought to plug the s pen backwards. I love Asians.

  24. John Podzinski

    John Podzinski2 日 前

    I was gonna dislike this video because you were intentionally destroying the phone (That's a given to obviously show the durability and whatnot) but when I heard the burn on Apple, I had to instantly like the video.

  25. sanjavani lakdi buyer

    sanjavani lakdi buyer2 日 前


  26. euyumhspoidell Roblox go

    euyumhspoidell Roblox go2 日 前

    DONT KILL phone 😥

  27. Md. Badrul Abedin

    Md. Badrul Abedin2 日 前

    Imagine doing all this to find out u weren't recording!!

  28. 포도유

    포도유2 日 前

    헉,, 제리 한글로 영상제목을 붙여주다니,, 넘 감동이에요! 특히 아이패드 프로3 밴딩 테스트? 잘 봤어요!! 한국인 배려 자막 및 한글 제목 고마워요!! Thanks!!

  29. Akmal Ferdiansyah

    Akmal Ferdiansyah2 日 前

    Me wonder what happen to all smartphones that he broke, did he sell it or just used it for another daily driver?

  30. Techno DK

    Techno DK2 日 前

    Fake Test Bro 😁😂

  31. odd_rhiannon

    odd_rhiannon2 日 前

    These are so satisfying to watch!

  32. eric burnworth

    eric burnworth2 日 前

    "Have you ever roasted skittles over a campfire?" My new pickup line. Thanks, Zack!

  33. 쫄보1인자

    쫄보1인자2 日 前

    저 미친새끼 저걸 아무렇지 않게 스크레치 내고 다니네 시부랄럼??

  34. Frigidaire AT

    Frigidaire AT3 日 前

    the headphone jack is 55 years old.. just move on, removing it from the iphone 7 was the most intelligent thing to do to improve bluetooth things and stuff and they succeeded

  35. Frigidaire AT

    Frigidaire AT6 時間 前

    @Antanis i respect your opinion but we have to change and upgrade, reamoving the jack obligate us to buy bluetooth headphones or earphones. if someone can buy a 1000$ phone, he probably also can buy some earphones (sorry for my bad english i can bearly argue and write ) good luck with your next new phone it's a very good one don't be frustrated the note 10 is worth it's price

  36. Antanis

    Antanis19 時間 前

    What are you on about? 3.5 mm Jack's are so ubiquitous my 600 dollar headphones came with an adapter from quarter inch. Those aren't bluetooth and I like using them. It wasn't about improving Bluetooth or anything reasonable. It was purely a ploy to make people buy their own products. Having to buy a dongle or Bluetooth headphones for a phone that's already 1000 dollars is a bit ridiculous. That all being said not enough of the potential market cares about the jack to change the way of the corporate, so even Samsung is going that way. Even I the salty man on the internet is likely to buy a note 10. Still frustrating though at the end of the day

  37. Julio Jul

    Julio Jul3 日 前

    *new phones come out* Jerry’s Razor Blade: Ah shit here we go again

  38. clunk

    clunk3 日 前

    Smartphones have plateaued.

  39. clunk

    clunk3 日 前

    Smartphones have plateaued.

  40. Lol

    Lol3 日 前

    Do a test on Sony xperia 1

  41. Harsh Singh

    Harsh Singh3 日 前

    Can you just do a givaway of these phones after their test, the same one that you used in your video.?

  42. kchoi345

    kchoi3453 日 前

    He bought it from south Korea it has the korean carrier SKT

  43. Mh 46 Ad

    Mh 46 Ad3 日 前

    who will destroy phone if you not like

  44. tiggz R

    tiggz R3 日 前

    My sons Samsung s4 tablet is bent but it works great

  45. Cro nus

    Cro nus3 日 前

    Painful lol

  46. Kaffe Stein

    Kaffe Stein3 日 前

    Your vids have created a pavlovian response in me. I don’t want to see a razor blade ever again!

  47. Steven Zeppeli

    Steven Zeppeli3 日 前

    Every time he scratched it I could feel my soul leaving my body

  48. aryan sharma

    aryan sharma3 日 前

    why dont we use capacitor for phone like that of spen 🤔🤔which has 10 hour runtime with 6 min charge??

  49. Josh Music Channel

    Josh Music Channel3 日 前

    Phone has display, camera, gps, bluetooth, wifi, 5g, and much more, spen is just for writing and nothing more

  50. Morgan L

    Morgan L4 日 前

    Phones in 2040 Holograms........

  51. Unkn0wn _R

    Unkn0wn _R4 日 前

    "Life is a DIY project" -jerryrigeverything

  52. TheFourthWinchester

    TheFourthWinchester4 日 前

    5W charger is crazy. Even 150$ phones come with 10W-15W chargers for a couple of years now. Good on Samsung to bundle 25W monster though.

  53. Filip Hypr

    Filip Hypr4 日 前

    Can you send me this note10

  54. Mohamad Fahmi Razani

    Mohamad Fahmi Razani4 日 前

    give me the phone pleasee

  55. Azmie Nuur

    Azmie Nuur4 日 前

    i wan one :-(

  56. Josh Music Channel

    Josh Music Channel3 日 前

    i cant afford one too

  57. 20&savage

    20&savage4 日 前

    Next video _Kidney durability test

  58. Kameleon Yaya

    Kameleon Yaya4 日 前

    6:24... Remember

  59. Spicy

    Spicy5 日 前


  60. Tyson gaming

    Tyson gaming5 日 前

    Nice man you are Android user . Not ios. Fu*k off apple users.

  61. Md Abu Shoaib

    Md Abu Shoaib5 日 前

    Such cruelty 😴😴😴

  62. Greyson Ragsdale

    Greyson Ragsdale5 日 前

    "Remember, Apple makes the jokes I just read the spec sheets" Sweet burn 👏👏👏👏👏

  63. tiggz R

    tiggz R3 日 前

    Right lol

  64. Greyson Ragsdale

    Greyson Ragsdale5 日 前

    Looking forward to that saphire video



    "Remember, Apple makes the jokes, i just read the spec sheet" lmaaao 🍎😂🍏

  66. Mezzanyn

    Mezzanyn6 日 前

    i like this guys commentary and video structures and all that... but i cant fucking stand that damn razor blade noise