Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G Durability Test - is the S-Pen Worth it?


  1. 6 Dhow

    6 Dhow5 時間 前

    Jerry. Plz just use the phone and not tear itttttt

  2. Cyber Stalker

    Cyber Stalker日 前

    - Moral Of The Story Is! If Your Ph0ne Works Dandy Fine! Than Dont Buy Fucking Sell-Phones At All.

  3. Saadman Mahfuz

    Saadman Mahfuz日 前

    This is a good phone.

  4. its jamesX

    its jamesX日 前

    Im buying this phone ;)

  5. Luca Guadagnino

    Luca Guadagnino日 前

    Headphone jack can be replaced easily Get a type c adapter for headphones et voilà. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Adham Howaidy

    Adham Howaidy日 前

    Who's watching from Note 9?

  7. Lucas Johnson

    Lucas Johnson2 日 前

    "Apple makes the jokes, I just read the descriptions." I can feel the heat from that comment all the way over here. Damn.

  8. Illyrian

    Illyrian2 日 前

    4:55 😂 took 4 years from 2016 for Samsung to copy this idea from IPHONE 📲

  9. Myrvete Hyseni

    Myrvete Hyseni2 日 前

    Zach :breaks pen My heart:💔💔💔

  10. Shams ToT

    Shams ToT3 日 前

    I'll think of buying this when it becomes cheaper and 5G is actually a more common thing

  11. Green Apple

    Green Apple3 日 前

    *cries in broke*

  12. JC_cometh_in _peace

    JC_cometh_in _peace4 日 前

    I own one of these. Watching this was pure torture.

  13. WolfHeart

    WolfHeart4 日 前

    "Price to compete with a used honda civic or a trip to Hawaii... *but look at all those c o l o r s*

  14. Suga's swag

    Suga's swag4 日 前

    I thought only apple made expensive jokes

  15. Alexis Olvera

    Alexis Olvera4 日 前

    1:25 my guy why r u destroying the S Pen

  16. Weebslayer 666 lol

    Weebslayer 666 lol5 日 前

    Jerry: * compliments phone * Also Jerry: * procceds to destroy it *

  17. PR4THAM

    PR4THAM5 日 前

    Jerry does the durability test Camera wasn't recording tho.......

  18. RyanRantsAndGaming

    RyanRantsAndGaming5 日 前

    I know how he does his video and still cringe every time he grinds the razors edge acrossed the phone

  19. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams5 日 前

    I dropped my s10 plus today while sitting in my car. I picked it up and found a pretty deep scratch on the screen. I regret not get a screen protector sooner. I came to this video to see his scratch test because I have no fucking idea how I could get a scratch on my screen after dropping while in the car. ITS CARPET DAMN IT.

  20. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams5 日 前

    Well after reviewing his scratch test it seems to be at least a level 8 scratch.

  21. george webster

    george webster6 日 前

    You convinced me, I just got my Galaxy note 10 plus yesterday and love it.

  22. GreenStrqfe

    GreenStrqfe6 日 前

    6:22 "remember, Apple makes the jokes, i just read the spec sheet" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO savage asf

  23. Wolfy AKA Wolfboy1666

    Wolfy AKA Wolfboy16666 日 前

    anyone else just wanna know what he uses all these broken phones fkr

  24. Sidhu Gamer YT

    Sidhu Gamer YT7 日 前

    *Teacher* - What phones are made for? *Britishers* - Phones are made for surviving in Fire, Lava , sword fights, Space jump and for bending. 😂😂

  25. Sidhu Gamer YT

    Sidhu Gamer YT7 日 前

    *All britishers think that phones are made for fighting in world war, not for normal use😂😂 They don't know what phones are made for. They lost their mind.* Stupids😂😂😂

  26. Sidhu Gamer YT

    Sidhu Gamer YT7 日 前

    *Phones are not made for crushing stones or breaking walls. Phones are only made for communication, browsing or other normal uses.* Please Consult your neurologist Doctor. You are in Danger bro. And so many britishers are in Danger like you. 🤔😮😮

  27. Sidhu Gamer YT

    Sidhu Gamer YT7 日 前

    i can't watch or tolerate .. When you scratch with blade.. 😥😠😭 it hurts. Phones are not made for world War fights.

  28. Muhammad Hamza Akhtar

    Muhammad Hamza Akhtar8 日 前

    Apple looooooooooooooooooooooooool

  29. NicePeople Dir

    NicePeople Dir8 日 前

    Very bold

  30. Gabe Y

    Gabe Y8 日 前

    “ *Glass is glass and glass can break* “ Zach-2019

  31. SG Gaming Network

    SG Gaming Network8 日 前

    who also gets hurt seeing these phones breaking down....

  32. SG Gaming Network

    SG Gaming Network8 日 前


  33. Robert Samuel Tola

    Robert Samuel Tola8 日 前

    It would be cool if the s-pen slot can double as a headphone jack

  34. rizky febriyana

    rizky febriyana8 日 前

    Samsung number 1

  35. Neem Gaming

    Neem Gaming9 日 前

    I need best phone from you man I'm watching your every videos i have no money

  36. Hemant Suman

    Hemant Suman9 日 前


  37. HunterPlay

    HunterPlay9 日 前


  38. Main Stomper

    Main Stomper9 日 前

    Thanks for the calm cool video that's to the point.

  39. AnNme Na ABe MATb B KanaBe

    AnNme Na ABe MATb B KanaBe11 日 前

    I love Samsung


    enrico.demeo.music11 日 前

    02:23 recently found out that manufacturers don't drop a screen protector on the phone out of the goodness of their hearts, but to prevent any kind of damage during shipping. Kind of a bummer, but no harm no foul, I guess.

  41. Joi G

    Joi G12 日 前

    One phone i wish for, but will never get, hold, or have.... why exactly am i here? 🤣

  42. Joi G

    Joi G9 日 前

    @Kuuderekun the security thing in the way on the phone's backside. I cant hold it right 🤣

  43. Kuuderekun

    Kuuderekun9 日 前

    Go to Best Buy... you can hold it there lol

  44. Sara Taylor

    Sara Taylor12 日 前

    You got to much money to waste, feed people who are in need idiot

  45. Lokk j

    Lokk j9 日 前

    You are the idiot, lol

  46. Klëvůr Æsi

    Klëvůr Æsi12 日 前

    So which is better the iPhone 11 or galaxy note 10+?

  47. Kuuderekun

    Kuuderekun9 日 前

    Preferences. IPhone is faster but Samsung has mostly better specs.

  48. R3Dash— Cloud91

    R3Dash— Cloud9112 日 前

    I’m impressed the pen still work despite being snapped in half

  49. ᄀᄂᄃ

    ᄀᄂᄃ12 日 前

    와 한국어다

  50. k bar

    k bar12 日 前

    That is a huge expensive NO!

  51. AC Ajay Chung

    AC Ajay Chung12 日 前

    Durability test of iPhone 11 Clone

  52. Kuuderekun

    Kuuderekun9 日 前

    Is this 2010?

  53. Maritza García

    Maritza García12 日 前

    I can't watch this. 😭

  54. Vlad Tepes

    Vlad Tepes13 日 前

    1:33 At this moment I felt something broke inside me.

  55. Yuca Luca

    Yuca Luca13 日 前

    This video is painful. I am hurting

  56. Attillah khan masamiraullah khan

    Attillah khan masamiraullah khan13 日 前

    Hi jeery.. can u test that scratch test on that camera lens glass please...

  57. Ich

    Ich14 日 前

    i always find it satisfying if the screen turns black

  58. ChXrry BXmb

    ChXrry BXmb15 日 前


  59. Local Fanatic

    Local Fanatic15 日 前

    Why does this video hurts?

  60. Smart Rabbit

    Smart Rabbit15 日 前

    I dont get Why he has to damage the phone. Why he can review it and give to someone.

  61. GaOn

    GaOn15 日 前

    Watching on my Note 10+... that was painful(but interesting) to watch

  62. Daniel P

    Daniel P15 日 前

    Jerry roasting iPhone xs users with the 5w charger hahaha

  63. Peter Müller

    Peter Müller15 日 前

    Who else hates when he scratch the borders of the phones?

  64. Kitten YT

    Kitten YT15 日 前

    Zack: I'll take off the skin so we can taste the rainbow

  65. luis vila

    luis vila16 日 前

    Why destroy when you could give it to me😓😓😞

  66. FBI

    FBI5 日 前

    I can smack you instead

  67. Bransen Cain

    Bransen Cain16 日 前

    I was cringing when he was scratching the paint off the s pen.

  68. Francess Patrick

    Francess Patrick17 日 前

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