Sam Smith, Normani - Dancing With A Stranger (Official Video)


  1. Mercedes Hueche

    Mercedes Hueche34 分 前

    no hablo ingles sorry

  2. Ehtishamejaz Ehtishamejaz

    Ehtishamejaz Ehtishamejaz時間 前

    Just in the back ground is the stranger--A wave like stranger.

  3. Leone Vermeulen

    Leone Vermeulen2 時間 前

    love the song

  4. Ramsés González

    Ramsés González2 時間 前


  5. Sigh.Miusic Palvin

    Sigh.Miusic Palvin5 時間 前


  6. pr3tty b0y

    pr3tty b0y10 時間 前


  7. angelo guilherme

    angelo guilherme14 時間 前

    dançando com estranho.

  8. angelo guilherme

    angelo guilherme14 時間 前

    letra linda!

  9. janice m jones

    janice m jones16 時間 前

    LOVE Sam Smith - he tells it like it is

  10. Whit Dough

    Whit Dough19 時間 前

    Sam Smith is definitely going on my Playlist.

  11. Wesley Westy

    Wesley Westy20 時間 前

    Sam Smith com Normani 👏😍

  12. Arthur Aaron

    Arthur Aaron22 時間 前

    Amo essa POC 🌈😍

  13. Laryssa Pereira

    Laryssa Pereira23 時間 前

    Música maravilhosaaaaa

  14. Rauli ROBLOX

    Rauli ROBLOX23 時間 前

    Estoy es Música💣

  15. Dominika Kowalska

    Dominika Kowalska日 前

    This is beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Kenny Lee

    Kenny Lee日 前

    This mv ...reminisces fast love by George Michael

  17. Emmy salgado Fuentes

    Emmy salgado Fuentes日 前

    The song means that when the man or woman have another love.

  18. M M

    M M日 前

    Sam and Normani we need more songs together ♥️

  19. 래련

    래련日 前

    난 진짜로요,,, 이 노래가 너무 좋아요,,,, 진심이예요,,,,

  20. Simply V

    Simply V日 前

    Issa BOP!

  21. moon - mary

    moon - mary日 前

    What if choi san and normani made a cooperation

  22. Rick Fart

    Rick Fart日 前

    listened to this on my 3 hour journy to dc countless times, it still hurts me dearly

  23. tavern2468

    tavern2468日 前

    This one song is better than any entire album that Camilla could ever put out. It deserves all 518 million views.

  24. Flor Lopez

    Flor Lopez日 前

    So gay and he gay but still love his song

  25. Christine Robinson

    Christine Robinson日 前


  26. Moh Kb

    Moh Kb日 前

    Imagine listining this masterpiece🎶🎶 in the the raining night🌜.....with the stars🌌..... Feel Like a heaven❤

  27. Karsten Voß

    Karsten Voß日 前

    I love his music

  28. Pepper

    Pepper日 前

    nice music video Sam and Normani

  29. Daniel Arkangel

    Daniel Arkangel日 前


  30. Paola1206

    Paola1206日 前

    I love You Sam ❤️👌

  31. Obaratho Éloku

    Obaratho Éloku日 前

    Sweet song !

  32. McKenzie

    McKenzie日 前

    normani slayed it

  33. Merna Albert

    Merna Albert日 前


  34. Nickookie

    Nickookie日 前

    This song will always remind me of Cha In Ha R.I.P 😭

  35. Krista Lunn

    Krista Lunn日 前

    Dancing With A strenger

  36. Valentena Upton

    Valentena Upton2 日 前


  37. Amélie Deligne

    Amélie Deligne2 日 前


  38. YxelSubs

    YxelSubs2 日 前

    No dejo de escuchar esta canción lpm

  39. Dios es amor

    Dios es amor2 日 前

    I loveeeeeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  40. Adnan Nillos Balisi

    Adnan Nillos Balisi2 日 前

    It hurts that we should just keep on being busy to ignore the loneliness, but still it keeps up and so what happens, yeah, you dance with a stranger. 😭

  41. Alan Ü

    Alan Ü2 日 前

    He kinda gay when he beeee dancinnnn (edit) sorry that wasn’t me but dat funny. I’m keeping it on here haha sorry🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Leeanne Collyer

    Leeanne Collyer2 日 前

    Off my heart

  43. Leeanne Collyer

    Leeanne Collyer2 日 前


  44. Robin Elizabeth

    Robin Elizabeth2 日 前

    Love, Love, Love this song!

  45. Tilinho do Ferro Velho

    Tilinho do Ferro Velho2 日 前

    Impossível o deslike!

  46. Rxscue

    Rxscue2 日 前

    My teacher was playing this song while we were writing our essays and i was just vibing while doing my essay and i found this song now adding to my workout playlist

  47. E L

    E L2 日 前

    This actually hits hard when someone made you be with someone new and dance with a stranger 😢😭😢😭

  48. Julian Row

    Julian Row2 日 前


  49. BeautifulLady41

    BeautifulLady412 日 前

    ❤This Song

  50. Monster Nation, PAWS UP

    Monster Nation, PAWS UP2 日 前

    Why all his singles are about broke up? Is he unlucky?

  51. Leydi karol

    Leydi karol2 日 前

    Well I like this song a lot 🤗 thanks i know that to you too if you didn't hear it haha 😂 it's a joke sorry

  52. Lucas Martins

    Lucas Martins2 日 前

    Both song and video are perfect already, can you imagine the one which is coming out with ddlovato? Mannnnnnnnn it's gonna be amazinggggg awesome!

  53. michael ubunama

    michael ubunama2 日 前

    I think there is a group of persons specialised in pressing the unlike button.

  54. Tina Germany

    Tina Germany2 日 前

    Love it... 🙏👯👯💅💃💃👄👄💕💕💕💕

  55. Dinara Smanova

    Dinara Smanova3 日 前

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I love you Sam

  56. Edjail Mendes

    Edjail Mendes3 日 前

    Authentic V🌊bes 🎶

  57. Juiben Jan Viray

    Juiben Jan Viray3 日 前

    Sam Smith kinda looks like Rowan from Viva La Dirt League...

  58. Jason Jordan-Lopez

    Jason Jordan-Lopez3 日 前

    This was the same place that Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa was recorded

  59. Dayanne Guedes

    Dayanne Guedes3 日 前

    1 milhão aí fui eu que ouvi! 😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷

  60. DanMan

    DanMan3 日 前

    Watching all of his videos before Too Die For come out in 10 minutes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  61. Roberthy Santos

    Roberthy Santos3 日 前

    TO DIE FOR / the album / by sam smith / in april