Sam Smith - Fix You (Live)


  1. Dicky Rusmana

    Dicky Rusmana21 分 前

    did you just having a bad day? just do these simple steps 1. play this song 2. right click 3. click loop 4. free upgrade your sadness

  2. Wai Yee

    Wai Yee時間 前

    my favourite singer covers my favourite song im bawling my eyes outt

  3. Rumput Hijau

    Rumput Hijau2 時間 前


  4. Katie-Clare Ard

    Katie-Clare Ard2 時間 前

    perfect: sam smith and coldplay my two favorite artist ive listened to coldplay ever sinse i was born my dad would play it at night and i figured out sam smith like 4 years ago and both of them have had a impact in my life. ps I LOVE BTS TO SPACIFICALY TAEHYUNG SOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTT

  5. Andy is the Messi 17

    Andy is the Messi 173 時間 前

    Coldplay is better 😚

  6. Celena Bellanca

    Celena Bellanca4 時間 前

    It is a very good version. Keep it up and you'll go even further

  7. Kimberley Piecuch

    Kimberley Piecuch5 時間 前


  8. deborah bailey

    deborah bailey5 時間 前

    Prettiest song ever Sam your is the best

  9. donna hookem

    donna hookem8 時間 前

    I carnt be fixed... i just live frm day to day. If i can be ther for you i will be.. if i carnt then its not a choice!!!

  10. Fumine Kimura

    Fumine Kimura11 時間 前

    I love your voice♥️ Your are my light that guides me♥️ Thank you soooooooo much♥️

  11. Ted Lee

    Ted Lee11 時間 前

    Incredible voice 👏 🙌 🇰🇷

  12. Firman Syah

    Firman Syah12 時間 前

    voice from heaven❤️

  13. RodriPlay

    RodriPlay19 時間 前

    Ambos son ingleses, ambos tienen el mismo acento, pero con una lloras más que con la otra. 🇬🇧

  14. Abner Brito

    Abner Brito20 時間 前

    This song is a masterpiece, but is so underrated :(

  15. Reyz27_ Official

    Reyz27_ Official21 時間 前

    Siapa disini yang ngerasa suaranya Sam Smith mirim sama Andmesh kamaleng ? Likee..

  16. Jill Redd

    Jill Redd23 時間 前

    Your voice is so incredible... Soothing, powerful, raw, truthful and INSPIRING ❤️

  17. Erin Lauth

    Erin Lauth日 前

    May whoever listens to this song find comfort. We don’t just happen across a song as profound as this one. When I am in pain, I feel I can let it go when I hear this song. Sometimes the only thing that needs to be fixed is my perspective. I wish everyone out there peace

  18. 최스타

    최스타22 時間 前

    good song 🎵 my music songs moment 😌

  19. S S

    S S日 前

    I dedicated this song to my best friend Everyone hurts her so bad always I been in love with her for 4 years Why can't I keep her safe?

  20. WokeUpSassi 1111

    WokeUpSassi 1111日 前

    Wow.. To the core of every single string.. Felt that... Really felt that.. Tears of the heart... Whispered soul2soul... If only.. Wow😔

  21. Otilia Ramos

    Otilia Ramos日 前

    You’re amazing! Have you considered a duet with Jack Vidgen? Both of you have So powerful voices, It would be lovely...

  22. Rima Barseghyan

    Rima Barseghyan日 前

    Love your voice ❤

  23. Pumza Mazeka

    Pumza Mazeka日 前

    Who's chopping onions?🥺

  24. Natalia Kobylarek

    Natalia Kobylarek日 前

    This is amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. Bryan De Lucca

    Bryan De Lucca日 前

    Meu homem

  26. Angela hoagland

    Angela hoagland日 前


  27. Carlos E Camacho Caban

    Carlos E Camacho Caban日 前

    OMG 😍😍

  28. Guillaume Grenier-Fontaine

    Guillaume Grenier-Fontaine日 前

    This song makes me think : please fix me, Sam Smith. I will follow ...

  29. Micasa Love

    Micasa Love日 前

    Fucccckkkkk! This is GOOODD!!!!!

  30. 情人的子弹ZCR

    情人的子弹ZCR日 前

    adding soul into this music, well done Sam Smith

  31. Yamilka Schumacker

    Yamilka Schumacker日 前


  32. #sealevelmusicTV

    #sealevelmusicTV2 日 前

    amazing a kind of Music so cool I like the way he performs

  33. Luke Cousins

    Luke Cousins日 前

    #sealevelmusicTV they*

  34. donna hookem

    donna hookem2 日 前

    You need to now i love you so much !!

  35. Angie Gardiner

    Angie Gardiner2 日 前

    This is one of Sam's songs I play on repeat... such a unique beautiful soulful voice full of emotional... love Sam x

  36. Leonel Gustavo Céspedes Tamayo

    Leonel Gustavo Céspedes Tamayo2 日 前

    This is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt songs that invites us to reflect and never give up in the face of life's difficulties.

  37. sawe jerobon

    sawe jerobon2 日 前

    I've come here seeking healing and i hope everyone heals too

  38. Kaudesha

    Kaudesha2 日 前

    Gotta love #SamSmith ❤💯❤

  39. Tarin Charoensetthasilp

    Tarin Charoensetthasilp2 日 前

    Beauty of Soul, i'll call it Sam Smith

  40. Jennifer Ahluwalia

    Jennifer Ahluwalia2 日 前

    I'm floating! 😊🌟 love it ! 💘 love your voice Sam🌹

  41. Ана Анвелин

    Ана Анвелин2 日 前


  42. nano show

    nano show3 日 前

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  43. Happy Potter

    Happy Potter3 日 前

    sam smith and adele are THE BEST SINGERS ALIVE. PERIOD. NO DEBATE.

  44. Yael Mendoza

    Yael Mendoza3 日 前

    Te amooooo saaam ,❤️❤️❤️✨

  45. Vicente Salamovich

    Vicente Salamovich3 日 前

    Sam you’re everything

  46. Lisa Vitale

    Lisa Vitale3 日 前

    Love you Sam


    NOOR NINGA3 日 前

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰😘😘😘😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚

  48. tuttilu73

    tuttilu733 日 前

    OMG, what a voice ! Amazing !

  49. henry finnah

    henry finnah3 日 前

    Wow Sam your voice is a gift

  50. Valeria

    Valeria3 日 前

    Damn, this man's voice 💘 He gets me everytime.

  51. Marlisa Putri Utami

    Marlisa Putri Utami3 日 前

    Cant play only one time It needs a play in repeat💓

  52. Daniel Haqim

    Daniel Haqim3 日 前

    I want a sam smith kinda hug rn

  53. Linda Mason

    Linda Mason3 日 前

    Love it

  54. Kim SH

    Kim SH3 日 前

    The song makes me warm and calm. His voice is unique..

  55. donna hookem

    donna hookem3 日 前

    You carnt !

  56. donna hookem

    donna hookem3 日 前

    Get a grip your 1 off the poeple that gives me strenght !!!!

  57. donna hookem

    donna hookem3 日 前

    Answer c " phone a freind 😆

  58. donna hookem

    donna hookem3 日 前

    Thats a multipull question isnt it !

  59. Maria Figueroa

    Maria Figueroa3 日 前

    So beautiful Voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  60. Behruzxon Omonxonov

    Behruzxon Omonxonov3 日 前

    It is better than original one

  61. cupcake Chocolate

    cupcake Chocolate3 日 前

    Beautiful song and beautiful voice love you ❣❣❤

  62. Jean de Paula

    Jean de Paula3 日 前


  63. Marian Louise Ong

    Marian Louise Ong4 日 前

    How can someone dislike this cover?? Man, this was so good!!

  64. tori shit inzac 777

    tori shit inzac 7774 日 前

    Coldplay di ❤️

  65. Langelihle Mkhize

    Langelihle Mkhize4 日 前


  66. Patricia Arrieta

    Patricia Arrieta4 日 前

    Sin duda uno de los mejores cantantes !!

  67. Letre Bain

    Letre Bain4 日 前

    If your reading this. I pray that whatever you are going through give it all to Jesus. He will heal you, he will fix you, he will take all the pain away and love you unconditionally. Give all to Jesus! He will do exceeding, abundantly and above all things in your life. Give your life to Christ Jesus and repent of your sins. Accept him as your Lord and Saviour and trust me! Your life is going to turn completely around. God bless you all!

  68. Tiago Wallace

    Tiago Wallace4 日 前

    OMG! I'm in tears! This is one of the best covers i've ever seen in my life! Thank you, Sam!

  69. Milca Santos

    Milca Santos4 日 前


  70. Mª Isabel Brotons

    Mª Isabel Brotons4 日 前

    Preciosa voz, preciosa canción ...

  71. EM

    EM4 日 前

    esta es la cura del coronavirus jajaj LO AMO! ♥

  72. emna Boudabous

    emna Boudabous4 日 前

    His voice is so angelic i just looooooove it ❤❤

  73. Rushel Miller

    Rushel Miller4 日 前

    The best cover song. This song melt my heart so much, it help me to try and stay positive regardless of the struggle that I face each day

  74. Ashley Rhodes

    Ashley Rhodes4 日 前

    Gosh this man's voice 😍😍😍

  75. Juleymi Reynoso

    Juleymi Reynoso4 日 前


  76. Lucia Stumreiter

    Lucia Stumreiter4 日 前

    I do not need fixing. Check the mirror.

  77. Kristín Ósk Barichon

    Kristín Ósk Barichon4 日 前

    I think this is better then the original honestly, he also makes it sound like his own it's freaking beautiful 🥺

  78. Raccoon eyes

    Raccoon eyes2 日 前

    @ALEXIS BALLEBAR original version is the best, sounds, music, soul, this version is good I agree with that



    Nothing beats the Original. But this version is good

  80. ットムキ

    ットムキ2 日 前

    Lol don't you dare compare Kodaline with others😂

  81. Gulmira Amir

    Gulmira Amir2 日 前

    Agree, I like this version🥰

  82. alistair montemayor

    alistair montemayor3 日 前

    well.. we have the different taste of music so i respect your opinion..🙂

  83. Safae Elmoussaid

    Safae Elmoussaid4 日 前

    Il fly with this sing. You are the sun .

  84. vanessa Melo

    vanessa Melo4 日 前

    Um anjo 😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  85. Laura Gorriz

    Laura Gorriz4 日 前

    Sam tu voz me transporta, increíble!!!!! MARAVILLOSA!!!!

  86. Sam 1k999

    Sam 1k9994 日 前

    When I listen to this song, I cry remembering all the bad stuff that has happened to me. Then I comfort myself saying that I pulled through the hardest times in my life and I can keep pulling it through till my last breath.

  87. สนาม หลวง

    สนาม หลวง4 日 前


  88. Fifi Rosadi

    Fifi Rosadi4 日 前

    I love this and i love “fix you” Barsena bestandhi version ..

  89. Marlon Roxas

    Marlon Roxas4 日 前

    Oh my goodness!

  90. Danilo Bezerra

    Danilo Bezerra4 日 前


  91. Lara Luara

    Lara Luara4 日 前

    Sou muito grata em ter oportunidade de ouvir essa preciosidade💎

  92. Mika Ella

    Mika Ella4 日 前

    Ang sarap pakinggan ang mga tugtug

  93. Nadia nad

    Nadia nad4 日 前

    gila sii sam BEST BANGET SUARA LO!!!😭❤

  94. Наталия В

    Наталия В4 日 前


  95. clariss rufaro masiya

    clariss rufaro masiya4 日 前

    I am 25 unmarried, jobless and still living with my mom, The pressure is high people telling me to get married at least but I'm not ready I dont wanna settle. I dont know how many jobs I have applied for and still I get nothing. Some days are good some days are bad and apart from all that I live in one of the most corrupt countries in the world. But I believe God is working and I still pray put on a smile and share the little that I have with the people I feel need it more.

  96. Intan Puspitasari

    Intan Puspitasari日 前

    Same here

  97. Glenn Njoroge

    Glenn Njoroge2 日 前

    Keep fighting...all will be well, i promise

  98. haris nugroho

    haris nugroho4 日 前

    I feel it more than the real singer ,, so touch, so smooth , fix I like this

  99. Patty Rose

    Patty Rose4 日 前

    This is absolutely moving and gorgeous and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this gift with us!

  100. Abdias Torres

    Abdias Torres5 日 前

    Arte puro arte 😍

  101. Jose Alejandro Arria

    Jose Alejandro Arria5 日 前

    Sam warming our hearts beyond words . Again. He saves souls with his voice

  102. Luke Cousins

    Luke Cousins日 前

    Jose Alejandro Arria a polite reminder that Sam smith is non-binary and goes by they/them pronouns

  103. Lanna De Oliveira

    Lanna De Oliveira5 日 前

    Oh my god blessed talented 🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶

  104. MsCamWayne

    MsCamWayne5 日 前

    Sadly this is the story of my life God bless u all 💋❤️❤️

  105. Jorge Mayorga

    Jorge Mayorga5 日 前

    Hola a todos! Acabo de subir mi reacción a esta joya en mi canal! Espero que les guste:

  106. Skyla Moon

    Skyla Moon5 日 前

    Are you kidding me? This is over the top! Soooo Beautiful, thank you thank you thank you!! Wow! Thank you for just showing up on my JPreporter, what an honour! I

  107. Justice Pangelinan

    Justice Pangelinan5 日 前

    So beautiful 🤧❤️

  108. sean sawyer

    sean sawyer5 日 前

    what can I say other then this song lovely

  109. Maria Isabel Diaz Yañez

    Maria Isabel Diaz Yañez5 日 前


  110. Gioser Moreno

    Gioser Moreno5 日 前

    El mejor...