Sam and the Womp | Bom Bom (Official Video)


  1. Becca X

    Becca X2 時間 前

    This song popped into your head? Me too bro me too.

  2. Laurie

    Laurie日 前

    This song just brings back memories 😂

  3. Putdown OFFICIAL

    Putdown OFFICIAL日 前




    More like I know this song because it was in forza horizon 1

  5. City Gunzals: The Home of Melb. Public Transport

    City Gunzals: The Home of Melb. Public Transport日 前

    Aussie Kmart Bois Where you at?

  6. Ben Kerr

    Ben Kerr3 日 前

    My uncle moved back home from America with his daughter and wife and we were going to stay in their house that night I first heard the song on the drive there me and my big brother were luaghing our heads off at it was so so funny at the time now I'm like aaah nostalgia

  7. Iain Law

    Iain Law3 日 前

    sooooooooooooo cringe

  8. GeorgeDaYTBER

    GeorgeDaYTBER3 日 前

    England in a nutshell

  9. Rouge Akané

    Rouge Akané3 日 前

    This sounds like how Capitol citizens look

  10. My Cat Smudge

    My Cat Smudge4 日 前

    I promise I’m not weird

  11. Angelina Dordevic

    Angelina Dordevic4 日 前

    i’ve been trying to find this songs for literally years because it always randomly popped up in my head and i just found it accidentally 😭

  12. Carmine Izzo

    Carmine Izzo5 日 前

    Cool. Bum bum

  13. Galaxy unicorn Forever

    Galaxy unicorn Forever5 日 前

    We had to dance to this song my school 😒

  14. Steve Lumby

    Steve Lumby6 日 前

    Was arsholed in london when heard this brill song

  15. gaydinocosplay

    gaydinocosplay6 日 前

    no comments about the kmart ad?

  16. IML IrishMadLad

    IML IrishMadLad6 日 前

    Love this from the darts WAYNE MARDLE!!!

  17. Kai Newham

    Kai Newham7 日 前

    16 PINTS OF RAAAAAAAM! Translation: 16 pints of rum.

  18. Zhenyapan

    Zhenyapan7 日 前

    Shazamed from Elementary s1 e14 :)

  19. Charlotte Wilson

    Charlotte Wilson7 日 前

    Ive never taken drugs but i think this is what it would be like

  20. FANCY G-P

    FANCY G-P7 日 前

    I keep remembering this song and I keep coming back

  21. Lynn Cole

    Lynn Cole8 日 前

    I first heard this song on Dancing With the Stars and immediately went to buy it. It's so much fun and is just as good today as it was year ago.

  22. Mr. Robert

    Mr. Robert8 日 前

    Crazy stuff

  23. David Vander Ven

    David Vander Ven8 日 前

    Worst song ever

  24. IML IrishMadLad

    IML IrishMadLad6 日 前


  25. David Vander Ven

    David Vander Ven7 日 前

    @遊正Croud it has no coherent message, emotion or story, it wouldn't be as bad if it were purely instrumental but is just awful to listen to.

  26. 遊正Croud

    遊正Croud7 日 前

    wtf ??


    STUDIOMOONTV Edity8 日 前

    That music is in Horizon 😮💖 I love it ❤😘😘

  28. • Olivia •

    • Olivia •8 日 前

    I thought this song was annoying af but would still dance like crazy to it

  29. Hana Hernández

    Hana Hernández9 日 前

    Pinche Chantal

  30. Grimalkin Felidae

    Grimalkin Felidae9 日 前

    So many hot people in this video my poor little pan heart I have the same tongue piercings (venoms) as the lady with the skull represeeeennt Also why is this song actually so good even now lol

  31. Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat10 日 前

    Thought this was Netta, somehow, but I really like this song.

  32. Isaac Hausler

    Isaac Hausler10 日 前

    Set it to 0.25 playback speed and you’ll get raped by the devil no cap

  33. nishantadventure

    nishantadventure10 日 前

    Still enjoying this song!!

  34. Elizabeth Mason

    Elizabeth Mason11 日 前

    The best Kmart ad

  35. Parry Hotter

    Parry Hotter11 日 前

    this was randomly popping into my head in quarantine XD

  36. まかろん

    まかろん11 日 前


  37. Sky Scraper

    Sky Scraper11 日 前

    Kmart ad

  38. XxwolfieplayzxX123 x x

    XxwolfieplayzxX123 x x12 日 前

    I love this song when. I was so young like 2 i am 9 now....... I still groove it tho

  39. Ermete Trismegisto

    Ermete Trismegisto12 日 前

    When you want to fuck up your mind with a masterpiece XD

  40. buggs carrot

    buggs carrot12 日 前

    terrible, i think this is the girl who sings the skyrizzi song.

  41. filboss sk

    filboss sk13 日 前

    Corona gang🤣

  42. Maddy No Comment

    Maddy No Comment13 日 前

    geez, its been years and years since i heard this song back in 2012

  43. Dore Ma

    Dore Ma13 日 前

    Oh gooosh the best Song 2013 ever!!!! 🥰😆

  44. Шуюе Лю

    Шуюе Лю13 日 前

    Im here again ! love this song so much

  45. Foxy The Bossatron

    Foxy The Bossatron14 日 前

    tekkers tekkers tekkers

  46. Abhay Daya

    Abhay Daya14 日 前

    Heard this song at a bowling ally

  47. LTTG

    LTTG15 日 前

    recently became a björk stan then randomly remembered this song 😭

  48. Fun And Fresh

    Fun And Fresh15 日 前


  49. Nostalgic dreamer

    Nostalgic dreamer16 日 前

    Golden time parties in primary school back in the day be like...

  50. Queen Hades

    Queen Hades17 日 前

    this song was so annoying and I was glad i forgot it ....... today I remembered.......😂

  51. Grell sutcliff

    Grell sutcliff17 日 前

    Normal people:"this is a good song Aussie"THATS THE FUCKEN KMART THEME"

  52. Daniel A Boxill

    Daniel A Boxill17 日 前

    Ironically is also watching this at 2am only to see the comment section...

  53. Seena Saji

    Seena Saji18 日 前

    Forza horizon

  54. Pizza Craver

    Pizza Craver18 日 前

    i have overdosed on cringe

  55. Ellen Larkin

    Ellen Larkin18 日 前

    Why am I here 😂

  56. Cyberwolf?

    Cyberwolf?19 日 前

    okay but like the kmart ad

  57. SkellyOnDaTelly

    SkellyOnDaTelly19 日 前

    Kmart is amazing.

  58. Mad Hatter loves Whiskey

    Mad Hatter loves Whiskey20 日 前

    Its 2020 and I hear this song the first time. I must have been deaf before

  59. Valtube HD

    Valtube HD21 日 前

    Best music of my 2015

  60. Love Light

    Love Light21 日 前

    this is what sleep paralisis is childeren..

  61. Sarah '93

    Sarah '9321 日 前

    Haven't heard this one in awhile.......

  62. Mohammed Albahuzy

    Mohammed Albahuzy21 日 前

    Probably the worst song I’ve ever heard

  63. Memaymoo

    Memaymoo21 日 前

    How could I forget the k-mart anthem

  64. jane less

    jane less22 日 前

    2012 songs were so cringe when I was growing up but now damn this a banger🥺before the world got depressed with rona☹️

  65. Karin Korenkova

    Karin Korenkova22 日 前

    f to all the people who still can't find this song

  66. Ben Stevens

    Ben Stevens22 日 前

    If you remember this song... Good for you.



    Why has this just randomly come into my head

  68. Elless Dee

    Elless Dee23 日 前

    I legit thought this song was a fever dream I had

  69. Tamar more〰

    Tamar more〰24 日 前

    לא טוב כמו עדי פוקס

  70. Mathilda

    Mathilda25 日 前

    I don’t know why, but I’m here 7 or 8 years later after the release of this song. But it’s still beam me back to this time 😍!

  71. Aki Kimura

    Aki Kimura25 日 前

    Them Forza vibes 😂

  72. Gamergurl girl102

    Gamergurl girl10225 日 前

    Lets admit this was a bop

  73. Lcd -91

    Lcd -9126 日 前

    Elementary brought me here

  74. Robbi79Bremen

    Robbi79Bremen26 日 前

    05/2020 BOM BOM BOM 🔁🔊📢🔊

  75. Hallo Gais

    Hallo Gais26 日 前

    The beginning reminds me of a video of a commercial. But I can't remember which one...

  76. alhur ben muradi

    alhur ben muradi27 日 前

    Forza Horizon be like

  77. game TUB

    game TUB26 日 前

    si lo seguis jugando te doy megusta

  78. ted1990

    ted199027 日 前

    I remember thinking this was such an annoying song when it came out and now i LOVE IT

  79. 100kChallengeSubs

    100kChallengeSubs28 日 前

    black guy look like a strong kirikou

  80. hotelmario510

    hotelmario51028 日 前

    What the hell was 2012? This was played at my cousin's wedding

  81. Mel Aranguiz

    Mel Aranguiz29 日 前

    Kmart 2013 ad anyone?

  82. Blade Knudson

    Blade Knudson29 日 前

    I have no clue what I just watched. Talk about an lsd trip on a phone

  83. Max Max

    Max Maxヶ月 前

  84. Stu

    Stuヶ月 前

    Don't get the hate for this one.