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  2. Todd Dotson

    Todd Dotson27 日 前

    You guys forgot about the Saleen S7 Power upgrade offered from Saleen that bumped it to 1000hp

  3. Spencer Sasse

    Spencer Sasse29 日 前

    No u

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    Do a video on the, De Tomaso Pantera

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    you guys should see if assoluto Racing will give you guys a sponsor its a free racing game on android and ios with console level graphics

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    Should do livernois did a walk around their shop it’s so crazy what they have

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    I like this guy on a spiritual level

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    Thank you for saying Mosport and not Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

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    Lewis Hamilton is a rags to riches story. Nico was a typical rich cunt.

  10. Jonas Walluszik

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    No,the McLaren F1 is faster and older But the S7 is also very fast

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    I love that guy

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    so my name is saleen and um i find out im a car?? wowzaz 😂😂😂

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    Ten years after the F1 the Americans still couldn’t do 100BHP/L N/A....

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    Sooo I think I fell in love

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    Now that u mentioned Tim Allen, he was in a movie called The Shaggy Dog and that movie featured a saleen focus n20

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    Made it thru gang territory my boi a g he outta Inglewood

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    Donut Media I love your videos but the way you’re mispronouncing words is a little too much dude! I know y’all already did the Camaro video but will you do a fourth gen Camaro video? A lot of people think that the fourth gen cars are the best Camaros.

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    Ginetta do the racing series. Can you do a segment on Ginetta too?

  20. Eddie Mix

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    At 1:53 he’s “tinkering” under the hood however in a Porsche 356 the engine is in the back. 🤫 your secrete is safe with me...

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    Make up to speed on G Wagon

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    Interesting video, but stop screaming every now and then. It's not "fun" och "cool", it's just annoying.

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    Your goofy ass dude and I love it!

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    I wanna be the Lebron of race kars 😔

  25. DJ 12

    DJ 127 日 前

    Thank you Saleen to make one of my favorite cars!

  26. DJ 12

    DJ 127 日 前

    Man my favorites're Saleen S302, Saleen S281 and Saleen S5S Raptor. Btw u didn't say anything about Saleen S5S Raptor.

  27. Mutsa Katsidzira

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    Imagine this guy on the daily show

  28. Charles Carr

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    The first thing he said about turning small little hay fed pony cars into thick cornfed buff horses changed my fucking life.

  29. Patrick Quade

    Patrick Quade8 日 前

    great video! to point out, 388k in 2000 would be closer to 550k today rather than 1.5M.

  30. Darrian Weathington

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    We need a Cobra car Co-JUICED by saleen and Hennessy... my pants tightening at the idea

  31. Xavier White

    Xavier White9 日 前

    S7 ... 50 cent's candy shop car!

  32. 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT

    1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT10 日 前

    The S1 looks absolutely amazing

  33. 1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT

    1985 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno APEX GT10 日 前

    11:46 That Saleen is so fast it's literally strafing on the dyno.

  34. The Stig

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    6:47 best use of rocky ever

  35. Ryan Stuve

    Ryan Stuve10 日 前

    BMW 2002. Give it a try

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    Man your content is dope. Love from India ❤️

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    7:53 MORE POWA BABY!!!!

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    Up to speed alpina b7

  39. Strawberry God

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    Ok don't judge me but the first time I saw a S7 I thought it was a modded McChicken F1 (McLaren)

  40. Mr Mk

    Mr Mk11 日 前

    I’ve started using your lingo when referring to hrspurers lol

  41. Dustin Becktold

    Dustin Becktold12 日 前

    I work as a tech at a Ford dealer and we've had problems with EVERY SINGLE SALEEN we have ordered. Some even got shipped with the CEL on already. I can go on for about half an hour with all the problems we've had to fix on brand new cars but a quick Google search will bring you... "up to speed" on all things $hitty about Saleen vehicles.

  42. Dustin Becktold

    Dustin Becktold12 日 前

    Uh, I normally love your videos but what is up with talking about a supercharged foxbody 302 and showing a NA foxbody 302 at the same time? Same question with the 2.3 turbo engine that is talked about yet we're shown a V8? What's going on here?

  43. Garriett Menzies

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    You never covered the saleen Ford explorer

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    Too many hrsprs

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    This was much needed

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    So is Tim Allen still a part of Saleen?

  48. ImTheBP

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    Burnout 3 gang

  49. Lucas Thompson

    Lucas Thompson13 日 前

    Forgot to mention that 1,500hp s7 upgrade they came out with a couple years ago where you could upgrade the turbos on existing s7 turbos and turn that 700hp into 1500hp


    JALLMYD13 日 前

    I live in Riverside 😂😂😂

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    This faggot needs to learn English

  52. DEVILISH 413

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    This guys not funny at all and he needs to take a shower

  53. DEVILISH 413

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    This host is a disgusting slob

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    Donut Luv it>>>>>

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    GenII lightnings didnt have a 351, the gen I did...smh

  56. Bob The Builder

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    *Midnight club La music intensifies*

  57. Fiat Punto

    Fiat Punto13 日 前

    I really want a full look on that green mustang with donut plates in the back

  58. Daniel Duvall

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    Wrong lightning..

  59. aqua_bro

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    "slick as Nolan's shaved body" Not the mental image i wanted, neither the one i needed

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    I appreciated it

  61. ExplorerMike99

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    Yea got everything you need to know but you guys never talked about the Saleen xp8 or xp6 which were second gen Explorers with either a 5.0 na or supercharged and AWD

  62. Jesse Dozois

    Jesse Dozois12 日 前

    Focus s121 and n20 as well..

  63. Joe da XRE190

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    Didnt know about his history. Respect

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    I came here for info on a cool man and the cool cars he made. Not to watch your dumb ass sit there and try to be funny by yelling and saying words with stupid pronunciations like some social outcast from 4th grade. Grow up. Be professional. Cut out the annoying BS and just give us the facts about the cars, because that's why we clicked. No one clicks to see an unfunny presenter who thinks he's bringing in the views. Just, for the love of God, stop.

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    Its funny becuase the lightning you showed didnt have the 351 only the first generation lightning had the 351W

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    Pronounced bilstein pretty good

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    Up to speed on Dodge Challenger

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    Hated your humor at first now I love it

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  70. romu edorh

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    Aaaaaaaa Tesla copied the saleen one design for the roadster ... interesting

  71. Sir Nippleton McSugarteets

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    I love the teal colour on that awesome Saleen in the background

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    My dog got annoy at 7:54 She was just looking at me judging me on my form of entertainment lol “MORE POWER BABY!”

  73. AG19RDR

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    13:29 So Dodge themselves, many years later, did the same thing and called it the Hellcat. Lmao

  74. Thomas Bangalter

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    *_2:28_**_ I knew he was gonna say " and freaking won "_*

  75. Nicholas Lee

    Nicholas Lee17 日 前

    Thats the wrong body Lightning. It actually made more hrspwrs with the blown overhead cam mod motor...

  76. Nick A

    Nick A17 日 前

    I mean, Saleen is cool and all, but you didn't even touch on their S121 Focus or Focus N2O in the early 2000's.

  77. Adam Schafer

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    Where’s the raptor?

  78. Antoniy Deliyski

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    Please, make "MO PAWA BABY" shirts

  79. Danny Gonzalez

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    You should do up to speed on SVT and Roush

  80. Benny Rides

    Benny Rides18 日 前

    My dad pushed 650 hrspwrs out of a 1991 mustang GT in 1997 with the stock 5-o

  81. Shredda

    Shredda18 日 前

    Honda Crx up to speed next

  82. Aaron Gaming

    Aaron Gaming18 日 前

    But what about the Saleen S5S raptor

  83. 04dram04

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    The saleen S7 is still one of the most exotic styled cars ever made. Still looks fresh today

  84. Bananabananarepublic

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    Can we all just pause for a moment to appreciate what is possibly the most southwest American accent in an intro ever?

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    Are the mustangs idiot proof?

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    Please do the Honda Element because of all the space it has in the back

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    Love the vids, keep those hrspr up!! I crack up Every time he says it.

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    Why did you skip the new edge Mustang saleen?

  89. Phil Rodrigues

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    I met Steve saleen at a mustang show in Rhode island great guy

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  91. TheRed58Fury

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    Do you want a Ferrari? No. A Lamborghini? No. I want a freaking S7! Always have loved these cars. I would love the new Sportruck.

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    James it's stupid when you mispronounce words, bit i love how you add character to certain bit skits, STOP saying words like hursepurrs, fuckin stupid

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    I would still never buy an s7

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    skip to 1:29 and avoid all the bullshit ad this motherfucker is advertising... I came for the cars and not the advertisements you douchebag!!!

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    Wow those mustangs didn’t hit the crowd!

  97. Shawn Barnish

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    @ 14:25 in the video it looks like a SUPERCHARGED Ford V8 when he's speaking of the TURBOCHARGED 2.3 Liter 4 cyl for the Saleen 1

  98. Jose Cardoso

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    Bumper2B on Saleen S7!

  99. Miralema Zuljevic

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    U gorgonzole the saleen s5s raptor its theyre other super car

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    Everything i need to know about cosworth dfv please....

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    Should have put a barra in it......

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    I thought I knew a bit about cars but dang I've never heard of 3/4 of these homeboy editions. Some serious power in those 'old fords'.

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    Anyone know what paint is on the Green S281?

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    Best episode yet baby boy pumphery

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    The S7 generated more downforce than it's weight. In theory meaning it could drive upside down.