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  2. Devon currie-simms

    Devon currie-simms22 日 前

    Donut Media do Solara

  3. J Dub

    J Dubヶ月 前

    @Stephen Baker been waiting for speed 12 for long time

  4. The Pathfinder #HEDNW

    The Pathfinder #HEDNW3 ヶ月 前

    You guys forgot about the Saleen S7 Power upgrade offered from Saleen that bumped it to 1000hp

  5. Spencer Sasse

    Spencer Sasse3 ヶ月 前

    No u

  6. XSilverSkullX XSilverREAPeRX

    XSilverSkullX XSilverREAPeRX3 ヶ月 前

    Do a video on the, De Tomaso Pantera

  7. BRIGHTSIDE Productions

    BRIGHTSIDE Productions9 時間 前

    I have a question is james actually nolan's dad or brother?

  8. Badtothebone R

    Badtothebone R14 時間 前

    long comment ( as my dad's list of out of marriage children wich he has loved more than me ) sorry... as an italian motorhead who loves japanese cars ( and bikes ) i still remember as a kid the first time i had an eargasm and it was during a motor show in milan when i heared a FUCKING V8 SALEEN SR WIDEBODY !!! And i gotta say also that when i bought gt2 i was amazed by how the game developers almost got 100% right that demoniac sound. I mean , ferrari v12 and v10 are like Beethoven and Mozart, an instant classic, the 787b Rotary Is like a fucking fly of the bumblebee , you cannot be amazed, the supras and gtrs with their turbos are Like the russian composers, you just can't imagine how they were capable of create such a thing, but that v8... Is like malmsteen battling with bach with satan himself as the director of the orchestra in the background.

  9. MangoTail680

    MangoTail680日 前

    A new Saleen One is just what we need, looks amazing!

  10. Nedal Rabadi

    Nedal Rabadi日 前

    great Job Guys now do a Trans AM episode plz

  11. R Stowers

    R Stowers2 日 前

    My dad crashed the roadster

  12. George Vieira

    George Vieira2 日 前

    April 17th is my birthday🤣🤣🤣

  13. Donovan Whiting

    Donovan Whiting2 日 前

    You forgot the Saleen Raptor

  14. Austin Hales

    Austin Hales3 日 前

    One saleen that most people dont know about is the saleen contour. It's a subcompact with a supercharged v6 and a 5speed

  15. zack worrell

    zack worrell6 日 前

    You should cover Rouche Racing

  16. Bad

    Bad7 日 前

    Midnight club

  17. Cordelain Smith

    Cordelain Smith7 日 前

    roush mustang

  18. Ian Ian

    Ian Ian7 日 前

    That 7m car. Look like it do 7s to my mind.

  19. BeowulfDude

    BeowulfDude10 日 前

    No S5S Raptor? For reals?

  20. Taylor Brost

    Taylor Brost10 日 前

    A new car only offered in manual?! Mad respect to saleen

  21. Al Davis

    Al Davis11 日 前

    Now for a Roush video

  22. mrexon

    mrexon11 日 前

    You never talked about the flip flop cobra, you never talked about the bankruptcy and as for the S3, that’s just a echoboost 4 banger in a out of house chassis.. first two engines blew up on the dyno because SMS wanted way more power then the engine could withstand... I was expecting more from this video!

  23. mrexon

    mrexon11 日 前

    Your ad lost me when you whipped out a stupid phone! Fk that game

  24. Cory Brandt

    Cory Brandt11 日 前

    really?? We're just going to completely NOT ACKNOWLEDGE the Saleen XP8 Explorer? Very disappointed

  25. mr Mia

    mr Mia12 日 前

    I hope he makes car videos forever, not like that gas king guy

  26. bman classics

    bman classics12 日 前

    Do a everything u need to know on the Durango/ ram charger

  27. Locoandchooch

    Locoandchooch12 日 前

    The. car had the looks but it was a wheel hopping pos.

  28. CezrDaPleazr

    CezrDaPleazr13 日 前


  29. Mr. Keem

    Mr. Keem13 日 前

    You know they say Mustang makes Mustang. 🤪👍

  30. D Carden

    D Carden13 日 前

    The best super ever made. According to a manufacture upper mabagment design pole. Fun fact Was the first american powered supercar.

  31. teamEP789

    teamEP7898 日 前

    Learn to write for fuck's sake

  32. jiwana abimanyu

    jiwana abimanyu13 日 前

    S7 and CCX was too way overpower in some racing games back in the day

  33. _ HAMA _

    _ HAMA _15 日 前

    Saleen is just a legend

  34. Module79L

    Module79L16 日 前

    Saleen Dion.

  35. Omega 3370

    Omega 337016 日 前

    Don’t forget James, Saleen had one of his best mustangs featured in the 2007 film Transformers. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but it was the black police car, barricade

  36. Michael H.

    Michael H.16 日 前

    1:52 The Engine is in the back ☝️😊

  37. Tony Taylor

    Tony Taylor18 日 前

    I'm waiting on the street video


    M BOSCONICKESH Bosco19 日 前

    Ruf of america

  39. Lexx1976

    Lexx197619 日 前

    Eygh luv deez Moosedangs Focksboddies. Fighf Oh rrools

  40. james manning

    james manning19 日 前

    @11:40 is the best part.

  41. james manning

    james manning19 日 前

    More power baby

  42. Gdz5on Gaming

    Gdz5on Gaming20 日 前

    Def my fav video you’ve done! “Mo pooowaaahhhh!!!”

  43. Oris Pacheco

    Oris Pacheco20 日 前

    I am so happy to see this one!! Owned three speedsters in my life. Easily my favorite manufacturer.

  44. krezo

    krezo20 日 前

    Lol at the saleen one

  45. God of Cheeki Breeki

    God of Cheeki Breeki21 日 前


  46. cgr88m

    cgr88m22 日 前

    What a great guy saleen is, ford made the GT so pricey and unattainable, saleen built a 100k mid engined manual beast for the average joe.

  47. Kai Yuen

    Kai Yuen22 日 前

    Might add that the S7 twin turbo looked at the F1's top speed and said "hah hold my beer, 248mph!"

  48. Ridesaway24

    Ridesaway2424 日 前

    Great Episode, Cool Story of Saleen

  49. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon25 日 前

    As a kid I had a poster of a Saleen S7, at the time I had no idea about Saleen or even the S7. Thought it was just something random I'd been given. Thank you for this amazing information. Steve Saleen is an amazing man.

  50. Strumptavian Roboclick

    Strumptavian Roboclick26 日 前

    I don't get it.. my 06 tbss came stock 395 hrsprs.. after a few classic upgrades I got her pumping out about 440.. no blower, no 10k $... the super cars of the 80 and the lame ass 300 hp sucked...

  51. Jay Rocha

    Jay Rocha28 日 前

    That was one of the better stories I didn’t know

  52. The_One_TitanRB

    The_One_TitanRB28 日 前

    You know your doing somehting right if Ferrari Looks bat at it as their worst defeats ever. All done by a Tuner Company in the good ol' US of A

  53. Sri lankan Kollo in melbourne

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  54. 4dshow

    4dshow29 日 前

    Moh pawa baby!!

  55. 4dshow

    4dshow29 日 前

    James is the only presenter that makes sitting through ads bearable.

  56. Wretched Slippage

    Wretched Slippage29 日 前

    Why you say "Imola" wrong and also show Laguna at the same time?!

  57. gabrijel celik

    gabrijel celik29 日 前

    up to speed? Peugeot 205 Ford Capri ?????

  58. gabrijel celik

    gabrijel celik29 日 前

    Bumper to bumper? Zastava 101 Lada (any kind) Fiat126p

  59. Mason St.Germain

    Mason St.Germainヶ月 前

    7:38 wrong Ford Lightning that one had the supercharged 5.4

  60. uJDM

    uJDMヶ月 前

    I’m pre sure the car behind him at the starting is a termanater cobra

  61. Lance Hondrade

    Lance Hondradeヶ月 前

    Saleen S7: *Its Got The Horses In The Back*

  62. hEl Swedetya

    hEl Swedetyaヶ月 前

    Yo! Up to speed with de Tomaso!!!!!

  63. B H

    B Hヶ月 前

    It was the same except for revised body work, updated interior and.... *MORE POWAH BABY*

  64. THE WunderBolt

    THE WunderBoltヶ月 前

    the next greatest man since shelby

  65. Jeff Carroll

    Jeff Carrollヶ月 前

    Says Le Mans - shows Laguna Seca

  66. Jeff Carroll

    Jeff Carrollヶ月 前

    LIGHTNING bring on Tommykaira