Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!


  1. Guape

    Guape時間 前

    could be a good show but the two cast members are so annoyinggg

  2. Susan leach

    Susan leach18 時間 前

    Live it, soo hilarious 😆💗

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    王小二18 時間 前

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  4. L3nful

    L3nful19 時間 前

    Disliked the video because of the british.

  5. Anamika

    Anamika20 時間 前

    That's 3 balls 😂

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    Kindly Help Me To Reach 5k Subscriber's22 時間 前

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  7. Ayi Mardiansyah

    Ayi Mardiansyah23 時間 前

    hotel california

  8. Ruben Duarte

    Ruben Duarte日 前

    Josh Brolin won for sure, he went in deep into Ryan’s psychological identity

  9. Sandeep Charugundla

    Sandeep Charugundla日 前

    The BBC guys should have STFU



    The only Deadpool vs Thanos We will ever get.

  11. Porius the Serious one air macz

    Porius the Serious one air macz2 日 前

    the bad guy.. ye right and jessica alba what a innocent soul..

  12. Porius the Serious one air macz

    Porius the Serious one air macz2 日 前

    yes wrong..

  13. Strider Stryker

    Strider Stryker2 日 前

    This video: *exists* Hugh Jackman: *smiles*

  14. T0X_IS_THE_ NAME

    T0X_IS_THE_ NAME2 日 前

    Everytime Ryan speaks all i here is deadpool

  15. wannabe blogs

    wannabe blogs2 日 前

    you smell so bad ..i can hear it

  16. Razer Mouse

    Razer Mouse3 日 前

    JPreporter: Do u wanna see Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin insult each other 30 m people : of course sure

  17. David Nicholson

    David Nicholson3 日 前

    Josh, yer dad lives with Barbara Streisand. Game over..

  18. user44

    user443 日 前

    only the British would enjoy this humiliating humor

  19. Bree Smith

    Bree Smith4 日 前

    58 seconds in and I’ve already lost it 😂

  20. SpookeyR

    SpookeyR4 日 前

    I've never seen Green Lantern. And I want to see it soo bad!

  21. what's not up

    what's not up4 日 前

    The best person who can roast Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds himself.

  22. glitchy gamer 984

    glitchy gamer 9845 日 前


  23. Dante Hernandez

    Dante Hernandez5 日 前


  24. Uros Djordjevic

    Uros Djordjevic5 日 前


  25. Dhanesh Narwade

    Dhanesh Narwade5 日 前

    Man jhoss voice is really damm good😂😭😂

  26. ayana de zoysa

    ayana de zoysa5 日 前

    They look alike... josh is an older version of Ryan

  27. cARI B

    cARI B5 日 前

    "What was in this room, stays in this room" 30M people watching: 🤔

  28. Germs & Spices

    Germs & Spices4 日 前

    It's a big room.

  29. Because I’m BATMAN

    Because I’m BATMAN6 日 前

    All I hear is thanos when josh talks

  30. Baby Maude

    Baby Maude6 日 前

    Josh Brolin roasting Ryan Reynolds and calling him out on feeling guilty was so adorable. Canadians are so nice.

  31. kweejibo Dalí

    kweejibo Dalí6 日 前

    they are great sports about it, their desire to be comedians kinda comes first

  32. dhanvi teja

    dhanvi teja7 日 前

    You smell so bad, i can hear it.

  33. King Zangetsu12820 ✔

    King Zangetsu12820 ✔7 日 前

    Remember when Thanos made Deadpool immortal so he couldn't die from anything lol

  34. dmartini1487

    dmartini14877 日 前

    U got to have Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman do this!!!

  35. Aditya Rao

    Aditya Rao8 日 前

    At the end i almost died lol

  36. Luzxkey

    Luzxkey8 日 前

    Wow, Green lantern vs Thanos. We're in the endgame now.

  37. tedfaun

    tedfaun8 日 前

    Does Scott Mills creep anyone else out?

  38. Souradeep Das

    Souradeep Das8 日 前

    This one is the best playground insults episode.

  39. Cra2y_ Me

    Cra2y_ Me8 日 前

    Back and forth action...

  40. AlexPlaysEpicGames

    AlexPlaysEpicGames8 日 前

    Imagine Deadpool Vs Thanos....

  41. Ali Benouda

    Ali Benouda8 日 前

    Ryan Reynolds: insult. Thanos Guy snaps

  42. Roger Windows

    Roger Windows8 日 前

    Painfully unfunny

  43. Walter grey

    Walter grey9 日 前

    The question isnt why it's how


    DDRUTOU9 日 前

    See, Green Lantern wasn't terrible. It was just kinda weak


    DDRUTOU9 日 前

    What happens in this room stays in this room.....un...until we upload it to JPreporter, that is

  46. R. M.

    R. M.9 日 前

    Ryan Reynolds sounds like Deadpool.

  47. AhmedMaherr

    AhmedMaherr9 日 前

    Jeez, I just love them both. They made a fucking A team in Deadpool 2. I would love to see Josh playing Joel in HBO's The Last of Us.

  48. EliteGamer233

    EliteGamer2339 日 前

    Wait bring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together!!!!!! I would literally pay everything to see this

  49. NoorAzmi

    NoorAzmi9 日 前

    Thanos is winning this extremely easily

  50. Dyjerrius Dailey

    Dyjerrius Dailey9 日 前

    I want to see Ryan Reynolds vs Kevin hart

  51. MazeBaden

    MazeBaden10 日 前

    Ryan don't go too far, that curse ain't going nowhere

  52. Mustafa Sabanci

    Mustafa Sabanci10 日 前

    they should have continued for an hour at least

  53. central america panama

    central america panama10 日 前

    Josh brolin sure made some money these last few years

  54. Thor Eric

    Thor Eric10 日 前

    Where was Ryan in my life .... talking to my drunk father like Brolin ... sooo many years scared of a drunk and Ryan would talk to him like he does here to "sober" Brolin. Ryan ran circles around him and still Josh likes him

  55. Marcus Fetti

    Marcus Fetti10 日 前

    “Whatever happens in this room stays in this room “ puts its on JPreporter for millions to watch lol

  56. Fatima Andrea Saenz Vasquez

    Fatima Andrea Saenz Vasquez11 日 前

    Josh Brolin should have said "Yo mamma so fat, that when I snapped my fingers.......... she just lost weight"

  57. Nash Greenwood

    Nash Greenwood11 日 前

    Why do both of the compares sound like ESO?

  58. Sandhya Khatri

    Sandhya Khatri11 日 前

    Says what happens in this room stays in this room and upload for the whole world to see 😁



    Love from turkey

  60. Keaton Castillo

    Keaton Castillo12 日 前

    The amount of Old Boy roasts I could make right now

  61. derry ardiansyah

    derry ardiansyah12 日 前

    taylor swift you need to calm down

  62. Gurdev Singh

    Gurdev Singh12 日 前

    Neither the editor seen it. I lost it

  63. Jussi Hippi

    Jussi Hippi14 日 前

    Josh Brolin is way better at this.

  64. NV Progressive

    NV Progressive14 日 前

    One day they will stop bagging on the green lantern.

  65. Michael Curtiss

    Michael Curtiss14 日 前

    "Josh, your face looks like it was carved out of a rejected gravestone."

  66. Piotr Hagen

    Piotr Hagen14 日 前

    My suggestion is to take some shots of vodka by the participants prior to action. Or even to smoke some weed.

  67. Cookies Man80

    Cookies Man8014 日 前

    "You should've gone for the head"

  68. Rizqi Aditya

    Rizqi Aditya14 日 前

    0:57 wow

  69. Samrocket132 Fitsjerols

    Samrocket132 Fitsjerols14 日 前


  70. Nova SuperNova

    Nova SuperNova15 日 前

    I liked Green Lantern god damn it!

  71. Dexton Lunatic

    Dexton Lunatic15 日 前

    Thanos vs Deadpool

  72. Rick Grimes

    Rick Grimes15 日 前

    So thanos vs deadpool

  73. Flutter Girl Mystified

    Flutter Girl Mystified15 日 前

    Ryan's funnier, but Josh's cooler

  74. Vinayaka Halemane

    Vinayaka Halemane15 日 前

    This was aight.

  75. Dlb206

    Dlb20615 日 前

    I swore he said “green lanturd” 😂

  76. DM Moffett907

    DM Moffett90715 日 前

    3:14 that’s one way to say the word “masturbate”

  77. BallzD33P

    BallzD33P16 日 前

    Green lantern 🏮 isn't that bad. Its just the worst "Super Hero" movie... Ever... And Toby Maguire's spider man 3 was a thing.... #Mic drop 🎤 🔥 💣 🔥

  78. Aaron Ellis

    Aaron Ellis16 日 前

    Josh Brolin is really good at his insults. Lol

  79. Some Anon

    Some Anon16 日 前

    Bruh Ryan Reynolds is so Canadian he had to apologize about this insulting game!

  80. Jazzy Fun

    Jazzy Fun16 日 前

    Thanos and Deadpool are insulting each other....such fun

  81. D. Barrier

    D. Barrier17 日 前

    Walt ... Since when did they have a sec scene?

  82. Sir Charlotte

    Sir Charlotte17 日 前

    Love how much Ryan hates Green Lantern

  83. MoonShottAlchem3ist

    MoonShottAlchem3ist18 日 前

    'Contains strong language' YoU'Re HaNDsOmE

  84. vishesh kumawat

    vishesh kumawat18 日 前

    its ryan raynolds insulting josh brolin and himself.

  85. General Obi Wan Kenobi

    General Obi Wan Kenobi19 日 前

    Why is Deadpool being a jerk to Thanos about Goonies?

  86. MUI gogito Ultra sonic

    MUI gogito Ultra sonic19 日 前

    Basically Deadpool vs Thanos

  87. Simon Riley

    Simon Riley19 日 前

    We need DeadPool 3 well I need it then I can Rest In Peace

  88. That_ben_boy

    That_ben_boy19 日 前

    These men make me insanely happy

  89. シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago

    シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago19 日 前


  90. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel20 日 前

    Deadpool Vs Thanos 🔥

  91. Google Sucks

    Google Sucks20 日 前

    These people lecture us about politics and critical world affairs! LOL

  92. Victor Olson

    Victor Olson21 日 前

    *before the interview starts* Josh Brolin: I know what it's like to lose

  93. Laura White

    Laura White21 日 前

    Amber talks mya



    Deadpool defeating Thanos

  95. DojoWombat

    DojoWombat21 日 前

    The hosts are so fucking irritating why

  96. Marty Wittenberg

    Marty Wittenberg21 日 前

    You can say what you want but Ryan is actually holding back because he is nice. I bet if you really get him pissed off he blows Josh away. Carefull when Kind and Nice go evil. He is extremely witty behind that gullible face of his. Josh you expect it from. He has that hardass look all over him. One plays a hillarious guy who gets blown up alot. The other a mad Titan. No brainer really.

  97. Beneko '11

    Beneko '1122 日 前

    ... this

  98. Eric Buckner

    Eric Buckner23 日 前

    Deadpool v Thanos

  99. Abhilash Kr

    Abhilash Kr23 日 前

    The editor didn't even see it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  100. James Poole

    James Poole24 日 前

    TRUMP 2Q2Q.........MAGA............WWG1WGA.

  101. Pepos Karpouzakis

    Pepos Karpouzakis24 日 前

    I just saw that BBC has 6,9m. Subs

  102. saelom217

    saelom21724 日 前

    "You're so old, you make dust look like a baby" Well considering he became dust in Endgame then that makes him a baby. Jokes on you Deadpool.