Rushing My Fiance To The Emergency Room!!


  1. Jatie Vlogs

    Jatie Vlogs24 日 前

  2. Madison Maddox

    Madison Maddox16 日 前

    omg i give the bigest prayer for joshie B right now i love you josh

  3. Susan Alanazi

    Susan Alanazi19 日 前

    I hope he’s ok

  4. Wendy Collins

    Wendy Collins19 日 前

    Hi What happend

  5. Wendy Collins

    Wendy Collins19 日 前

    What happend

  6. Annie Lacrosse player

    Annie Lacrosse player20 日 前

    Hope you fell better josh!

  7. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose7 時間 前

    Poor Josh. Get better

  8. StarberryMoon

    StarberryMoon8 時間 前

    I was once with my sister and we were on our bikes going home from working out at her friends house, but then at the hill as I was going down I gained speed and flipped over, I biked home but the good thing was I was wearing a fluffy sweatshirt and leggings so the worst was a big headache and a giant sore on my hip, I did have to go to the emergency room later but it wasn’t really something serious like this, it was just bc the headache hurt too much soo yea! Also I was limping bc I couldn’t walk straight bc of the sore on my hip

  9. Jc F

    Jc F9 時間 前

    The way you guys talk over each other is hilarious lol I didn’t know who to listen to

  10. Lila Foster

    Lila Foster14 時間 前

    Prays for josh 👇

  11. Simplyy Peachyy

    Simplyy Peachyy15 時間 前

    Who else shouts SHE SAID YESS!!!! at the intro 😂🥺 just me okay

  12. Adam Aviles

    Adam Aviles日 前

    So is josh oķķkkkkkkk

  13. Real Time

    Real Time日 前

    Im new to the channel and this is so sad. God bless him

  14. Siiimply 0cean

    Siiimply 0cean2 日 前

    Was it broken??...

  15. Kie Abdullah

    Kie Abdullah2 日 前

    I've been in motorcycle accident and broken my left collarbone also have the same scar. It didn't hurt. I broke it in three pieces.

  16. Addies life

    Addies life2 日 前

    No one :: Katy b eating. ... /////// JOSH : iM oN drUgS

  17. marly biana

    marly biana3 日 前

    What happen to josh?

  18. Sofiapoop Head

    Sofiapoop Head3 日 前

    Josh i hope u know u dont have to be tough and not cry, just cause you are a guy dosent mean u cant 😢 my dad has cryed before! So dont be ashamed🙂 even i have cryed in school before😋

  19. Abigail Corson

    Abigail Corson3 日 前

    Oh my gosh I am app sorry.

  20. Huzayfa Khan

    Huzayfa Khan3 日 前

    Wow just found out this was on my bday. :(

  21. Adrian Nunez

    Adrian Nunez3 日 前

    Love you jatie fam don't cry ure strong

  22. Hadley Tillery

    Hadley Tillery3 日 前

    I feel so sorry

  23. Karlee Walesch

    Karlee Walesch3 日 前

    so sorry

  24. Colleen Meltz

    Colleen Meltz4 日 前

    Pray for josh *so sad*

  25. Felicia Tran

    Felicia Tran4 日 前

    Hope Josh's recovery was well.

  26. Mukund Patel

    Mukund Patel4 日 前

    I feel bad even though I did notting

  27. Abbie Sadie

    Abbie Sadie4 日 前

    i feel sooooooooooo bad for josh

  28. Madison Holland

    Madison Holland4 日 前

    Get well soon I feel so bad

  29. Lisa Flanagan

    Lisa Flanagan4 日 前

    I hope you get beter

  30. Lisa Flanagan

    Lisa Flanagan4 日 前

    i love your channle

  31. Rachel Hibbert

    Rachel Hibbert4 日 前

    Wait u two r getting married soon , the last time i watched u guys u were no where near that stage but I’m so happy for u guys , congrats!!!

  32. Estefani Bautista

    Estefani Bautista5 日 前

    🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😭❤️ we love you

  33. Tehe_Roblox

    Tehe_Roblox5 日 前

    1 like= 1 prayer

  34. Delainey Starling

    Delainey Starling5 日 前

    My 8year old little brother just broke his right collarbone on the 4th of July when we were on our vacation, so we know what you’re going through. My family is praying for you.

  35. Colton Thompson

    Colton Thompson6 日 前

    You can definitely tell josh doesn’t handle pain very we but I’m hoping that doesn’t stop him from getting back on the bike

  36. Bella Brewer

    Bella Brewer6 日 前

    Now I have to have a cast for six weeks and there’s a wire in my bone

  37. Bella Brewer

    Bella Brewer6 日 前

    Dude I literally just broke my arm

  38. Cadence Howell

    Cadence Howell6 日 前

    PRANK IDEA: Katie leaves the house and Biz falls down the stairs or passes out to see how Josh would react if Katie wasn’t home. (Please copy and paste, I copied this from the original person)

  39. Gaming Via

    Gaming Via6 日 前

    One time i was riding my four wheeler with my pawpaw and we hit a hole and my pawpaw flew back and i fell foreward and the four wheeler landed on top of me.

  40. Evah Dusenberry

    Evah Dusenberry6 日 前

    I had the same problem! I broke my collarbone in third grade from jumping off a swing. So I feel you josh. Push they it! Lol 😂 live you Katie! Your. Awesome!!!!! Edit: and josh is awesome too

  41. All arround Natalie

    All arround Natalie6 日 前

    Question what reliogion are yall. Buddast? Bc the intro...

  42. Ashley Hunt

    Ashley Hunt6 日 前

    What’s the title of their intro song??

  43. Bunny Lottie

    Bunny Lottie6 日 前

    If josh died we all would be suing god for taking him too early 🥺

  44. Camila Medrano

    Camila Medrano6 日 前


  45. Brianna. Demarco

    Brianna. Demarco7 日 前

    Brianna Demarco Love you so good to see you again ft. of the in 3and thing to say to your Shenango1 cat dog Mr. Allay Joe Shannon ..... Mommy Jamie Twombly Mommy Rachel Demarco Jason Cameron Hi ok

  46. Sacha Jacob

    Sacha Jacob7 日 前

    i feel so bad

  47. Cooper Schnese

    Cooper Schnese7 日 前

    I’m crying I give a million prays to josh😭😭😭😭

  48. Emma Rose

    Emma Rose7 日 前

    Get well soon josh hope u feel better soon 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 sending jatie love 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  49. Elona Faudin

    Elona Faudin7 日 前


  50. Ava Fenlon Martin

    Ava Fenlon Martin8 日 前

    Get better josh

  51. Gladis Ruiz

    Gladis Ruiz8 日 前

    Get well josh b

  52. Janie

    Janie8 日 前

    Why in the world did 1.6k people dislike it? They do not deserve it at all

  53. sue isace

    sue isace8 日 前

    I literally am crying

  54. Elizabeth Abud

    Elizabeth Abud8 日 前

    I hope josh gets better we will pray for him love you guys

  55. Maya Playz roblox

    Maya Playz roblox9 日 前

    Imagine at the end of the video “its a prank” 😆 😂 😝

  56. key wored bissinis

    key wored bissinis9 日 前

    i hope he is okay

  57. Xx_LittleAngel

    Xx_LittleAngel9 日 前

    Every Like=1 Prayer For Josh

  58. Amy Chavez

    Amy Chavez9 日 前


  59. h o n e y • b u n ツ

    h o n e y • b u n ツ10 日 前

    I’m so sensitive I swear. Just him describing his bone sticking out makes me shaky.

  60. Amine Aaraichi

    Amine Aaraichi10 日 前

    I really hope Josh gets 😥

  61. Carrie Christensen

    Carrie Christensen10 日 前

    My three-year-old sister broke her arm

  62. * * Mo̸o̸n co̸o̸kie * *

    * * Mo̸o̸n co̸o̸kie * *10 日 前

    This made me cry for hours 😭😭😭 i’ll pray

  63. Leila Barta

    Leila Barta10 日 前

    Were both lucky I got in a four wheeler crash the day before fourth of July s o were both lucky

  64. Joja Joja

    Joja Joja10 日 前

    How is the first instinct u get to film, like no hate but I’d be focused on it and not filming at least not until everything is settled

  65. Hannah Buljubasic

    Hannah Buljubasic8 日 前

    He did say that he told Katie to film, so yes she was filmed but her first thought was to care for Josh, don't jump to conclusions

  66. Jade 3465

    Jade 346510 日 前

    Katie: My best friend’s broken Me: **talks while crying** I love themmmmm