Rush - Tom Sawyer (Official Music Video)


  1. emile

    emile時間 前

    Geddy Lee looks like Yoko Ono here

  2. The Nightmare Before you

    The Nightmare Before you時間 前

    He sounds like a girl.

  3. Semir Tesnjak

    Semir Tesnjak時間 前

    This is Jordans favorite song! That makes it my favorite song!

  4. Joseph K

    Joseph K8 時間 前

    This song reminds me of the Modern Day Warrior Kerry Von Erich.

  5. Avunz

    Avunz8 時間 前

    god has only made one appearence on earth. it is written at the bible. (thou shall drum hard af. - Tom Sawyer 2:33)

  6. Kelly Carnes

    Kelly Carnes8 時間 前

    Killer song dude by Rush listen to 2112!!

  7. ed wingler

    ed wingler9 時間 前

    we like to party

  8. Sharad Mohip

    Sharad Mohip10 時間 前

    When a song has the most complex drum fills accents and time signatures for its era but still becomes so popular cuz it’s too good

  9. thomas filipiak

    thomas filipiak12 時間 前

    boo 200smusic sucks 70s and 80s is better

  10. thomas filipiak

    thomas filipiak12 時間 前

    good i like this song.

  11. Donald Holben

    Donald Holben14 時間 前

    The studio is under repair :)

  12. Jul Pra

    Jul Pra15 時間 前

    No his mind is not for rent to any god or government🐱‍🏍

  13. MASSY -

    MASSY -日 前

    Meat Grinder's bass line brought me here

  14. Percy Cushing

    Percy Cushing日 前

    I seen them when they played the whole album... still dont know how three people can make those songs happen live .1985 I first heard rush I was 13 - Hemispheres - I prefer the Terry Brown Albums RIP Neil Peart. Rush Eternal

  15. James Colburn

    James Colburn日 前

    best 3 man group ever

  16. drunkensessions

    drunkensessions日 前

    John Bonzo Bonham number 1.

  17. Julie

    Julie2 日 前

    God, I wish I could have been there during this!

  18. Godflesh 29

    Godflesh 292 日 前

    Never worship any human except Gods son Jesus christ.

  19. Godflesh 29

    Godflesh 2919 時間 前

    @sozijlt good for you, take life seriously and dont make your decisions based on feelings but what's right or wrong meaning absolutes.

  20. sozijlt

    sozijlt19 時間 前

    @Godflesh 29 I do take life seriously, by knowing the difference between reality and fairy tales.

  21. Godflesh 29

    Godflesh 2922 時間 前

    @sozijlt please start taking life seriously

  22. sozijlt

    sozijlt日 前

    Please grow up and drop the fairy tales.

  23. Z1Hellrider

    Z1Hellrider日 前

    I worship the one true Entity....Lucifer, there are no Gods and Jesus Christ existed in a storybook, wake from your illusions idiot, you know the bible was written in 400AD, who could remember what happened 400 years later and give a true account, only one Entity know by all cultures worldwide for tens of thousands of years before the Bible was even written worship the one known as Lucifer or as his name translates the 'Light Bringer'.

  24. nickolas mccombe

    nickolas mccombe2 日 前

    Best ever

  25. Jeff S

    Jeff S2 日 前

    Canada or whats left of it can be gifed to lord jesus

  26. Javier Carlos

    Javier Carlos2 日 前

    -Hey Neil, so you play drums? -No. I abuse them.

  27. Barbara Greer

    Barbara Greer3 日 前

    This is my parrot's favorite song. She taught herself the keyboard solo.

  28. Maximilien Monty

    Maximilien Monty3 日 前

    Drums so tight, I have to hold my breath for 4 minutes 33 seconds.

  29. Willy Has Big Beans

    Willy Has Big Beans3 日 前

    Anyone else think this is a good workout song?

  30. breo leo

    breo leo3 日 前

    Bad ass song

  31. Lucy Terrier

    Lucy Terrier3 日 前

    I remember meeting the band back stage in 1986 when he was in our city. I was in 12 th grade working as an dentsl assistant for an orthodontist. His cousin was in the band (bass player). My boss invited me to go with him. Geddy was especially attentive and kind and offered drinks and good. He was very sweet.

  32. mayoite160

    mayoite1603 日 前

    can't decide on whether to listen to the guitar or bass line >_

  33. !BeAsTmOdE! Mastering Service

    !BeAsTmOdE! Mastering Service4 日 前

    One of the BEST songs in History..iMho 💪😎💯💥🔥

  34. jamess shepherd

    jamess shepherd4 日 前

    Amazing set such a talent

  35. Lance Watt

    Lance Watt4 日 前

    One of the most badass rock songs ever created by one of the most badass rock groups to ever exist. There will never another. It’s fucking timeless. How the fuck did that do it?!

  36. Denise Swayzee

    Denise Swayzee4 日 前

    I miss cousin

  37. olrik parlez

    olrik parlez4 日 前


  38. Gandalf Greyhame

    Gandalf Greyhame4 日 前

    Is it just me or does that studio look incredibly comfy

  39. Darby Clark

    Darby Clark4 日 前

    His name should've been Neil MOTHERFUCKING Peart!!

  40. T k

    T k4 日 前

    Faith healer remix

  41. pedro ortega

    pedro ortega5 日 前

    #9 peart

  42. pedro ortega

    pedro ortega5 日 前

    Bonham #1

  43. Paula Vanderweyden

    Paula Vanderweyden5 日 前

    when are you going to help me get out of forced confinement in the psyche ward in st catharines at fourth avenue it a moot point that you are not just saying farewell to your kings but that you with all your pomp would let me sit here divorcing everything that may possibly have been in any resemblance a human being...i might have there not room for one more bag lady in toronto that i deserve solitary confinement...listenng to you...and in your limelight...for

  44. harleymax01

    harleymax016 日 前

    WCCW Kerry Von Erich! Great ring entrance song!

  45. Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone6 日 前

    Rush. The last link that made Rock Perfect!

  46. Juice730 ****

    Juice730 ****6 日 前

    This is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.....

  47. German David

    German David6 日 前

    Monstrous drumming! Monstrous song. Insane talent when you are the lead vocalist, the keyboardist and also play the guitar. Thank you, Canada.

  48. Simple Mines

    Simple Mines6 日 前

    to all the tile commenters here: have a look into a mirror and ask yourself if mankind deserves to survive. just listen, you arseholes. your tiles you can get from the local walmart or whatever.

  49. randythehumble

    randythehumble6 日 前

    These are the songs from my teenage years. But I am so glad that shows like Supernatural and especially this song, which saved the world on Chuck, are awakening youth to the beauty of retro music. To be alive in this day and age, and have your youth, with so many decades of great music to listen to, must be a wonderful feeling. PUT DOWN THAT HIP HOP, it is mostly sampled from retro, and peruse the recommendations on the right, and follow Alice down the rabbit hole......

  50. Eric

    Eric6 日 前

    Rip Neal one of the best drummers ever

  51. MeNubzy

    MeNubzy6 日 前

    1:50 I love how that melody goes from keyboard > guitar > bass. And idk why but those 3 notes that start off the solo goes hardd

  52. Sgt_OopsMyBad

    Sgt_OopsMyBad6 日 前

    Literally no one: ..... Literally anyone:... Cheeto Man from Family guy snorting cheese puff crack: *Plays Tom Sawyer*

  53. Sgt_OopsMyBad

    Sgt_OopsMyBad2 日 前

    @JPreporter Account if it was bad how come is there 7 likes already?

  54. YouTube Account

    YouTube Account3 日 前

    That meme is bad and you should feel bad.

  55. pedro ortega

    pedro ortega7 日 前

    #4 Randy castillo

  56. pedro ortega

    pedro ortega7 日 前

    #2 bozzio. #3 narrada Michael #3 Randy castilli

  57. pedro ortega

    pedro ortega7 日 前

    Iam drummer.

  58. pedro ortega

    pedro ortega7 日 前

    Bonham #1. Peart #5

  59. Tha Dopest YouTube Channel

    Tha Dopest YouTube Channel7 日 前

    Awww 😢. Looks like 10k+ millennials want more auto tune and SFX in their “music” 🤣

  60. Slutty McTits

    Slutty McTits5 日 前

    You do realize that many Millennials are well into their 30s now, right? I think you're looking for Gen Z...

  61. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer6 日 前

    I'm a gen z kid,and I dispise modern "music" I much prefer older rock,and maybe a pinch of Slayer,either way,rock is the way to go!

  62. Stephen Deague

    Stephen Deague7 日 前

    They even found a use for bongos; ash tray holder.

  63. jordson queiroz

    jordson queiroz7 日 前

    Se corno ou não ser és a minha indagação

  64. Karey Stangeland

    Karey Stangeland7 日 前

    Love this song

  65. Spy Convention

    Spy Convention8 日 前

    Love how this was released on 21.12 2012.

  66. Doug Sanders

    Doug Sanders8 日 前

    So jealous of Geddy lee's bass playing mad skills. He doesn't just hit the notes he makes love to that bass

  67. JEFF_K

    JEFF_K8 日 前

    Strange... I flip through classic rock songs from station to station - seconds here and clips there.. but when the Sawyer comes on. I listen to the entire song everytime. never fails.

  68. Rosia Nna

    Rosia Nna8 日 前


  69. Russell O'Neil

    Russell O'Neil8 日 前

    One of thee best bands that will ever be. RIP Neil. Love you guys man .

  70. Tiktok Gay

    Tiktok Gay8 日 前

    THERE IS NO FUCKING DRUMMER BETTER THAN NEIL PEART! *Breaks Hand* It aint easy being cheesy.

  71. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    Buchanan Harrison feels nothin'oryyun nitric Norton shanoki stable

  72. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    Bakery weiss caroeo carson Erwin's ROOKS SPANNER HUFF BAGELS BARKER 7777juhggc huff

  73. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    Knights Shirley's anvitar notta his gibson's

  74. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    O southern string Esther steigfzllo Stetson stevens Sheila and goon shelton welsons moody blues day

  75. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    Joesph corners erin Patrick's

  76. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    Webbys Davis's slumber my way

  77. Rac Hefuny

    Rac Hefuny9 日 前

    Shq'awq shaqyhl'''m 'orqhjb northside Norris morris mott's zoosk WOKDS broski norris spiritual growth trott james patterson Jorge's joe South smith

  78. Hermine Avani

    Hermine Avani9 日 前

    my heart will go on

  79. Michael & Renee Means

    Michael & Renee Means9 日 前

    He hid his pain like the hero he sang about, rip Neil

  80. Lo Alves R.

    Lo Alves R.9 日 前


  81. Michael Art

    Michael Art9 日 前


  82. Squidy T

    Squidy T9 日 前

    "It ain't easy being cheesy."

  83. Orlando Colon

    Orlando Colon9 日 前

    A true master piece

  84. phishinfool

    phishinfool9 日 前

    Great jam!!!

  85. fog dust

    fog dust10 日 前

    did anyone see the eraserhead poster?

  86. fog dust

    fog dust10 日 前

    geddy lee one of my favorite bass players, along with mick karn.......

  87. Danielle Andino

    Danielle Andino10 日 前


  88. Dawna Bell

    Dawna Bell10 日 前

    Neal Peart. Rest in Paradise.

  89. Brian Gusner

    Brian Gusner10 日 前

    Ayn Rand, Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson, and Geddy Lee; they all rock. Who is John Galt?

  90. Armando Carrillo

    Armando Carrillo10 日 前

    Hey y’all Sunday 9-13-2020 night on a fucking rock binge

  91. Louis Bryant

    Louis Bryant10 日 前

    I make love like that 😍

  92. Louis Bryant

    Louis Bryant10 日 前

    Seriously about six minutes of the time of our lives no joke 🤣

  93. Otto Adalwulf Fischer

    Otto Adalwulf Fischer10 日 前

    I am 55 and have been listening to Rush from when I was a young kid, yet every time I watch one of their videos ror listen to the song I am amazed at the sound they produce with just 3 members just as I was back in the daay

  94. stillphil

    stillphil10 日 前

    Rush putting a FULL DAY of studio work in...morning till dusk. Un pretentious actual musicians love this video.

  95. 26c62626yamashita

    26c62626yamashita10 日 前


  96. Tibor Galik

    Tibor Galik10 日 前

    Já každý den jak jsem měl trénink kdysi dávno tak mi ten nejlepší Bubeník pro mě dával rychlost a přesnost a fantasy

  97. Laurent Deschanel

    Laurent Deschanel10 日 前

    quel talent !!!!

  98. Magdangal Maritess

    Magdangal Maritess10 日 前

    Too bad neil is gone but his legacy will remain

  99. Jerry diver

    Jerry diver11 日 前

    sorry Peart, the best . hands down the best on the planet

  100. Jerry diver

    Jerry diver11 日 前

    Miss the Pert

  101. Jerry diver

    Jerry diver11 日 前

    Rush kicks ass period

  102. Simon Marshall

    Simon Marshall11 日 前

    Just discovered Rush in 2020, thanks to "the Goldberg's"!

  103. Isabelle Niemirow

    Isabelle Niemirow11 日 前

    Geddty not not gas station Ghetti!!

  104. John Marston

    John Marston11 日 前

    Grew up on rush was dads favorite band was born in the 80s but grew up with some amazing music rush pink floyd etc

  105. zeidon 41

    zeidon 4111 日 前

    This is what real bad asses listen to

  106. Glen M.

    Glen M.11 日 前

    Anyone notice the Eraserhead poster behind Geddy? Spooooky.... Love Rush forever... this is my favorite Rush song. Love Geddy's bass in the guitar solo. Always crank it!

  107. shadowdance4666

    shadowdance466611 日 前

    Dey smoka da weed an rite da song mon

  108. True Son of Liberty

    True Son of Liberty11 日 前

    Trump 2020!

  109. Pieter Reymer

    Pieter Reymer11 日 前

    rap critic

  110. Sandro Paula

    Sandro Paula11 日 前

    No talo.