Run The Jewels - JU$T [ft. Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha] (Art Video)


  1. Matthew Bradley

    Matthew Bradley2 時間 前

    Zack could body 90% of the elite rappers.... look at how he just did run the jewels ffs He really out barred the bar masters

  2. qwerty6801

    qwerty68013 時間 前

    Zacks voice still sounds so youthful and full of... rage

  3. Lo Peezy

    Lo Peezy4 時間 前


  4. Waynside

    Waynside15 時間 前

    It doesn’t matter who you are, we are all slaves to the dollar

  5. Syn Pathetic 1

    Syn Pathetic 121 時間 前

    Omg!!! My boy zack aint dead yet!!! Did u hear that freakn flow?!!! That waa the shiz-nizzz!!!!

  6. Olivia Patel

    Olivia Patel日 前

    We can all agree this song is important to our time 🔥 love RTJ

  7. lausenteternidad

    lausenteternidad日 前

    Zack de la Rocha is the same age as my dad. And he murders the beat like he was half his age. Heck, even better, good rappers get real good with age. Like wine.

  8. Vinícius Boaventura Dias

    Vinícius Boaventura Dias日 前

    Seriously guys, put Zack de la Rocha in the group permanently. At this point, to me, it just feels natural. Everytime he is on a track with you he NAILS it. I personally would find fucking awesome to have Zack as the 3rd element in RTJ. Anyways, thanks for the great music.

  9. Drew

    Drew2 日 前

    Maybe simply a missed opportunity, but as good as this beat is Bino would have been far more credible on the hook. Obviously this is its own thing, but after "This is America" it is hard to view it as anything other than the natural continuation of that song. With all the revolutionaries on the track it wouldn't be hard to imagine Childish Gambino right alongside in them in a video topless and giving the camera the Forest Whitaker Eye. Plus, I'm sure he wouldn't have felt the need to tell his listeners to "get it" and "let it sink in" if only because we're an educated fan base that is listening specifically because we already get it an have let it sink in.

  10. Drew

    Drew日 前

    @topgun1792 relative to Pharrell? I'm just saying he fits the mood of the song better.

  11. topgun1792

    topgun1792日 前

    childish gambino has like 50 unique words in the whole song"this is america". Its a trash song. The video is cool, but the lyrics? childish gambino is no revolutionary.

  12. matthew andrade

    matthew andrade2 日 前

    Google Anthony "Antonio" Johnson. Not all slave owners were white.

  13. matthew andrade

    matthew andrade日 前

    Read the book "Black Slaveowners"

  14. matthew andrade

    matthew andrade日 前

    My point is that most is not all.

  15. StillGotShit4Brains

    StillGotShit4Brains2 日 前

    But most if not all were. Whats your point??

  16. Poppy Kneegrow

    Poppy Kneegrow2 日 前

  17. ntchblLpn

    ntchblLpn2 日 前

    RT4 hits your brain harder than COVID your economy

  18. Dave Hetrick

    Dave Hetrick2 日 前

    This is so hard core!............ So true well spoken. You guys are shredding the thesaurus..........

  19. charliemcnuggets

    charliemcnuggets2 日 前

    "Slave masters on dollars "And if you look at a quarter, dime, nickel, and a penny. Lincoln is on brown facing right. (Freed the slaves). Everyone else is on silver facing left. FACTZ

  20. Donny Ross

    Donny Ross2 日 前

    Real anger here. Love it. Even if I don't entirely agree with it.

  21. Steven Delaney

    Steven Delaney3 日 前

    I hope the music video for this is Killer Mike, El-P, Pharrell, and Zack dressed like victorian diplomats rapping in a ball room in between a bunch of ball room dancers with cuts of presidential impersonators, george washington, jackson, lincoln, etc. dancing center frame by themselves in the same ball room. Then maybe some cuts of protests and riots from the past 8 years.

  22. Cajon Jackie

    Cajon Jackie3 日 前

    OH, I KNOW, WE SHOULD USE THAT WOMAN FROM New Orleans, before the civil war, she had like 200 slaves except she was ALSO a serial killer and ran off to France when she was found out leaving her clueless husband behind to clear up the mess. I guess her being a Black Women (creole was the way they put it back then if you were wealthy enough) herself, married to a white Frenchman might keep her off of the money

  23. J. D.

    J. D.3 日 前

    Pharrell Williams asking for reparations as one of the most successful young black men in the world.... proving that hard work, a splash of talent, and some serious grit get you where you need to be and proving oppression doesn’t exist through his success. Pathetic. If you a bum, you a bum. There is no systemic racism. You’re a joke.

  24. Josh Nippleton

    Josh Nippleton2 日 前

    keep being in your delusional shell.

  25. Anthony Salas

    Anthony Salas3 日 前

    Zack , damn the energy he creates ! Unmatched \m/

  26. asmit317ify

    asmit317ify3 日 前

    Glad Zach still in the game

  27. Achi Thak

    Achi Thak4 日 前

    a De La Rocha verse about the Haitian Revolution in 2020's climate is peak De La Rocha.

  28. Ryan Wisbar

    Ryan Wisbar4 日 前

    Song starts at 2:39

  29. Lindsey Churchill

    Lindsey Churchill4 日 前

    Thank You : )

  30. Johnny Fishfingers

    Johnny Fishfingers4 日 前

    "The breath in me is weaponry" Fucking Zack just throwing out lines that stick to my mind forever.

  31. Andrew Koster

    Andrew Koster5 日 前

    Love the shout-out to L'Ouverture and Port-au-Prince

  32. 24

    245 日 前

    "Got a Vonnegut punch for your Atlas Shrug" AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. yougotmike

    yougotmike6 日 前

    Everything was gold and when Zach came in the hairs on my arm stood up. Like holly shit.. Mind fucked now I will rewind this 1889 + times

  34. J G

    J G6 日 前

    I'm 40 years old and was certain modern Hip Hop wasn't my thing....until I found this! Zack De La Rocha is a PROPHET!!! Dude is SICK!!! Mixing the old with the new, I was a HUGE RATM fan, first saw them live when they were touring with Wu-Tang Clan then saw them at Tibetan Freedom Festival and then with Gang Starr, Rage is Revolutionary, this is the music young people need to hear, this song is FIRE

  35. Drew -JD2

    Drew -JD26 日 前

    Look at all the privelaged white kids posing as Black Life Matters...

  36. A Missedwingproduction

    A Missedwingproduction7 日 前

    Funny how some say money dont matter/that's rich now in't...

  37. Christina Oliva

    Christina Oliva7 日 前

    Dear Lord, I can't take it. ⚰️💀🖤

  38. Natalie Perez Becerra Goeth

    Natalie Perez Becerra Goeth8 日 前

    Mastered ECONOMICS because he cane from SQUALOR. That’s the story of my LIFE -JUSTIN MENDIOLA♑️🤟🕋

  39. LaZrRay

    LaZrRay9 日 前


  40. Ink Ognito420

    Ink Ognito4209 日 前

    Damn I needed this right now- RTJ AND ZACK perfect for the mind....

  41. Juanita Tenorio

    Juanita Tenorio9 日 前

    2020 song of the year! #shitSLAPS

  42. butcheredfilms

    butcheredfilms9 日 前

    Killer Mike 4 President. EL-P 4 VP RUN 2020

  43. Antoinette Reyes

    Antoinette Reyes9 日 前

    I'm hard of hearing, losing hearing every day, is there a closed caption I'm missing? I would love to listen.

  44. Antoinette Reyes

    Antoinette Reyes9 日 前

    meaning can I read it?

  45. Gentlemen Christ

    Gentlemen Christ10 日 前

    This song is pretty stupid. Rage against machine got to try in the 90s. They're just like Marxist college kids... But embarrassingly they are adults. They are going to make money. And you will not make the money. They had their chance and they ruined it.... Let It go. There are no more slave masters unless you want them around to be mad at....

  46. Marcus Stone

    Marcus Stone10 日 前

    Renegades of funk! Running amok!

  47. Beef’n Broccoli

    Beef’n Broccoli10 日 前


  48. Big Jump

    Big Jump10 日 前

    That "yeah yeah" reminds me of filthy franks instrumentals

  49. philmedone

    philmedone10 日 前

    Zack. I might need to put him on my MC Mt Rushmore

  50. Grensley

    Grensley11 日 前

    I just realized that this song starts with Pharrell's signature 4 count.

  51. daysupernoob

    daysupernoob11 日 前

    There’s just something so soothing about Zack spitting like an OG should.

  52. Dj Greedo

    Dj Greedo11 日 前

    Hell yeah !!!!!!! Nice work !

  53. Janine Marsh

    Janine Marsh11 日 前


  54. v

    v11 日 前

    The iconic Pharrell 4-beat at the start of the song!

  55. Forest Bayer

    Forest Bayer12 日 前

    Next millennium shit

  56. Gina Will

    Gina Will12 日 前

    Wow! They really are posing on the money! ALL OF THEM

  57. emc4255

    emc425512 日 前

    Can we get a Zack n RTJ collab album pls?

  58. jermz238

    jermz23812 日 前

    we bounce off walls like a sentient roomba, just found out his creator's stupid hahaha

  59. Elvis Is Real

    Elvis Is Real12 日 前

    Only think that I don't like about this track is that El insinuates that Eric Garner was selling cigarettes when he was killed. He had just broken up a fight, and the cops RECOGNIZED and hassled him because of his PREVIOUS selling of cigarettes. The cops had no reason AT ALL to interact with Eric Garner that day.

  60. Jordan Norris

    Jordan Norris12 日 前

    This goes hard AF

  61. X diesel Fiend

    X diesel Fiend12 日 前

    Respect to Pharrell

  62. david dangerfield

    david dangerfield12 日 前

    Thanks RTJ, this new album is calibre! 'sup Cyber Punks? Please Google my new sci fi fantasy novel 'The Music Of The Spheres' by David Dangerfield' . Themes include Australian indigenous culture, music, fashion, politics, ecological disaster, an harmonic pandemic, mythology and metaphysics... Paperback and economical eBook (instant entertainment for enduring a lockdown) now available worldwide online and in-store. At just over 100 pages it is designed to be a quick but mind bending read featuring surreal and poetic layers describing music and dance, as well as song lyrics. Published with Austen MaCauley of London. Story synopsis: The world of the not-too distant future is plagued with ecological disaster, economic collapse and ruled by a tyrannical corporation called Omni. A twelve year old Afghan named Orpheus, cast among millions of ecological and political victims within a mass detention center in central Australia, can bend reality with their singing voice... Careful to evade Omni's brutal oppression and obsessive control over emerging new dimensional possibilities known as the 'The Spheres', Orpheus teaches their gifts there to a growing counter culture of 'Orphics'. With the help of a blind Australian indigenous elder named Yunuringa and the arrival of the comet causing the dimensional anomalies, prophesied to be an ancient artificial intelligence arc known as The Argus, Orpheus leads the Orphics at mass Corroboree's in The Spheres... With collective voice, they heal the sick, empower the poor and mend the Earth's ecology... Evolving the hearts and minds of all who can hear... The Music of the Spheres.. About the Author : Whilst working a variety of day jobs in Melbourne, Australia David Dangerfield's consuming passion has been music, composing, performing and recording a considerable trove of instrumental music over many years. From grunge, avant rock, electronic, abstract, ambient and sound scapes to performing and recording soundtracks for short film, dance, theater, arts festival pieces and digital media. To hear new and archive instrumental music by the author please search ‘David Dangerfield’ at . David has also been an announcer and music programmer for commercial and public radio, DJ’ed in bars and clubs and consulted to Olympians on music for sports freestyles, amongst many other musical adventures... The culmination of his extensive arts and communication industry experience is his magnum opus, The Music Of The Spheres: an epic seven part musical myth cycle, the first installment of which is this volume-The Songlines Of Orpheus.

  63. Kevin Mccormick

    Kevin Mccormick13 日 前

    Michael Render for president

  64. ice la honk

    ice la honk13 日 前

    @0:56 source of that voice sample? so familiar

  65. Dad The Rapper

    Dad The Rapper13 日 前

    2022 still in a room without a view

  66. thebran

    thebran13 日 前

    Zack is definitely in his 90s form!

  67. Spider Man

    Spider Man13 日 前

    I heard that this song is on alternative rock Radio now As the third Single.

  68. Allende42

    Allende4214 日 前

    ZDLR vocals gives me an adrenaline rush!

  69. ice la honk

    ice la honk14 日 前

    I recognize that sample of the voices.... anyone?

  70. Arnab Banerjee

    Arnab Banerjee14 日 前

    If Fight or Flight rush had an audio signature, RTJ would be it.

  71. hoodwrecked

    hoodwrecked14 日 前

    Finally, rap that doesn’t suck in 2020.

  72. The Will of G

    The Will of G13 日 前

    What about Alfredo though?

  73. A Groovin Black Sheep

    A Groovin Black Sheep14 日 前

    slave masters = presidents = money = owned by those in power. own less = less power power = money

  74. Arklite Phoenix

    Arklite Phoenix14 日 前

    Music like this is how civil wars are sparked. Downvoted.

  75. Jenette Williams

    Jenette Williams13 日 前

    stay mad.

  76. Desenova 913

    Desenova 91314 日 前

    I didn't realize art caused wars...hmmm...I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that art reflects not just the self, but the world around the artist?

  77. Chris 515

    Chris 51515 日 前

    I wonder who inspired this? 🤔 gee idk

  78. The Real Vsauce

    The Real Vsauce15 日 前

    kill the slavemasters!

  79. Charlie Wassamire

    Charlie Wassamire15 日 前

    Can we all appreciate Pharrell producing on this track? Reminds me of the Neptune's days.

  80. ColoradoTrophyFishing 24/7

    ColoradoTrophyFishing 24/715 日 前

    Zack De la Rocha for President 🤘

  81. Mike Daegu

    Mike Daegu15 日 前

    badass. Rage against the Machine... wish more rappers would get behind this shit. Childish Gambino gets it.

  82. King Kook

    King Kook15 日 前

    Holy crap they just raised the bar! What an album this is !!! 🙌🙌🙌

  83. OneManArmy1421

    OneManArmy142115 日 前

    Nobody’s gonna say anything about how good Pharrell sounds with these harder rappers? Like a bite of ice cream with the steak and asparagus.

  84. TheLuffyTv

    TheLuffyTv日 前

    Because Pharrell is more than that happy record that man is lo- key a goat with the lyrics and the actual GOAT on the boards skateboard p been nasty

  85. The Real S

    The Real S日 前

    I read this while eating steak and asparagus. O.O

  86. Poppy Kneegrow

    Poppy Kneegrow2 日 前

    @Gentlemen Christ phuck post baloney

  87. etru6

    etru64 日 前

    Was glad to see Pharrell do something more serious/political. I think you are gonna see a lot of artists move in that direction in light of current events.

  88. DickinaBox

    DickinaBox4 日 前

    Dude he even got his 4 count on the song also he reminds me of scoot if any seen the shofu cypher

  89. viscose808

    viscose80815 日 前


  90. Ghost Shirt Society __

    Ghost Shirt Society __15 日 前


  91. Jonathon gussner Gussner

    Jonathon gussner Gussner16 日 前


  92. Joseph Correa

    Joseph Correa16 日 前

    Just gotta say thank you El-P and Killa Mike for blessing us with these JEWELS!!! AND ZACH DE LA ROCHA!! SO FILTHY!! it's the perfect combo of old and new school.. Make me wanna skateboard and tag shit!

  93. Marcusfabious Maximus

    Marcusfabious Maximus16 日 前

    Soooo loving this....RTJ and Zak pure gold!

  94. Dominic B

    Dominic B16 日 前

    Glad to hear one of the best to ever do it! Zach de la O is back!!!

  95. Mahīśāsaka

    Mahīśāsaka16 日 前

    Zack is definitely a top 10 MC of the past 30 years, he’s been consistent and incredible since 91-92