Run The Jewels - a few words for the firing squad (radiation) (Art Video)


  1. Lost Monkey

    Lost Monkey日 前

    OMFG, it is 36°C / 96.8°F and I had chills for 6min

  2. Josh Broushini

    Josh Broushini日 前

    OoooOOOooOOOh merde!!! C'est incroyable


    Jery - YOUNGDAGGERSAD2 日 前

    This is so powerful

  4. Jarman Olivares

    Jarman Olivares2 日 前

    This song probably has the least amount of word's and more sense and subject than any!!!

  5. Kom Rook Met My

    Kom Rook Met My2 日 前

    There is something indescribable about how this music speaks to that frustrated emotional core of us all.

  6. Kaniel Rose

    Kaniel Rose2 日 前

    "Trying to make it out the mud as a baby father is much harder. The same children you love and adore, the court will use to break and rob ya." - killer Mike The system is wicked but made us stronger!!! Peace people!

  7. lukeb90lb

    lukeb90lb3 日 前

    That violin.... holy shit!! Gives me chills every time!! RTJ forever!!

  8. NSGrendel

    NSGrendel4 日 前

    I bought this day of release. Have never listened to a single song off it unless via youtube. LOL. Don't regret a penny. Wish I could give more to the cause.

  9. Rizzle Dizzle

    Rizzle Dizzle4 日 前

    this freaking track gadamn....

  10. mehdi

    mehdi4 日 前

    there is a lethal weapon vibe in it fuckin powerful

  11. Hugo Marquez

    Hugo Marquez5 日 前

    How the hell am I bopping my head and balling my eyes out at the same time

  12. Nicholas S

    Nicholas S5 日 前

    Fuck I wish that outro was a song

  13. Jero Han

    Jero Han6 日 前

    Killer Mike is almost crying, you can hear all the emotions in his delivery. This is top-tier lyricism.

  14. Jeff Balbuena

    Jeff Balbuena7 日 前

    "This is the story of a couple of small time hustlers Framed by crooked cops and forced to make a run for their lives Nothin' but a bag of money, a stolen Buick Grand National And each other to their names They ain't friends, exactly These guys have a better chance of killing each other Than beating the odds No sir, they're brothers, and when the chips are down I really don't think you want to bet against Yankee and the Brave

  15. Tijuana SIX

    Tijuana SIX8 日 前

    Jeopardy is ny favorite song by these niggas and this song feels like jeopardy part 2. Does anyone else imagine a music video for this song. If not, let your mind create brilliance like it did with books in 2nd grade.

  16. Josh Harris

    Josh Harris8 日 前

    This is the perfect album for 2020.

  17. asanfasan

    asanfasan8 日 前

    does someone know what the climax violin sample at the 1:19 is from ?, I believe I've heard that in some bond movie or something .

  18. Clay Bowser

    Clay Bowser9 日 前

    really powerful shit

  19. Saul Villarruel

    Saul Villarruel9 日 前

    Damn yo! They really know how to structure and close an album the fuck out! 👉🏽🤛🏿🙌🏽


    SPWATHY9 日 前


  21. mazzak

    mazzak10 日 前

    Gym session listening to RTJ4 Get in car Final song starts Saxophone solo hits Have existential crisis

  22. Kittyhat

    Kittyhat10 日 前

    best rtj track

  23. Josh Nippleton

    Josh Nippleton10 日 前

    This closing track is fucking beautiful. Nuff said.

  24. Elvis Is Real

    Elvis Is Real11 日 前

    I want a whole TV series about people summoning RTJ when they have no other hope, then the crew wafflestomping whatever the problem was before disappearing in a puff of smoke......

  25. Elvis Is Real

    Elvis Is Real9 日 前

    @B Basen I could totally see it as an Adult Swim-style cartoon, too

  26. B Basen

    B Basen9 日 前

    I want to expand on this but I just realized I'd be writing fan fiction like a wee lass and I'm not doin that haha.

  27. f

    f11 日 前

    I only have one point of criticism. And that's the reverberation on the voice of El-p. It's off. its way to much and it makes it sounds muchie. It's like he is rapping in an empty silo.

  28. Catiosis Last name

    Catiosis Last name12 日 前

    Based rtj

  29. Georgia Heard

    Georgia Heard12 日 前

    A Few Words For the Firing Squad. Thank you 💔💔💔

  30. Freya Mikilson

    Freya Mikilson13 日 前

    This is my song of the year

  31. Milan David

    Milan David13 日 前

    today: A Report to the Shareholders tomorrow: a few words for the firing squad

  32. Elvis Is Real

    Elvis Is Real12 時間 前

    Next week: Hell surrenders

  33. elder jerome

    elder jerome13 日 前

    This song is already a classic

  34. Jason Tempel

    Jason Tempel15 日 前


  35. jon cin

    jon cin15 日 前


  36. Marcelo Chorus

    Marcelo Chorus16 日 前

    soy muy fan del disco anterior

  37. RBIKO5

    RBIKO516 日 前

    oh. my. god.

  38. Gábor Viczán

    Gábor Viczán16 日 前


  39. Toxic_jay

    Toxic_jay17 日 前

    Are all going to ignore the sick outro I sing that everyday 5:50

  40. Sean Edwards

    Sean Edwards17 日 前

    Song of the year, maybe of the decade. A masterpiece of truth telling brilliance. A little TV on the The Radio feel

  41. Yes That Miguel

    Yes That Miguel19 日 前

    So ya'll just made my eternal "Last stand""Fuck ya'll""Have at Thee"Soundtrack. Thank you.

  42. Vaughn Gainey

    Vaughn Gainey19 日 前

    Damn. RTJ did it again.

  43. taylorbender1

    taylorbender119 日 前

    Y A N K E E A N D T H E B R A V E

  44. Cuhh

    Cuhh19 日 前

    i dont know why, but the production and everything does give me TPAB vibes, in RTJ style

  45. Mr. E

    Mr. E19 日 前

    This is such good wax, felt like my soul was on max every single track and from the edge of the black ledge it pulled me back . I needed this at once twice so bad before I had another ton dropped on my back and all I could feel was the attack before i went forevermore numb! Straight up my soul was worn thin and music has always been and sometimes my old friend. Thank you Uncle Mike and El-P, straight dope for soul and suddenly I didn't feel so alone. Much Love!!! ✌️

  46. Cassette Thrill

    Cassette Thrill19 日 前

    Yankee and the Braaaaaaavvvvvvveeeee... Brave, Brave, Brave.... Braaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvveeeee.....

  47. X diesel Fiend

    X diesel Fiend20 日 前

    Killer mike need to run for pres

  48. X diesel Fiend

    X diesel Fiend20 日 前

    Real rap

  49. teamillestbeats

    teamillestbeats20 日 前


  50. david dangerfield

    david dangerfield21 日 前

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    JUSTIN YOUNG21 日 前

    Every damn track on this album is profoundly resonating the here and now of our hearts.

  52. Luke Shaw-Mounsey

    Luke Shaw-Mounsey21 日 前

    There's nothing better right now!!!

  53. The trap in the hat

    The trap in the hat22 日 前


  54. Anthony Rebello

    Anthony Rebello22 日 前

    this song is sticking with me like a MF

  55. VonderVitch

    VonderVitch22 日 前

    I like how the beat comes back more raw than before all of the sudden. Sax is the shit.

  56. Reverb Twang

    Reverb Twang22 日 前


  57. Arsonist Oi

    Arsonist Oi22 日 前

    I have spattered on many previous songs... I don't fuck with Run The Jewels

  58. Ghost

    Ghost22 日 前

    "put the pistol and the fist in the air, we are there, swear to god" is genuinely what i needed

  59. P digi317

    P digi31722 日 前

    I’m apparently not impressed w this album as much as everyone else seems to be even beings how EL is 1 of my fav artist of all-time, but this track is simply amazing !

  60. Fixkatz

    Fixkatz22 日 前

    "Like maybe rich is not the holy ever lovin' king of nothin' fuckers" - brilliant.

  61. MillHizzo

    MillHizzo23 日 前

    RTJ!!! You gotta drop a rhyme on that country 'yankee and the brave' beat at the end, not a country fan but that would be suck!

  62. czechpirc

    czechpirc23 日 前

    Album of the year

  63. Angelia Serbinski

    Angelia Serbinski23 日 前

    Duo of the millennium with the honest bars 👊👈

  64. Cliché Name

    Cliché Name23 日 前

    This track is really fucking good, You guys are quickly becoming my favorite

  65. American Ugly

    American Ugly23 日 前

    Down in Georgia Used to ride the Marta ATL loves you RTJ 👉👊

  66. Guiyo mus

    Guiyo mus24 日 前

    Amazing track! I don't know if it's the sax or the general mood of the track and the fact that it's sounds a lot like a movie soundtrack, but i get a Stanley Clarke Boyz n The Hood vibe.

  67. Jim Groff

    Jim Groff24 日 前

    Whole release is 2020 anthem at this point. 🚬🔥🔥

  68. Ashe Pitts

    Ashe Pitts24 日 前

    These two are lightning in a goddamn bottle!!!!

  69. cardboard jesus

    cardboard jesus24 日 前

    El-P and Killer Mike slay every single thing they do

  70. Pierce Markusic

    Pierce Markusic25 日 前

    What rap should sound like

  71. Anita Hughes

    Anita Hughes25 日 前

    Man your tracks RTJ are just fucking killer all the way, love you guys and so glad I found you amongst so much average shit in a phoneie world!

  72. manan dedhia

    manan dedhia25 日 前

    RTJ has always done this... it has the same tension build up and release of some of my favorite modern metal albums..... and the fearlessness to transcend artistic trends and genre boundaries .... more power to artists such!

  73. Dj Marksman

    Dj Marksman25 日 前

    4:08 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯!!!!!! Maaaaaaaan dat part wuz crazy!!!!!

  74. Austin

    Austin26 日 前


  75. joey kuhn

    joey kuhn26 日 前

    Yall got release a music video for this song

  76. Rotaholikz hds

    Rotaholikz hds26 日 前

    daymmmm is that a slip off inxs in their,,, this album just tops all albums from front to back now to go out and find it MASSSSIIIVVVEEE

  77. Anthony M

    Anthony M26 日 前

    by far my favorite song on the album

  78. Adam Myers

    Adam Myers26 日 前

    This album is so beautiful that its truth in its purest form. The whole album is a banger but this track is certified goosebumps. Remember your last words to the firing squad kids......

  79. Dan Garuga

    Dan Garuga26 日 前

    This song was an emotional gut punch

  80. wild Times

    wild Times26 日 前

    DA best track i heard in a long assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss time

  81. Taylor Ray

    Taylor Ray26 日 前

    This is the kind of album where every song is better than the last, then you restart the album and the pattern doesn't start over... just better and better with every minute listened. THANK YOU RTJ.

  82. Conner Fields

    Conner Fields26 日 前

    They can rap over 3/4!!!!

  83. Zach

    Zach26 日 前

    Yep. HEART more important than Smarts. "I used to wanna get the chance to show the world I'm smart (ha) Isn't that dumb? I should've focused mostly on my heart 'Cause I seen smarter people trample life like it's an art So bein' smart ain't what it used to be, that's fuckin' dark"