Rod Wave - Through The Wire (Official Music Video)


  1. Effectsore

    Effectsore時間 前

    Realest and most dedicated/motivated artist of 2020

  2. Heaven Parker

    Heaven Parker3 時間 前

    Listen to this shit at LEAST once a day

  3. Kyrien We

    Kyrien We3 時間 前

    Who sits and listen to this when playing Fortnite

  4. wayment duc

    wayment duc4 時間 前

    Glokknine'll snap on this beat no 🧢

  5. Seth Amina

    Seth Amina4 時間 前

    The people who’ll dislikes videos is clearly broke af

  6. Lawanda Oliver

    Lawanda Oliver4 時間 前


  7. Tee so Loyal

    Tee so Loyal5 時間 前

    I’m glad your ok Rod Wave ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Tequoia Radley

    Tequoia Radley6 時間 前

    I'm a big fan hope you get better 🙂😘 you ok

  9. Donald Brown

    Donald Brown6 時間 前

    some niggas so young they don't even realize he remixing Kanye

  10. Erica Hill

    Erica Hill6 時間 前

    Rod wave got a Birthday coming up 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  11. Erica Hill

    Erica Hill6 時間 前

    I’m coming to your concert 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  12. Retro 80's Fanatic

    Retro 80's Fanatic8 時間 前

    Shout Out To Rod Wave For Barely Moving In This Music Video and Standing By His Injured Automobile's Side The Whole Time.

  13. Ja’myaa Hernandez !

    Ja’myaa Hernandez !12 時間 前

    My Fav Bottom Boy Survivor 💔

  14. devion mccary

    devion mccary13 時間 前

    How hit hard af 🚫🧢

  15. Hunnit Billz

    Hunnit Billz13 時間 前

    I ain’t gonna lie everybody need to listen to Live Life By C Lanski

  16. Hunnit Billz

    Hunnit Billz13 時間 前


  17. Sanisha White

    Sanisha White15 時間 前

    I love this song 💕 , make me think

  18. TrulyCj

    TrulyCj16 時間 前


  19. Brith Persaud

    Brith Persaud16 時間 前

    Who is here after listening to deluxe?

  20. MalkyBoy

    MalkyBoy16 時間 前

    I can’t believe this mediocre song has more views than Through The Wire by Kanye West.

  21. lil treadmill

    lil treadmill2 時間 前

    It doesn't tho. Lol look there's an upload of it with 18M, and this song was like playing homage due to the car accident theme, and talking at the end. Both good songs, I prefer kanye's but this slaps

  22. Zy Spann

    Zy Spann16 時間 前

    I now rod wave is like friends to everyone but he is family to me I would be on rod wave side forever no matter what even if he quit JPreporter

  23. Felicia Donahue

    Felicia Donahue17 時間 前

    Just broke down 😢

  24. Joshua Gullie

    Joshua Gullie17 時間 前

    Almost lost a legend glad he’s okay🙏🏾

  25. humble will

    humble will19 時間 前


  26. Demerius Wise

    Demerius Wise20 時間 前

    Why people gotta hate all the time like why everyone cant like the video

  27. Sethyboy Boy Frm Down The way

    Sethyboy Boy Frm Down The way21 時間 前

    Protect Rod at all cost

  28. Tracey Bergeron

    Tracey Bergeron23 時間 前

    The car tho he lucky he survived god was wit him 🙏🤪

  29. Jamerion Jackson

    Jamerion Jackson23 時間 前

    3:23 i cant stop replaying this part 😭😭 it gives my chills everytime i hear him say "through the wire"



    I was listening this while playing my football game it gave me so much encourage win bc I was losing

  31. Kevin Lopez

    Kevin Lopez日 前


  32. Aiden Berrelleza

    Aiden Berrelleza日 前

    Man got the idea from Kanye what a genius

  33. Trinity Lynch

    Trinity Lynch日 前

    God please heal him we need him❤️🥺

  34. IG: srryzay

    IG: srryzay日 前

    If I’m sober for too long I get in my feelings 💔💯😭

  35. qtSwavyGoat

    qtSwavyGoat日 前

    Rod Wave ate the other side of the car😭😭😭🤣

  36. Maniyla Winston

    Maniyla Winston日 前

    Rod Wave

  37. Ikese03 -_-

    Ikese03 -_-日 前

    RIP Duck bro 🥺💔

  38. Zora Beer

    Zora Beer日 前

    All I see is that poor C8 Corvette :(

  39. Deshawn Tate

    Deshawn Tate日 前

    This song right here... getting me through some rough shit right now.. Bless up yourself Rod 🙏🏾

  40. BTK TRAY

    BTK TRAY日 前

  41. BTK TRAY

    BTK TRAY日 前

  42. BTK TRAY

    BTK TRAY日 前

  43. BTK TRAY

    BTK TRAY日 前

  44. Khan SAVAGE

    Khan SAVAGE日 前


  45. Icrank90sboi123 On switch

    Icrank90sboi123 On switch日 前

    I pray for you🙏🏾😔

  46. wooback sway

    wooback sway日 前

    rod waves songs rly hit me 😕😣much love and support to this legend

  47. Finest Mani

    Finest Mani日 前

    Didn’t his girlfriend die or sum body?

  48. Kvng ZayZay

    Kvng ZayZay日 前

    No when he said his girl dies he was talking abt his car

  49. Kode Crain

    Kode Crain日 前

    Rod wave if u see this can u plzzzz reply and tell me ur life story cuz every time I listen to ur songs they always sound so depressing and sad

  50. AC2

    AC2日 前

    This remind me of when I got jumped and stabbed 7 times! They tried to kill me and I got air lifted to the hospital...the next day I was trying to leave the hospital , mad af wanted to get revenge! Everybody telling me to chill relax . All you need to know is shit got handled accordingly! I feel like alot of ROD WAVE song are for me that how much I relate to his music! ....this dude need to be protected!

  51. AC2

    AC2日 前

    Bruh I relate to alot of this dude's music Soo fucking much it's crazy!

  52. K T

    K T日 前

    Love this nigga he so raw and authentic . Music full of emotion and passion

  53. iirxckless _

    iirxckless _日 前

    We Gonna act like he ain’t eat the end of that car

  54. jody Tv Acc

    jody Tv Acc日 前

    We not gon act like he ain’t eat the half of dat car 💀😂

  55. Shiny Moonlight

    Shiny Moonlight日 前

    Oh my God this was a freak accident. I gotta keep him in my prayers. We don't need another legend gone. It's a miracle that he is still alive.

  56. Akeem Henry

    Akeem Henry日 前

    My time coming soon and see

  57. Erion Johnson

    Erion Johnson日 前

    On god



    I play this song everyday for the whole day until my entire family starts singing along

  59. kangaBrawl

    kangaBrawl日 前

    Polo g 2

  60. Jessica Austin

    Jessica Austin日 前

    Fr I love you broo

  61. chris rubio

    chris rubio2 日 前

    At the end yo 🥺 - what it takes to be real I’d gladly risk it all 💔

  62. TBoy Torres

    TBoy Torres2 日 前

    I respect the guy who makes rod wave beats, bless up bro !!🔥