[Rocket Punch - BOUNCY] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 200213 EP.652


  1. Iil Syahputra

    Iil Syahputra20 時間 前


  2. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    R o c k e t P u n c h

  3. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    Dahyun 💖💕

  4. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    Sohee 💕💖

  5. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    Yunkyoung 💖💕

  6. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    Suyun 💕💖

  7. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    Yeonhee 💖💕

  8. αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн

    αlωαүs sωiғтiє & ωσσllιm's тяαsн日 前

    Juri 💕💖



    Suyun is most beautiful, Juri is ugliest



    @Seasalt Vlogs juri has always been ugly since she was in AKB48

  11. Seasalt Vlogs

    Seasalt Vlogs2 日 前

    No ones ugly. How about you? Look at mirror please

  12. Lali

    Lali2 日 前

    I’m in love with Juri and Suyun

  13. Steller’s Sea Eagle

    Steller’s Sea Eagle3 日 前

    댓글이 다 영어네 ㄷㄷㄷ;;

  14. 에리카

    에리카3 日 前

    처음에는 몰랐는데 쥬리 파트가 너무 적다ㅠㅠ 진짜 잠깐씩해서 네 소절 겨우되려나.. 빔밤붐때는 6명다 적절하다 생각해서 좋았는데 이번에는 분배 너무하다 싶을정도ㅠㅠ

  15. 영혼의단짝Soulmate

    영혼의단짝Soulmate3 日 前

    한국어내놔ㅠㅠㅠ 사랑아 롴펀해

  16. 제니

    제니3 日 前

    빔밤붐이랑 바운시랑 울림이란 단어가 둘어가넹 노린거면 귀여웠다

  17. 삶은 계란

    삶은 계란4 日 前

    애들 춤이 격하고 뛰는 것도 많은데 굽 있는 거 말고 운동화 신기지ㅠ 무릎이랑 발목 걱정된다

  18. Alina Ray

    Alina Ray4 日 前

    If these clothes collection in my wardrobe, they are queen >_

  19. Alina Ray

    Alina Ray4 日 前

    I love flexy song

  20. maAfe

    maAfe4 日 前

    3:43 cutie. Ifalling in love

  21. 오두리

    오두리4 日 前

    배바지입고도 살아남은 수윤이

  22. 7직장인7

    7직장인74 日 前

    난잡하다고 느꼈는데 듣다보니 띵곡이네

  23. sum sum

    sum sum5 日 前

    수윤찌 사룽해♥♥♥

  24. Vanshika Mittal

    Vanshika Mittal5 日 前

    0:26 holy shit she looks like Dahyun from Twice

  25. Vanshika Mittal

    Vanshika Mittal4 日 前

    @Seasalt Vlogs 감사합니다

  26. Seasalt Vlogs

    Seasalt Vlogs4 日 前

    Yeonhee , rocket punch leader ( she joined woollim ent 2017 )

  27. 박보검

    박보검5 日 前

    이번곡 너무좋은 1위가자

  28. 현군.

    현군.5 日 前

    왜 박자가 조금 느린거같지? 여튼 노래나 안무 모두 너무 좋음. 다들 1집보다 너무 많이 성장함. 근데 1집부터 메인곡 가사에 '울림'이라는 단어 넣어서 JYP처럼 꺠알 어필하는건 참신하네요 ㅋㅋ

  29. Kaylynne

    Kaylynne5 日 前

    Rocket punch dancing is so good. I didn't understand this song at first. It's starting to grow on me.

  30. Storm Blue

    Storm Blue5 日 前

    빔밤붐때 쥬리로 돌아와줘 ㅠㅠ

  31. Cassandre Gagnon

    Cassandre Gagnon5 日 前

    i was a casual stan before this but fuck it rocket punch world domination

  32. 아띠

    아띠5 日 前

    컴백시기 잘 잡있으면 1위할 수 있었을 것 같은데... 이번에 여돌이 넘 많이 컴백해서ㅠㅠ

  33. 율밍

    율밍5 日 前

    쥬리야 항상 응원하고있어!!!

  34. J.U Kim

    J.U Kim5 日 前

    빔밤붐도 그렇고 이것도 그렇고 가사에 "울림" 이라는 단어가 들어가는구만

  35. Reyler Gutiérrez

    Reyler Gutiérrez5 日 前

    son unos de esos temas q no quieres q terminen de lo bueno q son belleza total WOOLLIM tiene una joya q le esta empezando a sacar un gran provecho

  36. 대황유

    대황유5 日 前

    한국 댓글 못찾겠어서 직접 쓴다 롴펀이들 사릉해

  37. Bts Bangtan

    Bts Bangtan5 日 前

    Addicted with this song

  38. 소나 SONA

    소나 SONA5 日 前

    소희? 왤케귀엽냐.. ㅜ♡

  39. chanyeol burger

    chanyeol burger5 日 前


  40. 김바라바라밤

    김바라바라밤6 日 前

    레전드 발캠.......

  41. 武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止

    武士道國家を復活しよう。日の丸、君が代を廢止6 日 前


  42. Moon Jar

    Moon Jar6 日 前

    OMG WAIT THEY ARE AMAZING😍❤️ but i also want kard to win because they didn’t even have one win amd they have been in the kpop game for so long ... someone idk what to do;-;

  43. Lizzy Official

    Lizzy Official6 日 前

    I think we hidden kard's should focus on getting them a win, since J Seph is going to the military soon. I love rocket punch, but they just debuted so it would be better to focus on Kard

  44. rin l

    rin l6 日 前


  45. Joyce Vivien Reyes

    Joyce Vivien Reyes6 日 前

    From the start they debuted i know they have a lot of potential. That they can reach their dreams. They can be known worldwide! Goodluck to RocketPunch!!!!

  46. yixuan

    yixuan6 日 前

    very confused by the outfit concept........

  47. ゆぅこCoCo

    ゆぅこCoCo6 日 前

    ダヒョンがミナに似てるからかもだけど、AOAに似てる要素ある気がする! いい意味でね! ただまだAOAにあるセクシーさはもう少ししたらもっと出てくるのかなって感じ♪

  48. Maureen Reinata

    Maureen Reinata6 日 前

    i feel u use " Batik " from Indonesia but idk

  49. 3355 _

    3355 _6 日 前

    Pola klasik vercase kak.

  50. Nana na

    Nana na6 日 前

    Itu vercase

  51. Cat G.A

    Cat G.A7 日 前

    The engrish in the beginning makes me cringe. The chorus is nice tho

  52. Christina Mulloy

    Christina Mulloy7 日 前

    Yeonhee looks like Tzuyu in the thumbnail. 😂 I swear everytime I look at her I see a resemblance to another beautiful idol

  53. Seasalt Vlogs

    Seasalt Vlogs4 日 前

    Irene and half Jennie

  54. TheKivad

    TheKivad7 日 前


  55. Le Chini

    Le Chini7 日 前

    They did did so good! Rocket Punch fighting!!!

  56. Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 666

    Juan Jose Kronno Zomber 6667 日 前

    Increible coreo! 👌 Ame mas esta cancion, la note un poco menos "cute" pero aun asi amo sus canciones 😚❤🎵

  57. Yeo Chin

    Yeo Chin7 日 前

    idk but I think they gave the very short hair girl a very bad hair style.

  58. とまととまと

    とまととまと7 日 前

    my big love🚀🚀🚀🚀from Japan🇯🇵

  59. SpringSnow

    SpringSnow7 日 前

    *When Iz*one comeback tomorrow,Sakura will reunite will Juri*

  60. HyderyuszEnT

    HyderyuszEnT3 日 前

    please no, i still remember while superior senbatsu election juri was robbed by sakura when sakura still 1 year at AKB while juri already 3 years.

  61. Simon Dale Dunton

    Simon Dale Dunton7 日 前

    Woolim really doesn't know the word lipsync

  62. R.A.P

    R.A.P7 日 前

    Juri with one piece dress....!!! Suyun with high ponytail....!!! Yeonhee with black hair....!!! CMONNNNN STOP WRECKING ME.......

  63. Emi Jan

    Emi Jan7 日 前

    Se destacan bien cada uno ! Ánimos!!

  64. SF9's Baebaero

    SF9's Baebaero7 日 前

    Okay but that Suyun girl is sooo+ pretty 😍

  65. Afiqah Nazifa

    Afiqah Nazifa8 日 前

    Sohee cant be handled. She's tooo cute. Cutie cutie sohee ssi. ^~^

  66. Bibi Keulim

    Bibi Keulim8 日 前

    I really want to see izone in music shows so that the japanese members nako, sakura & hitomi would have a reunion or would have an interaction with juri

  67. HyderyuszEnT

    HyderyuszEnT3 日 前

    juri never had any reaction in truth to sakura (i still remember that juri was robbed in senbatsu election by sakura), only hitomi who close enough to juri...

  68. Alina Ray

    Alina Ray8 日 前

    Sohee can rap in her deep voice n high pitch :") Worldwild skrt skrt

  69. Kief Ybanez

    Kief Ybanez8 日 前

    * makes me remember the 2nd gen girl groups, they have the same melody and vibe as the girl groups at that time*

  70. ひきしば

    ひきしば8 日 前