Rich The Kid - Money Talk (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) [Official Music Video]


  1. Billionaire Tayy

    Billionaire Tayy20 時間 前

    Pussy so good I might buy her a Jeep that’s some fire 🔥 😂🤣😂

  2. Xx spits

    Xx spits22 時間 前

    They areally did money talks with the old people

  3. Cassa Najor

    Cassa Najor日 前


  4. Clay Anzley

    Clay Anzley日 前

    I see ya blood

  5. Josh Goulette

    Josh Goulette日 前

    Search this in JPreporter and the suggested search was “Money talk nba”

  6. Jeanne Saintilus

    Jeanne Saintilus日 前

    youngboy got his reboot card then it turns out to be a good dub

  7. JoeyBag0Donuts AZ

    JoeyBag0Donuts AZ日 前

    bro they both went hard... tf yall talkin bout? they needa do more songs together fr

  8. PdeTae X4L

    PdeTae X4L2 日 前

    1:06 my favorite part

  9. GGxCrazy

    GGxCrazy2 日 前

    subscribe to my JPreporter

  10. Tiul Bras

    Tiul Bras2 日 前

    Rich the kid so trash bruh he usin YoungBoy to stay relevant cus no one looks for rich the kid or his music .... imagine wave riding YoungBoy jus to get 7 million views lol

  11. Nuno Ribeiro

    Nuno Ribeiro2 日 前

    Rich ft. Never broke again

  12. Lexis Collins

    Lexis Collins2 日 前

    the only good part is nba youngboy who agrees?

  13. Elijah Parks

    Elijah Parks2 日 前

    watch that money talk

  14. hailie sekula

    hailie sekula2 日 前

    Heard this when it leaked WAY BETTER WITHOUT RICH THE KID

  15. fijicivic24

    fijicivic242 日 前

    I’de like to see rich try and incline press that shit 🤣

  16. Einkäufe & Mehr

    Einkäufe & Mehr3 日 前

    March 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Da Waters 6

    Da Waters 63 日 前

    NBA YoungBoy

  18. DAVID Carter

    DAVID Carter3 日 前

    so he gone snitch for sum money kuz he aint talking for free

  19. Marcus Hall

    Marcus Hall3 日 前

  20. Alexis Knight

    Alexis Knight3 日 前

    Loveeee ❤️

  21. Kariel Gaulden

    Kariel Gaulden4 日 前

    At da end of this song it says "2020 Nobody safe"

  22. Kariel Gaulden

    Kariel Gaulden4 日 前

    N uu know what Lil top coulda died 2 times his bruddas pouring water on him in his sleep n xans

  23. Barbara Hines

    Barbara Hines4 日 前


  24. PS4 TouchMyTeddies

    PS4 TouchMyTeddies4 日 前

    oh man rich you know everyone is so depressed in 2020 why even flex? like do you even have respect for what is going on with the world and people dealing with shit and all you do is sit here and flex on youtube because you think you are all that you know i would legit die for the money you have i do not even care for fame or pussy just the money and respect is all i need by the time you read this i am already dead

  25. Crystal Angelica Vlogs

    Crystal Angelica Vlogs5 日 前


  26. Lavar Ball

    Lavar Ball5 日 前

    youngboy flow was legendary on this song

  27. elasticbandit718

    elasticbandit7185 日 前

    Beat is Tough A.F

  28. Cheyenne Rogers Official

    Cheyenne Rogers Official5 日 前

    If you like nba youngboy like this.

  29. Alex Carl

    Alex Carl5 日 前

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  30. da wavy

    da wavy5 日 前

    📽 🎼💯 Wow fire 🗣💥💥💥 Jefe-G is definitely up next 👇🏿 🗣 Or the 👌🏿 WONT BE DISSATISFIED🎥 new heat check it 💯

  31. Justin Russell

    Justin Russell5 日 前

    This is fkin horrible WOW

  32. king choppa

    king choppa5 日 前

    Rich he sound like he drunk

  33. lana les

    lana les5 日 前

    Young boy flow is cold AF

  34. Michael Sk97

    Michael Sk976 日 前

  35. Beautiful Butterfly

    Beautiful Butterfly6 日 前

  36. Devontai Mitchell

    Devontai Mitchell6 日 前

    This suck but this One of the best songs I’ve ever heard dude is 🔥🔥fr

  37. Devontai Mitchell

    Devontai Mitchell6 日 前

    This suck but this One of the best songs I’ve ever heard dude is 🔥🔥fr

  38. Felicia Sanders

    Felicia Sanders6 日 前

    Hi how are oh h

  39. Ezra O.

    Ezra O.6 日 前

    This go so fuckin hard

  40. Californiayay Films

    Californiayay Films6 日 前

    "Pussy so good that I might buy her a jeep"

  41. Felicia Sanders

    Felicia Sanders6 日 前

    Hey how's it going I didn't have a chance to look like a good day

  42. Louis Afredo

    Louis Afredo6 日 前

    They wrecked it D@ HoLL3 TiM3!!!

  43. Franky boy your Bro

    Franky boy your Bro6 日 前

    What wrong with rich the kid voice??

  44. Valeria Sanchez

    Valeria Sanchez6 日 前


  45. Midnight Clan

    Midnight Clan6 日 前

    Its crazy how good they are together

  46. Busisa Lukwe

    Busisa Lukwe6 日 前


  47. Busisa Lukwe

    Busisa Lukwe6 日 前

    Rich never disappoint 🔥🔥🔥

  48. Teo Chudy

    Teo Chudy7 日 前

    Yall jus some fuckin haters, Rich part hard, even if it wasn’t don’t bitch about it just enjoy the fukn song and don’t tell me his hook isn’t fukn fire... stop playin and ain’t nobody give a fuk if u only came here for youngboy

  49. unnecessary _sweat

    unnecessary _sweat7 日 前

    Best duo

  50. unnecessary _sweat

    unnecessary _sweat7 日 前


  51. AllYourBase

    AllYourBase7 日 前




    ssgkobe version better in my opinion

  53. Kevon Holloway

    Kevon Holloway7 日 前

    they did that

  54. Pinky nap Maria

    Pinky nap Maria7 日 前

    I like this song

  55. Pinky nap Maria

    Pinky nap Maria7 日 前

    I love NBA youngboy

  56. Christian Johnson

    Christian Johnson7 日 前

    yb the only reason this sound good

  57. Its Lit

    Its Lit7 日 前

    Underrated song 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Malthe Dommerby

    Malthe Dommerby7 日 前

    fkn legends

  59. Exotic Cichlids

    Exotic Cichlids7 日 前

    No hate to rich the kid but if young boy posted this, it would definitely rack a ton more views

  60. Ose Johnson

    Ose Johnson7 日 前

    Love this sound

  61. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy7 日 前


  62. K BlueHunnids - Topic

    K BlueHunnids - Topic7 日 前