Restoration 9 year old APPLE IPAD tablet destroyed | Rebuilt the tablet | Restore the tablet


  1. Madhu Beta

    Madhu Beta13 分 前

    I want to buy that apple tab

  2. Explorer

    Explorer3 時間 前

    Hahaha He Is The Only One Who Get Those Valuable and Restore Able Type Thing Only On Road Grabage🤣

  3. Ankita Thakur

    Ankita Thakur20 時間 前

    sb kuch to nya dal diya

  4. ANUJ poddar

    ANUJ poddar日 前

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  5. Zoanisious S

    Zoanisious S日 前

    But he has really good talent to restore 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  6. Slava Melnick

    Slava Melnick日 前

    это все подстава ....

  7. Berozgaar Indian

    Berozgaar Indian日 前

    He just replaced each and every part except the aluminium body....thats not restoration dude...

  8. RanjAña Jangid

    RanjAña Jangid日 前

    Apko kesa pata ki tab 9 sal purana h ap Ko to Mila tha na fully fake

  9. Ninkor Barman

    Ninkor Barman2 日 前

    He is the only one who can find anything in any were expecting corona vaccine

  10. Armaan jha

    Armaan jha3 日 前


  11. it's arman rajput

    it's arman rajput3 日 前

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  12. Phú Cường

    Phú Cường3 日 前

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  13. parveen bhatt

    parveen bhatt3 日 前

    It's a restoration..what the🤣🤣🤣....

  14. PIRATES Gaming

    PIRATES Gaming3 日 前

    bro mara i pad ka screen ka mas la ha app usa si kar do pleace ma pakistan sa ho lahore

  15. TechsBucket

    TechsBucket3 日 前

    no icloud 🤣

  16. Ng Henry

    Ng Henry3 日 前

    I still using 1gen ipad,but just for youtube use only



    Who the hell throwed that pad in his backyard next time come to my house 😂😂😂

  18. Kevin Patel

    Kevin Patel4 日 前

    Yoh can give me any phone having 3 gb ram please i have seen all your videos

  19. Chumki Sinharay

    Chumki Sinharay5 日 前

    He standing in the garden and suddenly got a iPad and then let's start to restore 10 year old ipad. Lol😂😂😂

  20. Funny Videos NRW

    Funny Videos NRW5 日 前

    Wo findet man so etwas? Ist bestimmt extra hingelegt worden.

  21. YouTube world _

    YouTube world _5 日 前

    great job bro

  22. Someshwar patimini

    Someshwar patimini5 日 前

    Will you give it for me

  23. ryandanarya madrid

    ryandanarya madrid6 日 前

    I have a Xiaomi cellphone. Are you broken or can you help me with this?

  24. John Mac

    John Mac6 日 前

    Totally fake

  25. Franchu Aurelio

    Franchu Aurelio5 日 前


  26. yahyaa gilang

    yahyaa gilang6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> lol



    Bro this I pad send please ❤️❤️

  28. Che Che

    Che Che6 日 前

    Be positive guys and wright some this encourgable

  29. YoRHa NieR

    YoRHa NieR7 日 前

    Hế lô ae việt nam

  30. Satish Suman

    Satish Suman7 日 前

    Wow he is so lucky..he was found a poor apple table

  31. Anime Head

    Anime Head7 日 前

    I see kimetsu no yaiba <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="902">15:02</a> fıfjrjfkdlld Apple ipad is ded 2019 or 2020

  32. Angélica Coronado

    Angélica Coronado7 日 前

    Me entretiene mucho ver cómo restaura las cosas este men

  33. Tobe gamer

    Tobe gamer7 日 前

    What is that solution that u used to clean parts

  34. Lucas Pineda

    Lucas Pineda7 日 前

    Watching this video on a ipad

  35. RKG

    RKG7 日 前

    I am scrolling comments you have given every one 💓 but you don't reply fffffffffffff😆😆😆😆😆😆

  36. Issam eddine

    Issam eddine8 日 前

    Before i even click on the video i knew there will be mud and plants a someone minding his own business and suddenly an ipad is found ✨taraaaaa🎆

  37. chris olson

    chris olson8 日 前

    Great video

  38. Kreative World

    Kreative World8 日 前

    Ye mereko ipad chaiye 😢😢

  39. Frank Scarano

    Frank Scarano8 日 前

    fake in every conceivable way.. its a trickery of video editing. what he does is takes a good working ipad, takes it apart and preps the key "parts" as new replacement parts, wraps them in cellophane and puts them aside. Then starts recording the video of the assembly process. shows it works. Then stops the video. Destroys the hell out of it.. plants it in the 'garden' then starts the video again pretending its the beginning and then does this tear down and joins the one clip with the other during the assembly process to make it appear that he cleaned it up and "fixes". it. The part where he tears apart the screen and then shows the new replacement parts wrapped in cellophane is around the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> time stamp where the "swapped time video editing" was done where he really started this whole thing, thats why suddenly the whole things looks so clean and pristine inside.. he does this slight of hand in almost all his videos... The add on "fluff" of testing with the meter and soldering is so staged it's incredible. There is nothing useful he was able to obtain by these steps other than impressing a naive audience. The part that really made me laugh was using a giant soldering gun to fix this microscopic board that only SMD rework stations and a magnifier could possibly fix. That alone shows me how staged this whole thing is.

  40. Cøld_ Hëartš

    Cøld_ Hëartš8 日 前

    I have that same iPad lel

  41. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark8 日 前

    Лучше купи новый

  42. Live dhanyam

    Live dhanyam8 日 前

    Awesome restoration bro 😀



    Bhai terko hi kaise milte h

  44. safeer ahmad

    safeer ahmad9 日 前

    I want Mobil Samsung a30 lcd new

  45. tush gamer

    tush gamer9 日 前

    Give mi iPad

  46. LearnDeals

    LearnDeals9 日 前

    Hi I'm maybe demanding but I like to see the background history just suggesting ( not famous)

  47. Fatih 61

    Fatih 6110 日 前

    Fake! I hate it!

  48. MSM productions

    MSM productions10 日 前

    I want to restore my old q mobile s1 can you help me

  49. KimThoa Truong

    KimThoa Truong10 日 前

    Vietnam ?

  50. Eka Pramesuari

    Eka Pramesuari11 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="904">15:04</a> is it tanjirou, zenitsu, and inosuke?

  51. EnderNice Bro

    EnderNice Bro9 日 前


  52. Märten Vallask

    Märten Vallask11 日 前

    Its fake restartion

  53. Deepak Morya

    Deepak Morya11 日 前

    Ku apna gar sa id locked crack kr ta ha iCloud ka

  54. King Ashraf

    King Ashraf11 日 前

    Ya it's face restoration full scripted

  55. Sohum Padhi

    Sohum Padhi12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="374">6:14</a> lol

  56. Tok Dalang

    Tok Dalang12 日 前

    I dont know why... But it think it could impossible if some people throw off an ipad to the Landfield THAT owner or people who go throught this field doesn't notice it yet...

  57. kk ka

    kk ka12 日 前

    Old shell + new parts = Restoration

  58. Ethan Biggs

    Ethan Biggs12 日 前

    It's fake

  59. Mr. Noway

    Mr. Noway12 日 前

    Fake? ....... 🤔... Yes i think.....

  60. Miranda Strickland

    Miranda Strickland12 日 前

    Fake or real, these videos are pretty relaxing

  61. Strike Gamerz

    Strike Gamerz12 日 前

    How can be believe it’s a real restoration? But superb...!

  62. dee h

    dee h12 日 前

    Cute puppy in the begining🥰🐶

  63. frank castle

    frank castle13 日 前

    If I had all of that equipment I would try to fix that

  64. Todd Branston

    Todd Branston13 日 前

    Fascinating, if I dropped my phone in the sink and it got wet it wouldn’t work. But somehow, magically, those components that you got wet seem to work? I know that you’re using your meter to measure voltages, but I’m wondering if you can tell me where you got the schematic to discern exactly what voltage is required? Simply knowing that there’s voltage doesn’t determine whether or not an electronic component is good. You have to know if it has the correct voltage. Where is the schematic and what’s the voltage? I found a schematic for most Apple products, and they require a specific voltage Also, strangely, your iPad doesn’t have a lock code. LOL






    Tell me the place I will go and I will take and come apple laptop

  67. Елена Иринева

    Елена Иринева14 日 前

    pls ipad you

  68. Martin Wolf

    Martin Wolf14 日 前

    ich iPad 6 APPLE ID

  69. Greg Terzian

    Greg Terzian14 日 前

    These restorations are not real. If you watch these videos, the logic chips and circuit board components are always working. There's very little actual repair work being done. iPads and laptops found in gardens and the motherboards are seemingly dirty the same way. I think it's possible the repairs are genuine, but I doubt it. These items being restored are always in the very same condition.

  70. Tahleel Ayoub

    Tahleel Ayoub15 日 前

    It takes hardwork to rebuilt it 😮

  71. ajay sharma

    ajay sharma15 日 前

    One morning I wake up and find ipod in my garden😂😂😂

  72. Joaquin Peratta

    Joaquin Peratta8 日 前

    ajay sharma

  73. Sagar Chouhan

    Sagar Chouhan15 日 前

    Is really 9 years before Apple I pad Has built 😁😂

  74. Adventures with a Vic

    Adventures with a Vic15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="805">13:25</a> interesting how it automatically connected to wifi after 9 years 😏🤔

  75. Wdy musyaraf

    Wdy musyaraf7 日 前

    Because he repair the ipad

  76. Ssen

    Ssen15 日 前

    lol its previous owner must be vietnamese

  77. jackie

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  78. huang kevin

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  79. Wesonliang Lai

    Wesonliang Lai16 日 前

    Can you restoration my memories? :"(

  80. KRA Borshon

    KRA Borshon17 日 前

    Fake bro

  81. Camille Hamid

    Camille Hamid18 日 前

    This is fake because why is the wifi network is connected

  82. Andrea Medilla

    Andrea Medilla18 日 前

    Most of the parts were new, hahahahahahhaha!

  83. くんトンヌラ

    くんトンヌラ18 日 前


  84. GamesCell

    GamesCell18 日 前

    Steve Jobs is really happy that you restored his innovative stuff