Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI 'Monster' MV


  1. VelvetApink

    VelvetApink4 分 前

    Hi luvies i dont push u guys to help but a group named Saturday is really underrated they released a song today please help us to str3am and if u guys have time to stan them we will be greatful

  2. Syafina Febrina

    Syafina Febrina5 分 前

    1:48 monster

  3. 곰슬기

    곰슬기10 分 前

    와 슬기 카리스마🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  4. Agustina Mantu

    Agustina Mantu14 分 前

    Rv: real vocal

  5. Emre METE

    Emre METE16 分 前

    Monster = Vampire Carmilla?

  6. A6_26_RodoRamot Glowder

    A6_26_RodoRamot Glowder17 分 前

    just admit it, this song is so catchy and make u sing "iam a lil monster" part for no reason

  7. A6_26_RodoRamot Glowder

    A6_26_RodoRamot Glowder18 分 前

    just admit it, this song is so catchy and make u sing "iam a lil monster" line for no reason

  8. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt20 分 前

    Unpopular opinion : all SM artists are all rounders in KPOP

  9. Chaq Su

    Chaq Su30 分 前

    Luvies! Fighting! We can do it.

  10. Rose Youngrin

    Rose Youngrin37 分 前

    I wondered something no reason why... What if Jinyoung watched this... how would he react

  11. Yemme TV

    Yemme TV40 分 前

    Hi guys~ if u mind please check our Irene & Seulgi- Monster MV Reaction in our youtube channel. Thank you🙏🏻

  12. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt19 分 前

    Now kiss

  13. Aida Ida

    Aida Ida時間 前

    Grup flop

  14. Gaby Mtz

    Gaby Mtz分 前

    Hey new account going around all the red velvet videos posting that old flop word hahaha the obsession for reveluvs attention hahahahah

  15. johan dipo

    johan dipo41 分 前

    Bego lu

  16. wandyshon

    wandyshon41 分 前

    y u here sis

  17. Renee Lee

    Renee Lee時間 前

    I am obsessed with this now but anyone gonna talk about how Seulgi popping out of no where at 0:05

  18. Raquel Aquino

    Raquel Aquino時間 前

    Im only here after i saw hodong and shindong version hahaha

  19. Lena

    Lena時間 前

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  20. wandyshon

    wandyshon40 分 前

    thank youu

  21. veluv 1999

    veluv 1999時間 前

    I saw this in ads I watched the whole ads till end Not dissapointed

  22. Anahi Min

    Anahi Min時間 前

    irene = cosa bella seulgi = basura

  23. Tael Yeon

    Tael Yeon時間 前

    come one luvies less than 300k for 41M

  24. 별나라임굼님

    별나라임굼님時間 前

    1:47 대박 이거 꼭 봐야 됌

  25. JohnCarlo Colon

    JohnCarlo Colon時間 前

    This song was so addictive and it turn to be my alarm

  26. mahesa nrr

    mahesa nrr2 時間 前


  27. T01

    T012 時間 前

    RED VELVET will constantly go viral in the future because they are always Ahead of time.

  28. Yatno Yatno

    Yatno Yatno2 時間 前

    40.707m!! +455k so far

  29. Priyadarshini Ray

    Priyadarshini Ray2 時間 前


  30. Camo net is for cowards

    Camo net is for cowards2 時間 前

    Hi Revluvs, today in about 2.5 hours (6pm kst) (G)i-dle is about to have a summer comeback with single *#DUMDiDUMDi* , i hope you will check that out and help us in str3aming

  31. Huha Puja

    Huha Puja2 時間 前

    Now kiss

  32. RK Babita

    RK Babita2 時間 前

    Why I feel like Taylor and red velvet make a song together ,it will be the best collaboration

  33. Mohd Yasin

    Mohd Yasin2 時間 前

    Vote for red velvet at vma

  34. Mohd Yasin

    Mohd Yasin2 時間 前

    .....And its freaking 40m here so happy

  35. Gil Love

    Gil Love2 時間 前

    This is so great. Great. Great. Yup.

  36. Nindy Zakiyyatussawa

    Nindy Zakiyyatussawa2 時間 前

    Aseul Aseul monsetahh

  37. Bae Irene

    Bae Irene2 時間 前

    Str34m mode on

  38. marina leffy

    marina leffy2 時間 前

    Ddu ddu monster

  39. 엠푸레스ーEmpress

    엠푸레스ーEmpress3 時間 前

    I sincerely thank all Reveluvs/Luvies who still and keeps on str3aming this masterpeice. Thank you so much.

  40. Andina Sinta

    Andina Sinta3 時間 前

    Favorite song

  41. R3d Velvettt

    R3d Velvettt3 時間 前


  42. Tael Yeon

    Tael Yeon3 時間 前

    im still watching this everday.

  43. Kpop Lover

    Kpop Lover3 時間 前


  44. Vire Go Vire Go

    Vire Go Vire Go3 時間 前


  45. unknown one

    unknown one3 時間 前

    After weeks of streaming, I've officially become a monster for Aseul Aseul >:D

  46. kana

    kana3 時間 前

    str3aming this everyday and now i memorized the choreography skska

  47. Nurma Cornelia

    Nurma Cornelia3 時間 前

    나는 너의 작은 괴물이야

  48. Nurma Cornelia

    Nurma Cornelia3 時間 前

    I love this song

  49. Sam Nicole

    Sam Nicole3 時間 前


  50. Taeyeon Lee

    Taeyeon Lee3 時間 前

    I really like this concept. Both of them suit it. Great performance.

  51. Phyu Phyu Aung

    Phyu Phyu Aung4 時間 前


  52. Phyu Phyu Aung

    Phyu Phyu Aung4 時間 前

    Best K-pop Girls Group

  53. Min Yoongi

    Min Yoongi4 時間 前

    The choreography and beat is just addicting

  54. Holly Carp

    Holly Carp4 時間 前

    Irene & Seulgi.

  55. 아이린*裵柱現

    아이린*裵柱現4 時間 前

    앨범 사야징

  56. Chaq Su

    Chaq Su4 時間 前

    Let's get nearly 45M views before Aug7. Luvies! Please str34m harder.

  57. ROSES chill.

    ROSES chill.4 時間 前


  58. Alfian Hidayat

    Alfian Hidayat4 時間 前




    Let's go to 50 million views let's get it😊

  60. Son Wannie

    Son Wannie5 時間 前

    Miss you guys

  61. Blackvelvet*zone

    Blackvelvet*zone5 時間 前

    ☡IMPORTANT PLEASE MULTIFANDONS READ☡ The Girl group *Saturday* is coming back with the song *D.B.D.B DIB* and we need you guys to increase their views and sucess. They are from a small company and need your help, they had no money to make the comeback but anyways they did to make their dreams of being sucessful come true. Let's not waste their talent, let's make their dreams come true. You can help only by watching their MV, liking it, commenting and sharing with your friends. If you liked them you can also make a part of the fandom. Thank you❤❤

  62. JC

    JC5 時間 前

    one word: GAY

  63. Cara Jones' Cooking in the Kitchen

    Cara Jones' Cooking in the Kitchen5 時間 前


  64. kk r

    kk r5 時間 前

    It will be 1 month and it's still didn't reach 50m reveluv why tf you're sleeping??? Our girls deserve more please don't be lazy and stream it everyday!!!!

  65. 美女波子tam

    美女波子tam5 時間 前 U