Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV


  1. Shelalu Kim

    Shelalu Kim12 時間 前

    1.3M likesss

  2. scout

    scout12 時間 前

    It's always summer with Red Velvet songs~ 22M down and I'm still going Umpah Umpah 💚💜💖💛💙

  3. Archana Bhat

    Archana Bhat12 時間 前

    I wish rvf 3 has extended rap parts for our rapline 😔❤️💜

  4. Alin Maulana

    Alin Maulana12 時間 前

    Main nada bagus ferfect

  5. Joel Y Brigette Maza Ortiz

    Joel Y Brigette Maza Ortiz12 時間 前

    Beauty yeri😚

  6. Kae Kae

    Kae Kae13 時間 前

    anyone else on a red velvet MV marathon?

  7. Kim Dahyun

    Kim Dahyun13 時間 前

    Omg, they mentioned Ice Cream Cake, Happiness, Red Flavor, and Dumb Dumb.

  8. 죽창

    죽창13 時間 前

    아니 ^^ㅣ발 왜 영어밖에 없어 한국인도 영어로 쳐 써놨네 리신 댓글 있나 보러왔더니

  9. sarah holyy

    sarah holyy14 時間 前

    I dont understand why they r still people not appreciate seulgi talented n said she is ugly.just why😢just give her solo n im done with that

  10. Sneha Choudhury

    Sneha Choudhury12 時間 前

    She's literally one of the most popular members nationally and internationally. Ignore the haters

  11. Dns Shop

    Dns Shop14 時間 前

    What is her name 0:56?

  12. Dns Shop

    Dns Shop12 時間 前

    @JJ ba thank you

  13. JJ ba

    JJ ba14 時間 前

    If is the short hair girl at the window is wendy , if is the long brown hair one wearing yellow is seulgi

  14. C코피

    C코피14 時間 前

    Has anyone thought about how Irene is 28?

  15. Sony Dhungana

    Sony Dhungana14 時間 前

    Am the only one who feels sad for them for not being able to enjo my their holiday because of the rain?

  16. yeosjseff

    yeosjseff14 時間 前


  17. 팀류

    팀류14 時間 前


  18. Davjay

    Davjay14 時間 前

    yaolo gakuat lemes

  19. Dalkom V

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  20. Dalkom V

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  21. Dalkom V

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  22. Dalkom V

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  23. Dalkom V

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  24. Astrid Klein

    Astrid Klein15 時間 前

    So I think umpah umpah is now officially doing worse in view than really bad boy mv but it’s ok reveluv just buy album and stream daily for our queens.! Views don’t mean much when they are already winning on kshows one after another!

  25. tatymex

    tatymex14 時間 前

    No, they are the same, RBB also kept freezing/deleted views ah, and both had no ads, shocking lol

  26. Ar Em Lopez

    Ar Em Lopez15 時間 前

    Laughtrip sa pagong hahahahhaha

  27. Luvi Hyera

    Luvi Hyera15 時間 前

    Umpah umpah

  28. enkhjin Ganzorig

    enkhjin Ganzorig15 時間 前


  29. tyo

    tyo15 時間 前

    why red velvet is so underrated? im so sad of this but its really happens, please support red velvet, we’re reveluv, we’re perfect velvet!

  30. tatymex

    tatymex15 時間 前

    They aren't underrated lol.

  31. rohayati ghani

    rohayati ghani16 時間 前

    [AAA 2019] #36 Redvelvet ✅ Sign in through FB, Gmail, Twitter ✅ Free 2 votes everyday Reveluvs, let's do our best voting for our queen just like we did in Soribada:) 👉

  32. Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv

    Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv16 時間 前


  33. Angelika Murillo

    Angelika Murillo16 時間 前

    RED VELVET is worth something unforgettable ❤️❤️♥️♥️ keep streaming guys..

  34. Aliyya Rassat

    Aliyya Rassat16 時間 前

    Cute as always

  35. Hiếu Nghĩa Nguyễn

    Hiếu Nghĩa Nguyễn16 時間 前

    Umpah Umpah: 30% Zimzalabim: 30% Red Velved: 40%

  36. R3d Velvettt

    R3d Velvettt16 時間 前

    Come on 30 M

  37. Sarah Nur Wahyu

    Sarah Nur Wahyu16 時間 前

    Luvies~ i know you always here, keep str€@m!ng for Red Velvet

  38. jjiae

    jjiae17 時間 前

    The fact that 3 different members did the 3 highnotes is so amazing and Red Velvet is talented, periodttt.

  39. Justin Mateo

    Justin Mateo17 時間 前

    1:12 is yeri?

  40. Rara Zweta Zweta

    Rara Zweta Zweta17 時間 前

    Omg!,so cute

  41. Aiscelle Cruz

    Aiscelle Cruz18 時間 前

    Let’s get this to 23M!

  42. Jenifer Chagas

    Jenifer Chagas18 時間 前

    Joy yeri seulgi Irene wendy Love

  43. Hopes LiFe

    Hopes LiFe18 時間 前

    I actually like this song and I do feel the rhythm and this song is unforgettable

  44. Hopes LiFe

    Hopes LiFe18 時間 前

    Summer vibes

  45. jgp RV

    jgp RV18 時間 前

    Let's go, 23M!!!!!

  46. preznille john Riva

    preznille john Riva18 時間 前

    My Alarm Clock Ringtone.. So when the Music Start.. Automatic I woke up and Smile. 22M views

  47. 서렌

    서렌18 時間 前

    우리팀 리신특징)음파 못맞춤

  48. Girl Group Cult

    Girl Group Cult19 時間 前

    hewo reveluvs ! i just uploaded my new video "making my own kpop girl group + debut album..." it includes RED VELVET,can u check it out ? :3 (sorry for self promo ik its annoying ksfgmsf :

  49. Yatno Yatno

    Yatno Yatno19 時間 前


  50. Yatno Yatno

    Yatno Yatno19 時間 前

    78k in 9 hours Keep fighting

  51. Yatno Yatno

    Yatno Yatno19 時間 前


  52. Aneta Omar

    Aneta Omar20 時間 前

    Always listen this song it's perfect

  53. Eka DewaY.

    Eka DewaY.20 時間 前

    22.236.649 19.09.15

  54. SteLLANoVA

    SteLLANoVA20 時間 前

    _Happiness is like Ice Cream Cake._ DID SHE JUST...?

  55. Ferdyan Sembiring

    Ferdyan Sembiring20 時間 前

    I love yu😘😘😍😍 red velvet

  56. Astrid Sanixay Molland

    Astrid Sanixay Molland20 時間 前

    The chorus reminds me of a Disney channel movie 😂🤷‍♀️

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  59. YOU Tube YOU TUBE

    YOU Tube YOU TUBE20 時間 前

    1.6M subscribers 22M views 1.3M like 104k comment ReVeluv not joking 🤗

  60. YOU Tube YOU TUBE

    YOU Tube YOU TUBE20 時間 前

    Red VELVET

  61. YOU Tube YOU TUBE

    YOU Tube YOU TUBE20 時間 前

    Omg 1.3M like FIGHTING ReVeluv

  62. Sveline

    Sveline20 時間 前

    is this song about sex

  63. Sneha Choudhury

    Sneha Choudhury12 時間 前


  64. baby.chimmy yoonkimin

    baby.chimmy yoonkimin20 時間 前

    Er...the title had me asking.. *Are they gonna dress up as oompa loopas* 😳😳

  65. Vanillasama

    Vanillasama21 時間 前

    Wendy’s acting in this? Is honestly top notch and super cute

  66. I am a person

    I am a person21 時間 前

    This song came out the day school started for me. Truly a Back To School BOP!

  67. Yodsakon Phoket

    Yodsakon Phoket21 時間 前