Red Velvet 레드벨벳 '음파음파 (Umpah Umpah)' MV


  1. Ranu Gamer

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    This video's is sponsored by *MONOPOLI*

  2. Yatno Yatno

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  3. Jon Tomass

    Jon Tomass19 時間 前

    The hair stylist for this MV should be fired.

  4. gamer in mobile legends

    gamer in mobile legends20 時間 前

    Stream umpah umpah

  5. Jesus Rea

    Jesus Rea日 前

    Why they never used the beach outfits in any of their performances, i'm real mad, they look perfect on them 😭

  6. 박주현

    박주현日 前

    너무 예쁘고 너무 귀엽다 노래도 너무좋아진짜ㅠㅠ

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  9. Heloísa Maria

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    zimzalabim umpah umpah 🤝

  10. Sodalin Heng

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    Attention please The second child of ReVe festival need love please give more love to second child ❤️. It’s SOTY 💖💛💙💚💜

  11. Rifka Tifani

    Rifka Tifani日 前

  12. Sophiya Khait

    Sophiya Khait日 前

    hot take but umpah umpah is my favorite rvf song

  13. And

    And日 前

    00:50 its a seulgi's mistake?

  14. Alice 2076

    Alice 2076日 前

    Am I the only one that prefers Umpah Umpah over Psycho? Like the Reve Festival is officially now in my top 5 Kpop albums because it has a bit of everything, but in terms of the Title tracks it has to be Zimzalabim(my 2nd gen heart omg) >>> Umpah Umpah > Psycho

  15. heylem forero

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    see you in the factory

  16. Ryan Guilherme Felício De Araújo

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    2:14 joy's high note

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    31.5Million V¡€w$!!!!!!

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    Streaming streaming streaming

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    31,553m fighting

  26. Fauzan Mubarok

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    Very good harmonization

  27. Sone5807

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    Come here after the viral theory on twitter

  28. LunarSpace

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    Hey why did the turtle cross the road? To meet Red Velvet Ok I'll stop

  29. Holes on Moon

    Holes on Moon3 日 前

    Woah. I hafnt seem this and after specially Psycho i thought this must ve years ago.. Like they can chadnge all the aura and everything even gestures just... I didnt know Seulgi could smile like that ahah and Wedmy is soooo oooo good with short hair.

  30. Park Bo young

    Park Bo young3 日 前

    I love how Umpah umpah is a phrase used for swimming and they’re saying umpah-pah purposely to drown you because they’re trying to teach you the incorrect phrase

  31. Hari Yeo

    Hari Yeo3 日 前

    Why some people don’t like this song ? I think this song is very good and make us happy

  32. Bradyn Graf

    Bradyn Graf3 日 前

    this song won song of the year and people still think it's bad. come on accept this amazing song!


    BAE VELUV3 日 前



    BAE VELUV3 日 前


  35. sybot100

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    oompa loompa

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  38. Zero Hero

    Zero Hero3 日 前

    I hope this song can appear in musical movies or like high school musical something

  39. stargirl xo

    stargirl xo3 日 前

    1:28 Irene's "baby" is sending me

  40. Nindi Pranta

    Nindi Pranta3 日 前

    Diferent concept ...yeahh RV 😍

  41. TWICE love once

    TWICE love once3 日 前

    やっぱりスルギは可愛いコンセプトでもカッコよさが出てしまう 良いーーー

  42. ir6nes

    ir6nes3 日 前

    2:14 ON REPEAT

  43. velours rouge noirerose

    velours rouge noirerose3 日 前

    They are happy killing people especially Luvies 😎

  44. sketch book

    sketch book3 日 前

    Something unforgettable umpah umpah~~

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  46. ayyip wo

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    Here we go again

  47. Kelly Jo

    Kelly Jo3 日 前

    sorry girls for being so late. plz forgive me. love the song. you did well, keep up the great work.

  48. Zar Ankgelic

    Zar Ankgelic3 日 前

    No prob, welcome fam❤

  49. Anonymous

    Anonymous3 日 前

    I’m still not over this

  50. missjenn

    missjenn4 日 前

    People be acting like this song doesn’t exist like y’all stream this masterpiece

  51. missjenn

    missjenn4 日 前

    It did great on music show wins but damn the views got slandered 😔

  52. bean

    bean4 日 前

    look what I did

  53. joo naera

    joo naera4 日 前

    lemme be honest, this song is great, but not as attractive as zimzalabim.

  54. jung wang

    jung wang2 日 前

    It's a bop but it feels like SM didn't really invest much into the Music video 😬

  55. Robin

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    Red Velvet 💖

  56. Revsone Eve

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    Please don't did our SOTY dirty >.< Stream harder luvies

  57. joysgwanshim

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    *This is such a wonderful song about drowning people*

  58. joysgwanshim

    joysgwanshim4 日 前

    This was a bop we never deserved, such a shame how underrated this became internationally.

  59. Seung Wann

    Seung Wann4 日 前

    Umpah Umpah needs our attention!! Don't forget that Umaph Umpah Got SOTY

  60. eljaydl

    eljaydl4 日 前

    UFC 246: McGregor drops and stops Cerrone in 40 seconds.

  61. Park tenn

    Park tenn4 日 前

    can you use this ssong on disney channel ♥

  62. Sone5807

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    Great song for summer