Red Bull Smash Pit Stop World Record | 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix


  1. Barış Oktay

    Barış Oktay2 日 前

    Make it the intro to Drive to Survive season 2 and people won't be able to click on skip intro.

  2. Jack Turner

    Jack Turner4 日 前

    Shows 2 different pit stops

  3. Stan Verwijmeren

    Stan Verwijmeren6 日 前

    Guido: hold my tires

  4. The9der

    The9der8 日 前

    Don’t let this distract you from their pit stop in Monaco 2016

  5. Prateek

    Prateek9 日 前

    Looks like before a race all they drink is red bull.

  6. Andre

    Andre11 日 前

    what are these guys in the middle doing ?? Touching the car and...just watch ?

  7. Rutt Kongas

    Rutt Kongas11 日 前

    Verstappen: Is coming from the fastest pit stop in the world, is about to leave the pitlane Williams Team: "It'S yOuR cHaNcE, Kubica." Kubica in his mind: "The time has finally come to end this man's whole career!" Verstappen seeing Kubica blasting towards him: "Oh Tyre no..." Kubica after failing to crush Verstappen: "ThAnK wHeElGuN nO." Verstappen being safe: "Ha! That happens if you mess with onepointeightsecondpitstopman😎"

  8. gio .23

    gio .2311 日 前

    Imagine ferrari, with Leclerc as a driver, mercendes chassis and aerodynamics, sf90 engine and redbull pit crew

  9. Aditya P

    Aditya P14 日 前

    That Honda engine sounded extra raw during that entire race

  10. NRF 2019

    NRF 201913 日 前

    same, that's why i come here every day

  11. Flash Gamer Jp

    Flash Gamer Jp15 日 前


  12. LEVELUP !!!

    LEVELUP !!!18 日 前

    I say it to you in 1 Year they make Stops in 1.3 Seconds 😂

  13. Matheus Saliba

    Matheus Saliba18 日 前

    that's definitely an blink182

  14. Abimael Pasca

    Abimael Pasca18 日 前

    Is williams crew carreer over?

  15. Jordon S

    Jordon S19 日 前


  16. Mark Ballachi

    Mark Ballachi20 日 前

    Tell me, how can you dislike this when you are a F1 “fan”?


    JIMMY TAN20 日 前

    is it a 1.8 second pit stop? but in and out still 23 seconds?

  18. NRF 2019

    NRF 201913 日 前

    kubica blocked path

  19. Markus

    Markus20 日 前

    This was fast

  20. _dim-X-pert _

    _dim-X-pert _20 日 前

    Привет всем,6адоело работать,хочу в отпуск!!!! Хочу вживую посмотреть гонку,знаю что никто не прочитает этот ком) пофиг,хочу в отпуссскккк!!!!!

  21. Major Andrade

    Major Andrade20 日 前


  22. Эльмар Искандэров

    Эльмар Искандэров20 日 前


  23. Juan Villarino

    Juan Villarino21 日 前


  24. Gvido Gutmanis

    Gvido Gutmanis21 日 前

    I WOULD EXPECT DRIVERS NAME VISIBLE.... but seems like they shared that fame

  25. Putra Naga W

    Putra Naga W21 日 前

    Red Bull pit crew are the best!!.

  26. Diego Gonzalez

    Diego Gonzalez21 日 前

    Eso se llama trabajo en equipo

  27. Tj930

    Tj93021 日 前

    Not bad ! 😉👍

  28. Loughlin Holt

    Loughlin Holt21 日 前

    Robert it’s James

  29. Loughlin Holt

    Loughlin Holt21 日 前

    Robert it’s James

  30. Salman Binjumah

    Salman Binjumah21 日 前

    Great job 👍🏼♥️♥️

  31. Vivid thespis

    Vivid thespis21 日 前

    Poor williams.

  32. Cameron Durham

    Cameron Durham21 日 前

    Where were these guys in Monaco 2016???

  33. -Admiral Kaneki-

    -Admiral Kaneki-21 日 前

    Germany: 1.88 Brazil: 1.82 Just 0.06 seconds difference

  34. GamerOfDoom

    GamerOfDoom21 日 前

    Abu Dhabi. Red Bull 1.77 Pit stop

  35. NRF 2019

    NRF 201913 日 前

    tf a new record already?

  36. GamerOfDoom

    GamerOfDoom21 日 前

    And on TV they showed 1.9

  37. Wasif Shahriar

    Wasif Shahriar22 日 前

    Red Bull does give you wings indeed!!!!

  38. Bryce Peters

    Bryce Peters22 日 前

    The Honda purrs like cat.

  39. Fard Mee

    Fard Mee22 日 前

    Can you make a comparison between the 3 pit stop recordd which Red Bull set this season? Plzz

  40. Fard Mee

    Fard Mee22 日 前

    This is the best advertisement for Red Bull energy drink.

  41. Darren Boston

    Darren Boston22 日 前

    One of the main reasons the lads are so quick is this, back at the factory they do 80 pit stops a day, 40 in the morning & 40 in the afternoon 5 days a week, at the factory they have a battery powered car, they lock the race bay doors so no one can walk in & they just practice, that’s what Johnathan Wheatley wants. He also wants them in the gym for two hours a day 5 days a week also to maintain peak physical fitness. Race weekend they tend to do around 20/30 on Friday evening, before the cars are stripped ready for qualy on Saturday. The wheel guns are different to what other teams have inside, although still made by Piloi, these were developed “in house”. There are extra air tanks in the pit booms so the pressure never drops allowing rapid wheel gun changes.... this & loads more I know as I used to work there on raceteam for 5 years...... Thank me later!

  42. NRF 2019

    NRF 201913 日 前

    haiii thank u for ur service to RB

  43. rzzzky777

    rzzzky77722 日 前


  44. antoniosjohnson123aj

    antoniosjohnson123aj23 日 前

    Best pit crew 2019

  45. D.M.A.

    D.M.A.23 日 前

    Forza Ferrari...

  46. Jonny D

    Jonny D23 日 前

    Excited for the 2020

  47. Billy Mathews

    Billy Mathews23 日 前

    Why don't they give a point to the team with the quickest pit stop on race day, instead of fastest lap. Awesome pit stop 🏎💨🍾

  48. zenchii

    zenchii23 日 前

    I'm trying to figure out what there is to dislike...

  49. fred west

    fred west23 日 前

    I counted 3 seconds from the jackman lifted the front.

  50. Vollti GG

    Vollti GG23 日 前

    Holu s*it

  51. yaykiller123

    yaykiller12323 日 前

    because they were on red bull! haha!

  52. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan23 日 前

    90 👎 jealous idiots 🤣

  53. Schrödingers Katze :3

    Schrödingers Katze :323 日 前

    I never See Something that smooth and sexy

  54. TheFreedomRoad

    TheFreedomRoad23 日 前


  55. Vidyut Lokur

    Vidyut Lokur23 日 前

    Where is the radio chatter after the race.

  56. Константин Братищев

    Константин Братищев23 日 前

    They will change tyres without car stopping next time.

  57. The Truth

    The Truth23 日 前

    They are obviously cheating. FIA check their equipments! Lol

  58. Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH

    Phantom_Dweeb706 BRUH24 日 前

    Redemption after those previous seasons

  59. Andrew Waites

    Andrew Waites24 日 前

    This should be on pornhub 😂😂😂

  60. Юрий Тушинский

    Юрий Тушинский24 日 前

    I'll go to them to change the tires)

  61. Róbert Tüske

    Róbert Tüske24 日 前


  62. Fernando Moreno

    Fernando Moreno24 日 前

    I counted that and it was closer to 3 seconds.

  63. vwbora26

    vwbora2624 日 前

    RedBull: This is a record, will place in front of Mercedes Williams: Hold my beer!

  64. Flavio Rodilha

    Flavio Rodilha24 日 前