REBUILT FROM SALVAGE - Inspection, insurance registration & exhaust tips!


  1. GG

    GG8 ヶ月 前

    I purchased a salvage car with North Carolina title can i register it in nj to rebuilt or would I have to go to dmv in North Carolina??

  2. Joe Davidson

    Joe Davidson年 前

    Advice on how to get hooked up with a Broker?

  3. MotionAutoTv

    MotionAutoTv年 前

    Watch my Recent WRX video

  4. Freddy Mihigo

    Freddy Mihigo年 前

    Your other videos are good but just a bit too long. This is a good length. 8-15min is perfect. I personally think 15min or over is too long. It's like watching a 20min movie scene. Lol

  5. John Eric Sanchez

    John Eric Sanchez年 前

    what happens if u buy a car with salvage title and don't have any receipt of what they did to fix it and i cant get in touch with seller help thanks.....


    MUGGAS2 年 前

    Where is all the supras

  7. Alex M

    Alex M2 年 前

    I am curious where you sell your rebuilt vehicles. I've had a few rebuilt title vehicles, and they were a pain in the @as to sell. Took forever.

  8. Eric Ebelherr

    Eric Ebelherr2 年 前

    ******** You should Sell the Orange Ford Crown Victoria. ;) And What Happen to the Black BMW with the Brown Window?? Is Getting Rain into the Car for Mold?? OR did you fix the window? :| Maybe snow too. :| :( :( ********

  9. Love Diecast Details

    Love Diecast Details2 年 前

    wonder how much that sport combi cost you at the end

  10. Robert Westfall

    Robert Westfall2 年 前

    You really are the best daily blogs around and regular videos also best content best overall it's really good exclamation we all love you guys

  11. Eric Harding

    Eric Harding2 年 前

    Loving the video length as of late. Great content!!

  12. G Seitl

    G Seitl2 年 前

    next video : Saab get's 93 AWD swap

  13. speed punx Club

    speed punx Club2 年 前

    Alot of work for those exhaust tips...kinda surprised you did not just do a cat back setup, Little more grunt and HP?

  14. Rhys Loader

    Rhys Loader2 年 前

    Prefer the longer vids

  15. KARR

    KARR2 年 前

    No more Saab videos

  16. Yalen Alvarado

    Yalen Alvarado2 年 前

    Man one more saab video n im unsubscribeing

  17. teamEP789

    teamEP7892 年 前

    love the slo-mo shots!

  18. Anton Taylor

    Anton Taylor2 年 前

    Short daily uploads on Supra then you gg! You’ll be rolling in $$$$ just don’t buy anymore projects haha

  19. MUDMAD83

    MUDMAD832 年 前

    Sorry but I hate the dam saabs your Datsun is a he'll of a better looking car then this dam saabs

  20. Blake Vella

    Blake Vella2 年 前

    Hope you video giving your dad you old Saab

  21. Jerald Espinoza

    Jerald Espinoza2 年 前

    1 project done. 22 left to go. Letsss gooo

  22. Ya Know Who

    Ya Know Who2 年 前

    Let jaymie finish the supra it's will be in no time haha😂😂😂😂😂

  23. leahsdreams

    leahsdreams2 年 前

    You gotta start doing at least an hours work on that Supra each day before we get lost in another project.

  24. Jeremy Clement

    Jeremy Clement2 年 前

    Love all the info about salvage auctions/rebuilding titles so awesome that you share that stuff with the viewers 👌👌👌

  25. Fiachra Gallagher Jaath

    Fiachra Gallagher Jaath2 年 前

    Did you buy it for $350??? That's crazy, so cheap

  26. jay_ls1_ss

    jay_ls1_ss2 年 前

    I love the 15/20 min videos 👌

  27. Dan The man

    Dan The man2 年 前

    What broker do you use?

  28. Mr gyro Johanson

    Mr gyro Johanson2 年 前

    The countertops are actually made from DuPont, it’s called corian and basically molded plastic

  29. Robert Mercer

    Robert Mercer2 年 前

    I begging you, no more gay saabs

  30. InsecureJoint

    InsecureJoint2 年 前

    suggestion for counter tops that are laminate use epoxy they sell counter top kits at big box hardware stores.

  31. HollixKhalifa

    HollixKhalifa2 年 前

    Your fixing everything so let’s gets the RV started and running

  32. tyler manson

    tyler manson2 年 前

    Love the daily vids you show plenty of work and explain enough without rambling to long most people can stay interested in a 15-20 minute vid start to finish

  33. Sweet Tee

    Sweet Tee2 年 前

    Cabinets look good. U could take the counter top off and take it in and have a piece of granite cut to match. Just a idea

  34. Double Clutch

    Double Clutch2 年 前

    You could look into having Collins build you a adapter plate to make the Mustang a manual

  35. James Cook Jr.

    James Cook Jr.2 年 前

    Trevor is it possible you can switch the ECU from your old one and put it in your new one since you’re giving your dad your old one 🤔👍😊

  36. Kenny Man

    Kenny Man2 年 前

    They sell a kit to make your counter top look newer. From home Depot.

  37. Chris B

    Chris B2 年 前

    I was expecting the intro to be different. Tricked me again!

  38. Ben dover

    Ben dover2 年 前

    What happend to " we make the streets....?"

  39. Jordan woods

    Jordan woods2 年 前

    Buy a chip wood counter

  40. Jordan woods

    Jordan woods2 年 前

    Bet dave gets chicks with them jokes

  41. Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda

    Jackelin Pedro Villegas Miranda2 年 前

    Modern cabinet on point.... guys... 👌👌👍👍👍

  42. slim pickens

    slim pickens2 年 前

    Channel is on fire ! Great daily content , much enjoyed and appreciated , cheers

  43. slim pickens

    slim pickens2 年 前

    Jaymie is legend

  44. Kyle Whiteley

    Kyle Whiteley2 年 前

    Yay for daily videos

  45. Wes Green

    Wes Green2 年 前

    Trevor you sold something I'm so proud of you!

  46. Richard Culbertson

    Richard Culbertson2 年 前

    Coat the countertop in a different epoxy resin on it you could even get a funky pattern in it

  47. Grumpy OldMan

    Grumpy OldMan2 年 前

    Rustoleum makes a really neat counter top marbling paint you roll it on ... check it out and you can tint it different colors

  48. RavenWP

    RavenWP2 年 前

    So bored on how quickly you get distracted... whats happening with the Supra.. your draggin your feet bro

  49. Davi Molenberg

    Davi Molenberg2 年 前

    Good job Jaymie

  50. Bradley W

    Bradley W2 年 前

    I like that you're incorporating the ol' lady and Motorhome progress into these. Not going to lie, 10-15min is ideal unless you have a bigger project worthy of a longer video. Regardless, keep it up!

  51. SpecRB

    SpecRB2 年 前

    Dat Supra tho!

  52. Charles Stow

    Charles Stow2 年 前

    So far I've been enjoying the daily dose of @motionautotv. Keep at it Trevor 👍

  53. Tomislav Kordek

    Tomislav Kordek2 年 前

    Baby the shop monster

  54. luckyaf 85

    luckyaf 852 年 前

    How much did the bike sell for

  55. Raj23

    Raj232 年 前

    luckyaf 85 55

  56. King Whispa

    King Whispa2 年 前

    Kinda like the no rumble!!Looks classy af 😘👌!!Man you put the saab bug to me lmao!!

  57. khkenni

    khkenni2 年 前

    Loving the daily videos! Jaymie working on the RV is awesome to see! Just been some great videos lately, keep it up!

  58. Banana Goo Pie

    Banana Goo Pie2 年 前

    If anything need to be longer mane, but damn I was looking forward to seeing the wheels on it

  59. Finnspin

    Finnspin2 年 前

    I enjoy these daily style videos, I think these combined with occasional "bigger" build videos would be great!

  60. Ibrahim saim

    Ibrahim saim2 年 前

    keep it up loving the vids !!!

  61. Michel Temmink

    Michel Temmink2 年 前

    really nice work Trevor and Jaymie please keep on doing the daily vids

  62. Jacob Wain

    Jacob Wain2 年 前

    Do like a copper counter top with an epoxy clear with little flakes to liven it up

  63. Steven Johnston

    Steven Johnston2 年 前

    Show some more bus updates man!

  64. Centralhunter2010

    Centralhunter20102 年 前

    As for counter tops just get some mdf plywood and buy sheets of Formica and contact cement not to hard to do

  65. Victoria Gale

    Victoria Gale2 年 前

    All the nice cars you have and all we get is rv and grandad 👴 sabb🤬 videos 👎🏻

  66. Big Keg

    Big Keg2 年 前

    Daily vids are great ....less rambling is good....huge improvement 👍👍👍

  67. Centralhunter2010

    Centralhunter20102 年 前

    You should do a tool check like Taylor did I have bought several tools that you have recommended.

  68. Jordan Flores

    Jordan Flores2 年 前

    Love the vids man all the content I’m more than satisfied with of course we love the Supra and want to see it get going but it’s all good I like the day to day vids to just show what’s up and how you go about it!

  69. Slow Boy

    Slow Boy2 年 前

    What happend to the automatic supra

  70. Anthony Biggs

    Anthony Biggs2 年 前

    JDM LIFE he still has the three supras.

  71. A-Ball BEAT'Z

    A-Ball BEAT'Z2 年 前

    I found a savage lancer es with 26k miles on it should I get it and be able to put a 4G36T engine in it

  72. BigJbish

    BigJbish2 年 前

    To be completely honest im stoked that after a year+ the Bus/RV is finally getting work done even if it's just painting the cabinets.

  73. Murf7

    Murf72 年 前

    Should of painted the cabinet handles like a silver.

  74. highvoltage12v

    highvoltage12v2 年 前

    Go to Ikea and pickup a wood countertop.

  75. Zac Guy

    Zac Guy2 年 前

    *has 3 supras* *works on station wagons*

  76. Tyler Daemen

    Tyler Daemen2 年 前

    working on the saab so he can give his dad the daily

  77. Zac Guy

    Zac Guy2 年 前

    +CarGuyTy they do not compare to a supra

  78. CarGuyTy

    CarGuyTy2 年 前

    Zac Guy wagons are dope!

  79. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez2 年 前

    Paint match mustang

  80. Banana Goo Pie

    Banana Goo Pie2 年 前

    Digging the daily uploads👍🏾

  81. David Balloid

    David Balloid2 年 前

    Teach the baby finger painting and she can finger paint the supra! Don't forget to put some negative camber on the SAAB after tenting the windows, I think it would look good!

  82. Estarlin Abreu

    Estarlin Abreu2 年 前

    Keep it up your doing great

  83. Petter Hetland

    Petter Hetland2 年 前

    wrap the countertop

  84. howie feltersnach

    howie feltersnach2 年 前

    Wack call this channel Saab auto TV since all the other motion went stationary.

  85. CarGuyTy

    CarGuyTy2 年 前

    howie feltersnach says the guy that spends his time complaining via a comment every video yet “watches every video and likes every video” sounds like a good use of your time on something you don’t like haha

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    CarGuyTy why are you still commenting bro get at life. Go do some shit

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    Or I could just delete your negative comments... which I usually do so

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    howie feltersnach2 年 前

    CarGuyTy the other thing to is you act like I just talk shit to him, which I don't , I still watch the video and give it a thumbs up. So what you think is irrelevant

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    howie feltersnach all you do is bitch and complain every video. Just leave already

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    check that out

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    Shawn Hasenbalg2 年 前

    I'm really liking the 15 minute videos