Rebuilt 2017 Subaru WRX Blending Process?


  1. Jose Cruz

    Jose Cruz6 ヶ月 前

    From the future here. Awesome to see you guys checking out a Viper and saying "we are going to get one one day" and now you do. You guys have come so far and its motivating.

  2. DLoad This1

    DLoad This110 ヶ月 前

    Hey Guys,,, Order a case of disposable painter jumpsuits to wear when you're spray-painting. It will save a lot of wear and tear on your clothes! Here's the link,,,

  3. ZHT Media

    ZHT Media年 前

    Hmm, the bumper looks on camera more red then the hood

  4. Kenny Melgar

    Kenny Melgar年 前

    It’s crazy how now they said they’d own a Dodge Viper and now they have those 2 cars they showed in the video. Wow, nice job guys you really did live up to your future and said what you said!!! Hope to be like you guys and meet you guys!!

  5. Matti Virta

    Matti Virta年 前

    no matter jeep fence has super little damage, no mean anythink, stupid waste money to new fenders and waste lot time idiot work.

  6. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali年 前

    Video good for 😊😊😊😊😊

  7. Ali Ali

    Ali Ali年 前

    Very good very 😉😉😉😉😉

  8. ReedemedHeathen

    ReedemedHeathen年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="582">9:42</a> Are you sure you're gettin one?


    RH2RACING年 前


  10. justin benton

    justin benton年 前

    im planning on getting a wrx soon but man do I love how you guys saw a viper and a challenger in the same parking lot, maybe a little foreshadowing hahaha, can't wait to see the viper all together

  11. Patrck Sargent

    Patrck Sargent年 前

    Your guys' videos have got me walking into Auto Zone like a beast, even though I'm only there for jumper cables or whatnot... lol

  12. juan mercado

    juan mercado年 前

    Can you give me a description of the brand you guys use to make that dark grey metallic paint it would be useful thanks 🙏🏻

  13. ivan jimenez

    ivan jimenez年 前

    You got the Viper six months later.

  14. Cláudio Boscaini

    Cláudio Boscaini年 前

    Guys, now you have the Viper!

  15. Fady Mikhail

    Fady Mikhail年 前

    See challenger and viper in the same parking lot next 6 month you got both

  16. Eric Gonzalez

    Eric Gonzalez年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="556">9:16</a> minute mark, a taste of things to come. Here cat, here cat! Come here little cat from hell.

  17. Danny B

    Danny B年 前

    Another great job. Couple are really asking for trouble setting up a fan like that when using explosive paint fumes. Secondly, never tape a solid line when blending. You are doing a great job painting, you just need some more experience or someone to give you pointers. I used to paint Ferraris and Lotus cars, then went into custom painting. If you need help let me know.

  18. zabit ekberov

    zabit ekberov年 前

    Please guys repair Ford Focus rs

  19. kik Urass

    kik Urass年 前

    I'm about to head into the next video and I'm praying that you did something with that hideous color match. I really love your enthusiasm, but you still have a very long way t go. Example, and this is just one, when you have a door that came from a car that was a different color, you paint the entire door, not just where you can see, you also remove the pesky little plastic clips, remember it is preparation that makes a great job.

  20. Jonathan Nájera

    Jonathan Nájera年 前

    Vengo del futuro y ya reconstruyeron un Mustang GT350 y un Corvette Z06 y los dos les quedaron uufff 👌🏻👌🏻🤩🤩

  21. Old No.7 Garage

    Old No.7 Garage年 前

    Another tip when painting metallics. Paint the panel the way it sits on the car... sometimes the metal flake in the paint will lay different, making the color no match. your bumper cover was painted laying down and that will effect the color because the flake is laying different. Hope that makes sense. Keep up the good work!

  22. SuperFaneBabanu

    SuperFaneBabanu年 前

    you should get in touch with the MightyCarMods channel :) all the best!

  23. Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang年 前

    Great job guy, very nice finish. What is your air compressor and spray gun setup? I am planning to do the samething in the near future. Thanks.

  24. Elias Gigi

    Elias Gigi年 前

    Where is the mustang gt

  25. Dirty Mechanic

    Dirty Mechanic2 年 前

    Man great work

  26. Jeffrey Goss

    Jeffrey Goss2 年 前

    wow guys very nice! paint looks awesome!

  27. Revin

    Revin2 年 前

    You guys are great! Your paintwork is better than my local insurance repair shop. They painted pretty bad, they leave a lot of white marks, and they missed a lot of parts. Also they overspray many parts. Keep it up!

  28. Revin

    Revin2 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="191">3:11</a> song what is the song?

  29. Robert Best

    Robert Best2 年 前

    Good work guys and I wonder why you didn't strip the front door on the WRX cause if you pull the door completely apart then you would know its been painted more so. Just curious why not?

  30. guerro327

    guerro3272 年 前

    Nice job with the paint. Always comes out like glass.

  31. Alexander Vaughn

    Alexander Vaughn2 年 前

    Nice job. Not bad for first time. I have a rocker moulding I want to paint myself..this type of content helps out

  32. Hamish Davidson

    Hamish Davidson2 年 前

    Keep it looking stock. Make it a sleeper.

  33. OneshotGuy51

    OneshotGuy512 年 前

    im so happy that i Subbed from the start im glad im here to see the final product of the wrx keep it up guys.

  34. fiily

    fiily2 年 前

    I see you guys paint in shorts, I repainted a bumper in shorts and had the clear stick to my legs. My next repaint, no matter the temp it will be in a paint coverall, and I would recommend wearing a coverall/paint suit for $5 to keep hairs and trash out of the clear/paint from your hair, skin, dirt. Also, use a air hose on yourself to take off any pollen/junk that landed on you, and tack off your panel/bumper along with the air hose.

  35. K-Cut Lawn Bros

    K-Cut Lawn Bros2 年 前

    You two are both really cool and resourceful. I love it! Keep up the great work guys!!

  36. Eric Zamora

    Eric Zamora2 年 前

    Very interesting!! Thanks for keeping us updated !

  37. Avery Martensen

    Avery Martensen2 年 前

    You should buy a cheap Copart car flip it and make a profit video👍🏻

  38. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Avery Martensen I would love too, I just can’t find the motivation to work on something just for profit. I really have to enjoy the vehicle.

  39. Mostly Outdoors

    Mostly Outdoors2 年 前

    Amazing job as always

  40. Oso The Husky

    Oso The Husky2 年 前

    Here since 10k subs

  41. Robert Castillo

    Robert Castillo2 年 前

    Wish y’all could paint my wing on my 370z build

  42. Mud CO.

    Mud CO.2 年 前

    We are getting ready to paint my dads mustang



    You should clear wrap the front of the car to protect from rocks and ships car looks awesome 😎✌️

  44. Dino Keyal

    Dino Keyal2 年 前

    u guys r the best with cars u make it very simple tnx and a lot of support

  45. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Dino Keyal thanks!!!

  46. FozWasHere

    FozWasHere2 年 前

    Y’all have exploded with is WRX build I’ve been around since 800 Subs keep it up GUYS!!!

  47. Kerm M

    Kerm M2 年 前

    Looks like I found a new channel to watch

  48. Michael knight

    Michael knight2 年 前

    You guys ever try It's a salvage yard part locator.

  49. Colten Gebo

    Colten Gebo2 年 前

    I am loving the WRX project

  50. sujeet zaware

    sujeet zaware2 年 前

    Really good work

  51. Planefixer1

    Planefixer12 年 前

    Just a tip. I would only use an exhaust fan in my paint booth and let it pull in clean air through your filters. Fan on one end and filters on the other.

  52. antho11mnb

    antho11mnb2 ヶ月 前

    Paint Booth needs positive air pressure to keep debris from entering by every crack possible

  53. Dr Z. Smith

    Dr Z. Smith2 年 前

    Top job, bloody awesome fellas

  54. Mason Roganish

    Mason Roganish2 年 前

    When you blend just get about 2 to 3 coats of coverage and once you have your coverage your gonna lower your air pressure to about 16-18 psi and perform a control coat where you move back from the panel about 12-15 inches while moving fast with a 80-90% overlap and it basically looks like your throwing sand at the panel and that will hide your metallics but if your control coat looks wet in any way you need to do another one that’s dry. the biggest factor in your blend is making your 2-3 coverage coats with a smooth transition wether you can feather your paint out with your spray technique or you turn your fluid in and choke the amount of paint your spraying

  55. Elton

    Elton2 年 前

    Looking good I'd get a good da polisher/buffer ditch that rotary

  56. Jeremy Fowler

    Jeremy Fowler2 年 前

    We need “it’s slicked in” t shirts.

  57. hugoausbayern1234

    hugoausbayern12342 年 前

    excellent work

  58. Leatherkid01

    Leatherkid012 年 前

    Good match..... Wish u guys were my neighbor pay u guys to do my vehicles :)

  59. Santanu Bose

    Santanu Bose2 年 前

    Just awesome guys, couldn't even tell the belnd line.

  60. Julian 7160

    Julian 71602 年 前

    I wanna see it rolling around on at least 44s lol jk yall have got her looking good cant wait to see it finished

  61. Manjot Singh

    Manjot Singh2 年 前

    Next project Toyota fj 🤟🏻

  62. Tim Wasson

    Tim Wasson2 年 前

    to bad them hot rod drivers don't know how to park !

  63. dmoney8766

    dmoney87662 年 前

    Honestly, I’ve seen body shops do worse jobs blending than you guys did on your jambs. Awesome job and great attention to detail. Just goes to show that with some research and experimenting you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

  64. gianfrancoa

    gianfrancoa2 年 前

    For this weatherstripping clips, you can go inside the door with pliers, squeeze them and take them out. You will have a cleaner paint job and more importantly the reinstallation will be faster. Great content guys. ..

  65. chad harmon

    chad harmon2 年 前

    DAMN people at Costco pulling the bucks in 😂

  66. ComicalAgate

    ComicalAgate2 年 前

    It will be amazing to see a Challenger build! Keep the good work

  67. roger wixom

    roger wixom2 年 前

    good job blending guys

  68. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    roger wixom Thanks, not the best but gettin close

  69. Shannon Stiles

    Shannon Stiles2 年 前

    Get a base line before you start the mods

  70. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Shannon Stiles For sure

  71. Talon Baker

    Talon Baker2 年 前

    How much would it cost for you guys to paint a truck? And he whole truck.

  72. Talon Baker

    Talon Baker2 年 前

    goonzquad not to bad. I have a 5.9 Cummins I need repainted. 😜

  73. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Talon Baker Probably around $1200, but we wouldn’t take on customers until we got our shop and a nice booth.

  74. Thomas Kimball

    Thomas Kimball2 年 前

    Where the transmission mods at?? That wrx coming along quickly

  75. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Thomas Kimball Soon my dude

  76. Jeffrey D

    Jeffrey D2 年 前

    I'm also fixing up the same WRX from Copart.

  77. Cotton Bowen

    Cotton Bowen2 年 前

    Jeffrey D thanks for the tip man, don’t wanna be paying for that! Thanks for the help I really appreciate it

  78. Jeffrey D

    Jeffrey D2 年 前

    Cotton Bowen If you follow through be careful with the push botton start Wrx's. I got mine stolen when I picked it up. When I saw it at the lot a couple of days before the bidding started it was there. That's an $800 fix.

  79. Cotton Bowen

    Cotton Bowen2 年 前

    Awesome that’s in my budget! Thanks my guy!

  80. Jeffrey D

    Jeffrey D2 年 前

    My winning bid was 4,500.

  81. Cotton Bowen

    Cotton Bowen2 年 前

    how much was ur winning bid? im thinking about doing a wrx build but my whole budget is 6k

  82. Joe Metzger

    Joe Metzger2 年 前

    A hint when blending, if you fold a piece of paper (don't crease it but just bend it in half) and use the rounded edge of the paper as your blend line, its a lot easier to blend that rather than a solid line. That helped me out a lot. You guys made it look amazing though!

  83. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Joe Metzger Great idea! I will know that next time. Thanks joe.

  84. haroot pashayan

    haroot pashayan2 年 前

    Now the viper is a good car esp the ACR is one of the best, if not the best on the track, but only in the right hands

  85. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    haroot pashayan I want it lol

  86. anto lal

    anto lal2 年 前

  87. christon _92

    christon _922 年 前

    That blending is spot on! Great work on the paint job!

  88. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    christon _92 Thank You

  89. Jake Cummings

    Jake Cummings2 年 前

    Definitely should use an adhesion promoter before laying down anything on it, the sealer should cover and a flex additive in the clear on those plastic bumpers, also body shops buff within a few hours because they also bake them in the booth for a half hour or so at 140-160

  90. David A

    David A2 年 前

    I personally Have had problems using adhesive promoter like bulldog with adhesion/flex. I would recommend painting just like any other piece and refrain from any unnecessary flexing

  91. William Pinkerton

    William Pinkerton2 年 前

    Great job guys

  92. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    William Pinkerton thanks William

  93. Nah

    Nah2 年 前

    "Everything buffed out" including the goonzquad in tank tops

  94. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    P Ingwer lol I know right hahaha

  95. Joe Metzger

    Joe Metzger2 年 前

    That a/c was a brilliant idea. Painting when humid sucks!

  96. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Joe Metzger Yea it helped so much

  97. Edward Sabo

    Edward Sabo2 年 前

    Damn dude....great work...thanks for sharing.

  98. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Edward Sabo Thanks, I love to share with you guys.

  99. CHVLKiD

    CHVLKiD2 年 前

    Really...really GREAT JOB guys!!👍🏻 Seems like you’re learning well as you go!

  100. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    CHVLKiD Oh yeah, I know for a fact that this is the best way for us to learn any new skill. Just get right into it and let you guys give advice and pointers. Has been a great journey thus far.

  101. Wesley Alloway

    Wesley Alloway2 年 前

    Loved the video

  102. Dakota

    Dakota2 年 前

    So you're planning on doing some mods to it? Are you guys planning on keeping this car? I have a 2016 premium in the same color and it's such a fun car, aside from being pretty rough riding. Decent power, good fuel economy if you don't get on it too much. It's a nice balance of fun and efficient.

  103. goonzquad

    goonzquad2 年 前

    Dakota Hawk Awesome, Yea a few mods here and there. Really not sure how far we will take it. But will be awesome build.