Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 25


  1. Dragan Radoman

    Dragan Radoman22 時間 前

    i told 1 time GOOD JOB boys :D

  2. Joland Ansong

    Joland Ansong日 前

    He owned the car?

  3. dgguitars

    dgguitars3 日 前

    but shit you do not stop talking we do not even get to hear the engine so you never stop

  4. Debzz

    Debzz3 日 前

    The girl is a retard what was she thinking

  5. LamboPower_com

    LamboPower_com4 日 前

    Thanks for putting together a great series on the Lamborghini Huracan. We wanted to let you know we shared all 25 parts on our online Lamborghini community! Thanks again for creating!

  6. Ralf Edelmann

    Ralf Edelmann5 日 前

    Hey guys, let me know if you need the best/original diagnostic software for your Huracan! I can help you.

  7. Kas Al

    Kas Al5 日 前

    Probably paid for it from JPreporter revenue!

  8. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz6 日 前


  9. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz6 日 前

    lol these guys driving around town with no registration no insurance or plates lol

  10. Carlos Shakespeare

    Carlos Shakespeare8 日 前

    That car only need one thing... Be my

  11. Haidar Jan

    Haidar Jan8 日 前

    awesome experience and work, thank you guys

  12. Tanveer Kagzi

    Tanveer Kagzi8 日 前


  13. Mint Leaf Jewelry

    Mint Leaf Jewelry9 日 前

    so much hand movement....

  14. Kenechukwu ezeronye

    Kenechukwu ezeronye10 日 前

    I love this 25 part series of the Lamborghini rebuild, its totally inspiring!! Thank you Goonzquad..

  15. El Fish Knows

    El Fish Knows10 日 前

    If I put that much work and sweat into rebuilding a Lamborghini. I could never sell it. It looks so F....... good. Great work guys. 🤙

  16. El Fish Knows

    El Fish Knows5 日 前

    Syxti Nighn still I would keep it. But that just me.

  17. Syxti Nighn

    Syxti Nighn5 日 前

    this is "tv" dude... the car's only purpose was making money. It gave him 50+ million views on 25 videos. And some profit on the car itself.

  18. Val Arry

    Val Arry10 日 前

    What's the price for brand new one? In US

  19. Val Arry

    Val Arry8 日 前

    @ShotxNaj ty👍

  20. ShotxNaj

    ShotxNaj8 日 前

    Around 250K depending on what you get.

  21. Martin Lo

    Martin Lo10 日 前

    I was watching this when I heard a car that sounded like a Lambo crash Lmao

  22. Byron Allen

    Byron Allen11 日 前

    there is no such word as "costed".

  23. Byron Allen

    Byron Allen11 日 前

    is it possible for you to not use the words " what's up". or "dude" and speak in a professional vocabulary instead of this immature childish manner?

  24. albarlow 2

    albarlow 211 日 前

    JPreporter pays good!

  25. Cristian Mendez

    Cristian Mendez11 日 前

    Where are they from I wanna meet them 😢

  26. Wen Roco

    Wen Roco12 日 前

    Wow it's a great super car.. .

  27. Jesus Delgado

    Jesus Delgado12 日 前

    Good shit boys!! Even though i thought you guys were gonna make much more profit

  28. Hayden Hayden

    Hayden Hayden12 日 前

    That lady that wrecked the car might be so amazed to see this lambo back out on the road.

  29. Dylan Wright

    Dylan Wright12 日 前

    saved 90k what a steal

  30. Tatsuki Matsuoka

    Tatsuki Matsuoka13 日 前

    go to sheepy race and get twin turbos

  31. syamal ancha

    syamal ancha13 日 前

    Whose car is this? because when viewed from the initial video part 1, this car was taken at a place of a collection of used car accidents, was this car purchased at the place then modified and resold ??

  32. Jl Ds

    Jl Ds13 日 前

    i like you guys video.... the video is totally different from other automotive youtuber... the video's feeling make me feel calm and touching... keep it on...

  33. Shirish Sharma

    Shirish Sharma13 日 前

    You put honest efforts there, hope u guys get a good deal. As of my part, I would love to share ur content and subscribe to your amazing channel. :)

  34. Thierry De Schutter

    Thierry De Schutter13 日 前

    Insurance 500$/month ? Did i hear that correct ? What is the normal price if u say u had a good deal for it ?

  35. Tee Bee

    Tee Bee10 日 前

    That insurance price is probably due to their age. I know a gentlemen in his mid 50's that has this same lambo, with full coverage and he pays $142.00 per month

  36. Max Kroon

    Max Kroon13 日 前

    Congratulations guys

  37. Toony's YouTube Channel

    Toony's YouTube Channel13 日 前

    WOW! Just spent my hole Sunday watching every episode back to back. Great work guys it just blew my mind how you got it all done. My question to you, was it all worth it at the end to make 9K+?

  38. siddharth k

    siddharth k14 日 前

    Great job 🌹



    Why don't you fix the green Lamborghini huracan 2016

  40. AllGeeksTV

    AllGeeksTV14 日 前

    Loss.. i would buy a brand new corvette

  41. 伊森

    伊森14 日 前

    You are so good. It is very difficult to have such a video in Taiwan!

  42. Lutfiana Putra

    Lutfiana Putra14 日 前


  43. Kοντόκαλος Ανάστος

    Kοντόκαλος Ανάστος14 日 前

    All that procedure to forget placing the badge at the back 😂😂 Just kidding..brilliant work guys! Greetings from Greece!!🇬🇷🇬🇷

  44. Justin Tolhurst

    Justin Tolhurst14 日 前

    That’s not worth it at all lol my 2010 camaro with 700ph is way better sorry I would rather buy a house are you guys drug dealers lol where does this money come from

  45. Seth Callahan

    Seth Callahan15 日 前


  46. music is world

    music is world15 日 前

    You gave her a new life! Hats off to you

  47. Ivan Cruz

    Ivan Cruz16 日 前

    I got a dollar

  48. ali rk 12345

    ali rk 1234516 日 前

    They almost got 30k from youtube money

  49. Daisho Ember

    Daisho Ember16 日 前

    2016 hurracan comes in between 198,500-239,500 USD . . . being that its used AND totaled, its active value drops significantly(not to mention all the mods you made off the original) . . . however, i love the work yall done, you did an awesome job on it, and after you part out the rest of the other car im certain youll come out with a MUCH lower cost for the project . . . keep up the good work, and despite my dislike of a lot of the gen zed lingo *shudder*, yall earned my sub

  50. Javier Valle

    Javier Valle16 日 前

    Very nice guys and an amazing work👍🏻

  51. Thomas Dipper

    Thomas Dipper17 日 前

    .... and no German Autobahn to drive !!! :-(

  52. Paul Muang

    Paul Muang17 日 前

    inspirational videos :) you did a fantastic job and can be proud of you guys. Though I would say you can x3 the labor cost to be more realistic :P Cheers!

  53. Tre'jon Igess

    Tre'jon Igess17 日 前

    Do you have to pay a warranty for the car? I don’t think it should just because he built it and it took skill to build an expensive car.

  54. Hamed Anwarzai

    Hamed Anwarzai17 日 前

    Im sure the youtube views helped offset some costs, either way, I envy your tenacity to get it done from start to finish! Well done!

  55. Lil Herb

    Lil Herb18 日 前

    Can y’all help me fix a wrecked hellcat? Lol no seriously

  56. Tommy Kelley

    Tommy Kelley18 日 前


  57. virusvixon

    virusvixon18 日 前

    Chattanooga i live in cleveland!!!!!

  58. Apu Cnang

    Apu Cnang19 日 前

    Nice work... Keep it up...

  59. TaZe BOSS

    TaZe BOSS19 日 前

    Wow the price I could just buy a huracan brand new for $150000 btw you guys are so creative of cars and keep it up

  60. TaZe BOSS

    TaZe BOSS14 日 前

    @cmartinez1089 oh sorry I got mixed up I said dollars instead of pounds because in Google I searched the price for UK and said £150000

  61. cmartinez1089

    cmartinez108914 日 前

    You can't buy a new huracan for $150,000. Try $205,000. Then you have taxes and fees. Fun stuff. These guys own the cheapest one i'm sure. If not one of the cheapest. And.... they can say they rebuilt it themselves, and did it the right way.

  62. Anvarynn

    Anvarynn20 日 前

    Did they ever put the proper Pirelli on that front passenger wheel?

  63. Jesse Parris

    Jesse Parris20 日 前

    What was the original mileage when purchased?

  64. Jesse Parris

    Jesse Parris19 日 前

    @Prince S3ntry Thank you.

  65. Prince S3ntry

    Prince S3ntry19 日 前


  66. Ask Cronixz

    Ask Cronixz20 日 前

    In Tennessee yooo your right next to me if I could meet up with you guys and we all trick out my charger(everything is still stock) that would be dope

  67. Bobby A

    Bobby A20 日 前

    First you need $100,000 plus $36,000 for the parts car. So easy

  68. I Penguin

    I Penguin21 日 前

    Saving 80k dollars is a lot of money nice work guys

  69. Neil Macleod

    Neil Macleod22 日 前

    You guys are a inspiration to enthusiasts, good job on the rebuild. Keep the projects coming along, looking forward to what's next