Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 25


  1. Ed Middlebrooks

    Ed Middlebrooks4 時間 前

    All that for $8K yet you forgot to throw in the costs of transporting the car, driving down, food, any lodging (if there was any) gas, your expenses for your trip back, And then of course how much profit you made off the JPreporter videos. All those things factor in. Seems like an awful lot of work to get an $8K check you'd have to pay taxes on.

  2. Big Swoll Redneck RHEC

    Big Swoll Redneck RHEC日 前

    Where yaw buying these cars from

  3. LUCKY X

    LUCKY X2 日 前

    Mr beast: so cheap

  4. Chase Gambrell

    Chase Gambrell4 日 前

    Can’t fix stupid, not even with f*cking duck tape

  5. A.G.

    A.G.4 日 前

    In Texas you don't pay any tax for a rebuilt titled car, if you can provide proof that you did the rebuild job. I have personally done this.

  6. Typhoon Haiyan

    Typhoon Haiyan7 日 前

    I waiting for part 26 bro 😂

  7. Dipole Production

    Dipole Production7 日 前

    given that you made 26+ videos and all above 2.5 million views you made close to $600,000 from just these videos alone. it is worth it.

  8. Timothy Russell

    Timothy Russell8 日 前

    you guys are awsome cause if they cant do it ya gotta do it yourself

  9. Jaime Vera

    Jaime Vera8 日 前

    These guys are for real goons so talented

  10. Charlie Flake

    Charlie Flake10 日 前

    Insanely talented!

  11. Type XrZ

    Type XrZ10 日 前

    Still is new is 295K with everything I want on it. Still being able to save 120K! Yeah, I'ma rebuild it.

  12. noor azuan afandi kamaruddin

    noor azuan afandi kamaruddin12 日 前

    How much cos for the rebuilding lamboghini...?

  13. blazers12369

    blazers1236914 日 前

    500 bucks a month insurance?! Or a year lmao

  14. 会一点英文

    会一点英文15 日 前

    insurance 500 per month??? full coverage?!! thats unbelievable cheap if you are in toronto

  15. Дмитрий Быков

    Дмитрий Быков17 日 前

    За сколько в итоге продали?

  16. GreenLighting

    GreenLighting18 日 前

    What an amazing series! I’d pay twice that with your quality of work 🥰

  17. Kenneth Gilbert

    Kenneth Gilbert18 日 前

    Raccoon Mountain looks like

  18. Go Mezant

    Go Mezant19 日 前

    I've never spent more than 30k on a car, and I never will. Even if I come into money.

  19. William Malapitan

    William Malapitan19 日 前

    They might not be able to sell this car at that price but surely they will benefit from the knowledge and JPreporter subscriptions they gained. 🔥 They’ll get efffin rich and popular by youtube alone.

  20. jaziri789456

    jaziri78945622 日 前

    This beautifule car my be cost 180.000$. 👍👍👍

  21. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman22 日 前

    register that shit in a state that doesn't charge taxes, I heard they exist

  22. anony mous

    anony mous22 日 前

    500 bucks a month for full coverage insurance? Wow I was charged 550$ for a 2011 Chevy Silverado hybrid 😂 I said fuk NO!

  23. Corey

    Corey23 日 前

    @6:35 "V TUNED" synced with the amber lights on unlock... nice

  24. Andy Yin Ni

    Andy Yin Ni23 日 前

    Great price

  25. ᴍʙ14

    ᴍʙ1423 日 前

    Wow sick car dude awesome work

  26. Tony Coco

    Tony Coco24 日 前

    I wounder if these two brothers ever fight on who drives the car for the video

  27. ATh!rty

    ATh!rty25 日 前

    They were probably opening a dam upstream. Lookout place has tons of trails and some go all the way down the valley to the river so they probably just wanted everyone up and away so no one drowned.

  28. Jo XLegend

    Jo XLegend25 日 前

    Saved around $100,000 that’s a good steal

  29. Jo XLegend

    Jo XLegend25 日 前

    14:40 you can see security in the back

  30. Heather Kaye

    Heather Kaye25 日 前

    Do you have an update video on this car? did you sell it? I am new to this channel. I watched every episode on this car. I however can't afford a car like this yet in my life.

  31. Kevin Hambrick

    Kevin Hambrick27 日 前

    Love your work guys and the energy you put out HAPPY NEW YEAR TO the GOONZQUAD family be safe God bless God is love

  32. Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson29 日 前

    Notice now they never show them actually working? That's because they're not. Off camera there's real mechanics working on it.


    JDMSTUDD29 日 前

    My question is where did all this money come from to begin with? And how were you able to purchase the vehicle? Just asking for a friend!

  34. eyezontarget VI

    eyezontarget VI27 日 前

    They been working on cars if you check out their previous builds. The money they make on their videos pay for these cars, and more.

  35. Eric Haugsby

    Eric Haugsby29 日 前

    Mommy an daddy helped them get the cars let alone youtube dont make u rich anyways

  36. Monkey YT

    Monkey YTヶ月 前

    9:50 is when pricing starts

  37. Key2Be

    Key2Beヶ月 前

    Have you taken the Lambo to a race track to feel out its performance and handling ?

  38. RyanMiller3039

    RyanMiller3039ヶ月 前


  39. Bloo Watt

    Bloo Wattヶ月 前

    500 a month wtf

  40. tacjam1

    tacjam1ヶ月 前

    It's a bargain until you try to sell a Lamborghini Huracan with a rebuilt title, nice if you're going to hang on to it, but you'll never find someone with $110K to buy this thing after being totaled IMO.

  41. T E

    T Eヶ月 前

    If only I had 150k

  42. 이진목

    이진목ヶ月 前

    궁금해서 끝까지 보긴 했는데 이걸 Part 25 까지 만든건 좀 아닌것 같네요 평균 재생 시간이 20분 정도에 수리 내용은 5분 정도 인데 말이 너무 많은것 같아요 편집을 5편 정도 했으면 구독과 좋아요 눌렸을 건데 아쉽네요^^ 암튼 잘 봤어요 슈퍼카 사고차를 저렇게 완벽 하게 집에서 수리 할수 있다니 부럽네요

  43. Arthur Alzamora

    Arthur Alzamoraヶ月 前

    To get a complete picture of the car, cost wise would be to show the income it created from just the series on the rebuild of the car from JPreporter account. I have seen other car enthusiasts video JPreporter income & it is considerable. Usually around $20K +/- a month. Using that as a rough gauge & the length of time it took to complete along with other projects running simultaneously. It’s a nice business & merchandise income & freebies from outside vendors. I find it all fascinating!

  44. Arthur Alzamora

    Arthur Alzamoraヶ月 前

    Great videos - really enjoy them, I also enjoy the nice clean cut respectful presentation of the video’s. No trash talk, very nice! Just really talented, nice guys doing something we all enjoy & with fairly good quality camera & editing skills. Nice!

  45. Leonardo Ehgartner

    Leonardo Ehgartnerヶ月 前

    Awesome series guys!!! I love it from the beginning to the end! I would buy that Lambo if I have the money, just for having the Goonzquad car! BTW Lamborghini should give you a present for re building bright new their car!!! Congratulations! Forever subscribed right here!

  46. laron shaw

    laron shawヶ月 前

    Ayo wat don’t u no how to do

  47. Robbie Frentz

    Robbie Frentzヶ月 前

    Now your on the ridge do some Bigfoot calls

  48. Jacques Potgieter

    Jacques Potgieterヶ月 前

    Thanks for sharing chaps.

  49. MJBclassics

    MJBclassicsヶ月 前

    So much jealousy in this comment section. Just because you lack the skills and money to do this, doesn't mean you have to talk ish about these energetic young dudes out here killing it.

  50. Thru Itall

    Thru Itallヶ月 前

    One question. Is there anything you can’t do?

  51. Gary Gaid

    Gary Gaidヶ月 前

    I never wanted the lamborghini huracan series to stop

  52. mavi boran

    mavi boranヶ月 前

    Come bro i m waiting a respond if u send one of this to uk how much cost me ?

  53. Mike Smith

    Mike Smithヶ月 前

    I have no idea why these channels dont show the cars being driven hard like they should be post rebuild. Fear i suspect

  54. Riff Raff

    Riff Raffヶ月 前

    $500/month for insurance, for a Lambo?????

  55. Darrell Perkins

    Darrell Perkinsヶ月 前

    Great videos guys, I'm surprised on how well it came out. Did that car come with a salvage title? and you pulled way more parts off that parts car, mis clips and brackets, upper control arm ect...... either way great job, keep up the good work

  56. Brandon Josset

    Brandon Jossetヶ月 前

    Si eres de México y quieras saber que pdo el valor total fue de 2,773,700 considerando el dolar a 20 y si no hice mal los calculos xd

  57. bort vite

    bort viteヶ月 前

    100% worth it, millions of views, watch time, 25episodes of content, + still cost less than buying one new.

  58. bekir kurt

    bekir kurtヶ月 前

    hey billy your dude revealed your name in the video you should reveal his name on the next video hahaha

  59. Jeab Glenn

    Jeab Glennヶ月 前

    Good job

  60. James Poteat

    James Poteatヶ月 前

    How much JPreporter money did that car make you at 2.5M views on this episode alone?

  61. andy amendola

    andy amendolaヶ月 前

    damn you guy must have very deep pockets