Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 2


  1. M/\JU

    M/\JU日 前

    How much do you payed

  2. Adnan Paiva

    Adnan Paiva日 前

    Hey there! Take a look on this video!

  3. Adam nottelling

    Adam nottelling日 前

    Bros you need a makita Impact driver no clue why you're using a 12v Milwaukee(ok i guess its favored by some auto people) but the Makita 18 volt is shorter than the milwaukee full volt and has just the same amount of impact as the full volt milwaukee and 3x the strength of the 12v milwaukee with being very close to the size head to heal of it.

  4. 刘普顺

    刘普顺5 日 前

    Too too too too much nonsense!

  5. Hassan Ramlawi

    Hassan Ramlawi5 日 前

    Irritating to watch. He slaps the air too much and talks more than he should.

  6. Gianluca Mammo

    Gianluca Mammo8 日 前

    17:10 ‚normal Cars -> Dodge Viper camaro zl 1‘ 😂

  7. Abdalla Ahmed

    Abdalla Ahmed10 日 前

    Please ignore.those saying less talk the more u explain stuff even if its just tidbits ur surprised about or genuinely feel nice about because these random notes build up and others can learn from it

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  9. vava XBL

    vava XBL11 日 前

    Less talking more working

  10. Mike Caldaroni

    Mike Caldaroni12 日 前

    You should throw some american racing wheels on there it would truly be one of a kind then😂

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    çok konuştun.tamire başlada izleyelim.

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    Talks that much

  13. John Gibbons

    John Gibbons14 日 前 rebuilding a model of Lamborghini.

  14. salar mughal

    salar mughal14 日 前

    2:33 Hurcane look like a fenry supersport from front

  15. Randy RA

    Randy RA14 日 前

    Talk less do more guys..

  16. S.K. Rider

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    i hate this video coz too much talking..we wanna see ur built that car not build ur big mouth

  17. Sarin Babu

    Sarin Babu14 日 前

    It is so annoying that you guys said THIS IS AWESOME, THIS IS LEGITIMATE a million time....The Car is Awesome....Hexagonal shape is lit Oh Yeah and the crashed is awesome..🤧😑



    How much is the Lamborghini huracan

  19. Memphis Guibry

    Memphis Guibry16 日 前

    Gas switch

  20. Nonsensemobile123 Nonsensemobile123

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    Less work too much talking, fuck that up, its so irrational video, because we want too see the work more.

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  22. Matthias Dallinger

    Matthias Dallinger18 日 前

    Lamborghini is owned by Audi

  23. Ricardo Molina

    Ricardo Molina21 日 前

    Where can you get a salvage lamborghini for low cost How much you pay for that

  24. KcMcGill

    KcMcGill20 日 前

    Looked like a copart yard to me but I could be wrong

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    Slippers with socks

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    your fix telent is very crazy!♡

  27. Acorn Gang

    Acorn Gang21 日 前

    I can't believe it didn't repair when you drove it into your garage

  28. Rainy Crayos

    Rainy Crayos24 日 前

    The amount of hand motions makes it cringy

  29. Rakshas

    Rakshas24 日 前

    all i can say is THAT THING'S LEGIT

  30. Nadhiban R

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    Wow all these Engineering stuff so complicated wish I was smart enough to understand

  31. نجم كامل

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    That's a good job guys and I love ❤ you 👍

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    Ahhhh I see u gotta dolly

  33. Joseph Mithamo

    Joseph Mithamo27 日 前

    13:45 Audi is parent company of lamborghini while Audi is itself owned by volkswagen group

  34. Cyan

    Cyan28 日 前

    The "H" is silent in huracan.

  35. Brad Green

    Brad Green28 日 前

    check battery voltage?

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    insane shit

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    Keep the same ones plz btw know u finished

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    Nhiều tiền thế a

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    dont speech only work must bro

  40. captain soup

    captain soupヶ月 前

    What are the beat websites to buy these cars off of

  41. damien cabrera

    damien cabreraヶ月 前

    i have a question how the heck do you work in crocks lmao no hate love yall

  42. WrongwayUp

    WrongwayUpヶ月 前

    we have a new channel where we rebuild a 2017 mustang gt

  43. Charles Clement

    Charles Clementヶ月 前

    Wonder how many screws and bolts were left over after they were finished.

  44. Charles Clement

    Charles Clementヶ月 前

    I'll bet anyone,these guys will crash this car again.

  45. Charles Clement

    Charles Clementヶ月 前

    These guys are ambitious,but they don't have a clue what they are in for. They don't even know an inter cooler ,but they own a amazing how Lambo owners have VW parts,in other words it's just an exotic Bug. Well Kinda.

  46. Ebn Gilbert

    Ebn Gilbertヶ月 前

    who did that too the Lamborghini that's a nice one

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    VIEWER 2,891,202

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    i want to work with you guyz What is a procedure.................!!!!

  50. julian spielberg

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    try the V-FF 103 wheels i found a set for 1,850 on ebay heres the link

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    Fucking idiots

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    These guys talk a lot... Show us the work!

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    Ma quanto parlate... Parole parole parole.. E la macchina e ancora un catorcio.

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    L E G I T

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    Please...please... stop talking!

  56. Christopher Greenfield

    Christopher Greenfieldヶ月 前

    Use after market parts if you have too. Make it your own with mods, keep going with it, great work 👍

  57. Spencer Miller

    Spencer Millerヶ月 前

    Audi, Volkswagen, and Lamborghini are all sisters

  58. Collins Nchanji

    Collins Nchanjiヶ月 前

    Can you help me with the body dimension and and frame measurements... thanks..

  59. Angel Garcia

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    Butterfly doors

  60. Otávio DV

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    How much is a Lambo Wrecked???

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    They talk too much and then work. If they talk while working. That will save much of viewers and theirs time!