Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 13


  1. Anna Martinez

    Anna Martinez13 日 前

    Looks good to me

  2. 420 Directory™

    420 Directory™16 日 前

    Plastic sheeting the walls and wetting the floors reduces particles.

  3. Keran Ramdayal

    Keran Ramdayal18 日 前

    You guys are very talented

  4. Titus Cato

    Titus Cato19 日 前

    Nice wrap would've solved the problem.

  5. Game master Azeel 11

    Game master Azeel 1120 日 前

    Perfect 👌

  6. Clay Merritt

    Clay Merritt22 日 前

    yall should paint it matte grey

  7. Landon Fonos

    Landon Fonos24 日 前

    Dear goonzquad I love your videos, but you guys have to learn some more vocabulary in stead of just two words please let me know your box number

  8. Spanthrax M

    Spanthrax M26 日 前

    like the vids but it would be nice if the audio was more even. when you go to the music its so much louder than you guys talking

  9. Ryanne Brown

    Ryanne Brown27 日 前

    wouldve liked to see the whole car a new color. wouldve been so dope still looks good though

  10. StarMac Blood

    StarMac Blood27 日 前

    About the color... some random person says o that car is colored white ..... but the real thing is that its gray.. does it make any difference?

  11. TheElcoqui346

    TheElcoqui34627 日 前

    Wet sand it and just paint it with the grayish white paint

  12. LeoSpyro

    LeoSpyro29 日 前

    The original is a bit darker

  13. ChaosPopo

    ChaosPopo29 日 前

    I can truly say these videos are entertaining and educational. You guys have peaked my interest in cars and I've started taking notes on the different tools you use to rebuild cars for future reference. New viewer and I can't wait to catch up with all your other builds!




  15. Erick Soto

    Erick Sotoヶ月 前

    Wow the journey for this car

  16. Preston G

    Preston Gヶ月 前

    I honestly loved watching you paint, as a painter & body man I look over and see others faults and try to help but you did surprisingly well I was iffy at first but other than those few particles on the ridge of the Qp you did very well

  17. morganbrendan

    morganbrendanヶ月 前

    looks perfect

  18. Kerrin Richmond

    Kerrin Richmondヶ月 前

    Good panting looks AMAZING!

  19. Tim Auger

    Tim Augerヶ月 前

    The paint suit thing was great

  20. pangrac1

    pangrac1ヶ月 前

    Finally sombody who knew some painting. Other YT p car rebuilders are sometimes horrible at it.

  21. Jay Dey

    Jay Deyヶ月 前

    Buddy don't paint it . Have a wrap on it . It will look dope..

  22. Lox

    Loxヶ月 前

    I see that original perl is shiny pink-ish, painted perl is shiny blue-ish. White match, but not sparkles :)

  23. Michael Yarmie

    Michael Yarmieヶ月 前

    Hey you should always pour everything through a cone filter..Plus you should have a little buck store paint brush to clean the paint can lids after your pour the paint. Just to keep it cleaner.

  24. Michael Yarmie

    Michael Yarmieヶ月 前

    It's a bit whiter. Like that painter said you should of gave it one more shot of the pearl to muddy it up to match the OG.

  25. John Nelson

    John Nelsonヶ月 前

    Its a pearl coat. No metallics in white. You should have used a lighter sealer. That paint doesnt cover worth a shit.

  26. Hisyam Awang

    Hisyam Awangヶ月 前

    why y'all talk too much ? less talk , don't too much . It makes ur video not interesting at all

  27. pdub _23

    pdub _23ヶ月 前

    I'm new to the channel it's cool and positive what yall do .Do yall sell the cars or keep them

  28. Car Enthusiast East London

    Car Enthusiast East London2 ヶ月 前

    @16:00 whos truck is that in the background

  29. __Vengence __

    __Vengence __2 ヶ月 前

    y’all should wrap it

  30. Lotusdriver

    Lotusdriver2 ヶ月 前

    Awesome job so far.

  31. Anida Greagen

    Anida Greagen2 ヶ月 前

    lol im s late to watch this build XD

  32. Phattanatsiwoot Leartdechachai

    Phattanatsiwoot Leartdechachai2 ヶ月 前

    เอ็ดแหน่ .. อย่าเว่าหลาย

  33. Boogie LG

    Boogie LG2 ヶ月 前

    I wanna buy a messed up lambo just to build it with you guys 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾!!! Dope vids man

  34. Randy Walker

    Randy Walker2 ヶ月 前

    Why are you not painting all the parts that need paint? I don’t understand why you do the same thing over and over as with the rear radiator. The car will run long enough to move the car without the radiator. You just seem to be doing a lot of needless work to accomplish this objective.

  35. cody perret

    cody perret2 ヶ月 前

    nice videos good job

  36. cody perret

    cody perret2 ヶ月 前

    its a tri-coat pearl

  37. Brandon Hays

    Brandon Hays2 ヶ月 前

    Anyone else kinda like the gray quarter and side skirt a lot?

  38. J

    J2 ヶ月 前

    Should be painted red

  39. Electrojudaz

    Electrojudaz2 ヶ月 前

    lil tip to get your Painted Part's nearly 100% Dustfree: Hang them up vertically so the surface dust can land on is much smaller. And to be even more pro, you can ground the metal parts with a wire, shortly before spraying them, because they get a slight electrostatic loading from tacking them etc. which will be enough to get some dust attract to your parts. Love thge determination you guys put in your work! :-)

  40. Electrojudaz

    Electrojudaz2 ヶ月 前

    The Edge from the Filler @ 1:00 can be difficult so sand down sometimes, because its sharp. You can get a much smoother Edge if you put the adhesive strip with the paper showing towards the Damaged area and the just flip it over before spraying it. That way you get kinda a rounded Edge and it will make Sanding a breeze and a matter of seconds. Love your Lambo-Rebuild! Much love from switzerland.

  41. 饺子

    饺子2 ヶ月 前

    this the only youtube series that im feeling happy too about your achievement.. well done guys! just too much "legit.. dude.. and sick" :P

  42. sh ra

    sh ra2 ヶ月 前

    honestly do all car channels use the same crappy high pitched music from chipmunks?

  43. John Gammage

    John Gammage2 ヶ月 前

    Hi guys love everything you both do shame when you built your new workshop you didn’t paint the floor before moving in as it would be more easier to clean but I am watching all the cars you do keep on with the good work

  44. Broke G Garage

    Broke G Garage2 ヶ月 前

    That second part of the base coat is a pearl its the same with my G35 mine is white ivory pearl its a tri coat paint first white then the pearl then clear beautiful paint but its expensive to have done because its so easy to mess up a pearl paint job i think my quote to repaint my G was around $5k which is how much the car is worth so im thinking of doing a matte white instead

  45. C J

    C J2 ヶ月 前

    its purrrrrrrfeict

  46. Dmytro L

    Dmytro L2 ヶ月 前

    guys you doing an amazing job on mechanics and that's trully the first type of video of cars being put together I watched fully but making a paint job on your own for such ride is way different level, get the full body paint in the professional place before you master your paint job in 5-10 years.

  47. Lee Ciokiewicz

    Lee Ciokiewicz2 ヶ月 前

    These guys are so f'n talented...It amazes me how deep their knowledge is on all things auto. Very well done.

  48. Michael Wynne

    Michael Wynne2 ヶ月 前

    Wet the floor

  49. Suttipong Nakken

    Suttipong Nakken3 ヶ月 前

    Great work man Great works!!!!

  50. Killerbees911

    Killerbees9113 ヶ月 前

    wheres your safety glasses when painting

  51. Tonton des Bois

    Tonton des Bois3 ヶ月 前

    you repaint in that girly white the only parts that were the best color... nothing like a metalic dark grey for this one... peasants.

  52. Julio Raymundo

    Julio Raymundo3 ヶ月 前

    What’s the song at 10:10

  53. Rafay Butt

    Rafay Butt3 ヶ月 前

    Its so good ! :)

  54. Chad

    Chad3 ヶ月 前

    Stop fucking saying Huracan how you are. Y'all are faking the accent way too hard. Looking at your old videos its obvious you're just trying to sound country but y'all are just really suburban cowboys.

  55. holly parker-summers

    holly parker-summers3 ヶ月 前

    I have tried verrrrrrry hard to watch this series of videos as the idea and project are very interesting, but, I am gritting and grinding my teeth listening to and watching the ghetto rapper slang talk, 'person of colour' gesticulations, mannerisms , dress , etc. This sounds like a stupid question...………. but...… you do realise that you are white.... right? Why are you talking like that? It reminds me of that 'Spooks' Scene from the Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino. Are you related to the little Asian girls boyfriend? I cannot watch any more of this, it is to cringe-making. Do you talk that way in front of black people? Embarrassing! Holly :)

  56. Anas Suhaimi

    Anas Suhaimi3 ヶ月 前

    "We want it 100%"

  57. Silver Spoon

    Silver Spoon3 ヶ月 前

    hahaha saw that comin' when you repaint a new part, even with the same exact color code, you can be sure under the sunlight you will see a difference, so yeah, repaint all the parts the same :)

  58. Carlton Snow

    Carlton Snow3 ヶ月 前

    Why did you paint the rear quarter panel if you were gonna paint the entire car anyway?

  59. Logan Emily

    Logan Emily3 ヶ月 前

    if you guys are referring to debris as trash and dirt in the paint maybe you could cut out a small section in the rear or front corner of the paint booth for a ventilation fan to pull air out. keep the fan low and it should keep your debris levels down. Just a thought

  60. Paolo Inocencia

    Paolo Inocencia3 ヶ月 前

    WRAP IT UP!!!!

  61. RC tm

    RC tm3 ヶ月 前

    Just wrap it. Use some custom pattern. That will look fire af