Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 11


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    Alfardhy Dtantontos3 日 前

    I Love goonzquad🤗


    WİLD LİFE9 日 前

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2019 Released!!!!!! That is very good bro

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    All that good stuff is legit!!!!

  4. dumpsteRat

    dumpsteRat14 日 前

    Mom and dad got a great ride, AWD, decent mileage, and safety

  5. Dimitrios Tsepetzidis

    Dimitrios Tsepetzidis19 日 前

    Built a fuckin lambo with ya fuckin flip flops on man... gj!

  6. Anvarynn

    Anvarynn21 日 前

    I thought they were gonna pull the driver side fender from the parts car?

  7. Phayte

    Phayte22 日 前

    Anyone know the name of the song from 9:26 to 10:19? Would appreciate it much....thanks in advance =)




  9. Wherewolf1001

    Wherewolf1001ヶ月 前

    The safety glasses are from Jake Paul

  10. B Martin

    B Martinヶ月 前

    Love the vids. I can’t stop watching them. You’re gonna make me late for work. Lol. Thanks. Love Thomas the technician too.

  11. Sandra burgess

    Sandra burgessヶ月 前

    Goonzquad I wish you could rebilded a Lamborghini veneno it one of the fastest Lamborghini or a centario I would like the video

  12. Royce Blackbird

    Royce Blackbirdヶ月 前

    what is wrong with canada hear your comment

  13. Theo Valenteijn

    Theo Valenteijnヶ月 前

    kind of late but next time disconnect the negative from the battery if you start welding on the chasis of a vehicle. the chasis is connected to the negative side of the battery not the positive side. by disconnecting the positive side you still pumping all those amperes trough the circuit of the car including small little wires and all of the relais. in some brands the chasis is connected to the positive so always check the manual.

  14. Dusik Padtong

    Dusik Padtongヶ月 前

    I am from sabah Malaysia..if u know kinabalu mountain tht where I live..keep up the good work..peace..i know how feel working in mechanical n other related stuff because I am a technician..learning process from something we don't know tht we interested will become so much fun n enjoyable.. experience something new everyday n is feeling so much better after solving new n big problem..

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    You guys are awesome👍👍

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    He Billy, the only two are working are the supervisor Thomas and you. Is that brother of you doing only filming. LOL

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    hampir selesai . ..

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    Ohhh my goddd.... almost 1000 times they in this series

  19. KatieLynne Harder

    KatieLynne Harderヶ月 前

    I wouldn't mind hearing more about your parents' rebuild ^_^

  20. Asphalt 8 Kan Ieong

    Asphalt 8 Kan Ieongヶ月 前

    Hey I know that remote control car, it's around 160 dollars and it is awesome. I always want one but its just too expensive for me. Maybe you guys can make a video of it drifting around XD

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    legit ! ! ! Love it....A true fan from Costa Rica

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    Canada a country hahaha Is Canada not a country? I dunno, I guess so. 😂😂😂

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    looks like Eminem

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    Dude yeah legit, oh my goodness, oh what, oh man, oh yeah, that is dope dupe my bois

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    Hahahahaha... "Overspray removal cloth....(duuuuuuuuuude).... that is LEGIT"

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    Bless you bro's

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    Wow dudes you have very lovely parents. Love them everyday and thank them for being so kind to such wonderful boys! You are the best! Be well and cheers to the whole family! Peace out!

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    Hi from the UK, just found your channel so subscribing was a must, have ordered some Merch, so hopefully it will soon be with me, keep up the good work, looking forward to more vlogs in the future, just digging them “safety flops” 😂😂👍🏼

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    2:13 cought cheating. that is definitely NOT a whelding made by you. i am a whelder kid, don't you dare to take me by the ass. nice lincoln commercial.

  30. Paul Mcnair

    Paul Mcnair2 ヶ月 前

    Do you sell the care of do you keep them

  31. The Joker

    The Joker2 ヶ月 前

    Let’s see them welds

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    You guys are twin's to the bone , I love how you two repeat each other

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    19:32 the flag matches the shirt

  34. Allie Berghan

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    2:58 in the background is goals tbh. id love to just look at those cars everyday

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    Wow you guys actually are handicapped.. Canada a country? You serious?

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    23:44, Awesome Flag!!! Perfect addition for your shop.

  37. rb67mustang

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    1:10, Great idea!!! You can use the scrap parts to practice tig welding in your spare time.

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    3:32 hello momma

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    20:58 did he say porn?

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    IsCanada a country??? Come on dudes!

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    Nice! Quick get the grinder on it before the camera sees😂 4:48

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    Qld is Queensland Australia 🇦🇺

  43. Welshy

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    Boys should try and get into some of the Honda's super easy to work on, and selling would be easy.

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    Next shirts design should say LEGIT

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    Hey are living prove that hard works really pays off and if you can achieve anything all you need is someone willing to go the extra mile.

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    sandales with sockets... you should quit your cave from time to time, Smallville...

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    7:29 Owhh my goshh..

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    German Sheperds knows how to be excessively dramatic.

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    safety squints engage

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    You guys are great! Positivity can get you through anything, atleast make a bad situation a lot better! Thanks for sharing, yall!

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    I love that these kids work so well together. Cooperation beats competition every time?

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    20:57 is it just his accent, or did he say that’s back when we use to do porn n stuff?

  53. Logan Emily

    Logan Emily3 ヶ月 前

    That RC car you got is SUPER LIT. I used to have one back in the day, they came in single cars or car kits. You can buy various bodies, wheels, motors, suspension, and tires for the little ripper and let me tell you them things can drift

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    mark Hayward3 ヶ月 前

    Love the videos the whole process is just amazing u guys rock

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    the 1st people i saw that really deserve to own a Lamborghini

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    what is the title soundtrack o 9:30

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    Qld is Queensland Australia

  58. Jeff Dean

    Jeff Dean3 ヶ月 前

    That one gift for Thomas is from a Steve Bilenkey... is that the legendary custom bicycle builder Steve Bilenkey? His shop is in Philadelphia though if I'm not mistaken. Just a thought. You should look him up if it is him. Great videos. Fun to watch.

  59. Daniel Bargas

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    Puts on a welding jacket but angle grinds inches from his toes

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    You have Christmas every day when fed-ex arrives to your garage "all the gifts from your followers 👍🏽"