Rebuilding A Wrecked Ferrari 458 Spider


  1. Cookiejoe12

    Cookiejoe124 時間 前

    make more vids where u are working on the shop/garage

  2. Ryon Abercrombia

    Ryon Abercrombia6 時間 前

    This is how I know this Flat Plane with a DOME made of Diamonds is a Fucked up place. Why don't you guys and all the other people who do what you do, rebuild a bus for the HOMELESS!!! ( SHOWER, HAIRCUT and CLOTHES!!!) THINK ABOUT IT!! U PEOPLE ARE FULL OF SHIT!!

  3. Alpha Romeo

    Alpha Romeo日 前


  4. Alpha Romeo

    Alpha Romeo日 前

    All car is BROOCKEN HHHH

  5. leonel rivera

    leonel rivera2 日 前

    you can tell they are young when they don't know who is Pininfarina

  6. Manufalket

    Manufalket3 日 前


  7. Raymond L

    Raymond L5 日 前

    where those by's been?? pininfarina hahaha :)

  8. Sixten Oja

    Sixten Oja6 日 前

    The guy with the watermelons is the guy we hear about in math problems!😂

  9. [Typical Envy]

    [Typical Envy]8 日 前

    What happened to the lambo

  10. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz8 日 前

    why don't they ever disclose how much they pay for the cars???

  11. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz8 日 前


  12. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz8 日 前


  13. Erector _M

    Erector _M9 日 前

    Just rebuild it bro

  14. Justin Kirkland

    Justin Kirkland10 日 前

    Where are y’all based out of?

  15. Deon Zeelie

    Deon Zeelie10 日 前

    woooooweee lets rock n roll again Goonzquad

  16. brian gallia

    brian gallia10 日 前

    Is there any carbon in the car?

  17. BK42 Channel

    BK42 Channel11 日 前

    It is my first time in this channel, watching the very first video and you know what ? I LOVE IT already!!!! A new fan in Warsaw - Poland

  18. john Wesley daging

    john Wesley daging12 日 前

    what happened in the Lamborghini you sell it??

  19. Fang_Blackspikes

    Fang_Blackspikes13 日 前

    How do you find these cars?

  20. Jomari Delarama

    Jomari Delarama10 日 前

  21. Saulius Sophos

    Saulius Sophos14 日 前

    Carbon faaaaber and pininofragirina special edition :D you made my day guys. Stay humble

  22. Anjali Gupta

    Anjali Gupta15 日 前

    If you can't respect car car will not respect you. you both are giving new life to car love from India 🇮🇳

  23. Katiee Rhodes

    Katiee Rhodes15 日 前

    I've honestly watched you guys for like probably 15 hours in the last two days while off work!(which would totally be illegal in the real world loool) Wicked builds makes me miss the industry so much even though it's less fun in Australia 😅 will recommend your channel to people down under!

  24. Fuse Fate

    Fuse Fate15 日 前

    Love your vids keep the good work up

  25. Fuse Fate

    Fuse Fate15 日 前

    What's up

  26. Michael Martorana

    Michael Martorana16 日 前

    Goonzquad I would love to see a video on the auction process. Keep doing what your doing, its working!!

  27. سعد ناذر

    سعد ناذر17 日 前


  28. Brouser Brian

    Brouser Brian18 日 前

    that ferali is good

  29. Grunt 337

    Grunt 33718 日 前

    The silent hero of all the builds is the Truck without it none of the other cars would be standing so cheers 🍻 to the Ford

  30. Dmitriy Ten

    Dmitriy Ten20 日 前

    Pininfarina, ffs. Google it!

  31. Israel Elorreaga

    Israel Elorreaga23 日 前

    I'm from Lima, Peru!! And that meal was a Lomo Saltado and noodles in Salsa a la Huancaina with steak !!! And that they have not tasted 2% of the best food we have here in our country! When you want to come, we are here to support you! I have a Saturn Sky 2008 !!

  32. Andrea Vitale

    Andrea Vitale25 日 前

    The word is “portofino”

  33. dylan moore

    dylan moore25 日 前

    6:40 PINIFARINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. franco pineault

    franco pineault25 日 前

    Can`t wait to see more of the ferarri ! keep up the good work !!

  35. Kebbabbari Nation

    Kebbabbari Nation25 日 前

    It’s pininfarina an Italian car’s designer

  36. Dennis Schaff

    Dennis Schaff26 日 前

    Pininfarina it's just who designed the 458.

  37. pangrac1

    pangrac126 日 前

    Pinifarina, the designer.

  38. remus selejan

    remus selejan27 日 前


  39. Alex Dorofeyev

    Alex Dorofeyev29 日 前

    5:55 legend says that their truck is still idling burning gas

  40. liver978

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  41. Ebin Babu

    Ebin Babuヶ月 前

    6:41 Pirifororeo XD

  42. Stop wasting your time reading My name

    Stop wasting your time reading My nameヶ月 前

    Who else came to see who roasted em about the pininfarina comment

  43. Stop wasting your time reading My name

    Stop wasting your time reading My nameヶ月 前


  44. King Motorsport

    King Motorsportヶ月 前


  45. ryvr madduck

    ryvr madduckヶ月 前

    You guys probably have the only Ferrari in Alabama. Don't fret, I'm in New Mexico no one in this state has a Ferrari, an exotic car here is a low rider with full tint and the spinner wheels, bazooka tubes in the trunk, fuzzy dice hanging on the rear view.

  46. James May

    James Mayヶ月 前

    its pininfarina you dumb

  47. Molag Bal

    Molag Balヶ月 前

    Y like your channel... 1 more subscriber

  48. Pentiumboots

    Pentiumbootsヶ月 前

    This channel is one of the best ones. Just listening to you guys talk about the quality parts of the Ferrari gets me excited.

  49. Silas Hayden

    Silas Haydenヶ月 前

    Good to get a Ferrari I think they look nicer then lambos

  50. Joshua Lotspeich

    Joshua Lotspeichヶ月 前

    1:03 Golf cart, and watermelons

  51. oY ui

    oY uiヶ月 前

    When will you apply for a license plate for Ferrari? I want to see the film he applied for.

  52. Valerio Mancini

    Valerio Manciniヶ月 前's Pininfarina, one of our GREAT designer in Italy... ... more books please

  53. Boosted Sports

    Boosted Sportsヶ月 前

    I'm intended to think they have a crew of mechanics, eletricists, painters, etc

  54. Boosted Sports

    Boosted Sportsヶ月 前

    I don't believe that only the 2 of them rebuild these cars alone

  55. Boosted Sports

    Boosted Sportsヶ月 前

    You dont know who pininfarina is? Wtf

  56. Hidden Eye

    Hidden Eyeヶ月 前


  57. Battousai

    Battousaiヶ月 前

    “Get your child in here “ lol

  58. Wilson McCubbins

    Wilson McCubbinsヶ月 前

    How do y'all find your cars? Like how do you go about researching and finding wrecked high performance vehicles?




  60. Soul Spear

    Soul Spearヶ月 前

    Goes to florida, it's raining, what a surprise lol

  61. Valentin Dobchev

    Valentin Dobchevヶ月 前

    8:09 - COME ON MAN.... thought you are car guys... its PININFARINA

  62. charlieboy0287

    charlieboy0287ヶ月 前

    Man, i love how chilled and humble these dudes are. These cats deserve all the success that comes to them!

  63. Dusik Padtong

    Dusik Padtongヶ月 前

    Love Ferrari awesome design n they so into it I guess me too if I am in their plce..why not tht is Ferrari 458 with nice interior carbon finished..