Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Jeep Trackhawk Part 18


  1. Andre Adamson

    Andre Adamson日 前

    Most painters wet down the floors of the booths with a hose just to keep dust and sand from flying up when spraying low.

  2. Anthony Romero

    Anthony Romero日 前

    No masks guys when you go into stores?... got to keep it safe bros

  3. My Pokemon

    My Pokemon3 日 前

    Problem is hard to match paint for scratches and dents in future if outcome like this....great work though

  4. Clarence Meteus

    Clarence Meteus4 日 前

    Is it just me or does anyone else ever wonder how many vehicles they can fit on their property

  5. Think at the Brink

    Think at the Brink5 日 前

    back in the old days we just wet the floor down to prevent dust blowing - nice job guys :) looks great

  6. J Sol

    J Sol5 日 前

    lol dat canada flag stuck in the corner doe did you guys forget the side mirrors?

  7. Ethan Macheras

    Ethan Macheras5 日 前

    paint job is gorgeous!!!

  8. Luis Uriarte

    Luis Uriarte8 日 前

    Hey man just letting you know wetting the ground will keep the dirt or dust from going up into the paint you didn’t have to even broom aslong as the floor is wer

  9. LS4.8 Frank

    LS4.8 Frank9 日 前

    What PSI did y'all spray the Nason clearcoat at guys?

  10. apapay01

    apapay0112 日 前

    Wet down the floor in the garage before you spray. That way you don’t get the dust flying up off the floor that brooms don’t pick up.

  11. Ruben Melo

    Ruben Melo12 日 前

    Didn't they sand under the rear Jeep logo too?

  12. Young Haitian

    Young Haitian15 日 前

    dannnnnnggggg sooonnnnnnnnn

  13. wheelsofasia

    wheelsofasia15 日 前

    They just keep on recording and drop from time to time ezz

  14. Top Hat

    Top Hat16 日 前

    A first watch for me. Where'd these dudes get their skills? Do they have 'help' of any description? Respect. 👍

  15. Ankit Patel

    Ankit Patel17 日 前

    The first thing that happens I was in my class today so that was my favorite part in a while and then I was everything and it was e I have been in

  16. Rocky Mountain Auto Repair

    Rocky Mountain Auto Repair17 日 前

    i painted my floor 2 part epoxy paint and now dirt just goes away quickly for painting also tape will stick to it very well

  17. Space

    Space19 日 前

    Looks so good

  18. John Rampton

    John Rampton21 日 前

    Wet the floor, give it a good hose down and that will stop the dust.

  19. tommywells100

    tommywells10022 日 前

    Hey guys, great job! I used to custom paint motocross helmets back in the 90s and when ever I shot the clear coats I would always wet the floor with water so the dust would not move.

  20. Michael

    Michael22 日 前

    what happened to the pain booth they used to use?

  21. TJ Houston

    TJ Houston23 日 前

    4 videos in just a week.... chiiiiile👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  22. R.G.A

    R.G.A24 日 前

    estos tigueres son el final...

  23. Martyp822

    Martyp82224 日 前

    Not really doing a good promotion on that portable paint booth they gave you. I bet that thing sucks to move.

  24. heartSLB

    heartSLB24 日 前

    Your garage looks like a scene from Dexter right now. You guys are bold to try and paint an entire car in a garage instead of a booth.

  25. Agus Mahendra

    Agus Mahendra24 日 前

    Hai,, Saya agus dari indonesia saya suka dengan apa yang kalian kerjakan apalagi tenteng automotif ✌PEACE

  26. David Blair

    David Blair24 日 前

    Noticed the crack along your shop floor v-out with grinder 3/4” by 3/4” V clean thoroughly and epoxy fill with self leveling by Sika or equivalent to repair

  27. Mark DeNeve

    Mark DeNeve25 日 前

    Out of curiosity ... why didn't you use the inflatable spray booth you have? That thing seems slick, and would have helped with the bug issue... Keep up the great work!

  28. Kaycee Dickey

    Kaycee Dickey25 日 前

    torture dance

  29. fluffpantss

    fluffpantss25 日 前

    NAAASOOON!!! Clear for the win

  30. Spitdogger

    Spitdogger25 日 前

    Actually, when you went over the orange sealer the base looked liked it was covering awesome.

  31. John hobbs

    John hobbs25 日 前

    Not in Michigan you can’t paint a car in a garage. In the past you could, air quality and neighbors you don’t want to piss off. You’re better off renting a paint booth for a better quality job. Been there done that.

  32. Gregg KUZILA

    Gregg KUZILA25 日 前

    What happened to your tent

  33. Xtragicfever

    Xtragicfever26 日 前

    That matt finish looks better than putting the clear coat on.

  34. Phil McKanna

    Phil McKanna26 日 前

    Too bad that portable paint booth is so hot 🔥 with the sunshine... wonder if you could run a sprinkler on it, might be worth a test.

  35. jjjjbuddy

    jjjjbuddy26 日 前

    musta given up on bouncy house paint booth....

  36. curtis wilcock

    curtis wilcock26 日 前

    Damnnnnnnn that paint is like glass already I can’t wait to see the final product this is so dang good 🙏😎 amazing work your smashing life

  37. william vinyard

    william vinyard26 日 前

    Hard to tell if he's got a twin or its just really good editing

  38. David Lindsey

    David Lindsey26 日 前

    so looking forward to the new shop

  39. Victor Banda

    Victor Banda26 日 前

    why not use the booth?

  40. J Romo

    J Romo26 日 前

    Talking about garages how’s the one ur building

  41. outdoor fun

    outdoor fun26 日 前

    All I paint with is single stage urethane. You can tell a BCCC paint job a mile away. It is fine for this type of vehicle or newer vehicles in general. What irritates me is a muscle car or street rod having a shitty BCCC paintjob on it.

  42. neil maddox

    neil maddox27 日 前

    Wet the floor to hold the dust down

  43. Wizzy959

    Wizzy95927 日 前

    Buy/rent a smoke machine so you can test and play around what set-up of fans gives the best airflow


    DOPE SWAG27 日 前

    What brand of spray gun you use ? And where can it be bought

  45. dale haggart

    dale haggart27 日 前

    I have said it before and i will say it again. As a painter you two have seen her in rough shape but now seeing her with fresh paint and clear its over the top !!! THANKS

  46. JoylessWarf

    JoylessWarf27 日 前

    PPG is good paint, but standox is the best paint i ever used! But if you guys like that best i support that, keep up the good work

  47. Tony cini

    Tony cini27 日 前

    Wet the floor guys.

  48. MEP101769

    MEP10176927 日 前

    By far this build was the most involved and detailed, but one thing we must never forget is excellence takes dedication and hard work to make dream become tangible and real! Keep ripping! 💪👌🚦🚒🚛🏎️⛽

  49. MEP101769

    MEP10176927 日 前

    Goonzquad the Jeep Trackhawk turned out amazing! Have fun getting everything complete on this build and keep up the good work!🔥💯

  50. James Purchase

    James Purchase27 日 前

    Found soaking the garage floor with water helps minimise the dust and “trash” especially when clearing! 👍🏻

  51. Kenny Rogers

    Kenny Rogers27 日 前

    If u wet the floor down it will help to

  52. Light speed Monk

    Light speed Monk27 日 前

    What happen to your portable paint booth?

  53. Stay True TV

    Stay True TV28 日 前

    Looks amazing.. you guys rock the builds 🤟

  54. Marc René Yvon

    Marc René Yvon28 日 前

    Why not painting the garage floor with an Epoxy floor paint ? Gives a nice, smooth and easy to clean suface. Cheap but durable too !

  55. Southwest

    Southwest28 日 前

    I love that color

  56. Rodney Ogden

    Rodney Ogden28 日 前

    Y'all should work on a plane

  57. Arthur Alzamora

    Arthur Alzamora28 日 前

    Thanks guys - watching you has given me ideas on working on our cars & projects! Good stuff!

  58. Chris Minter

    Chris Minter28 日 前

    What happened to the blow up paint booth?

  59. Justin McMillan

    Justin McMillan28 日 前

    You guys should rebuild a recked ford raptor

  60. Duane Cartaglia

    Duane Cartaglia28 日 前

    Why didn’t you use your Portable Paint Booth?