Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 16


  1. Aqqaluk Petersen

    Aqqaluk Petersen16 日 前

    Fire Marshall here. Love your channel, but using radiant og other hot/flame driven heating in a explosive atmosfere is really bad combo.

  2. James Connelly

    James Connellyヶ月 前

    Mr. De Lorean was a tall model who decided to use a Corvette as a daily driver. Big john origins .

  3. Top Secret

    Top Secret2 ヶ月 前

    Привет парни. Я вижу у вас проблема с переливом краски из банки. Клейте скотч на банку "х" образно на край,тем самым у вас не будет потёков и всегда банка будет чистой! Из России с любовью. Hi guys. I see you have a problem with overflowing paint from the can. Glue the tape on the Bank" x " figuratively on the edge, thus you will not have any drips and the Bank will always be clean! From Russia with love.

  4. Michael Justin202

    Michael Justin2023 ヶ月 前


  5. Thomas Jennings

    Thomas Jennings3 ヶ月 前


  6. Leonard Fugers

    Leonard Fugers3 ヶ月 前

    Ppg is akso nobel

  7. Ely y

    Ely y5 ヶ月 前

    Your paint work is just something from another space... pffff well donnnnneeeee

  8. Pedro Rivera

    Pedro Rivera6 ヶ月 前

    Your builds keep me entertained! Love the channel!

  9. setia budi budi

    setia budi budi7 ヶ月 前

    ...... .. different concept ..... a car with flag countrry production. # Ferrari with : green light - white - red ellegant combination. # Mustang with : blue - white - red ellegant combination. # Honda with : red - white ellegant combination. 🏆

  10. GoRuckYourself

    GoRuckYourself7 ヶ月 前

    Would love to buy a car from auction and do something like this. Any tips or advice when buying from auction?

  11. Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen7 ヶ月 前

    That’s what I call UT orange! Beautiful.

  12. Wayne johnson

    Wayne johnson7 ヶ月 前

    I thought paint booths had heaters?

  13. dirt racer

    dirt racer8 ヶ月 前

    The right rear dont look center in the wheel well.

  14. raskoljnikov 1

    raskoljnikov 19 ヶ月 前

    Man, you wasted your youth on this Viper but I love your honest no nonsense approach and I love how the Viper came out :) Wish you all the best! You're very inspiring.

  15. Kurt Smith

    Kurt Smith9 ヶ月 前

    Goonzquad I know That you need to replace the front window so why don’t you customize a banner like the one that’s already there

  16. Ishotasheriff

    Ishotasheriff10 ヶ月 前

    Damm I whished that teh viper TA hoodies where still available, want one so badly

  17. Crash Life

    Crash Life11 ヶ月 前

    Your bro seems pissed in this video too. lol

  18. Crash Life

    Crash Life11 ヶ月 前

    So I am a newb to paining. But, why if you were going to white primer sealer the door to blend wouldn't you do that to the rest of the car? Is that just only necessary since it was a darker color?

  19. DatBoyGuru

    DatBoyGuru年 前

    i like your work i wish you could have kept the original orange tho there's a significant difference. I know it was impossible to match it is how it is i guess.

  20. ivan

    ivan年 前

    getting a negative vibe of the one that sprayed the car normally way chatty , but he was very quiet i'd say either not feeling well or these guys had a wee bust up.

  21. Ed Ed

    Ed Ed年 前

    Dude dang legit oem oem dude legit

  22. Azriel Perlman

    Azriel Perlman年 前

    Is there any issue with burning the propane heaters in the paint booth?

  23. Joe Dorcas

    Joe Dorcas年 前

    That paint color is called(I think) GO MAN GO(GO MANGO). You young boys do an awesome job with your cars. Pardon me for calling you both boys. I'm 46 and THINK that you both are between 17 and 25. Hence, the reason for calling you both boys. Could ya do a video about yourselves please? Just looked online and this is the name of the color: TA Orange Clear Coat [Orange].

  24. snafu killjoy

    snafu killjoy年 前

    Why why why cheap out on the clear all that work and cheap clear

  25. Wayne Goff

    Wayne Goff年 前

    Could live without the repetitive muzak!

  26. Northeast Mainiac

    Northeast Mainiac年 前

    What does that mean when you keep saying “ that is Legit”?

  27. Nick Kusters

    Nick Kusters年 前

    Is it me, or does the color look a bit more faded then the original?

  28. john Simpson

    john Simpson年 前


  29. Bryan Hill

    Bryan Hill年 前

    Paint drips down side of can... Goonzquad: "Well there goes forty bucks..."

  30. Rus George

    Rus George年 前

    That particular color of orange is amazing! Looks great!

  31. Schlum99

    Schlum99年 前

    That matte look right before the clear coat looked really good. Either way great work guys

  32. Official Kamakazi

    Official Kamakazi年 前

    2:1 ratio actually makes a gallon and a half lol

  33. TheNineDivides

    TheNineDivides年 前

    nothing better than seeing some good ole southern boys fix up a mean ass car like this really awesome channel lol

  34. Dim sum

    Dim sum年 前

    DAMZ... itS the General Lee. nice work guys!

  35. john doe

    john doe年 前

    He has a mattetty

  36. john doe

    john doe年 前

    Jason is a gye so his name it is actually Jason the killer

  37. Krister Viste

    Krister Viste年 前

    How long do you guys wait between every base coat?

  38. Elijah Ramos

    Elijah Ramos年 前

    these guys got down

  39. Mohammed Riyadh

    Mohammed Riyadh年 前


  40. Yvette Blount

    Yvette Blount年 前

    You southern boys are getting it done. You two remind me of my son. He is alone but, always finds a way to get things done. You two are lucky to have each other. Another great one.

  41. Lance AVP

    Lance AVP年 前

    Hey are u guys a mopar lover??...

  42. nicholas clunis

    nicholas clunis年 前

    I love cars

  43. nicholas clunis

    nicholas clunis年 前


  44. nicholas clunis

    nicholas clunis年 前

    I love your voice

  45. cheezcruncher

    cheezcruncher年 前

    I would shit myself painting something like this car

  46. tokuzumi1

    tokuzumi1年 前

    I get upset if I have to pay more than $35 for a gallon of latex interior paint for my house. $1000/gallon for some automotive paint? Makes me appreciate the $50 rustoleum paint job that much more.

  47. msfasa

    msfasa年 前

    How long does it take to dry in between coats before you can lay down the next?

  48. Polo J

    Polo J年 前

    This is car porn

  49. Innovative Entertainment

    Innovative Entertainment年 前

    The guy painting seems like he's really pissed off.

  50. The RTR Mustang squad

    The RTR Mustang squad年 前

    I wish you have color red and Stay of orange

  51. Dan Hard

    Dan Hard年 前

    who here watches everyone of their vids at X 1.5 speed haa haaa

  52. Dan Hard

    Dan Hard年 前

    im wondering if they got tiger stripes it looked like he was doing a 80/20 spray and not a 60/40 or 50/50

  53. Dcalhoun 38581

    Dcalhoun 38581年 前

    Fucking SHIT video! GOODBYE!

  54. Mr Dee

    Mr Dee年 前

    Painting is always my favorite part :D

  55. Ebb Fox

    Ebb Fox年 前

    I wouldn't be painting with that heater running.

  56. BRI2K TV

    BRI2K TV年 前

    Sealer isn't that expensive. Why didn't you just spray the whole car so the new paint is absolutely perfect. You spend all this money just to cheap out on some sealer?

  57. Abdellatif Belhadj

    Abdellatif Belhadj年 前

    Drag race it please

  58. Abdellatif Belhadj

    Abdellatif Belhadj年 前

    Can u like my comment

  59. Mathew WinsΩr

    Mathew WinsΩr年 前

    HELP! been searching for the music which plays at 11.00. Dyalla is as close as I can get. Would you please tell me song that is??? PLEASE!

  60. Andy Barlow

    Andy Barlow年 前

    Forget the Nissan, finish the Viper!

  61. Degan KRB

    Degan KRB年 前

    When’s the 370z video coming

  62. G.S

    G.S年 前

    That paint job came out super sick!

  63. Francisco Serrano

    Francisco Serrano年 前

    Any news about this beast?




  65. Sheyandaar

    Sheyandaar年 前

    The rear frame work isn't finished; the wheel is still pushed back toward the bumper a good inch or so. Noticed it at 18:29. Compare it to the driver side. I've not seen a good shot of that side for a comparison, but it looks off.

  66. Dante White

    Dante White年 前


  67. Radu Pirvan

    Radu Pirvan年 前

    Follow @cars_h0use on Instagram , For the BEST photos with cars.

  68. eastatlantavet

    eastatlantavet年 前

    I stumbled upon your vids and i have been hooked. Great work fellas. I look forward to see what more projects you guys do in the future ✌🏽

  69. Mark Mikheyev

    Mark Mikheyev年 前

    Lol nason..... the cheapest shit in the world lmfao y’all used nice paint and cheep clear. Use some dbc 4000 clear shit is nice

  70. Gregg Butler

    Gregg Butler年 前

    Please what’s the name of the music track at 11.20 reply please

  71. Aaron Moody

    Aaron Moody年 前

    Oh come on!!! It's a fast orange Dodge built by 2 brothers, it really needs some big bold 01s on the doors and the flag on the roof

  72. dhruv ch

    dhruv ch年 前

    Welcome to try not to get satisfied 2019 edition

  73. 4ONDFLR

    4ONDFLR年 前

    Should never load a car on a trailer with the engine weight at the back of the trailer.

  74. Nikita Radion

    Nikita Radion年 前

    Are you Russian?? Go subscribe to my channel I post the best content on JPreporter

  75. Ketan Shinde

    Ketan Shinde年 前

    Use drip proof lid for the paint can... So Beautifully it turns out ...

  76. zero budget

    zero budget年 前

    Hey guys have you guys ever came across a 2016 Malibu ss ls3 if so can you hook me up with info im wanting one and looking for one as cheap as i can get like cheap as you guys do that way me and my 12 yr old son can start are first project togwther and give the car to his mom

  77. Kent Little

    Kent Little年 前

    As always a beautiful paint job!!!! That's some serious talent right there!!

  78. Kenny Rounds

    Kenny Rounds年 前

    You guys need to paint those red engine covers to match the car. It would really complete the look

  79. that408guy

    that408guy年 前

    I probably wouldn't be able to sleep a few days before knowing I had to spray my own viper. Great turn out!

  80. fgman BULIT

    fgman BULIT年 前

    Super, j'ai suivi toutes les vidéos (même si je ne comprends pas tout...) sur la reconstruction de: - Corvette Z06 - Dodge Hellcat - Camaro ZL1 et maintenant la Dodge Viper TA Vraiment incroyable, super boulot et quel professionnalisme. Vivement la suite, continuez comme ça. Longue vie à vous ;)

  81. Gangster 404

    Gangster 404年 前

    You guys are awesome but I have a couple of suggestions. If you are working on a 1 of 100 car as valuable as this Viper and your going to paint spend the extra money on the clear. You ALWAYS get what you pay for. You went with PPG base but used a cheap clear. Spend the extra and go with PPG clear that is made to work with the base you use. These paint companies spend a lot on R & D so trust that. Not that much more for an excellent clear with PPG. And, If the window is cracked take it out before paint so you can get all the window track.

  82. Kavinsky Smith

    Kavinsky Smith年 前

    Jesus, you know if theirs one thing this drives forth, Its that Paint is an Obsessive Compulsive Man's game, as jesus does it require alot of steps to get it right. Like no wonder B is for build cant do a good paintjob to save his life, he does half the steps, like he doesnt even wipe it down after a coat, and constantly gets fish eyes. As He's painting his OWN skyline right now and said he wont have a video till its finished and done right and that was over 4 days ago! like if you consider the way you got that viper on the trailer Redneck engineering, let me introduce you to Roadkill does paint ala B is for build style lol like its getting to the point where I come to you guys to learn and not him lol as the amount of times he's done things that make me wanna say I wouldnt do that if I were you, like Al from home impovement, is getting pretty high at this point lol like cinderblocks to hold up cars, taking off a subframe without any real jacks, like its getting pretty sketchy with him. and frankly the more I watch him the more he reminds me of my dumba'ss brother that my father is still covering the gas money for despite leaving the house over a decade ago! also FYI PPG is the paint that alot of the show car guys use for alot of the magazines, as its one of the few that can be used in california as its now heavily water based from what I read and you should be able to find a mag article about a build and see what clear they used for it going forward or better yet contact PPG and ask them, and maybe see if they'll sponsor you, as they do a hell of a good looking dark blue if you ever wanna do a cobra replica rebuild project and make it look like the gumball rally 1976 movie cobra someday like I plan on doing lol mind you I think at this point if you have anything with a nice paintjob, its just gotta be clearbra'd given how nasty people are getting.

  83. Jack Dawson

    Jack Dawson年 前

    Idk what the rules are in that paint booth but the lack of respect from that jason guy, purposefully painting the wall kinda pisses me off

  84. Stangbanger 5.0

    Stangbanger 5.0年 前

    What did you guys pay for it at auction? If you don’t mind me asking. I would love to do this.

  85. bonsia trees/seeds and plants for beginners Paton

    bonsia trees/seeds and plants for beginners Paton年 前

    Great paint job

  86. jesus ruiz

    jesus ruiz年 前

    Great job guys

  87. Benjamin du7

    Benjamin du7年 前

    Music ar 12:40?

  88. Gary Johnson

    Gary Johnson年 前

    Dang, that's sick! Totally legit!!

  89. Trevon Wilson

    Trevon Wilson年 前

    Hey are you guys in atlanta? I want u to paint my camaro

  90. Steve Carpenter

    Steve Carpenter年 前

    First time commenting! Long time follower! Love these builds you guys are doing! The love and dedication you guys put in to making these cars perfect is amazing and inspiring! I am addicted to your channel! Can't wait to see this Viper completed!



    You young Men amaze !!!!! me. I cannot get over Your skill sets Your drive and the Quality of Your finished projects.God Bless Y'all and God Bless The Work of Your Hands

  92. garry ibbetson

    garry ibbetson年 前

    I have a orange cv8 Monaro so love the colour

  93. Scott Theis

    Scott Theis年 前

    LOL! What do you guys think?

  94. Grande 807

    Grande 807年 前

    Wow looks good gents

  95. Shawn S

    Shawn S年 前

    drive the rear tires of the truck holding the trailer, up on ramps. it will lower the back of the trailer, making it easy to load the low cars.

  96. kmax89

    kmax89年 前

    Binge watched the Viper TA series, I am now caught up. Great work guys! Very impressed! Looking forward to seeing this whip put together and attacking the track!

  97. Мусабег Хидиров

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  98. Adriana Di Camillo

    Adriana Di Camillo年 前

    yes bro

  99. Clyde D.

    Clyde D.年 前

    thats lookin fresh

  100. ConTourNext

    ConTourNext年 前

    You guys are awesome.