Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked Boat Part 3


  1. Stephen Ingram

    Stephen Ingram7 時間 前

    stupid wrap

  2. pheonix fire bird

    pheonix fire bird14 時間 前

    What about antelope

  3. Custom Tattoos By Andy

    Custom Tattoos By Andy4 日 前

    Love that wake tower!! Got a link?!

  4. Tiny truckin

    Tiny truckin10 日 前


  5. Leona Deetjen

    Leona Deetjen12 日 前

    Fixing , Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, And even tearing down old condemned Homes. So what is this channel becoming. A fix all do anything Please stay on point as to why I think most people Subscribed to you in the first place These items don't interest me at all Boats, Motorcycles, And even tearing down old condemned Homes

  6. Crash Life

    Crash Life12 日 前

    Keep an eye on that transom, the water seeped into the area where the wood is and it can Roth the wood.


    LOUIE BENZ12 日 前

    The pussy destroyer

  8. Larry Eden

    Larry Eden15 日 前

    BOYS you all STOOL that boat for the price for as the trailer I would work the lights to be sure they are O K then I would leave the trailer alone you might check the leaf springs for as long as the boat is riding the boat is riding good ,I would continue on the boat good luck if anything else put a new wiring harness in the trailer

  9. Brayden Siegel

    Brayden Siegel17 日 前

    Goon seaker

  10. Miami Bro Channel

    Miami Bro Channel18 日 前

    That’s the boat I have bro! Tahoe 2150! I bought it last year in BassPro.

  11. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas18 日 前

    Boat cover is more about sun protection than rain. It's a boat, only issue with getting wet is if you let it get moldy or left the drain plug in.

  12. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas18 日 前

    Marine Tex. No JB weld on boats. And only sand dry on the roughest of sanding. Gelcoat also comes in a paste. Mix in hardener, spread into cracks with a light putty knife or business card.

  13. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas18 日 前

    Paint it with gelcoat... Gelcoat isn't painted on. It's actually the very 1st step in building a boat. Spray the mold with gelcoat, then spray the resin and glass. And it's built in two parts, upper and lower. Seam is hidden under rub rail.

  14. douglashammon1

    douglashammon118 日 前

    You guys should watch some JPreporter videos on boat repairs?

  15. Dmeist

    Dmeist18 日 前

    I think you should name it the S. S. end it

  16. Les Deshotel

    Les Deshotel20 日 前

    Name the boat... SKETCHY

  17. Chantal Smith

    Chantal Smith22 日 前

    Name it “Twater Taxi” or “Tie Me Up”

  18. me

    me22 日 前

    forget what it is called, but they do have a fiberglass filler like bondo.(20 years building boats).

  19. Dale Sakawsky

    Dale Sakawsky23 日 前

    Tiger Hair ? No . It's called PUSSY HAIR . Oh sorry it's KITTY HAIR . LOL

  20. Kenneth Horne

    Kenneth Horne24 日 前

    Name it goonzquad

  21. Ted Loftin

    Ted Loftin26 日 前

    use fiberglass autobody filler it will work for everything you are talking about sand it down till you hit the other fiberglass

  22. PossibleOrb

    PossibleOrb26 日 前

    mariah is okay!!!!! make her stylish;)

  23. Azhar Aurang Zeb

    Azhar Aurang Zeb27 日 前

    Titanic are wind

  24. Jacob Desaulniers

    Jacob Desaulniers28 日 前

    Name it goonzquad

  25. regis b

    regis bヶ月 前

    You guys should name it the wrecking ball. Enjoy your content. Great job guys. Thanks for sharing.

  26. David Jensen

    David Jensenヶ月 前

    Its funny to see these dumbas

  27. Michael swanson

    Michael swansonヶ月 前

    LEARN HOW TO LAMINATE BEFORE YOU "TRY" FIXING A BOAT, that was a bodge job. It is just another polished turd.

  28. cartouchator

    cartouchatorヶ月 前

    Didnt they rebuild a f250 ages ago? What happened to it? That thing could easily tow the boat?

  29. Akemi Binalla

    Akemi Binallaヶ月 前


  30. Chris Wrentmore

    Chris Wrentmoreヶ月 前

    KARMA. I think this is the perfect name for your new boat, positive things happened to positive people. I think you are a couple of great kids doing positive fun and exciting things with your lives. So I truly believe that Karma is the perfect name for your boat. Love you guys love your vids and keep up the good work Yours Truly Chris

  31. lolman9999

    lolman9999ヶ月 前

    5k comments, but I haven't seen a single boaty mc boatface.

  32. Arron Nissan

    Arron Nissanヶ月 前

    Rename it with your channel name:Goonzquad...

  33. gonzalo salinas

    gonzalo salinasヶ月 前

    Dude we got a 5 o dude we're going to stomp this thing

  34. luis nunes

    luis nunesヶ月 前

    please check Florida sportsman project dreamboat for recovering boats

  35. IronCross82

    IronCross82ヶ月 前

    Oh and I just wanted to throw in I know this is an old video and you guys have already mounted Tower but when drilling into gelcoat you put the drill in reverse it stops the gelcoat and also the fiberglass from cracking and pulling apart then you use a little Grindstone around the edges so the crack doesn't spread that did see you guys use add die to around the edges and do not use a Sharpie marker on gel coat it stains really bad if not properly waxed

  36. K garage

    K garageヶ月 前

    These guy's are too dumb

  37. arvise chloe sunga

    arvise chloe sungaヶ月 前

    How about you rebuild ranger rapator or a ford raptor

  38. Alexander N

    Alexander Nヶ月 前

    Epoxy doesnt stick to polyester. Use polyester for repairs and jelcoat for the small scratches

  39. I'm Your Huckleberry

    I'm Your Huckleberryヶ月 前

    The boats name should be "Murica"

  40. Furious Deer

    Furious Deerヶ月 前

    dude there are pontoons out there that go over 65mph

  41. Jasminanya

    Jasminanyaヶ月 前

    Literally dead animals everywhere Goonzquad: That's siiiick

  42. Unterhaltungs BEAST-_-

    Unterhaltungs BEAST-_-ヶ月 前

    Kann kein Englisch gucke es mir trotzdem an weil die Typen die geilsten sind

  43. Gerben T van de Veen

    Gerben T van de Veenヶ月 前

    Wraps the boat? I don't tink it will hold. I'am for the Netherlands. And had a boot sind i was 5 jaar. As cadeautjes for my swimming diploma. #the NETHERLANDS #SPAKENBURG #EEMMEER #Zuiderzee #UNESCO #CENTERPRAKS

  44. Cody H

    Cody Hヶ月 前

    What happened to the f250

  45. Adam Mithwani

    Adam Mithwaniヶ月 前

    hahahahah "bag delete" im dead lol

  46. kevdone w

    kevdone wヶ月 前

    hope you named it SKETCHY that sounds right to me !!lol

  47. Goggie 1989

    Goggie 1989ヶ月 前

    you look like eminem

  48. Dave Williams

    Dave Williamsヶ月 前

    You guys are idiots! You need to learn how to really repair fiberglass. There are some good JPreporter videos that will help. Wouldn't let you within 100 ft of my boat!

  49. Pablo Campa

    Pablo Campaヶ月 前

    Call it "Goonner."

  50. Haz Rivera

    Haz Riveraヶ月 前

    Anyone know what brand wakeboard tower that is

  51. jakenoll vlogs

    jakenoll vlogsヶ月 前

    I would do gell coat, the wrap wouldnt hold up to running through the water

  52. Nolan Shea

    Nolan Sheaヶ月 前

    The goonzer

  53. Sea King

    Sea Kingヶ月 前

    LagoonSquad is a cool name

  54. Edward Bliffin

    Edward Bliffinヶ月 前

    S.S. Goon

  55. JC

    JCヶ月 前

    hello, I paint boats for a living, you should look into awlgrip topcoat paint. it is the basecoat. but if you know how to spray paint, you could really make that boat look nice. if you do paint it. make sure to prime it first. i use 545 primer. it is 1:1 ratio mix for the primer and about 25% reducer. i shoot my spray gun around 30-35 psi

  56. Summer Flash Sale

    Summer Flash Saleヶ月 前

    what make year and model is the boat? please tell

  57. Josef Venport

    Josef Venportヶ月 前

    Great work Guys,, maybe you can give me tips on how to pimp my Carolina Skiff!!

  58. solly mulford

    solly mulfordヶ月 前

    speed demon

  59. Elijah Ramos

    Elijah Ramosヶ月 前

    Man you guys do everything 😁😁

  60. Austen Constantinou

    Austen Constantinouヶ月 前

    when is the next one guys cant wait!