Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked Boat Part 2


  1. Rob Wilson

    Rob Wilson22 時間 前

    Why does everything have to be sketchy. It’s a drinking game watch these videos and drink every time they say sketchy.

  2. Greg KG

    Greg KG3 日 前

    I recommend you guys stop doing videos and going back to school. Proper sentence structure and common knowledge is key to an enjoyable video. You both sound a bit “sketchy”!!! As a boater, DO NOT start a boat without a proper water source connected for cooling. You’ll ruin your impeller.

  3. Jonatan Hernandez

    Jonatan Hernandez日 前

    impellers are cheap. take a chill pill "Greg"

  4. Greg KG

    Greg KG3 日 前

    Damn!!! How many times can someone use the word “Sketchy” in 30 second???? I thinking you guys don’t really understand the meaning of that word. It is a calm clear day on the lake with a boat running normal and in control. What’s so sketchy about that?

  5. Rodney Browning

    Rodney Browning3 日 前

    Dont power on the trailer, it ruins boat ramps, even a cement one collapse after dirt is washed out from under the end of them. Yes it's a drive on trailer, but once you hit the bunks use the winch to pull it where it needs to be. That's why it's there. Not just hold the boat on the trailer. And the general rule is fenders just at water level will put it at best loading depth.

  6. Stephen Ingram

    Stephen Ingram6 日 前

    please dont change the color

  7. kep5niner

    kep5niner9 日 前

    What a bunch of idiots.

  8. Dave Mclaughlin

    Dave Mclaughlin10 日 前

    G'DAY boys,from Dave McLaughlin in Queensland Australia, I'm a Coast Guard Skipper, with over 2000 hours at the helm,on marine rescues alone,plus similar hours of Recreational boating, my first advice,is practice safe boating to have the premium experience on the water,so some things,I noticed was your engine looks to be a 5.0 Ltd Mercruiser,which is typically a marinised Chevrolet 305CUbic inch,with a STerndrive,your Thingy out the back?,for maximum power potential, you will need to understand the relationship of diameter and Pitch of your propeller, typically a 19" diameter and 19" Pitch is a good starting point?my first purchase would include ,Life jackets, flares,bucket/bailers,an anchor, marine Radio,CB,V Sheet,possibly an electric outboard to act as an auxiliary motor?the Thingy up front on trailer is called a Winch Post?

  9. Gage Fischer

    Gage Fischer10 日 前

    Boats are meant to take on water for livewells and depending on the boat if it’s not pumping much there usually isent anything wrong with the bilge just have no water for it to go full blast

  10. daz6546

    daz654611 日 前

    New drinking game..... A shot every time one of them says 'sketchy' (whatever that means).

  11. Osborne Bay

    Osborne Bay11 日 前

    2 very happy sketchy farmer boys indeed! Play safe.....

  12. Ziggy

    Ziggy11 日 前

    I am seriously laughing so hard i almost cant breath. you guys dont know ANYTHING about boats! i am so glad you guys did this and have the opertunity to learn, boating is so much fun! And you guys were SO lucky with that boat i am amazed! Nice job guys!

  13. John Smith

    John Smith12 日 前

    the 2 happiest days of boat ownership: the day you buy it and the day you sell it!

  14. SR

    SR14 日 前

    Lmao!!! Sketchy, Sketchy, Sketchy....

  15. Riley Kaminskas

    Riley Kaminskas14 日 前

    Every time u said sketchy I got a penny and got rich

  16. Flying Solo

    Flying Solo14 日 前

    I think the word for this video is sketchy

  17. Kevin Nowicki

    Kevin Nowicki14 日 前

    Gotta be Jasper or South Pittsburgh country boys....

  18. Kevin Nowicki

    Kevin Nowicki14 日 前

    Do you think it's sketchy?!?!

  19. mrk107

    mrk10714 日 前

    Why would you guys take a not so sure boat on the lake without life jackets on?

  20. Zenq.

    Zenq.17 日 前

    Greetings from Romania! You don't need boat licence to drive this boat? We need boat lic if the engine exceeds 5 hp Thank you so much!

  21. Zenq.

    Zenq.17 日 前

    Yes,we need separately licence,specially for boat,and if the boat exceeds 24meters,you need another licence.

  22. bigpjohnson

    bigpjohnson17 日 前

    Greetings from a Romanian in America! You usually only need a regular driver's license to drive a boat. Does Romania require a separate license?

  23. Crash Life

    Crash Life18 日 前

    Btw the pump isn’t putting out much water because it’s not to the level high enough to have enough water to pump out. But, look into a manual bilge pump. And, y’all definitely need a new trailer, that’s dangerous as all hell.

  24. Crash Life

    Crash Life18 日 前

    Yeah my boat costs about 100 bucks a trip with fuel and 2 cycle oil


    GRANT PrIME18 日 前


  26. J O

    J O19 日 前


  27. Marc Proulx

    Marc Proulx20 日 前

    I had to stop watching ... too much "sketchy"!

  28. Eric Oxford

    Eric Oxford20 日 前

    9:39 looks like the old Alstom Shop in Chattanooga, TN.

  29. captain jason lm

    captain jason lm22 日 前

    Fishing for bass and more... pls do some heheheh

  30. Randy Foster

    Randy Foster22 日 前

    looks good, but you should have lifejackets

  31. Justin Walters

    Justin Walters23 日 前

    40 or 50 grand? You mean 100-150 grand for one of those air nautiques or supras or anything like that.

  32. Larry Eden

    Larry Eden23 日 前


  33. Miami Bro Channel

    Miami Bro Channel23 日 前

    First thing, upgrade your speaker and sound system! That’s the first thing I did to my boat. It’s a must! I got the Wetsounds speakers and amps! Check them out on my boat in the videos I’ve posted. The speakers also have lights behind the tweeters. In my video of 4th of July you can see the lights how they look at night. Enjoy upgrading and modifying your boat. It’s a great feeling once you have it all ready. Oh and do me the favor and subscribe to my channel if you like my videos.

  34. Miami Bro Channel

    Miami Bro Channel24 日 前

    Awesome bro! That’s a sweet boat for that price! Enjoy it brother! That would be a great Sandbar boat here in Miami. I’d appreciate it if you followed me and checked out my videos. Boating is definitely my thing.

  35. austin clark

    austin clark24 日 前

    Pretty sure I just lost brain cells watching this. Who the hell dry runs something ? No water hose or shit. Second "I've only had a 4.2 In a boat" wtf is that third who doesn't run through lights pumps etc before taking it out . Lastly what the hell did you rebuild . It's a mpi mercrusier long as the fuel pump isn't smoked and it doesn't need a cap and rotor thing with fire no problem . Jesus I thought I knew some dumb people

  36. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas24 日 前

    Bilge pump should flow like a hose at full. And that's a cheaper pump, 250 gpm. Could be plugged up. But safer to just replace with a 500 or 750 gpm pump that has an auto on feature (3 wire pump).

  37. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas24 日 前

    Slap the tach, see if it reads right. Based on the apperent age of it, "air cleaner" cover probably says exactly what RPM it should idle or WOT at. Speedo uses air pressure, with a forward facing opening. Water tries to go in, with more force at higher speeds. That compresses air in the line, moving the needle. This year and model, the pitot (opening) is on front of drive just above the "bullet" where prop shaft and gears are located. There is a connector on upper front of lower unit that can be accessed with drive in up position. Disconnect it, check that air can pass through drive. Clogged pitot port is usual problem. By hand, totally by hand, a drill bit works to clear that. If you blow test guage, lightly. Doesn't take much to wiggle the needle, doesn't take much to pop something.

  38. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas24 日 前

    Water flow looks light to me. Probably cooked impeller dry running it earlier. Reaching anywhere near the prop of a running engine is stupid.

  39. Krus

    Krus22 日 前

    Its Perfect

  40. Phil Spaces

    Phil Spaces25 日 前

    full throttle is for hole shot. to get you up on the plane, once on plane, drop it down to where it sounds like its cruising. 4500rpm ish

  41. DG Mills

    DG Mills26 日 前

    Because it is going to be in a wet environment, LET THE PROFESSIONALS DO THE INTERIOR!!! I know it is more money, it will also be with some warranty. The Carpet is monumental to be tight and correct!

  42. Mike Brennan

    Mike Brennan27 日 前

    Nice powerload ass.. Use the crank

  43. B spillers00

    B spillers0028 日 前

    sketchy is so played out

  44. Chock Wolf

    Chock Wolf28 日 前

    Its a marine cam.thats a marinized ford engine.marine engines are a little more heavily built than a standard v8

  45. Chock Wolf

    Chock Wolf26 日 前

    @Tim K yea it does my bad for the chevy ford thing gm usually goes with merc i/o my lobster boat has a 330 john deere with a 5.5 inch dry stainless stack lol you ought to hear that...its still running in my head while im showering after a day of hauling😹

  46. Tim K

    Tim K26 日 前

    It's a Chevy 5.0 liter, 305 cubic inches. It sounds that way because there are no mufflers on an inboard outboard boat because the exhaust exits through the out drive and the center of the prop, when its in the water you barely hear it. Water is excellent for controlling sound.

  47. jlucasound

    jlucasoundヶ月 前

    You guys are awesome. Carry a manual sump pump. Better to have it and not need it than to need and...well, you know. You could also stow a small electric trolling motor. There are mounts that work off the bow. You guys will get this thing buttoned up.

  48. jlucasound

    jlucasoundヶ月 前

    1800 bucks. Wow.

  49. Anthony Jackson

    Anthony Jacksonヶ月 前

    Rebuild and bore the engine

  50. Gideon

    Gideonヶ月 前

    when you guys go rebuild that volvo truck? it is standing for over an year in the background of your videos.

  51. Ted Loftin

    Ted Loftinヶ月 前

    use a crome prop is makes it go faster

  52. Chef Critic

    Chef Criticヶ月 前

    Red necking the shit out of it

  53. Gordon Greenwood

    Gordon Greenwoodヶ月 前


  54. Jim Bo

    Jim Boヶ月 前

    You need to drop a LS1 engine with nitros.

  55. Gary Bross

    Gary Brossヶ月 前

    Years ago I bought my father in laws ski boat, there was too much wrong with it. We boated down at Table Rock Lake by Branson.We put in the boat when I started it up I could see an oil slick right away, it was the head gasket. Just for the heck of it we went up to look at the dealership they had two boats for sale 25 foot Larson with a V8 and a 20 foot with with a V6. They looked at our old boat and gave us more than I thought we went up to the band and brought them a check we saved our vacation my wife's sister and her friend came down mid week, they said after we left for home there wasn't much to do. Enjoy your boat!!

  56. Cody Seale

    Cody Sealeヶ月 前

    Dude that's sketchy. Yeah it's sketchy! Whoa that's sketchy! REAL SKETCHY!................ Seriously, how many times can we say the word "sketchy". Also, never travel down river, especially with a boat you know nothing about. Always go up river because in an emergency, you can always float back down river, providing your boat doesn't sink first

  57. David M

    David Mヶ月 前

    give her ethanol free fuel, 160 deg thermostat, 25W-40 oil, check the max rpm recs for the motor my 5.0 mpi says 4400 max rpm

  58. CrazyChemistPL

    CrazyChemistPLヶ月 前

    7:47 is that the bilge pump or engine cooling water?

  59. Noah Burke

    Noah Burkeヶ月 前

    The sputtering sound is mosty likely a distributor

  60. Anthony McPherson

    Anthony McPhersonヶ月 前

    Do they not know that your supposed to put the wrench on and then pull it in

  61. Ashton Williams

    Ashton Williamsヶ月 前

    Once you start pulling that kinked piece on the back of the trailer frame back to its correct position it will shove that side over no need to buy a new trailer that one can definitely be repaired

  62. James Porter

    James Porterヶ月 前

    I suggest not running full out with your prop half way up, u can adjust the prop slightly but that’s not good

  63. Broomie01

    Broomie01ヶ月 前

    The boats name should be sketchy.

  64. Brice Bockmon

    Brice Bockmonヶ月 前

    wait... was it sketchy?

  65. Matthew Hjembo

    Matthew Hjemboヶ月 前

    100 octane? It's a low compression 305? 87 will run fine. Just try to buy ethanol free or run ethanol stabilizer.

  66. Brandon Gamble

    Brandon Gambleヶ月 前

    1:09 no shit