Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked Boat Part 2




    We have a boat trailer just fine

  2. justin yelverton

    justin yelverton2 日 前

    We got some noodles ? DANG

  3. Brad Darnell

    Brad Darnell3 日 前

    You guys are great with cars but Yall have a ways to go on boats haha. Goodluck and I enjoy your channel.

  4. Mitch Savini

    Mitch Savini4 日 前

    Noodles for it!!!

  5. Throatsinger KatieLynne

    Throatsinger KatieLynne4 日 前

    Puppy @ 02:00 😃😃😃

  6. Richard Luce

    Richard Luce5 日 前

    What iceberg. Full steam ahead!!

  7. John Cline

    John Cline5 日 前

    remember to turn on the blower before you start the engine, theres boats out there that blow up every year because people forget!

  8. B O B Spelled backwards

    B O B Spelled backwards9 日 前

    I'd check everything. I noticed a DE sticker I think. If so, probably seen a lot or mostly salt water. And I mean NO disrespect, but obviously you guys haven't had much boat experience. Would be wise to take a boaters safety course, you can do online. And check TN and fed guidelines on required safety items. If water PD checks you and you're short of required items, big fines. You guys never mentioned insurance, tags etc for the trip, and test drive, not sure, but that couldve been SUPER SKETCHY if something happened. Risky haul, but young people take chances. Nice boat, hope it works out.

  9. Jerry Riggan

    Jerry Riggan9 日 前

    Put it on trailer, unscrew the plug.Then you'll know if it leaks

  10. Patrick Jordan

    Patrick Jordan10 日 前

    Lmfao the actually know nothing about boats

  11. Patrick Jordan

    Patrick Jordan10 日 前

    Do not rev out of water in gear there is a neutral switch

  12. CHARLES A. 12345

    CHARLES A. 1234510 日 前

    "Get R Dunn" Must have been replaced by "Sketchy " In the hillbilly world !!!!!! What a couple of MONGO'S !!!!!

  13. Mr Jonas

    Mr Jonas14 日 前

    spot on editing !

  14. Space Coast Angler

    Space Coast Angler17 日 前

    Being a boater and watching this is so cringe

  15. Bill Shaw

    Bill Shaw18 日 前

    We had a brand new boat take on a little water1 Those plugs are supposed to be watertight,but guess what it isn’t. I would definitely replace those belts! We had an inboard/outboard. We hit a sandbar at full throttle! I bruised my ribs on that one. We knocked a belt off. We took it in for service and they ask us if we started overheating,they said that the belt we knocked off was for the water pump. Nice choice on the aluminum prop. The only issue is that they bend easily. If you have any questions let me know.. I don’t claim to know it all,but i have had experience on everything from a rowboat on up to a 50 foot yacht!

  16. Jesus Garza

    Jesus Garza20 日 前

  17. theymusthatetesla

    theymusthatetesla21 日 前

    ...this video was Sketchy....... ;)

  18. Richard Knowles

    Richard Knowles22 日 前

    check the outdrive bellows for cracking..that will give you some interior leaking

  19. Kevin Ulett

    Kevin Ulett22 日 前

    Cool boat and video. Shoulda went upstream to start with tho. If engine fails you can always steer still

  20. Oswald Campbell

    Oswald Campbell23 日 前

    thats a lot of boat for 1800 good job boys

  21. TheMsjennieP

    TheMsjennieP24 日 前

    I think you should add longer running boards

  22. PatrickLacayo20

    PatrickLacayo2024 日 前

    guys I love your chanel

  23. Jerry L. McMorris Jr.

    Jerry L. McMorris Jr.25 日 前

    Love your show, "sketchy" 😉🤣, find a handicapped wheelchair accessible van♿ at that junk yard auction for me, do y'alls deal to it and give me some freedom! Luck in everything you do, smart kids! Flip it, the boat, and make my dream come true♿☮🙏

  24. Miguel

    Miguel25 日 前

    Such a beautiful city!

  25. Miguel

    Miguel25 日 前

    Excellent work!

  26. Brad Dilley

    Brad Dilley25 日 前

    These guys are idiots

  27. Bleacher McAdams

    Bleacher McAdams26 日 前

    10:04 trim that motor lol

  28. Jacob Schiess

    Jacob Schiess28 日 前

    Hey, your friend in the bass pro shirt has shoulders that look a lot like my friend who turned out to have skin cancer. He should really have those spots checked out.

  29. Connor Underwood

    Connor Underwood26 日 前

    Yeah I deffinetly noticed that too

  30. Aaron Farrell

    Aaron Farrell29 日 前

    Daddies money

  31. Aaron Farrell

    Aaron Farrell29 日 前

    How many times r u gonna say sketchy, can’t stand these guys.

  32. Justin Bishop

    Justin Bishopヶ月 前

    Hi guys, love what you guys do... Would love to work with you guys.

  33. one4uf

    one4ufヶ月 前

    As a very experienced boater, it pains me to watch people use boats that have 0 idea what they’re doing. But on the other hand, they’re getting a wrap, so there’s that.

  34. Wes Gaither

    Wes Gaitherヶ月 前

    Good ole downtown Chatt.

  35. Christopher Adams

    Christopher Adamsヶ月 前

    10:50 what he said lol not a big deal though

  36. Brian Paddey

    Brian Paddeyヶ月 前

    Love watching these guys...nothing scares them!

  37. bones549

    bones549ヶ月 前

    What I love you took a chance got a deal and you figuring things out as you go. Cheers

  38. Василий К

    Василий Кヶ月 前

    Guys, hey! Why do you need a Volvo Vnl?

  39. Lewis Holmes

    Lewis Holmesヶ月 前

    I gave you $10,000 as is right now

  40. Ragnar Raudøy

    Ragnar Raudøyヶ月 前

    Seen a few of your videos,and i love your attitude lads :) but a tip for you, never run a marine gasoline engine at full trottle over a long time. One thing that you probably will burn down your engine, but drop down a little to save a lot of fuel. 75-80% is a nice marchingspeed

  41. trevzman

    trevzmanヶ月 前

    Add a chain to the trailer for the front hook incase that strap snaps the boat don't slide off.

  42. Ste Han

    Ste Hanヶ月 前

    Guys a few more comments or suggestions from a "long time" boater. ...Might be a good time to take a boating course, usually free Coast Guard Course...they'll go over the do's and don'ts along with navigational instruction... pass the test at the end and get your license (again no charge at least not here in Michigan) ...Please get enough life vests for you and all of your guests on the boat...(No noodles don't count as safety devices) ...Run the blower to clear all or most of the fumes out of your engine compartment prior to firing it up of course...get a good fire extinguisher to keep on board ...You may want to investigate where you can buy non-ethanol infused fuel. Marinas usually carry 90 Octane premium non alcohol fuel, some gas stations carry this type of fuel which would be much cheaper than buying it in a Marina since you trailer your boat... My family loves the video's keep 'em coming, and be safe always!

  43. Logan Smith

    Logan Smithヶ月 前

    do a goonsquad interior with a goonsquad wrap itd look dope if you can imagine that

  44. John Hunt

    John Huntヶ月 前

    hey dude take that trailer to welding shop it should cost about 600 dollar to fix it or take to trailer shop let them fix my trailer cost 300.00 to re force it now it haul 7,000 lbs and it dual axle but i got one here that fit a 19 foot i let you have for 800.00 dollar and made large boat it had ski barge on single axle type

  45. luiz bossanelli

    luiz bossanelliヶ月 前


  46. luiz bossanelli

    luiz bossanelliヶ月 前

    Let’s go to the middle to check for leaks

  47. Patrick Hoskins

    Patrick Hoskinsヶ月 前

    I think I would've gone up to chickamauga where the current is a little slower lol. Current rolls pretty quick at the river park majority of the time

  48. iloveharleys

    iloveharleysヶ月 前

    Boat stand for Break Out Another Thousand lol

  49. Northwoods Living

    Northwoods Livingヶ月 前

    What a couple of great it

  50. Jimmie Johnson

    Jimmie Johnsonヶ月 前

    When can we see more with the boat ?

  51. Mark Champlin

    Mark Champlinヶ月 前

    This was a good video although a bit sketchy. Your boat is a bit sketchy but it's nice. My comment is also sketchy. SKETCHY!!!!!!! Damn guys, grab a thesaurus! Sketchy is not the only word out there! But a good video!

  52. TheFastfreddie54

    TheFastfreddie54ヶ月 前


  53. Jay Miller

    Jay Millerヶ月 前

    I have a single axel boat trailer no title I'm trying to sell needs quite a bit of work I'm asking 300 with a bill of sale

  54. Bill Shaw

    Bill Shawヶ月 前

    The belt helps cool the engine!

  55. benjamin gabbard

    benjamin gabbard18 日 前

    It doesnt. It uses an impeller driven by the drive shaft

  56. Daimen Young

    Daimen Youngヶ月 前

    They got the boat on the trailer wrong lol

  57. Allan Moulton

    Allan Moultonヶ月 前

    Buy yourself a few life jackets.

  58. Brandon Josset

    Brandon Josset2 ヶ月 前

    Well... Now, i want to buy a boat

  59. Karl Jokker Lukkas

    Karl Jokker Lukkas2 ヶ月 前

    Sketchy Stuff !! So sketchy !!

  60. Military Museum

    Military Museum2 ヶ月 前

    I've never used the word sketchy. I think I heard it 30 times.

  61. Jacob Gardynik

    Jacob Gardynik2 ヶ月 前

    How is that sketchy your on a boat in a lake

  62. Jai Brocklebank

    Jai Brocklebank2 ヶ月 前

    The belt is what rotates the engine to run and start