Rebuilding A Super Cheap Wrecked Boat


  1. Bryce V

    Bryce V2 ヶ月 前

    $1800 for a perfectly fine boat & a smashed trailer? What a win! good shit boys

  2. Jimmie Goering

    Jimmie Goering8 日 前

    random bastid 2

  3. Progje

    Progje11 日 前

    and 10.000 to fix it. indeed 'cheap'

  4. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas23 日 前

    I work on boats for a living. They will spend more on fixing water logged parts than the boat cost. And that doesn't include any structural damage or a new trailer.

  5. Daniel L :D

    Daniel L :D28 日 前

    Pancake GTA Dreams by Joakim Kaund

  6. S Dew

    S Dewヶ月 前

    @rocknroller1999 yeah boats are a hole in the water you throw money in!,

  7. Scott Kramer

    Scott Kramer3 日 前

    You dip it in the water at the lake so it floats and put it back straight on the trailer

  8. joel cooper

    joel cooper6 日 前

    Do you fix anything or just wipe it with bounty sheets

  9. Mark Schuster

    Mark Schuster9 日 前

    Duh find a boat landing and re set it

  10. Mark Schuster

    Mark Schuster9 日 前

    The ride is stupid

  11. Ron Buckner

    Ron Buckner9 日 前

    GET WATER running into that motor! You'll burn it up!

  12. Bruce Jamiesn

    Bruce Jamiesn10 日 前

    Why didn't you just take it to a boat launch to get it sitting right on the trailer?

  13. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz10 日 前

    poor ferrari just sitting there unfinished smh

  14. APS Solvent

    APS Solvent10 日 前

    You need ground up fiberglass, is like sand. You mix it in the resin and it makes body filler for fiberglass. Don't attempt spraying gelcoat! Wrap it. It takes an absolute pro to lay down gelcoat.

  15. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz10 日 前

    who's the girl?

  16. APS Solvent

    APS Solvent10 日 前

    Nice buy guys. Listen just cut that rear crossbar out and the trailer will probably snap back over. If not get a hydraulic spreader and use some 4x4 pieces to spread it. Once is straight on that side again measure for a new crossbar and have a welder make one and install it. New chrome fenders are dirt cheap and easy to install. I'm a boat restoration guy and l say save your money on the trailer, it's an easy fix.

  17. Railengineer

    Railengineer10 日 前

    Im in the same project guys but i need a new engine

  18. Pernich

    Pernich11 日 前

    A blonde grill is with them???

  19. Chuck Brown

    Chuck Brown12 日 前

    Blondie was having all kind of fun on that scooter.

  20. Juuso Pikkarainen

    Juuso Pikkarainen15 日 前

    You bought and repaired truck so you dont need to borrow Ford. But u still drove to get that boat with Ford. Why? Nice boat tho.

  21. Sic_Z0666

    Sic_Z066615 日 前

    Amazing. So easy to watch.

  22. J O

    J O18 日 前

    pretty sure you need to have water flowing through the out drive shaft or something if its not in the water when the motor is running.

  23. ProDago USA

    ProDago USA20 日 前

    So who is the oldest?

  24. ProDago USA

    ProDago USA20 日 前

    Love you guys. And I don't want anything to happen to you guys. So please never ever ever touch the prop of a motor that is running on a boat please

  25. Gw302

    Gw30221 日 前

    Do you guys have a dealers/auction license or whatever it is to purchase from copart

  26. Jerimy b

    Jerimy b21 日 前

    Maybe next time you just take the boat to the water and get the trailer straight

  27. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas23 日 前

    Work on boats for a living. Lifting off trailer is part of the job. Don't do what they did. Swim platform, not meant for supporting boats weight.

  28. Cliff Thomas

    Cliff Thomas23 日 前

    Mercury alpha one, you will bust anything else before the hydraulic rams of the tilt/trim system gets damaged. Speaking as a professional who works on those for a living.

  29. Me Yes

    Me Yes24 日 前

    SITTIN Sideways, boys in the days. Gonna flip this boat and get PAIDDD.. :D

  30. Me Yes

    Me Yes24 日 前

    I like how they both say.. Thats-A, Thats-A, Yeah, lol Yall funny.

  31. Fernando Torres Madrid

    Fernando Torres Madrid24 日 前

    Im in love with ya sister B😍

  32. justin koegler

    justin koegler26 日 前

    play video games

  33. justin koegler

    justin koegler26 日 前

    You are so dumbass hiccks

  34. John C

    John C26 日 前

    You should of tried putting the plug back in and take the rig to a launch ramp. Put a couple of long lines (ropes) on the boat and push it off the trailer. Then pull it back in and get the boat centered on the trailer without all that work. May help in the future. Good luck with the fix.

  35. Jarrett Collins

    Jarrett Collins28 日 前

    The beautiful hills of Tennessee

  36. Angus Macfarlane

    Angus Macfarlaneヶ月 前

    Holly hell that water was coming out for a while

  37. gilson gallego

    gilson gallegoヶ月 前

    $35 for parking, they think they are New York? These cities drain the tourist.

  38. Taylor Rakes

    Taylor Rakesヶ月 前

    hay I have an old boat for sale it is in good shape, my grandpa took great care of it. it's forty three years old but motor works well if your interested

  39. Oliver Margetin

    Oliver Margetinヶ月 前

    Hope u put straps on the boat!

  40. gavva2010

    gavva2010ヶ月 前

    I am so beyond Subbed to goonzquad, I watched you rebuild a wrecked Huracan - whilst I was sorting a fairly ruined boat to make it good , & now.. this...?? Best CHANNEL EVER!!!!!! JPreporter was made for you guys, nicely done. Mariah is a very nice brand of boat, & a 5.0L Merc would go nicely with her. If I can add some advice, Meguire's Marine/RV make the best treatments for boats, I can recommend No.49 Oxidisation remover (via machine polisher) Followed By Megs Marine Polish, then Megs Marine Wax. If you need to remove any crap from the hull prior to this, definitely use StarBrite Bottom Cleaner (American Brand, but luckily for me, widely available in UK) This stuff really is the Cat's Pajamas. Watching this with interest

  41. Justin Holzer

    Justin Holzerヶ月 前

    Holy cow how much water was in there ?

  42. Bd Realest

    Bd Realestヶ月 前

    Bro the other day they had a scooter meet in downtown Los Angeles and about 180 scooters showed up 😂🤣

  43. William Hinds

    William Hindsヶ月 前

    Just a bit of advice anytime you run the motor put the drive down as far as possible so it puts the drive knuckles as straight as possible. They will last longer. Pain to replace also

  44. MrSteel231

    MrSteel231ヶ月 前

    Where do I find the place they bought it online?

  45. OLO OLO

    OLO OLOヶ月 前

    Yes sir .. let's fire it dude 🤣

  46. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Catヶ月 前

    You burned up your water pump impeller by running it dry with no water muffs on it.

  47. Gary Schiffli

    Gary Schiffliヶ月 前

    Two happiest days of owning a boat,the day you buy it an the day you sell it!

  48. Canuk Travels

    Canuk Travelsヶ月 前

    hope it's not too late to say DON'T FORGET THE DRAIN PLUG before you put in the water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  49. Lionel F.

    Lionel F.ヶ月 前

    That dialect tho

  50. Michael Salomonsson

    Michael Salomonssonヶ月 前

    Why don’t you not just push it off on the grass and then winch it back up again straight

  51. D Burroughs

    D Burroughsヶ月 前

    I think I would have found a boat launch to back into to get the boat sitting better

  52. jonas friis

    jonas friisヶ月 前

    the first 4 minutes is useless

  53. Reability

    Reabilityヶ月 前

    You're gonna hate your life rebuilding this

  54. Young Youry

    Young Youryヶ月 前

    The new way I fix that beetle check it out don't forget to like sibscribe & share the video to your friend (big respect)

  55. David Kibler

    David Kiblerヶ月 前

    This is like those teen movies where they make over the "ugly" girl by taking off her glasses and doing her hair.

  56. thekingofducks

    thekingofducksヶ月 前

    another build you all are working again oh boy here goes another 34 hours of me watching straight.

  57. Antonio Venson

    Antonio Vensonヶ月 前

    Man where is this place? I'll take the 8 hr ride. Seriously!

  58. G R

    G Rヶ月 前

    My moms friend fell on one of those Lyme scooters in Arkansas

  59. Reginald Harris

    Reginald Harrisヶ月 前

    McLaren re

  60. Mony Torris

    Mony Torrisヶ月 前

    Love your enthusiasm guys.

  61. Jason Borz

    Jason Borzヶ月 前

    which auction websites do you use? Btw; good job!

  62. Jo daddy

    Jo daddyヶ月 前

    Were did you guys buy the boat from

  63. Juan Pablo Gil

    Juan Pablo Gilヶ月 前

    8:18 When you hit the right spot

  64. Matt Davis

    Matt Davisヶ月 前

    Buy and rebuild a semi!! Please

  65. Luccas Ferreira

    Luccas Ferreiraヶ月 前

    Legend has it that there still water coming out of that draining plug till this day