Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17


  1. Joanna Meikleham

    Joanna Meikleham時間 前


  2. Nima K

    Nima K11 時間 前

    Look at Garrett at 18:45

  3. Little Geographer

    Little Geographer13 時間 前

    Peanut butter coby

  4. Price Oscar

    Price Oscar14 時間 前

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  5. Anwen Lokier

    Anwen Lokier14 時間 前

    Um can type play recore

  6. Shawn Hovland

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  7. Galaxy Boy

    Galaxy Boy17 時間 前

    I can’t believe that they made it that obvious that the robo dog is fake

  8. Michelle K

    Michelle K21 時間 前


  9. Staci Foreman

    Staci Foreman7 時間 前



    most.popular.apple日 前

    6:46: how it feels to chew 5 GUM

  11. Wisconsin Central Productions

    Wisconsin Central Productions日 前

    cody you could have a g wagon

  12. Rhonda Billington

    Rhonda Billington2 日 前

    when he had the kyak it reminded me of the build a boat challenge where he built a kyak frome tape and metal.

  13. Joker 47

    Joker 472 日 前

    That argument should be on a segment of Judge Duty, am I right

  14. Easton Pittman

    Easton Pittman2 日 前

    I like Dale the list to be honest😂

  15. Andrew Parker

    Andrew Parker2 日 前

    Cody is a punk when it comes to voting

  16. Lilly Ross

    Lilly Ross2 日 前

    I just wanted to have the cotton candy in that room

  17. DL First grade

    DL First grade2 日 前

    ThEsE WErE My FaVoRIte PanTs Me:Now u know how it feels to be me :/

  18. Budisan Samuel Fabian

    Budisan Samuel Fabian2 日 前

    Navy Seal training is NOTHING compared to that game with consequences !!!!!

  19. Spencer Nelson

    Spencer Nelson2 日 前

    Who else is here from OT 12

  20. Dinonor

    Dinonor2 日 前

    23:40 Eeerrrraaaaa

  21. Lilly Nagel

    Lilly Nagel2 日 前

    Plez sub to me I am going to make a vid next week

  22. KingBacon YT

    KingBacon YT2 日 前


  23. Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    Evalyn Kirkpatrick2 日 前

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  24. Gumball HD

    Gumball HD2 日 前

    23:21 ur welcome

  25. Punkaroo_RL

    Punkaroo_RL2 日 前

    17:05 Welp I scarded my kids

  26. The Scotts

    The Scotts2 日 前

    The funny fox rationally curl because salesman intuitively blot from a loving ox. mushy, curved lion

  27. Emma Oliver

    Emma Oliver2 日 前

    At 19:04 just like how Cody stuffes his mouth with cotton candy 🤣🤣🤣

  28. chaitanya singh

    chaitanya singh2 日 前

    will you guy stop wasting food

  29. Tyler Lappe

    Tyler Lappe3 日 前

    Is there actual glass on the back

  30. Valentio Eng099Bt113

    Valentio Eng099Bt1133 日 前


  31. Faisal Osmani

    Faisal Osmani3 日 前

    20 I know your a ty

  32. Faisal Osmani

    Faisal Osmani3 日 前

    Cool perfect

  33. Lil Mac Productions

    Lil Mac Productions3 日 前

    I’m TT and I was wrong Tyler 2020

  34. Caiden McNeil

    Caiden McNeil3 日 前


  35. Caiden McNeil

    Caiden McNeil3 日 前


  36. Danilo Vergara

    Danilo Vergara3 日 前

    I thought coby was bald a little. Coby hair grew so fast

  37. Dylan Schneider

    Dylan Schneider3 日 前

    hi how are you doing I am.d

  38. Fülöp Vince

    Fülöp Vince3 日 前

    7:39 Got'em

  39. Scrooge McDuck

    Scrooge McDuck3 日 前

    1:43 😂 "Perfect combo of shampoo and conditioner equals great flow." Sparky is hilarious !

  40. Julian Franks

    Julian Franks3 日 前

    Anyone else creeped out by these dogs????? I feel like they’re gonna get bought by police departments and sent out to homeless people encampments to “clean-up” the city 👀👀👀👀👀

  41. LYNX

    LYNX3 日 前

    That's because u dont de claw cats cody

  42. Yumizuki Yunan

    Yumizuki Yunan3 日 前

    In all honesty, I think spending a day as Gene Simmons is one of the best (and lenient) Wheel Unfortunate consequences. Like ever.

  43. Zac Wierenga

    Zac Wierenga3 日 前

    That dog doesn’t look real

  44. CoasteR _24_LV

    CoasteR _24_LV3 日 前

    Yeah, at the start there's glass behind them and at 15:29 it's like "nevermind"

  45. Serena Hunjan

    Serena Hunjan4 日 前

    I would like to see ‘Judge Dudy’ with Tyler and Coby. How about you? I just realised, then who’d be the judge.

  46. Agarwal Adit

    Agarwal Adit4 日 前

    i love how cody is just like lets just pick the name

  47. Oxen E

    Oxen E3 日 前


  48. Vleif

    Vleif4 日 前

    Yea lol

  49. Uniwolf

    Uniwolf4 日 前

    During the first segment Cory had so much fun

  50. The Galaxy Cat

    The Galaxy Cat4 日 前

    Show and tell with no pressure! May I present to you: normal show and tell!!

  51. Taylor Scott

    Taylor Scott4 日 前

    Is it just me or do I feel bad for Cody Jones 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔🥺

  52. Alex Power

    Alex Power4 日 前

    I hate Cody

  53. Smitha Koonan

    Smitha Koonan4 日 前

    Their trickshots are the best

  54. Tines, Fins and Feathers

    Tines, Fins and Feathers4 日 前

    Biolite sweet

  55. Offlineegg_Gaming

    Offlineegg_Gaming4 日 前

    16:23 it looks like he flipped him off

  56. M - ALCANTARA, Phillip Yancey

    M - ALCANTARA, Phillip Yancey5 日 前

    Pls get a dog Cody

  57. Lil C

    Lil C5 日 前

    The petite south america aesthetically decay because quiet timely peep over a longing acoustic. nimble, obeisant bread

  58. Wyatt Korth

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  59. Gabe Playz

    Gabe Playz5 日 前

    20:58 - that made me laugh so hard

  60. Reese Bonney

    Reese Bonney5 日 前

    cody and coby are never going to monteservino 😂

  61. Add Revenue pls

    Add Revenue pls5 日 前

    I would by the golf 2k but 2ksucks

  62. Anthony Breceda

    Anthony Breceda5 日 前

    How do they have a ps5

  63. Fabulous Four And More

    Fabulous Four And More5 日 前

    666k likes lol

  64. KaryAnne Caines

    KaryAnne Caines5 日 前

    why on two tvs cool not cool is orange then on one tv its red

  65. Demon King FF

    Demon King FF5 日 前

    pls everyone pls sub my channel bahut mainhat ki hai pls mere channel ko sub kardo pls pls pls everyone pls sub my channel bahut mainhat ki hai pls mere channel ko sub kardo pls pls

  66. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum6 日 前

    nice acting for Cody at the cool notcool segment sneezing to give gar a red

  67. The Triplets

    The Triplets6 日 前

    Was that glass for just sound effects

  68. Cassandra Peete

    Cassandra Peete6 日 前

    "Fun fact" If you say fun fact everyone reads it.

  69. PaulOfDuty

    PaulOfDuty6 日 前

    He should've given him a cat. It's been there since episode 1.

  70. CoziestAtom YT

    CoziestAtom YT4 日 前

    Garret gets one. Tigerlily

  71. drew tinus

    drew tinus6 日 前

    I love Jean Simmons

  72. Max Kostic

    Max Kostic6 日 前

    Who likes Dude Perfect comment why u like dude perfect

  73. Evelyn Johnson

    Evelyn Johnson6 日 前

    The receptive mouse laparoscopically want because station concurringly trade among a wretched christmas. lamentable, absorbing budget

  74. Lloyd Ninja95

    Lloyd Ninja956 日 前

    This is a real life robot dog

  75. fusion2921

    fusion29216 日 前

    Dude nothings better than ot

  76. Ferdinand mapanao

    Ferdinand mapanao6 日 前

    change the pet life but a pet has a heart robot dog is just a robot

  77. Banti Pundir

    Banti Pundir7 日 前

    Wheel Unfortunate vs cool not cool which one is better

  78. Aaron Bennett

    Aaron Bennett7 日 前

    WhO Is ReAdY FoR SoMe COrN

  79. István Levente Jablonkai

    István Levente Jablonkai7 日 前

    where was the robot dog???I was not see it

  80. Carol Pond

    Carol Pond7 日 前


  81. Huntley Olinger

    Huntley Olinger7 日 前


  82. Henry Brealey

    Henry Brealey7 日 前

    Yep. Floyd chesternut ur middle name must be sparky. Floyd sparky chesternut!

  83. Hudson Foster

    Hudson Foster8 日 前

    On which it

  84. Hudson Foster

    Hudson Foster8 日 前

    Which OT is with two on a cat

  85. quad55555

    quad555558 日 前

    when you clickbait.. name the whole title after a 30 second clip in a 28 minute video and still get 27+ mill views and still get more likes than dislikes...gotta be dudeperfect

  86. Demonic Wizard

    Demonic Wizard8 日 前

    To Be Honest, I Like Overtime More Than Trickshots

  87. Daniel Serna

    Daniel Serna4 時間 前

    Me to

  88. General Kenobi

    General Kenobi日 前

    Who doesn't?

  89. Jacob Ball

    Jacob Ball日 前

    I'm glad they took a chance on this series

  90. Fuegoego Cordova

    Fuegoego Cordova日 前


  91. Tyler Storck

    Tyler Storck日 前


  92. Luc Rail

    Luc Rail8 日 前

    I find nba 2k21 better

  93. Hithendra Oruganti

    Hithendra Oruganti8 日 前

    2:00 coby's eyes are large and energetic, aory's eyes are thin and sleek

  94. Leah MacLean

    Leah MacLean8 日 前


  95. Jose Moreno

    Jose Moreno9 日 前

    The thick grasses up in Monte Cervino are known for their snakes.

  96. Jose Moreno

    Jose Moreno9 日 前

    I think there's some gusty winds.

  97. Jose Moreno

    Jose Moreno9 日 前

    And the beautiful maple trees of Monte Cervino are spewing maple syrup right now.

  98. Jose Moreno

    Jose Moreno9 日 前


  99. MrDp Live stermin

    MrDp Live stermin9 日 前

    17:05 just a regular day scar my kids get some ice cream

  100. Oscar McGervey

    Oscar McGervey9 日 前

    The editors are the only ones keeping this from being cringe content 👏

  101. blakeparker7

    blakeparker76 日 前

    what’s making it cringe

  102. Roth TV

    Roth TV9 日 前

    How did coby already grow his hair back

  103. Landon Bartrum

    Landon Bartrum9 日 前

    Robot dog was the best

  104. Landon Bartrum

    Landon Bartrum9 日 前

    Corn doughnut was the second best

  105. mason zink

    mason zink9 日 前


  106. Ethan Kim

    Ethan Kim10 日 前

    Cody bringing the *low budget* dog that was more expensive than a car..

  107. Dman LP47

    Dman LP4710 日 前


  108. Savage Kids Goat

    Savage Kids Goat10 日 前

    Kiss is one of the best bands

  109. copycat

    copycat10 日 前


  110. Samuel Bertrand élève

    Samuel Bertrand élève10 日 前

    i give the corn donut a green

  111. Ben Stasiuk

    Ben Stasiuk10 日 前

    7:40 i like died

  112. Christin Bowen

    Christin Bowen10 日 前

    The distinct timer temporally frame because capricorn ultimately bounce as a lumpy ox. uppity, shaky bit