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    Raid Shadow Legends: "Am I a joke to you?"

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    You know that rise of kingdoms is a bad copy of a good copy of a good came that isn't fun anymore because the people that play it ruined it

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    JonTronShow thank you 🙏 father

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    Cool! I can't wait to play with you. Haha.....

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    Dear John. You should do a follow up to this video as netflix has produced a 2 season series named "Haunted" following the same premise.

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    Yonny is officially my dad

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    I miss the old jontron intros

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    Yohny Yonson is in a time warp. (music starts to play) LETS do the TIME WARP Again! It's just a cut to the left (shin) And a stagger to the riiiiiight.

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    The fucking affort this guy puts into his videos is amazing, good job

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    Wait... so I get they meant two bundles of 50k... but they still could’ve just said 100k

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    You lookin noticeably thinner since last video vro good job

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    See I worked at babies r us and we never had any cool toys come to life, just strollers that would stroll themselves and clothes that would always unfold themselves and never stay in there god damn organized place

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    Are you not going to mention that this is directed by Tobe Hooper? As in _Poltergeist_ and _The Texas Chainsaw Massacre_ director Tobe Hooper?

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    Sunnydale, California? Don't worry Jon, Buffy eventually destroyed to whole town.

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    Tfw i expected jon to make a PS2 joke for the opening of the series

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    Great video Cringe comments

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    The door one was the best! And watching it so much, i realized that opens to the front, and when hits Jon, it opens to the back... Surely was a ghost.

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    Sunnyvale? Haunted? Way she fucking goes bud.

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    Oh, NEW intro

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    Laurel yonson

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    2:38 that swing was pathetic

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    I only like you, Jon Tron because, I’m convinced that you’re Billy Crystal’s bastard.

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    i hope we get some more Halloween videos!!!

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    touch me

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    Didn't you used to do videos on retro games?

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    I saw a different show about that ghost. According to it, the girl was supposed to meet him at the spot before he hit his inner thigh and bled out. He never did anything sever; he'd wash his hands and play with some of the toys. No waltzing frisbees. The medium told him that the girl wasn't coming for him, but he refused to move on. It's a much more believable telling of events.

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    The 👌 part earned you 100 likes from me

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    How the fuck u do black and white infrared photos

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    1:10 I-T

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    2 JonTron Videos in a month? What is this madness?

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    0:23 Yes, I do want to play historically accurate figures like Cesar, Cao Cao and *squints* Markswoman. Can't forget her signature strategy of nuking her enemies.

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    'true ghost stories' . Damnit! The dead have such little to do in their afterlife they garnered the attention of reality tv media!

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    Cheryl looks like John

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    You clearly missed a ‘Rocky HORROR Picture Show’-reference opportunity there at 13:30 with the TIME WARP!!! 😜😝👌

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    Oh no white supremacist symbol 👌

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    9:35 I love how that looked like it was part of the episode.

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    Yonny Yonsen or should i say Yon Yon

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    5:38 Yes because that would be a terrible way to go

  41. B O N E S

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    I hope we get another totally radical ghost story

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    and this my friends is why Toys R Us is out of business now xD

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    JonTron posted 4 hours ago *500,000 FUCKING VIEWS*

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    STILL GOT YOU THOUGH !!! Just pissed myself dude x))

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    Yonny Yonson was actually named Johnny Johnson and a distant relative of the joestars. This often forgotten JoJo changed his name to avoid the curse of DIO. His stand [Real Ghosts] has the stunning ability to chop wood with extreme efficiency

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    Are we not gonna aknowledge the Martys mother from back to the future?

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    I’m always more and more impressed by the production value every time

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    "You have to go to the other side to find Beth" But she rejected the dude and married someone else, we got stalking in the afterlife?

  51. Brandon PlaitnumDiU

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    Why does she sound like one of the text to voice twitch donations at 11:57

  52. Itlivesinthewall

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    JaSon DoESnt UsE a CHaiNsaW

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    *Yo* nny *Yo* nsson... YoYo, huh. YoYo's Spooky Adventures: Ghosts R' Us.

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    Cant imagine ever not liking his channel. So far I have loved all content. Keep it up jontron!

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    Somebody totally prankin that store.

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    Ohh god this TV show is so cringe.

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    At least it's not scissor men

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    I’m starting to think Jon doesn’t actually live there

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    Door: opens into another dimension Jontron:WTF IS UP WITH THE DOORS

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    Who taught this guy how to chop wood??

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    Part 2 Jon, BRING US PART 2 JON!!!!!!!!

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    barely literate ,emotional disturbed farmhand. that bit with the letter cracked me up . so basically they ended up getting haunted by Charlie from Always Sunny lol.

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    I know whats really spooky, the fact someone made a show, renamed it three times and made it about *REAL* ghost stories.

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    3:16 the door hitting jon caught me off guard I have never laughed so hard in my life

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    That's not how you split wood, what did he kill her with infection by all the splinters he just made? YANI